10 Gorgeous Green Bathroom Ideas (2022)

With Spring peeking around the corner, we’d like to share our green bathroom ideas to add freshness and a touch of funkiness to your home.

But why is green so glorious? Green has been around since the beginning of time as one of the colours that represent the natural world. Green is associated with vegetation, vigour, and growth in ancient Egypt and was a symbol of regeneration, good health, and rebirth. The colour green also represented a person’s social rank and profession throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and could only be worn by the wealthy.

Today, green has many associations: life and renewal, nature and energy, fertility and growth, and sustainability and eco-friendliness to name just a few.

Shades of Green

In the 18th century, green pigments in interior design could contain the toxic chemical arsenate. This featured in the bedroom wallpaper of Napoleon Bonaparte, which some believe was the cause of his death. Thankfully, none of our beautiful green bathroom tiles are poisonous! There are so many gorgeous shades to choose from when considering green bathroom tiles.

Sage Green Bathroom Tiles

If you’re looking for an earthy, subtle green, then look no further than sage green. This wonderful soft shade of green is inspired by the healing herb sage and brings a soothing tone to any room. Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute says: “Harmonious and healing, the health-giving message conveyed by sage greens are ideally suited to this time. They enhance our emotional well-being and boost our spiritual health…”

Sage green is a versatile colour that will work well with a range of coordinating and contrasting hues, thanks to its neutral nature and undertones of grey and silver. And sage is all the rage – it’s a tone that doesn’t seem to ever go out of style.

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Light green bathroom ideas

Light green bathroom tiles are the ideal way to add a subtle splash of colour whilst keeping lots of light in your room, and this soft shade works particularly well in smaller rooms. Light green is a soothing and peaceful colour and a very calm shade that represents renewal, luck, health, and optimism.

White and cream are an obvious choice to pair with this shade, but greys and blacks also work well, as well as other pastel shades.

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Indoor plant on wooden table and white wall

Duck Egg Bathroom Ideas

Duck egg is an elegant shade that is the perfect choice if you’re after a classy colour and are torn between blue and green.

On a colour wheel, you’ll find duck egg (sometimes called Robin’s Nest Blue) right on the edge of blue and green and it’s a shade that’s usually thought of as belonging to the blue colour family, but many perceive it as green.

This heavenly hue can be used in either a coastal or country scheme and when used as an accent colour, duck egg can add a lovely lift to simple neutral schemes if you don’t want to make a bold colour statement. Duck egg works well with white and other blues and greens that are close in the colour spectrum. You can also pair it with soft neutral taupes and browns, or make it more glamourous alongside monochrome.

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Green Bathroom Tiles - Fabulous Green Metro

Mint Green Bathroom Ideas

Another shade derived from nature is mint green. Named after the vibrant herb mint, this is a delicate tone that has enough zing to add oomph but not too much! Mint green tiles can evoke feelings of freshness and light, and there is also tranquillity and calmness to this colour, which may be why it’s often used in care settings.

Mint is a great match with whites and creams for a really fresh look, but also works in harmony with taupes and pinks – think Neopolitan ice cream for inspiration! You can also pair mint with grey for a really classy look.

Tiles for green bathroom ideas

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Emerald Green Bathroom Ideas

If you’re looking for vibrant green bathroom tiles, then why not consider opulent emerald? This darker shade represents abundance, prosperity, and growth in nature, business, or within ourselves. Emerald colours can also help to create a lovely cosy sanctuary to relax in. For the ultimate in decadence, pair with metallic accessories, add black accessories or use white to really make this rich tone stand out.

These deep green tiles can be used on their own or blended with other tiles from the Glamour range or used on their own as a striking statement.

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Muted Green Bathroom Ideas

For a slight twist on a traditional green, why not try this lovely muted shade from our Harlem range? It’s a little tricky to describe – think soft moss with an undertone of warmth. It’s just the colour to evoke feelings of wellbeing or help you get back to nature. Plus these tiles have a gradient in their design, to add interest as well as a soft splash of colour.

10 Gorgeous Green Bathroom Ideas (6)

Watercolour Green Bathroom Ideas

We adore watercolour tiles. They give you the benefit of a hint of colour but in a pared-down way. Our Vita range gives you a glorious super glossy finish alongside variation between tiles for a truly unique look. These tiles are also available in a range of wonderful complementary colours so you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

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Green Tile Shapes And Sizes

Make your friends and family green with envy with green bathroom tiles in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Mosaic Green Bathroom Tiles

Mosaic tiles are a lovely addition to any bathroom to invoke the feeling of a relaxing spa or sanctuary. For a high impact effect, use bold green mosaic tiles in generous quantities, or how about a border or metallic green mosaics as a finishing touch? And of course, there’s always the option of just using a small section as a feature wall – the ideal touch in a shower.

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Hexagonal Green Bathroom Ideas

Impress your friends and family with the latest in trendy Hexagon wall tiles. Our Hex bathroom tiles offer the winning combination of deep greens and blues and are ideal for creating a stunning feature wall. These tiles simply ooze with energy and bring the feel of the seaside and coast into your home. Use as much or as little as you like, and pair with plain or hexagon tiles in white.

