10 Small Camping Trailers With Bathrooms (2022)

Don’t feel that just because you are buying a camper trailer that you have to do without a bathroom. We have found ten small camping trailers with bathrooms that we think you will love.

Camping trailers make camping the most sophisticated thing you can do since you can sleep on a real bed, use electricity and be entirely comfortable. But, there is one thing that taints that comfort picture – having ‘to go’ in the wild. Does camping mean that you have to rush to the bushes every time you get a call from nature? What happens if it rains and you have to go? Will you be camping all alone?

Best Small Camper Trailers With Bathrooms

Understandably, these are valid reasons, and this is why we sought to find the best camping trailers with bathrooms. Even when you overpack, these trailers, though small, have good bathrooms that will make you comfortable and safe with the idea of camping:

1. Casita Travel Trailers Spirit Deluxe Trailer

10 Small Camping Trailers With Bathrooms (1)

Whether you are camping alone or with your small family, this camping trailer promises the most comfortable camping experience.

From the outside, this trailer looks like any other camping trailer fit for two or three individuals. However, Casita Travel Trailers’ designed the interiors of this Spirit Deluxe Trailer with exceptional attention to details, fine interior décor, and classy finishes.

This little trailer is highly functional. You can convert the two sleeping areas into dinette tables to enjoy a good meal before turning your dining space into the most comfortable sleeping space. If you are a lone camper, or you don’t require a big dining space, you can leave the rear dinette in the double bed position permanently.

At 17ft, it is spacious, and you can use the alternate floor plan with the available top and bottom bunk bed.

To meet your bathroom needs, this camping trailer has a spacious bath and shower – the bathroom is the biggest area of this trailer. Do not worry about humidity or smells as the trailer features screened windows, and power fan roof vents.

You will also like that this trailer can withstand all kinds of weather or travel conditions. It has a marine-made fiberglass body which is a perfect fit for this Spirit Deluxe trailer.

The other features include the 110-volt exterior outlet, 12-volt battery pack, and the exterior door lighting. There also is a lockable fresh water fill and a city water connection offering an alternative source of water.

What about storage? With a big bathroom comes limited space and congestion, right? Wrong! The trailer has extra room for storing your items – there are overhead carpet-lined storage compartments for stashing camping equipment of hiding valuables.

2. Jay Sport Trailer

10 Small Camping Trailers With Bathrooms (2)

Jay Sport is a big name in the camping world. This trailer is small, yet it offers superior comfort. The interiors are elegantly furnished such that this trailer looks better than some expensive hotel rooms. It is one of the new trailers on the market offering nothing but the best amenities and adequate space.

The greatness of this trailer starts from the outside. It has retractable double-entry steps, 15-inch off-roading tires, and stabilizer jacks that make overnight stays comfortable and safe.

The interior plan and design make this the most stylish camping trailer. The style ranges from rustic and rugged to cozy and comfy. It features wall-to-wall DiamondFlor vinyl flooring, stainless steel interior, and outdoor stove, acrylic sink and faucet, plus residential cabinetry.

What makes this trailer comfortable? The dinette has reversible cushions, an optional 4-inch heated bed mattress, and tinted vinyl windows which have a mesh screening. However hot it is outdoors, you will not start sweating as the trailer has a powered roof vent.

(Video) Top 10 Best Small Camper Trailer with Bathroom

For extra comfort, you can get the optional deluxe screen room that has privacy panel which folds easily to keep off bugs and to keep you dry.

Convenience – just because you are spending the night outdoors doesn’t mean that you don’t have to enjoy a convenient living. This camping trailer has a curtained interior bath/ shower. It also has an exterior shower that comes with a 6-gallon water heater – six gallons is enough for all your cleaning, showering, and toilet needs. All the appliances for this trailer are pre-plumbed for propane-use, and every model prepped for stereo or TV use.

Simple set up

Setting this trailer up is easy even when camping alone. It has an easy-to-use filter system which makes use of extra wide lifter posts with very flexible push-rods. It is also built with a leveling tongue jack plus a retractable aluminum step that has four stabilizer jacks; which are available with sand pads. There are extra five inches off ground clearance.

Durable and road-ready design

This camping trailer is made of heavy-duty, and corrosion and scratch resistant A-Frame, with an embossed aluminum exterior finish, and super lube axles with a leaf-spring suspension.

With all these features, this is the most functional, small travel trailer with a bathroom.

