10 Best Camper Vans With Bathrooms Including Shower & Toilet (2022)

What’s so great about small camper vans? They are fuel efficient, easy to drive and comes with great functional design to pack all the amenities in a small floor plan.

But, one of the first questions people ask vanlifers is, “Where do you go to the bathroom?”

Campervans are small, Class B motorhomes that typically come in at less than 25 feet and not all of them have a bathroom.

However, DIY van builders and RV manufacturers alike have found creative ways to include a toilet and sometimes even a shower in the tiny space of a van.

From wet baths to hidden toilets and pop-up showers, there are lots of different styles and bathroom options you’ll find.

Some people want an enclosed wet bath for the privacy and ready-to-use convenience of them, while others just tuck a portable toilet into a cabinet and forgo the shower system entirely.

So, if you don’t want to rely on campgrounds, gas stations washrooms facilities, you might wondering what are some of he best camper van models that include a bathroom in their floor plan?

The good thing is, there are lots of camper vans options comes with shower and toilet setups.

In this article, We have taken the guesswork out of finding top camper vans with a bathroom.

Along with whether it’s worth it to put a bathroom in your camper van and list the different types of toilets with their pros and cons to compare.

10 Best Camper Vans With Bathrooms Including Shower & Toilet (1)

10 Amazing Camper Vans With Bathrooms Including Shower And Toilet Setups

There are many different types of camper van bathrooms, and RV manufacturers design them in different ways. It can be hard to decide what’s best for you!

Some people want a full wet bath with a shower and sink, while others want to save space and prefer to simply have a toilet.

Whatever your choice, these ten camper vans with bathrooms will give you an idea of what’s available and how the manufacturer incorporated the bathroom in the floor plan.

1. Airstream Interstate 19

10 Best Camper Vans With Bathrooms Including Shower & Toilet (2)
Length19 feet
Interior Height6’ 2”
Black Water Tank Capacity9 gallons
SleepsUp to 2

One of the most iconic names in travel trailers, Airstream teamed up with one of the most notable manufacturers of cargo vans, Mercedes-Benz, to offer a line of five different touring coaches.

The Interstate 19 has a European-style wet bath directly behind the driver’s seat, with a toilet that’s placed for maximum space as well as a shower and sink.

Plus, Airstream has added extra features that make all the difference, including a waterproof toilet paper cover, articulated mirror above the sink and a clothesline.

Throughout the rest of the van, you’ll find seating for five (three seatbelts) on the rear sofa/bed and side benches, and plenty of nooks for storage.

The camper van has a fully-equipped galley with a two-burner gas stove, a large stainless steel sink, additional slide-out counter space, a 0.7 cu.ft. convection microwave, a refrigerator with a freezer, and a slide-out pantry.

The Airstream Interstate 19 is built on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis, and at only 19 feet in length, fits into a standard parking spot.

MSRP starts at $165,143.

2. American Coach Patriot MD2 Loft Bed

10 Best Camper Vans With Bathrooms Including Shower & Toilet (3)
Length24’ 2”
Interior Height6’ 2”
Black Water Tank Capacity15 gallons
SleepsUp to 2

American Coach has three different models of camper vans with bathrooms, and two different floor plans for each model depending on whether you prefer to have a convertible sofa bed or a loft above the rear dinette.

All of the models have a dry bath, featuring dual entry solid doors, a shower curtain between the porcelain toilet and shower, a teak floor mat, retractable clothes line, and a power bath vent.

The bathroom is located in the middle of the camper on the driver’s side.

Toward the rear, you’ll find the lounge and sleeping area, with bench seating and a Lagun removable table below, and a loft bed and narrow overhead storage above.

The galley is across from the bathroom, and includes a slide-out pantry, stove, and sink with overhead cabinets and drawers under the sink.

The refrigerator is topped with a stainless steel microwave, and there’s a wardrobe and a convenient flip-up computer table behind the driver’s seat for space to comfortably work while on the road.

The Patriot camper vans from American Coach have added comfort and luxury, and include a 13,500 BTU rooftop air conditioner, 320 Watts of Solar, a Suburban Water Heater LPG, and more.

Like the Airstream Interstate 19 and many other Class B motorhomes on this list, the Patriot MD2 Loft Bed van is also built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis.

MSRP starts at $147,990.

3. Coach House Arriva V24

10 Best Camper Vans With Bathrooms Including Shower & Toilet (4)
Length24’ 2”
Interior Height6’ 2”
Black Water Tank Capacity13 gallons
SleepsUp to 2

With a dry bath taking up the entire rear of the camper van, the Arriva V24 model from Coach House has one of the larger bathrooms as compared with the others on this list.

