12 DIY Dartboard Cabinet Plans (with Pictures): Build Them Today! | House Grail (2023)

12 DIY Dartboard Cabinet Plans (with Pictures): Build Them Today! | House Grail (1)

If you’re a lover of darts, you must have a professional setup at home. Dartboard cabinets allow you to keep your darts and accessories stored neatly in one spot. Actual pro models can get a bit expensive, however. Luckily, building your own DIY dartboard is possible and a great way to save some money.

There are plenty of ways to learn how to build dartboard cabinets – even if you don’t have much DIY experience. Luckily, these things are relatively easy to build and don’t even take many tools. If you have a plan to follow, you should be able to put one of these together with little problem.

12 DIY Dartboard Cabinet Plans (with Pictures): Build Them Today! | House Grail (2)

The 12 DIY Dartboard Cabinet Plans

1. Charred Wood Dartboard Case

This is one of the best dartboard cabinet plans available if you have a rustic or farmhouse-style home. It is a rather large case that lets you easily store away all of your accessories and dartboard. Its large size does take up quite a bit of room on your wall, but you also don’t have to worry about losing room to store all of your stuff.

This case is relatively easy to build and should cost you below $80 for all supplies. Of course, there are some tools that you need. If you don’t have those on hand, the cost can increase substantially.

2. Wooden Dartboard Case

This plan is quite similar to the last one. However, the wood does have a few more details that make it a bit more aesthetically pleasing. It is plenty large for most dartboards and accessories, so you should have no problems there. The board is absolutely a bit more refined than other options, but it will take a bit more to put it all together as well.

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Still, even with some essential DIY experience, you should be able to put this dartboard case together. It is not difficult in the least, especially with the high-quality instructions included.

3. Chalkboard Case

With the chalkboard inserts along the inside of this case, you can’t get much more practical than this. The chalkboards allow you to easily keep score during games, as well as write anything you want. If you need a quick place to write down a to-do list, this cabinet can take care of that as well.

The small holes for the actual darts are a minimalistic way to handle storage. However, we did not find that they were a remarkably stable storage option. Sure, they’re easy to do and don’t require much extra work, but the darts can fall out with relative ease.

4. Simple Dartboard Cabinet

This simple dartboard cabinet is perfect if you just want something that works. It is smaller than many other designs, making it perfect for situations where you need to save your wall space – or when you don’t want a vast cabinet hanging on your wall. There is a spot to store your darts and other accessories and from a piece of paper to keep score.

This isn’t quite as elegant as some other options. For all accounts and purposes, it is merely a plain, black dartboard. However, if you’re looking for something sleek and simple, it is a reliable option.

5. Simple Wooden Case

Check Instructions Here

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This case requires a bit more work and a few more tools than others. You’ll need a saw, for instance, to cut all of the pieces to shape. However, the simple wood design is a bit easier than some of the quite complicated plans we’ve listed in this article thus far.

It has a blackboard that helps you keep score while you’re playing – as well as keep track of practically anything you might need. It also has plenty of storage for your accessories and is plenty big enough for even larger dartboards.

Overall, we found this plan perfect for those who want something a bit simple and like the look of the rustic wood.

6. Pallet Dart Cabinet

If you have some extra pallets laying around (or can quickly find some for free or for a cheaper cost), then this is the plan for you. It is relatively simple and can be done very cheaply. You don’t need expensive materials or anything of that sort. Instead, you’ll be using wood from pallets almost exclusively.

There is also plenty of storage for darts and similar accessories. It is quite large, mostly because it concentrates on using the pallet’s full length, which can make it seem a bit oversized. This cabinet will also shift in aesthetic depending on what your pallet wood looks like. If you happen to get lovely pallet wood, your cabinet will be gorgeous. Otherwise, it may look like you shoved a pallet on your wall. It’s the luck of the draw mostly.

7. Classic Dartboard Cabinet

For a more classic design, this plan is perfect. It looks like a cabinet you might have in your kitchen or man cave, so it doesn’t look terribly out of place on a wall. There is a chalkboard on it for keeping score, as well as enough room to keep all of your accessories in place. There is even enough room for your eraser on the bottom of the board.

You can easily add some other aesthetics, like the glass vases seen in the picture, for even more of a stylish design.

8. Extremely Simple Design

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This simple design is perfect if you don’t want to spend much time working on a dartboard case, but still, want one that can keep your case hidden from view and have enough room for all your accessories. This case isn’t precisely beautiful. However, it is convenient and comes with plenty of storage.

You can stain this cabinet to fit your aesthetics. It is effortless to fix this cabinet up if you have the time and skill to do so. Otherwise, this is a straightforward case.

9. Simple, Easy Dartboard Cabinet

As a straightforward design, this dartboard case is perfect for those who want a traditional-style dartboard case. This looks like a professionally-done case and is quite simple to make. There is plenty of storage on the inside and blackboards to keep track of the score.

It is a bit large but fits everything too quickly and satisfactorily. You can easily make this dartboard case with minimal tools, though you will need a way to cut the case into size.

10. Fancy Pallet Dartboard Cabinet

Similar to a previous option we previously listed, this plan is made out of dartboards almost entirely. For this reason, it is incredibly inexpensive. You will likely find pallets for free if you don’t always have some lying around. However, this case is a bit fancier than many others that are made out of pallets.

It is stained to make it look professionally done, and the doors are cut a bit fancier than many of the other options on the list.

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11. White, Simple Cabinet

This simple case looks like something you may find in a kitchen or bathroom. It is quite simple and doesn’t stand out when hung on a wall. It is plenty big enough to hold a dartboard, however. Plus, it also has plenty of room for blackboards and darts. Like most, the doors stay closed using a magnet, so you don’t have to worry about them swinging open.

Even if you don’t have much DIY experience, this is an excellent option for those who want to learn how to build a dartboard cabinet from scratch. It is easy to make and fits most user’s needs exceptionally well.

12. Fancy Dartboard Cabinet

This dartboard cabinet is much fancier than most other options on the market. It is cut in a complicated manner that makes it overly stylized. There is room for you to store your darts and keep track of your scores. The area behind the dartboard is quasi-brick, which gives it a more traditional and fancier feel.

This plan is excellent for those that want a professional-level cabinet, have the time to commit to this complex project, and have a bit of DIY experience. This isn’t particularly suitable for new to building things, as there is some complexity involved. However, it looks much better than most other options if you have the time and skill necessary to build it.

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Featured Image Credit: Tim_Bastian, Pixabay


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  • 1 The 12 DIY Dartboard Cabinet Plans
    • 1.1 1. Charred Wood Dartboard Case
    • 1.2 2. Wooden Dartboard Case
    • 1.3 3. Chalkboard Case
    • 1.4 4. Simple Dartboard Cabinet
    • 1.5 5. Simple Wooden Case
    • 1.6 6. Pallet Dart Cabinet
    • 1.7 7. Classic Dartboard Cabinet
    • 1.8 8. Extremely Simple Design
    • 1.9 9. Simple, Easy Dartboard Cabinet
    • 1.10 10. Fancy Pallet Dartboard Cabinet
    • 1.11 11. White, Simple Cabinet
    • 1.12 12. Fancy Dartboard Cabinet


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