3. Nest Caravan

10 Small Camping Trailers With Bathrooms (3)

The small, sleek, and functional camping trailer you have been looking for comes in the form of this Nest Caravan. It has an elegant exterior design that is eye-catchy, and a perfect blend with your car.

The feature that stands out from this Nest Caravan camping trailer is the aerodynamic design. This design doesn’t just make this a good-looking trailer, but an energy-efficient trailer – you will get the best gas mileage out of the trailer.

How are the interiors? They are as charming as the outdoors thanks to the intelligent design with whites, greys, and blacks; making your camping trip the most luxurious trip you’ll make.

It is also one of our favorite little trailers because it comes with a bathroom (toilet and shower). Though small, this camper has enough space for a kitchen island housing a gas cooking stove and enough space for meal preparation.

There is enough sleeping space on this trailer – it includes a queen size bed meaning that you still enjoy the comfort of your bed at home when away. What more, this small camper has folding chairs and a countertop for cooking and relaxing.

10 Small Camping Trailers With Bathrooms (4)

First of all, this UK-based company, Barefoot, will ship your camping trailer to the US free of charge.

The features that stand out from this camping trailer include its iconic British design, a wide range of lovely colors, and high-end interiors. This camper has a uniquely curved chic design that accommodates every camper’s style. It hones a retro style which matches the modern British classic design.

It has been handbuilt using fiberglass then fitted to the highest standards by Auto-Sleepers. The customization options include the Roberts Revival DAB Mini Radio, the bathroom and kitchen walls, curtains, and the seat upholstery. The available colors include gray, navy blue, lime green, stone, orange, and duck-egg blue.

Other than the fun design and the curvy shape, you will love the roof lighting, L-shaped seating, the eco-friendly polycarbonate windows, cupboards, and wardrobes for storage. It also features a freezer and an isotherm compressor fridge.

What about the bathroom? Well, this camping trailer is one of the best you will have thanks to the 30-liter onboard water tank with a hot water system from the Truma Combi. You can either hook it up to gas or electricity.

(Video) 5 Small Camping Trailers with Bathrooms - Perfect for Beginners!

Also worth mentioning is the fact that the hot water system and the water tank power the high-quality bathroom, that comes complete with a shower, basin, cupboard, mirror, and cassette toilet from Domestic.

5. Atlas

This isn’t a compact-shaped camping trailer but a tiny house hybrid. This Atlas camping Trailer is a solar-powered structure that comes with a porch. It has a steel tube framing, wooden cladding, and it features foam insulation.

This camping trailer offers about 18sq meters interior which is divided into the primary living area located on the ground floor, and the loft space makes the living area.

This trailer also comes with an adequately-sized kitchen, a bathroom that has a toilet and a shower, a fold down couch, a deck, and a lift-up awning.

The upside of this Atlas camping trailer is that you can use in your backyard efficiently when hosting.

If you are into cozy wooden interiors, then you should consider this Atlas camping trailer.

6. iCamp Elite

10 Small Camping Trailers With Bathrooms (5)

If you are looking for a colorful and vibrant camping trailer, this iCamp Elite by United Recreational Vehicles, LLC is your best bet.

Known for its diminutive size, this is one of the most functional camping trailers with a bathroom. Its construction is out of heavy-duty Styrofoam and high-gloss fiberglass, as well as aluminum tubing. This construction makes this camping trailer a powerhouse suitable for use in harsh conditions.

This iCamp Elite camper is the ideal camping companion for small camping sites thanks to the small size. Unfortunately, it is a smaller travel trailer in comparison to other trailers reviewed here. As a tiny home, it is better suited for solo campers out for just a day or two.

To save on space, the trailer has furniture with rounded edges that fit into tiny spaces. The highest point of this trailer is five feet and eleven inches so, this isn’t a camping trailer.

If this camper is for you, then, you will like its features like wallpaper throughout, semi-gloss painted plywood furniture, and an iPod connection for your entertainment. It also has less drag and, less fuel usage. Also, thanks easy towing. Despite the shortcomings of this trailer and the fact that it is one of the smallest trailers, it still has adequate space for a bathroom, a toilet, shower and a bathroom nook.

7. Lance 1575 Travel Trailer

10 Small Camping Trailers With Bathrooms (6)

Lance truck campers and travel trailers have been on the market for over 50 years. Out of all those decades, Lance’s best production is this Lance 1575 Travel Trailer.

First off, it is lightweight, weighing less than 2700 pounds yet it has many amenities that could make the weight of this trailer questionable

This trailer is appealing to campers because if the plushness it boasts. Even when away, this trailer gives the same level of comfort like what you get from being at home.