It’s as residential-quality as you can get with a camper van, with a porcelain flush toilet (with a sprayer) next to the lavatory sink which has a mirror and medicine cabinet above.


On the other side of the room, there’s a separate 26 x 24.5-inch stand-up shower and wardrobe.

Moving forward in the camper van, there are twin beds on either side of the space, which can be used as lounge seating by day and sleeping space at night.

The beds can convert into a king-sized bed, and there’s tons of storage below as well as overhead cabinets above.

The galley kitchen takes up the front part of the van’s interior space behind the driving cab.

There’s a two-burner stove and stainless steel sink with covers for each, a slide-out pantry, 6-cubic foot three-way refrigerator, and stainless steel convection/microwave oven.

The driver and passenger seats both swivel, and the storage cabinet next to the fridge has a fold-out table for dining, lounging or working.

Coach House’s Arriva V24 camper van is built on a Mercedes Sprinter 3500 Chassis, and features several cool exterior systems and components.

There’s an exterior HDTV antenna with Wi-Fi, exterior storage, an exterior shower (hot/cold), and a power awning with legs and LED lights.

It also has a 15,000 BTU ducted roof air conditioner w/heat pump, 19,000 BTU auto LP gas furnace, and Fan-Tastic roof vent with thermostat and rain sensor.

MSRP for this camper van starts at $119,000.

4. Coachmen Beyond 22RB

10 Best Camper Vans With Bathrooms Including Shower & Toilet (5)
Length22’ 2”
Interior Height6’ 2”
Black Water Tank Capacity16 gallons
SleepsUp to 2

Coachmen RV is one of the best known manufacturers for recreational vehicles, and they have two brands of camper vans that have floorplans with bathrooms included.

The Beyond models are 22 feet long and are built on a Ford Transit 350 HD chassis, while the Nova line features 20-foot long vans built on RAM ProMaster 3500 chassis.

The Beyond 22RB camper van is our pick for this list, and features a wet bath that makes up the rear of the van with the included wardrobe.

The bathroom is designed for minimal use of space, with a flip-down sink and shower above the toilet.

The lounge and convertible sleeping area is just outside the bath area, with twin beds on either side of the van and overhead cabinets above.

Coachmen’s Beyond 22RB van comes with a removable Lagun table between the benches for convenient and flexible dining space.

A galley kitchen sits just behind the driver’s seat, with a two-burner stove and sink, refrigerator below, and storage cabinets above.

Across the space next to the entry, there’s a countertop with a microwave above. Both the driver’s and passenger’s seats swivel, and there’s a removable table for alternate dining or work space.

Coachmen has several new features that come standard with the Beyond 22RB camper van, including an upgraded WiFi Ranger SkyPro, a RVQG2800i 2.8KW gasoline generator, Coleman Mach 10 NDQ 13,500 BTU air conditioner, and a 24″ LED Smart TV.

MSRP for this camper van starts at $119,000.

5. Fleetwood RV Irok Lounge

10 Best Camper Vans With Bathrooms Including Shower & Toilet (6)
Length21 feet
Interior Height6’ 1”
Black Water Tank Capacity15 gallons
SleepsUp to 2

Fleetwood RV also has a thoughtfully-designed Class B motorhome with an included bathroom.

The wet bath is right behind the driver’s seat, with a porcelain toilet on one side and the shower and sink on the other.

The bathroom door is dual-opening, so you can access either side conveniently, and there’s a shower curtain between them to keep the toilet area from getting wet every time you shower. A retractable clothes line and power vent are also included.

A galley kitchen sits in the center of the camper van, with a sink, induction cooktop, 3.5 cu.ft. refrigerator and freezer, and storage drawers on the passenger side of the van.

Across the way, a 110-volt convection microwave sits on top of a spacious storage wardrobe. Overhead storage cabinets span the rear and sides of the van in a J-shape and extend above the galley for extra space to put food and dishes.

The back half of the Fleetwood Irok Lounge has seating for seven (seat belts for three) between a long rear bench and two-person benches on either side and tons of storage underneath.

The van comes with a removable table to make your lounge space into a dining area. At night, the lounge converts into a sofa bed.

Like the Coachmen Beyond and the Coach House Arriva, the Fleetwood Irok has some extras to offer, including a 13,500 BTU rooftop A/C and Espar Coach Furnace.

On the exterior, there’s a power awning with LED lights (including an LED patio light), input for cable TV, a rooftop solar panel and system, and an exterior shower.

The Irok is built on a RAM ProMaster 3500 chassis, and MSRP starts at $113,995.