10 Gorgeous Green Bathroom Ideas (9)

Scallop Green Bathroom Ideas

Bring the beach to your home with these stunning scallop-shaped green bathroom tiles. Their unusual scale shape and wonderful garden green tone will really stand out from the crowd, whether you use them on walls, floors, or both! If this garden green shade is too vibrant, they are also available in white and grey.

10 Gorgeous Green Bathroom Ideas (10)

Green Bathroom Ideas – Accessories

If you just want to add a hint of green to your bathroom, why not consider green bathroom accessories? It’s a very low budget way to introduce some colour, and an inexpensive option to change as frequently as you like. Green accessories work fantastically well against white, grey and black bathrooms.

Bathroom Accessories

If you’re looking for green bathroom ideas, then why not have a look for green bathroom accessories. There are so many out there to choose from. Keep your floor dry with a vibrant green bath mat, or wrap up after your shower or bath in the comforting fibres of a luxurious green bath towel. Opt for unity with a matching soap dispenser, toothbrush tidy and toilet brush holder, or go quirky with individual designs that tickle your fancy. Go the extra (green) mile with green edged mirror, green picture frames or green artwork.


And of course, a wonderful way to introduce green into your bathroom is with a touch of foliage. Many plants such as Pothos and Aloe thrive in bathrooms because of all the moisture in the air, but if you’re really not green-fingered, then there are some incredibly lifelike artificial plants and flowers out there for you to choose from. Or you could be really adventurous and create a tiny living wall.

10 Gorgeous Green Bathroom Ideas (11)

If you have been inspired to use green bathroom tiles in your next project, then take a browse through our tiles, order some free samples, or contact our friendly team for advice.

To help inspire you with more green bathroom ideas, why not browse through our range of green bathroom tiles?

Green Metro Tiles

We have green metro tiles in a range of sizes. You can stick to the classic 10cm x 20cm, elongate your look with 10cm x 30cm or go super skinny with 7.5 x 15cm or 7.5 x 30cm.

Green Shaped Tiles

Get your green bathroom ideas in shape with our fantastic shaped tiles – mosaics, hexagons and scallop shell.

Don’t forget that all our tiles are available to order as cut samples, so you can try them out before you buy them. We suggest trying them in different areas of the room, at different times of the day and with lights on and off to get the full effect.

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Green symbolizes growth and renewal—and for those who like to recharge in the bathroom, green is an excellent choice of color.

By Ashley Knierim Green is a calming, centering color—the color of rejuvenation—so it's a great choice for bathrooms.. Green is an incredibly versatile and flexible color, perfect for modern bathrooms or classic ones.. Whether you want to splash a coat of paint on your vanity (like this stunning hunter green version from craven_haven ) or you are into a total tile revamp, here's some inspiration to make you want to go green.. We love the rich jade hue that feels sophisticated but still a little playful, especially when paired with a pop of pink and gold.. If you want to create a spa-like space in your home, this stunning bathroom from architectseat is the perfect inspiration.. Pair a light, airy green with bamboo or natural wood in the bathroom for a neutral look that still has a pop of color.. ​A dark green soaking tub, like this one from thehousepotnoodlesbuilt .. We love the pairing of the dark green tiles with the lighter, fresh, beach-y wallpaper.. We think it's time that pink and green replaced black and white as the best color combo out there.. We love how this moody green paint transforms the whole bathroom and makes it feel totally new.. We love the muted sage green wainscoting, especially when paired with the lovely floral wallpaper.. As in this beautiful bathroom from theoldpiggery_ , green is a great color to create a nautical vibe that's a bit different from the standard blue and white version.. This rich green not only makes the whole space appear larger, but by painting the shelf the same shade as the wall, it almost blends into it and becomes invisible.. We often shy away from dark colors because we're scared they will make small spaces feel claustrophobic, but the truth is that a deep moody color like green will actually push the walls out and give the room more depth.

Green is beloved by many people and selected as the colour theme. Find out how to decorate your bathroom through our 10 green bathroom ideas, here.

GREEN BATHROOM IDEAS – Green is like blue.. Applying green for your bathroom is thus a good idea for anyone because the colour is simply likeable.. We provide 10 green bathroom concepts for both green fans or not.. That’s because of the bathroom’s wall that gets painted in the mild shade of green.. Occupying the tight area, the bathroom proves green is such a refreshment.. Source: maisonvalentina.netWe find it a bit surprising that a bathroom pairs bold shade of green with black like this.. The bathroom picks up the green shade that looks so fresh.. The bathroom contains the bathroom tub and the sink area.. The green ceramics make the bathroom vibrant.. Yes, the bathroom picks up the green shade that resembles grey.. The green shade paints the bathroom’s wall that is made from wooden boards.. The bathroom picks up the green, small tiles for the wall, floor and the bathroom tub holder.. By essence, the bathroom consists of the bathroom tub, the chair and the sink area.. Suppose you wish to produce a beautiful green bathroom, consider the green wallpaper like this.