The exterior features of the trailer include roof vents, spare tire carriers, radius entry doors, storage compartment doors, separate wastewater, as well as freshwater systems. It also has Thermopane Euro windows with laminated fiberglass.

What makes the interiors?

The secret to incredible interiors is paying attention to details. Lance understands this hence the incorporation of a wall clock, an interior key hanger, stylish tables and countertops, shade and screen treatments for the windows.

(Video) The PERFECT "SMALL" camper!! Little R-Pod rv jam-packed with wonderful features! Camper Tour

It also has a dinette that comes complete with a wall backsplash, a three-burner range stainless steel stove, and a three-way double door refrigerator that comfortably holds up to 5cubic meters of food. The wall thermostat ensures that you have easy temperature adjustments.

To cap it all, it has a bathroom with a foot-pedal operated Marine toilet made of plastic. The toilet is easy to use, and it connects to a black tank flush with a valve.

Finally, the trailer has a mirrored medicine cabinet and beautiful dual pane skylights which create a complete homely feel.

8. Airstream’s 2018 Sport

10 Small Camping Trailers With Bathrooms (7)

For almost a century, Airstream has been designing some of the best travel trailers and this Airstream’s 2018 Sport is one of their best creations. It is small but, it comes with a bathroom offering the highest level of camping convenience and comfort. Keep in mind Airstream is at the luxury end and can be quite expensive. I actually wrote a post about why they have such a high price tag which you can read about here.

About the bathroom – it is classy just like the rest of this camping trailer. You don’t have to worry about humidity or foul smells because the trailer has venting and roof fans. In addition to the Moen sink, there is a porcelain toilet and a Lavy Sink which makes the interiors of this camper the most sophisticated. You will also like the showerhead, towel bar, and the hidden but retractable clothesline.

This camping trailer boasts an elegant interior and exterior finish. It doesn’t just look good, as it has the highest level of functionality. It is spacious enough for use by your entire family.

Some of the features of this trailer include a Moen faucet, an auxiliary heating strip and an air conditioning system, ultra-leather dinette set, and a cutting board sink cover.

It also has a Fantastic Fan which offers natural air rotation. It is fitted with appliances like a convection microwave oven or standard microwave, a two-burner cooktop, and a refrigerator.

For extra comfort and entertainment, this trailer has blackout shades with panoramic front windows, as well as an LED HD TV plus a JVC Stereo.

To complete the look of this trailer, the exterior has tempered tinted windows, manual ZipDee patio awning, a freshwater tank inlet, and a cable TV hookup. One-piece of white aluminum is available for temperature control. Finally, you will like the exterior hot and cold water shower, and the waste hose storage. The black tank flush system facilitates removal of all bathroom waste efficiently.

If you value comfort and you only go for the finest things in life, how about a chance with this camping trailer which promises the absolute best views, and vacations to relive for years on end?

9. Scamp 13’ Standard Trailer

10 Small Camping Trailers With Bathrooms (8)

Scamp, a Minnesota-based company proves that great things come in small packages. This 13-foot camping trailer, the smallest trailer by Scamp comes in different variations that let you pick any one of the two layouts.

Of the layouts, the best choice is the one with a bathroom at the front. The bathroom comes complete with a shower. This layout also features convertible beds which you can convert into dining tables, seats with storage, two closets, and a stove with a sink.

The design of the Scamp 13’ Standard Trailer makes this trailer ideal for family use, and you will be happy to know that this trailer fits a family of four comfortably. Besides space and sleeping arrangement, this trailer also has a 12-gallon water tank, one of the largest water capacity for a compact camping trailers. Thanks to all that water tank capacity, you will have enough water for cooking, showering, and for use in the restroom. The tank is a Sani Potti which runs on city water making sure that you aren’t contaminating other water sources.

For an extra fee, you can get more outlets and lights, fiberglass cabinets, roof-air heat strip, stove cover, a 30-amp power converter, and a microwave oven. You can also get vinyl flooring or even carpeting, besides roof-mount air-conditioning, and a roof-air heat strip.

So, if you are looking for a camping trailer suitable for your family or friends, this Scamp camping trailer is your best choice.


10 Small Camping Trailers With Bathrooms (9)

(Video) SUPER SMALL RV! Perfect for compact trucks and smaller tow vehicles! Tiny Jayco Jay Flight 145RB

This European-made camper trailer also referred to as a camping caravan has an exceptional design with just enough space to house four individuals easily. Although you may have to incur extra shipping fees to have this trailer to the US, it is one of the best trailers you can have.