6. Nugget Plus Highroof

10 Best Camper Vans With Bathrooms Including Shower & Toilet (7)
Length17’ 6”
Interior Height9’ 2”
Black Water Tank CapacityN/A
SleepsUp to 4

We couldn’t build this list without including a van from the original camper van manufacturer, Westfalia.

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This European-made Class B motorhome is very different from the others we’ve highlighted so far. It’s more like a pop-top camper, with the sleeping area in a loft above.

The Nugget Plus Highroof has a bathroom nook at the back with a fixed chemical toilet and a super convenient drop-down sink.

There’s no shower in the bathroom, but Westfalia does offer the option to add one on the exterior.

Just outside the bathroom there’s a spacious kitchen area with a 40-liter chest fridge that’s flush with the countertop when closed for extra prep space, a two-burner gas stove, and circular sink.

There’s tons of storage, including a handy shelf between the sink and the headrest of the bench seat.

As you exit the kitchen and enter the seating area, there’s a wardrobe for even more storage.

The Nugget Plus Highroof has a bench seat behind the driving cab that seats three and converts into a bed for two.

The driver and passenger seats swivel, and Westfalia includes a removable table for dining or work.

Throughout the camper van, you’ll find premium LED-interior lighting including fully directional spot lamps.

At night, you can create additional sleeping space overhead with the convertible loft.

Outside, there’s a built-in awning and a camping table that you can fix on the tailgate and enjoy the great outdoors with two included camp chairs.

You can only buy this particular model from Westfalia in Germany, and MSRP starts at €63,334.

7. Pleasure Way Ascent TS

10 Best Camper Vans With Bathrooms Including Shower & Toilet (8)
Length19’ 5”
Interior Height6’ 3”
Black Water Tank Capacity12 gallons
SleepsUp to 3

Pleasure Way is the only brand on this list to exclusively manufacture Class B motorhomes and camper vans.

Our pick is the Ascent TS model, which has a full wet bath behind the driver’s seat featuring a residential-style ceramic toilet with foot flush, shower with a handheld showerhead, corner sink with faucet, towel rack and mirror.

A special feature of the Pleasure Way Ascent TS is the inclusion of an inflatable air bed that’s specifically designed to fit across the driver and passenger seats to create a bed for a third person.

The memory foam power sofa (includes two three-point seat belts) at the back of the camper van converts into a queen sized bed or two singles as the main sleeping area.

The galley kitchen sits between the bathroom and lounge, and features a 12-volt, 3.2 cu.ft. refrigerator and freezer, microwave, pull-out pantry, single burner induction stove, and a large undermount stainless steel sink with a Corian® cover and a high-arc, single-handle faucet with a pull-out sprayer.

A Lagun table mount system with a 360-degree swivel tabletop is included, conveniently situated for use as a table or extra countertop space.

As far as exterior features and HVAC systems, the Pleasure Way Ascent TS has you covered.

There’s a Fiamma® power awning with LED lights, exterior shower with a handheld wand, low profile 11,000 BTU roof mount Dometic air conditioner, a power lift Dometic Fan-Tastic Vent fan with rain sensor, and a Truma VarioHeat 11,500 BTU furnace.

The Pleasure Way Ascent TS is built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 chassis, and MSRP starts at $149,305.

8. RoadTrek Zion SRT

10 Best Camper Vans With Bathrooms Including Shower & Toilet (9)
Length19’ 7”
Interior Height6’ 2”
Black Water Tank Capacity8.5 gallons
SleepsUp to 3

RoadTrek has a fantastic example of a self-contained camper van with a bathroom.

In the Zion Srt Model has wet bath sits behind the driver’s seat, and has a toilet, corner sink and shower in an enclosed space with an angled entry to maximize elbow room while you shower.

Outside, the galley kitchen is fully stocked with everything you need to comfortably cook after a long day on the road.

There’s a 5.3 cu.ft. refrigerator with a freezer, a two-burner recessed propane stove with a flush cover and built-in igniter, a stainless steel sink (also with a recessed cover), and a 0.7 cu.ft. microwave.

Some features that take this camper van kitchen to the next level include a slide-out pantry, pull-up counter extension with a power charging station, and a deep pot drawer for storing your cooking gear.

At the rear of the RoadTrek Zion SRT, there’s a three-seater, forward-facing power sofa that, along with the two side benches and removable/adjustable table, converts into a queen sized bed.

Overhead there’s a 24″ Smart TV on a rotating bracket. Both the driver and passenger seats swivel, and there’s a second removable table that you can use to work, dine, or play games in the cab.

At night, you can convert this area to a third bed with RoadTrek’s add-on option. An extended version of the Zion SRT camper, the CS Adventurous, is scheduled to be available in summer 2021, and features a third passenger seat as well as a bed.