Looking for green bathroom ideas? These nature-inspired washroom designs will make your guests green with envy

Make a bold statement in your green bathroom with a dark emerald veined marble tile, exclusively from Topps Tiles (opens in new tab).. This is because the black and white checkered effect floor is actually made up of marble and its veining matches that of the large wall tiles.. Using dark green wall bathroom wall paint also adds to this rainforest-inspired scheme.. So why shouldn't it be used in your green bathroom idea?. Especially in a small bathroom idea where there is no room for additional wall decor ideas.. As in our natural world, green just seems to work with everything.'. Making use of a small bathroom idea , the built-in bathroom cabinets add a pop of color to an otherwise dark bathroom design.. This bathroom is a great example of how to make it work – small pockets of color that are of the same tone working harmoniously together.. It’s best to choose a muted shade of green that will add relaxation rather than a vibrant shade which could have the opposite effect.. This style combines trad aspects with contemporary design ideas – we love the bold patterned cubist floor tiles combined with the two tone green walls and pops of white.. To balance this out have a matt paint finish on your bath and walls so they don’t compete with the marble.. The gold and black towel rail add glamour as do the white marble floor tiles.. You can use green as an accent color, whether you choose an acid green like this walk in shower or a deep bottle green.. For a luxurious feel, consider a combination of paint and wallpaper, which results in a beautiful scheme that also feels nurturing and relaxing.

Through green tiles, paint or accent pieces, green bathrooms are having a moment. Here are our favorite green bathroom ideas we can't get enough of.

You can incorporate green into your bathroom without having to paint your walls or cabinets.. "The best way to incorporate green into your bathroom is by literally decorating with a green plant as I did here for Lauren Conrad's Pacific Palisades master bathroom," says Carter.. That’s why we love the idea of adding a Kelly green and black animal printed wallpaper in the bathroom.. The bathroom pictured installed green lockers to add an unexpected design and pop of color to the eclectic space.. Muted greens make an appearance in this bathroom yet again—this time proving the tone works well with polished accents.. We love how this bathroom by Charlie Interior Design reserves the green hue to only the shower, while opting to keep the rest of the bathroom totally neutral.. Whether you live in an apartment with green tiling from the ‘70s or you’re just desperately looking to spruce up your bathroom with new decor, it’s worth it to consider going green .

Green isn't the most common color in bathroom design, but green bathrooms are worth your consideration. This color is popping up all over in interior

Green isn’t the most common color in bathroom design, but green bathrooms are worth your consideration.. This is a complex color with so many shades; the look of green bathrooms is distinct based on the color variations of green and by the depth of each color.. Essex Green (HC – 188) from Benjamin Moore – Essex Green is a dark almost black green.. Green paint, rather than tiles, is another way to add this lovely color to your bathroom design.. This bathroom uses a green shade of Kelly green which is a dark shade of green that you find right between blue and yellow on the color wheel.. You don’t just have to use green to create a look of drama; you can use it to create a bathroom design that is calm and fresh using a light green color.. Painting the bathroom dark green will create an effect that is dark overall, but painting the vanity dark green and keeping the walls white gives the room dramatic character but keeps it bright in appearance.. View in gallery Lone Fox Adding paneling to a bathroom wall is a wonderful way to add texture and interest to a bathroom; paint the paneling green, and you create a look that is current and looks more expensive than it is.. View in gallery Style Curator If you are not interested in a dark green, you can try a light color green like sage or sea green.. Consider this bathroom with the olive green walls, the natural green flowers, and wall art.. Use green tile, green marble, or paint the walls a unique shade of green.

Having such memorable bathroom is common nowadays, these Green Bathroom ideas will make you understand about it!

On the other hand, other elements are painted in neutral white and brown, including the floor, wall, bathtub, and window frame.. It is so good to combine white colour with various shades of green, just like you can see in the image below.. The bathroom decor is quite simple, nearly everything is put in white, including the bathtub, vanity, countertop, and wall.. The elegant bathroom in the image below if painted with hunter green tone, especially its tiled walls.. Even if you already have this kind of bright bathroom, you still need to have proper window for providing enough sunlight.. You could apply additional decorating ideas to complete the composition, like having plant around the bathtub and using brown for the window frame.. This bathroom is only painted in white and bright green colours, including the wall, floor, and countertop.. This bathroom has classic bathtub near the windows, along with vintage vanity that covers the sink area.. As you can see in the image below, mixing lime green and brown colours should be a good idea since they complement each other.. Do not forget to keep adding patterns and textures for your things, like tiled floor or curtain, to complete the room composition.. The combination of brown and olive green colours can be properly used for both modern and traditional bathroom designs.. Besides those two dominant colours, several white elements also exist here, including the bathtub, rounded shelf, towel, and sink.. Emerald green is suitable to be used for modern interior decor, even with such small amount of paint.. Other than green, the bathroom also has grey and white elements, including the wall, floor, sink, and countertop.


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