This is a heavy lifter with a large tailgate. It is designed with state-of-the-art FibreFrame Technology hence reliable, flexible and spacious. It is fully equipped making this the most comfortable camping trailer that can easily become your home or home away from home.

Exterior features

Looking at this camping trailer from the outside, it has all the design features you are looking for in a small trailer. It is characterized by a high-quality chassis with an extra storage bin, and these handle bad roads with ease making his the best caravan to use for all your adventures.

It has a central service module that has supply connections in the gas locker, and also, there is an opening for emptying the cassette toilet; this offers optimum comfort.

It also has an automotive tailgate that simplifies the operation of the caravan while connecting the living room to the outdoors.

Interior features

This Knaus Deseo Caravan has exceptionally designed interiors for the trailer. First off, it has a large door that for easy entry and exit, and also for easy entry of the breeze.

There is retractable LED-TV that is safe for transportation, spacious wardrobes, and there is extra storage space underneath the seating area. It also has a practical organizational box ensuring that every item in the trailer has a designated storage spot.

There is more than adequate cooking space with the two-flame cooker situated in a manner that makes it possible for two people to cook effortlessly.

For comfort and privacy, this trailer comes with modern blinds made using high-quality fabrics that match the interior spaces of the trailer easily. Thanks to the revolutionary construction techniques and the practical details, this trailer meets the highest standards for function, design, and practicality.

The rail of the lifting bed is directly integrated into the B-pillar of the FIbreFrame, and there is pleasant lighting in the lifting bed thanks to the installed spot LED lights.

The bathroom is spacious, and it has an innovatively designed air chamber which turns the trailer’s shower curtain into a shower cabin, and the best part is that it doesn’t touch the body. It has a spacious laundry compartment too!

You will also like the stable motorcycle holder, the retractable double bed, plus the integrated loading ramps.

Don’t you like that you can pick different colors for the interior finishes including obsidian, active rock, talos and active royal?


These are ten of the best small camping trailers with bathrooms. They are functional, and even the smallest ones still accommodate you comfortably, and you don’t have to worry about having to take a walk outdoors to take a look. Noteworthy is the fact that the manufacturers of these camping trailers have placed a lot of resources and effort in ensuring that these trailers have elegant interior and even exterior finishes. Therefore, even when on the road, you still feel as if you are close to home!

So, if you are planning to go camping and you want to comfort on your trip, get one of these trailers as they have all the amenities you need.

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10 Small Camping Trailers With Bathrooms (10)

(Video) 8 Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 3,500 lbs - some with Bathrooms!


What is the smallest camper with a full size bathroom? ›

As you can see above, the Scamp 13 foot Deluxe Trailer is the smallest camper trailer that includes a bathroom. It is also one of the most lightweight options available, making it easily maneuverable.

What size is the smallest travel trailer? ›

Scamp Trailers 13 Foot

The smallest Scamp is a standard 13 foot model with a few different floor plan options.

What is the smallest lightweight travel trailer? ›

The New Wave Teardrop 4×8 mini-camper is one of the smallest, lightest trailers on the market.

What is the smallest size of Casita trailer? ›

Casita Liberty
  • Sleeps: 2-4.
  • Overall Length: 17'
  • Dry Weight: 2,480 lbs.
  • Interior Height: 6'2"
  • Overall Height: 8'11"
  • Overall Width: 6'8"

How much does a small camper with bathroom cost? ›

New Small Campers with Bathrooms for Sale
Airstream Bambi 22FB2020$51,400
Winnebago Micro Minnie 2020$ 22,172
Scamp Trailer 13” Deluxe 2020$18,795
Airstream Basecamp 2021$39,100
1 more row

How much does a little guy mini max cost? ›

The Little Guy Max camper starts at $38,995 for its 2021 model, and its maxed-out model could cost up to $47,000. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can get the older 2019 model for about $29,995.

What is the lightest camper to tow? ›

The Happy Camper and the Scamp almost tied for the lightest camper around. Happy Camper comes in at 1,100 lbs, but that doesn't include appliances and water tanks that are standard in the Scamp. So, if want the lightest trailer with everything you need, the Scamp 13 is your best bet, with a weight of 1,200 lbs.

What is the smallest camper with a slide out? ›

1. Sportsmen Classic 151RB Travel Trailer. What is this? At just 17 feet, this is the smallest travel trailer with slide outs on this list.