The RoadTrek Zion SRT has a 11,000 BTU roof mounted air conditioner and 16,000 BTU automatic propane furnace for keeping you cool in warm weather and warm in the cold.

It also comes equipped with a Firefly coach control system, which monitors water, propane, battery charge levels, battery disconnect and generator hour meter. Outside, there’s an 11-foot power awning and outdoor shower.

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This camper van is built on a RAM ProMaster 3500 chassis and it’s starting MSRP is $132,860.

9. Thor Motorcoach Tellaro 20AT

10 Best Camper Vans With Bathrooms Including Shower & Toilet (10)
Length20’ 11”
Interior Height6’ 3”
Black Water Tank Capacity6 gallons
SleepsUp to 3

Thor Motorcoach is a well-known manufacturer of recreational vehicles, and they have three different floorplans available for their Tellaro model of Class B motorhome and campervan.

The 20AT is our pick for the best camper vans with a bathroom, although the wet bath in the 20LT and 20KT are slightly larger.

This is because the 20AT has a king-sized bed in the rear and an optional retractable Pop-Top Sky Bunk™ that sleeps an additional adult or a couple of kiddos.

This camper van’s bathroom still has everything you need, though. There’s a cassette toilet in the wet bath, with an overhead shower and power vent with a wall switch.

The bath is located in the middle of the van, though, so let’s discuss some of the other things that make this camper special.

Like most of the vans on this list, the Tellaro 20AT has swiveling driver’s and passenger’s seats, so when you’re parked in your campsite, these two seats form a comfortable lounge or dining area with the two-seater bench and folding and collapsible dinette table.

There’s overhead storage and a 24-inch TV above, and a slide-out closet behind the bench.

The wet bath is behind this area, and across the way is the galley kitchen, complete with a stainless steel single bowl sink with a cover and single handle kitchen faucet, two burner gas cooktop (with a glass cover), and storage drawers and a 4.3 cu.ft. stainless steel electric refrigerator below. Overhead, there’s a microwave and storage cabinets.

We already mentioned the king-sized bed in the rear, and it’s convertible into two long benches by day. There’s a huge amount of storage below these benches, and overhead cabinets span both sides of the van.

Tellaro also includes some extra features with their camper vans, such as a hideaway drawer for a pet food and water dish.

Additionally, the camper comes with a solar power system, Winegard® ConnecT 2.0 4G/Wi-Fi/Digital TV antenna, a Thule® bike rack that accommodates two full-size adult bicycles, and Thule® roof ladder and 16-foot lateral arm power patio awning with integrated LED lighting.

There’s also a 14,300 BTU furnace and 11,000 BTU air conditioner. The Thor Motorcoach Tellaro 20AT is built on a RAM® Promaster 3500 XT chassis, and MSRP starts at $94,938.

10. Winnebago Era 70A

10 Best Camper Vans With Bathrooms Including Shower & Toilet (11)
Length24’ 3”
Interior Height6’ 3”
Black Water Tank Capacity8 gallons
SleepsUp to 3

Winnebago has several Class B RV and camper van models, but our choice for this list of the best with bathrooms is the Era 70A.

The 24“x43” wet bath is located in the heart of the camper, and has bi-fold entry doors, a toilet with foot flush and sprayer, tissue holder, stainless steel sink, and flexible showerhead with a shower curtain and powered roof vent.

There’s also a removable clothing rod and shower mat for extra convenience and comfort.

Toward the front, the unique feature of this campervan is the side-facing bench behind the driver’s seat, which has two seat belts and converts into a 36”x66” sofa bed at night.

Together with the swiveling captain’s chairs in the cab and the removable pedestal table, this is a great spot for dining, lounging, working or playing games.

Across the space, the galley kitchen is quite spacious, with generous countertop space (Corian® solid-surface) and above and below storage areas.

There’s even a flip-up countertop extension for more! Features of the kitchen include a two door compressor driven refrigerator/freezer and microwave oven with touch control, 24-inch HDTV, two burner range cooktop with a glass cover, stainless steel sink with a folding faucet and glass cover, and a cold water purification system.

There’s a large wardrobe between the kitchen and the bedroom, which has two twin beds that convert into a spacious 68”x75” double bed.

Outside, the Winnebago Era 70A has an OmniGo™ omni-directional, amplified HDTV antenna, a 16-foot awning with LED lighting, an exterior speaker system, a slideout compartment tray (access from rear door), and an exterior wash station with a pump switch.

The van is equipped with a Coleman®-Mach® 10 NDQ air conditioner and Truma Combi® Eco Plus heating system with two 850-watt electric heating elements. It’s built on a Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter chassis, and MSRP starts at $184,784.

Is It Worth It To Put a Bathroom in Your Camper Van?

Whether you’re in the market for a camper van or planning a van build, you may be asking yourself whether it’s worth it to have a bathroom in your camper.

After all, it takes up quite a bit of valuable space. Let’s talk about the pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Having a Bathroom in Your Camper Van

By having a bathroom and shower in your camper van, you can enjoy all kinds of perks including:

  • Greater comfort and home-like feel
  • More flexibility for camping off-grid
  • More discreet for stealth camping situations
  • Easy and convenient hygiene
  • Freedom to live off-grid for longer

There are pros and cons to everything, though, and some of the reasons you might not want to have a bathroom in your camper van include:

  • Reduces your available living space
  • Costs more (whether you’re building it yourself or buying a pre-built van)
  • Uses up your fresh water more quickly
  • Makes your van heavier (the bathroom itself, plus the larger water tanks)
  • May develop stinky issues that require expensive repairs
10 Best Camper Vans With Bathrooms Including Shower & Toilet (12)

Things to Consider Before You Put a Bathroom In Your Van

As you weigh the pros and cons, there are some questions to ask yourself to help make the best decision for your situation:

  • Will you be camping primarily in campgrounds or on free public land? What about stealth camping?
  • Will you be traveling with small children or do you have a hard time going out to the woods every time you need to go to the bathroom?
  • Would you mind losing space in your layout?
  • Are you claustrophobic?
  • Do you just need a toilet or a shower, too?
  • What’s your budget? Consider the up front cost of the project or van, as well as maintenance costs.
  • What kind of maintenance are you prepared to handle (emptying the black tank, winterizing to prevent pipes from freezing, plumbing repairs if something breaks or clogs, etc.)?
  • What water tank capacity do you need (fresh, gray, black)?

Different Types of Camper Van Bathrooms

There are two primary types of bathrooms you will find in camper vans, if they include one.

1. Wet Bath

This is the type most commonly found in the vans that I featured early in this article, and it basically means that all surfaces within the room can get wet.

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It’s probably the most popular because of the privacy that it offers, as well as being ready to use at any time.

However, it takes up valuable space that you might not have in a shorter van, and it adds significant extra weight.

2. Hidden Bathroom

Like its name conveys, a hidden bathroom is made using a combination of cabinets, drawers, and fold-out systems to reveal the toilet or set up the shower.

With this option, the bathroom is less of a “room” and the toilet and shower serve more like appliances that you pull out and put away for each use.

However, it is a better way to have a bathroom without sacrificing so much living space to have a full wet bath.

The lack of a dedicated room also means that you’ll sacrifice some privacy when using it, since there are no walls.

And, the toilet and especially the shower may take a couple of minutes to set up before you can use it, unlike a wet bath, which is ready to use at any time (as long as you don’t use it like a second closet).

Most of the wet baths for the camper vans on the list above have porcelain toilets, just like those you’d find in a residential bathroom. But if you are planning to create a hidden bathroom or building a wet bath into your van, you might consider some of the other different types of toilets.

Let’s go into the pros and cons of each:

3: Porcelain Toilet

Using these toilets is almost the same as going “the go” on a normal household toilet.

The difference being, you have to empty the waste tank every so often, so the capacity of your van’s black water tank is very important.

I noted the capacities for the vans above, and for reference, a 12-gallon black water tank will likely last you about 2-3 weeks of daily use before you need to dump it.

There are some downsides with this set up, as well. You need to use RV-safe toilet paper, since regular toilet paper could cause clogs, and the system requires regular dumping, chemical treatment, and maintenance to keep it functioning well.

4: Cassette Toilet

Another popular type of toilet for camper vans is a cassette toilet, which doesn’t have any exterior plumbing (i.e. it doesn’t connect to the black tank).

Instead, there’s a compartment in the base (sometimes there’s one for solid waste and one for liquid waste).

The upsides of this type of toilet are that it’s very small, portable, and easy to maintain.

That said, its low profile can make it difficult for some people to use, and the waste tanks are much smaller, requiring more frequent dumping.

You’ll also need to install an access panel in the side of your camper in order to access the waste tank for dumping, since a cassette toilet is usually fixed in place.

5: Composting Toilet

The most environmentally friendly type of toilet for camper vans is the composting toilet, which separates liquid and solid waste, and you add something like sawdust, peat moss, or coconut coir after each use to facilitate the composting process.

This type of toilet does not require water, but it does need a small amount of electricity to power the vent fan.

Contrary to assumption, composting toilets do not usually smell, especially if you are using and emptying them properly.

The biggest drawbacks to this type of toilet is the expensive up front cost and their size, as they’re bigger than any of the other types of toilet.