Which is better scamp or Casita? ›

A Casita travel trailer is better than a Scamp travel trailer in matters of safety, comfort and functionality. Scamp travel trailers, on the other hand, have better interiors, are easier to tow and overall have a better and more stylish look than any Casita currently on the market.

How long is the wait for a casita trailer? ›

A rough estimate of our lead time is 11-12 months.

Are Casita trailers worth the money? ›

Is A Casita Camper Worth It? Yes, Casita campers are worth the purchase if you want an aerodynamic, reliable, durable trailer with excellent resale value. Casita travel trailer prices are a touch high for the size and length, but they easily outlast any traditionally-made RV, so they hold value well.

What is the smallest Jayco camper trailer? ›

At just 13 feet in length and a touch over 7 feet tall, the Jayco Hummingbird 10RK is the smallest in the company's line of ultralightweight travel trailers.

Do they make an RV with a bathtub? ›

The Foretravel Realm with Spa is the only current year RV with a full-size bathtub. This Class A Motorcoach has two bathrooms. In the rear of the RV, the master bathroom features a large bathtub with plenty of room for an adult to soak. The luxury tub even includes a bubble massage hydrotherapy feature.

What is the easiest camper to pull? ›

These Small Campers Are Easy to Tow
  • Pika by Timberleaf Trailers.
  • TAG teardrop by NuCamp.
  • TerraDrop by Oregon Trailer.
  • No Boundaries (NoBo) 10.5 by Forest River.
  • Hummingbird 10RK by Jayco.
  • Luna Lite by inTech.
  • The Chase Flyer by inTech.
  • Sportsmen Classic 130RB by KZ-RV.
Apr 9, 2020

Can you get a camper trailer with a toilet? ›

If you have a tent-type camper trailer, or even a Jayco-like camper trailer, a portable toilet, which is inexpensive and usually available in 10 and 20 litre sizes from any camping store for well under $200, does the job.

Does the VW camper van have a toilet? ›

With a rear galley style kitchen and a fitted toilet, the long-wheelbase VW campervan provides all of the luxuries that you could want, along with plenty of options and flexibility.

Does Winnebago Solis have a bathroom? ›

Bath. Unlike other Class B camper vans, the Solis Pocket does not feature a dedicated bathroom inside, allowing for more room throughout the inside of the van. The Solis Pocket does however come with a portable Portable toilet that is stored under rear facing dinette seat as well as an exterior shower.

What is the smallest campervan with a shower and toilet in Australia? ›

The smallest caravan in Australia (with an internal toilet, shower and kitchen) is the Winton 10 by Ezytrail campers (the first one on this list, actually). At just 10ft, it sure does pack a lot into its diminutive dimensions.

Do small camper vans have toilets? ›

Sometimes. While this isn't the norm, some campervans do have toilets and showers. However, getting a full bathroom in your van requires quite a lot of extra work, so you'll likely pay more for this feature if you're hiring a team to do your custom build.

Which VW camper has a toilet? ›

With the convenience of an everyday vehicle fitted with all the comforts of a motorhome the Tourlander is the most fully equipped SWB camper in existence. The Short Wheel Base Tourlander offers the same concealed toilet system with built in privacy as the Long Wheel Base Transtourer.

Can you sleep in an RV while driving USA? ›

If you can sleep while sitting up in an RV passenger seat, then you're free to sleep! Just make sure you're properly buckled in for your safety. Conversely, sleeping in an RV bed while someone is driving is not allowed. Even if you live in a state where all passengers aren't required to wear a seatbelt, it isn't safe.

How much is the VW camper? ›

How Much Does a VW Camper Van Cost? The new “California” has a base price of $50,000, but a fully equipped version will run you somewhere in the $70,000 range. People in the U.S. can pay $70,000 for a pretty sweet RV.

What is difference between Solis and Travato? ›

Bathroom – The Winnebago Travato comes with a standard wet bath with ample dry storage and a wardrobe in the 59K/59KL floorplan. Heating and Cooling Systems – The Winnebago Solis is equipped with Truma Combi Eco hydronic heating and on demand hot water system with hot water loop purge providing water and coach heating.

How much does a Solis pocket cost? ›

Starting at only $95,736 (which means you could probably work that price up pretty easily), the Solis Pocket is the lowest-priced new Winnebago camper van you can buy, and it's also cheaper than any of Winnebago's Class A or Class C RV offerings.

How much does the Winnebago Solis cost? ›

The 2020 Winnebago Solis is designed to be budget friendly with a starting MSRP of $100,667. This is one of the lowest priced Class B models offered by Winnebago.


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