10 Best Camper Vans With Bathrooms Including Shower & Toilet (13)

6: Portable Toilet

If you’re looking for something that’s small and more portable than a cassette toilet, you may want to consider a portable toilet.

This type has a removable tank under the bowl for the waste, which you can dump in an RV dump station or even a normal toilet that’s connected to sewer.

Portable toilets typically have a hand pump that’s connected to a fresh water tank for flushing.

Other than the small waste tank size, the other downside with portable toilets is that they require the use of chemicals to prevent odors.

10 Best Camper Vans With Bathrooms Including Shower & Toilet (14)

Cost and Final Thoughts About Camper Vans with Bathrooms

Whether you’re planning to build a bathroom set up in your van, or you’re considering buying a camper van with a bathroom, there are options for everyone.

One thing we didn’t really discuss in this article was price, and you might be wondering, is it expensive to add a bathroom to a camper van? The answer – and the reason we haven’t mentioned it yet – is that it totally depends on your preferences and your budget.

In our article, “How Much Does a Sprinter Van Conversion Cost?”, we found that the cost of the items you need for building a wet bath in your van could range between $1,533 and $2,500, but that wasn’t taking into account more expensive items like a composting toilet, which could cost about $1,400 on its own.

On the other end of things, you could buy a portable toilet for around $100 and build a divider relatively cheaply.

And of course, the price for pre-built camper vans with bathrooms is quite a bit higher than the cost of a van with no bathroom.

(Video) Tiny campervan with toilet, shower + kitchen, sleeps four : Dreamer Cap Lande

Hopefully this article has provided more clarity on the options available if you want to have a bathroom in your camper van.


What is the smallest campervan with a toilet and shower? ›

The Airstream Interstate, for example, is the smallest campervan with a toilet inside. It can sleep up to two and has a combination wet bath. Even so, its dimensions are only 19'-5” x 6'-7” x 9'-7”.

What is the most popular camper van? ›

The Sprinter Van is by far the most popular van for camper van conversions. Sprinter vans are durable, versatile, and most are built as cargo vans so their interiors are highly customizable.

What is the most reliable campervan? ›

Owners of used motorhomes rate Mercedes-Benz base vehicles as the best, with a very impressive score of 90.6%. Volkswagen is just behind with 90.5%, and Renault takes third with 87.6%. Satisfaction with base vehicles is generally high, with other manufacturers also picking up high scores.

Do camper vans have showers and toilets? ›

Some campervans have wholly integrated indoor bathrooms, and some have ingenious “pop up” bathroom solutions that include a stow away toilet.

What is the lightest travel trailer with a bathroom? ›

The lightest travel trailer with a bathroom is the Travel Lite Rove Lite. The compact RV weighs 1,675 pounds dry, making it easy to tow with a smaller vehicle. It's also fuel-efficient, easy to store, and durable, thanks to its compact and light aluminum frame.

What is the smallest size camper with a bathroom? ›

The 13′ Scamp Deluxe are the smallest and lightest camping trailers with a bathroom! If you want the lightest possible rig and don't mind a used model, these older small camping trailers are perfect for you.

What is the most fuel efficient camper van? ›

The most fuel-efficient camper van model is the Winnebago Travato. Rated at around 22 miles per gallon in ideal conditions, the Winnebago Travato is the most economical new camper van model available.

How many miles is too many for a camper van? ›

People often try to sell their campervans when they're beyond their golden years. Those who only go on a couple of trips annually can risk a campervan over 200,000 miles, but anyone considering long trips over 100 miles or living the van life should steer clear of anything more than 150,000 miles or so.

What is the most reliable van to live in? ›

The 5 best campers for van life
  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter.
  • Ram Promaster.
  • Ford Transit Van.
  • Chevy Express/GMC Savana 2500/3500.
  • Volkswagen Westfalia Campervans.
11 Feb 2022

Can you get WiFi in a camper van? ›

In short, yes, you can get WiFi in a campervan. All you need is a WiFi dongle for your campervan, and a SIM card with data on it. In fact, the most simple way of getting WiFi in a campervan doesn't even require this – you could simply hotspot from your mobile phone.

What's the best van to turn into a camper? ›

Best vans to buy for a camper van conversion
  1. Volkswagen Transporter. The Volkswagen Transporter is one of the best-known vans for camper conversions. ...
  2. Ford Transit. Some say the wide-bodied Ford Transit is the best van for camper conversion. ...
  3. Renault Trafic. ...
  4. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. ...
  5. Fiat Ducato. ...
  6. Vauxhall Vivaro.
27 Jan 2022

Where do you shower if you live in a van? ›

Van Life Shower Ideas

Campgrounds – It's common to find shower facilities in state park campgrounds and other established campgrounds. RV Parks – We rarely stay in an RV park, but once in a while we do because we can clean out the van, do our laundry, fill up our water, and shower all in one place.

Is it worth having a shower in a campervan? ›

Campsites – Obviously, most campsites have showers, but not all will let you use them without staying the night. But if you need to top up or empty resources, it's a great place to have a shower too! We try to use one once a week, have a good clean and do our laundry while we're there too.

What is the average price for a camper van? ›

New camper vans cost upward of $110,000 and end at just above $200,000. Old used camper vans can cost as low as $25,000. Premium used camper vans cost around $75,000 to $100,000. DIY camper van conversions cost between $25,000 and $45,000, excluding the chassis.

How much does a small camper with bathroom cost? ›

New Small Campers with Bathrooms for Sale
Winnebago Micro Minnie 2020$ 22,172
Scamp Trailer 13” Deluxe 2020$18,795
Airstream Basecamp 2021$39,100
Happier Camper 2020$29,950
1 more row

What is a dry bath in a camper? ›

A dry bath is what you'd typically expect to find in a home, only an RV one is much smaller. It usually has a shower (sometimes a very small bathtub/shower), with a separate toilet, sink, and some storage.

Does the VW camper van have a toilet? ›

With a rear galley style kitchen and a fitted toilet, the long-wheelbase VW campervan provides all of the luxuries that you could want, along with plenty of options and flexibility.

Does an Airstream have a bathroom? ›

Yes, the Basecamp does have a bathroom. And it's full of clever choices to keep you, your gear, and your trailer clean. The Airstream Basecamp is our smallest and most rugged travel trailer – ready to head off the beaten path or off the grid whenever you are.

Do campers come with showers? ›

Most RVs come equipped with a shower that is hooked to your main fresh water tank. You won't find a shower in a tiny Class B RV or a Teardrop, but most other models will have at least a tiny one. The ability and option of taking a shower (or something resembling a shower) while camping can be a gift!

How many miles to the gallon does a camper van get? ›

While there are exceptions for each class, on average Class B motorhomes, or Camper Vans, are the most fuel-efficient RVs with an industry average of 18-25 miles per gallon. Class C motorhomes are next with an average of 14-18 mpg, with Class A motorhomes coming in third at 7-13 mpg.

What is the most economical van? ›

The Mercedes Citan is the best small van for mpg, returning up to 62.8mpg. The Citan and the Nissan NV250 are very closely matched when it comes to fuel economy. This isn't too surprising, considering both the Mercedes and Nissan use what is ostensibly the same 1.5-litre diesel engine.

How many miles to the gallon does a campervan do? ›

Campervans: 35-46 true mpg

As you can see, what you lose out in interior space, you certainly gain in higher mpg - almost double in some cases! Being able to explore further in a nippier, easier to manoeuver vehicle is also a huge benefit of a campervan over a motorhome.

How long does a van engine last? ›

Today's modern vans are engineered to last - and 100,000 miles showing on the clock is commonplace. There's even stories of Transits reaching 200,000 and beyond - but if you are considering spending your hard-earned cash purchasing a 'High Miler', it can be a case of 'buyer beware'.

How many years do campers last? ›

At a minimum, your travel trailer needs to be able to last for 10 years. You might be able to prolong its longevity and add about two to five years by taking good care of it. However, some travel trailers can last up to 30 years with proper usage.

Can you pressure wash a camper? ›

You should never pressure wash or power wash your RV because of the high-pressure of the water will damage your RV's exterior surfaces and components. As well, pressure washing injects water into crevices that may seep into your RV's interior.

What are the big camper vans called? ›

To many people, the terms motorhome, campervan and RV are interchangeable, though RV is generally thought of as an American word for a motorhome.

What car companies sell camper vans? ›

The 21 best camper van brands
  • Airstream.
  • Mercedes-Benz.
  • Boho.
  • Volkswagen.
  • Winnebago.
  • Thor Motor Coach.
  • Antero Adventure Motors.
  • Outside Van.
1 Sept 2021

Is the van life worth it? ›

If you are ready to downsize, living in a van can be a great way to save money and travel within a budget. If you can do your job remotely and can cope with some of the challenges mentioned, then van life can be a great option, even just to save money.

What kind of van should I live in? ›

The 4 Vans to Get You Living on the Road
  • Mercedes Sprinter. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is considered the gold standard for van lifers and for good reason. ...
  • Ford Transit. Sprinter Vans have propelled van life into the mainstream, but they are not the only option. ...
  • Dodge Promaster. ...
  • Nissan NV Cargo.
12 Feb 2020

How does a TV work in a campervan? ›

The most reliable way to get a good TV signal in your motorhome is through satellite TV. This uses a combination of a TV aerial and a satellite dish to get your TV hooked up ready to receive to your favourite shows. You'll need to choose a provider.

How can I get internet living in my van? ›

You can also buy a MiFi device (a.k.a. Jetpack) to create an Internet hotspot in your van or RV; with the MiFi device you get 15GB tethering in addition of the 15GB on your smartphone (at the time of writing these lines).

How do I get TV in my RV? ›

The simplest way to watch TV in an RV is to use an antenna to access over-the-air channels. Most new RV models come with built in HDTV antennas, so the only setup required is to turn on the TV and scan for channels from the main menu.

Is it cheaper to buy a campervan or convert a van? ›

Although the upfront costs might still raise some eyebrows, buying a van and converting it should be much cheaper than buying a ready-made campervan. To make sure you don't spend over the odds, set yourself a clear budget.

Is it legal to convert a van into a camper? ›

Is it legal to convert a van into a campervan? Before undertaking the task of investing hours into transforming your soon-to-be beloved campervan, you want to know if it's going to be legally passed as such. In short, yes, you absolutely can convert your van into a campervan.

Does the Ford Nugget have a toilet? ›

Based on the long-wheelbase version of Ford's Transit Custom van – which at 5.34m, is some 37cm longer than standard – it offers that little bit of extra essential living and storage space. It also means there's room for a fully plumbed-in Thetford toilet.

Does Winnebago Solis have a bathroom? ›

Bath. Unlike other Class B camper vans, the Solis Pocket does not feature a dedicated bathroom inside, allowing for more room throughout the inside of the van. The Solis Pocket does however come with a portable Portable toilet that is stored under rear facing dinette seat as well as an exterior shower.

Is there a van with a toilet? ›

Ford Transit Camper Van Has Everything You Need, Including a Toilet. It's hard to live without a toilet, but it is also hard to squeeze one into such a small space without some compromises.

Do VW campervans have a shower? ›

VW'S Grand California sleeps four comfortably and comes with that all-important toilet and shower.

Does Ford Nugget have a shower? ›

For those really wanting to push the campervan out, there's a Nugget Plus option — based on a Jumbo Transit — with its own toilet and shower. You really could live in this thing — and that'll be a tempting proposition in these days of remote working.

How much does a Ford Nugget camper van cost? ›

They have three versions, the pop top Nugget, the high roof Nugget, and the Nugget Plus. How much is the Ford Nugget camper van? The base price for the pop top Nugget is $59,875, while the high roof Nugget starts at $60,550 and the Nugget Plus starts at $67,150.

How much is a nugget plus camper van? ›

The standard, non-Trail Nugget Plus with pop-up roof starts at €58,134 (approx. US$68,400).

Does the Solis have a shower? ›

There is a truma heating system for the cold nights and a coleman air conditioner when it gets hot outside. The outdoor shower at the back of van is perfect for a rinse and includes a privacy curtain and tankless hot water heater. A portable toilet hides conveniently under the bench seat and is easily accessible.

Is the Winnebago Solis worth it? ›

Conclusion. The Winnebago Solis is a great van for budget-minded and not particularly gargantuan people who appreciate a simple, practical, and maneuverable campervan, and don't have much desire for some of the fancy luxuries other vans might provide.

How much does a Solis pocket cost? ›

Winnebago says the Solis Pocket will start at $95,736. That's more than $10,000 cheaper than the Solis. The new camper van arrives in Fall 2021.

Where do you shower if you live in a van? ›

Van Life Shower Ideas

Campgrounds – It's common to find shower facilities in state park campgrounds and other established campgrounds. RV Parks – We rarely stay in an RV park, but once in a while we do because we can clean out the van, do our laundry, fill up our water, and shower all in one place.

How do van life people go to the bathroom? ›

Limited Space Toilet

The Clean Waste Portable Toilet is an ideal solution for those of us who have limited space as it folds up into a very compact space. The downside is that it means using plastic bags each time you use the toilet.

Which VW camper has a toilet? ›

With the convenience of an everyday vehicle fitted with all the comforts of a motorhome the Tourlander is the most fully equipped SWB camper in existence. The Short Wheel Base Tourlander offers the same concealed toilet system with built in privacy as the Long Wheel Base Transtourer.

Can you have a toilet in a VW camper? ›

The Bodans Clee VW Campervan Conversion is unique in it's design, offering a fixed cassette toilet to the rear of the vehicle and with the use of the RIB Neptune seating system, you get maximum use of the length of the camper with free access of the central gangway.

Does a VW t6 campervan have a toilet? ›

Well, now we can tell you, the toilet is hidden away in the back of this uniquely designed campervan – behind a folding door.


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