12 DIY Garden Fountain Ideas and Tutorials (2023)

This is a comprehensive list of ideas and designs for some of the easiest, prettiest and most original DIY fountains we could find for the garden.

12 DIY Garden Fountain Ideas and Tutorials (1)

Whether your backyard is sprawling across acres of land or is relegated to the four corners of a concrete balcony, a water feature is always an easy way to create a sense of atmosphere. The sounds of trickling water from a fountain could even become your favorite element of the yard, so that’s why we put together a list of 12 DIY Garden Fountain tutorials!

From flower pots to wine barrels to full on water walls, this list has it all. There is sure to be something that sparks your interest, whether your decor is chic minimalist or eclectic bohemian we have something to inspire you! Projects are suitable for beginners up to experienced builders and many ideas can be completed without power tools and within smaller budgets.

We know that one of the most relaxing feelings in life is laying back in your lounger, listening to the sounds of life passing by, while water trickles quietly in the background. So take a look through our favorite Garden Fountain plans and be sure to pick one!

12 DIY Tutorials

Finding the best step by step tutorial is 50% of success when building a fountain.

1. DIY Flower Pot Fountain

12 DIY Garden Fountain Ideas and Tutorials (2)

This beautiful water fountain was constructed using three everyday flower pots. If you don’t have three pots hanging around, you can easily adjust the plan to include two or even add a fourth if you’re feeling lucky!

The easy to follow tutorial from Mr. and Mrs. Frugalista of interiorfrugalista.com includes 9 detailed steps as well as helpful tips and tricks, to help you choose the right spray head and select an effective water pump.

(Video) Amazing ! Easy DIY fountain using Clay saucers | Birds Bath | Garden Fountain | Great Ideas

This fountain plan is an affordable DIY project that will liven up your patio or garden space instantaneously!

2. DIY Barrel Garden Fountain

12 DIY Garden Fountain Ideas and Tutorials (3)

If you’re going for a more rustic look, consider adding something like this barrel fountain to your yard as a focal point.

To create this design, Emily from ourhousenowahome.com used an existing garden fountain in her yard, but spruced it up with a barrel to add visual interest and height. For this reason, the plan only includes instructions for building a support within the wine barrel (not the fountain itself) which is fine if you’re not looking to create an entire water system.

This project is great inspiration if you’ve found a fountain you like, but it isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. Some elbow grease and creativity could be the perfect solution!

3. Colorful Two Tier Garden Fountain

12 DIY Garden Fountain Ideas and Tutorials (4)

Here is a great project for beginner DIYers that can be assembled in one weekend.

If your garden is in need of a water feature, this basic two tier water fountain could be exactly what you’re looking for! The design plan is straightforward and even includes a video with step-by-step instructions, making it incredibly easy to follow.

Flower pots are a fantastic way to incorporate a fountain into your garden or patio space. You can purchase pots with an existing pattern or if you’re feeling extra creative, try painting your own design to match the existing decor. From Lowe’s.

4. Rustic Solar Panel Fountain

12 DIY Garden Fountain Ideas and Tutorials (5)

A basic garden fountain plan like the one featured above is so easy to re-create and adds so much depth to your backyard!

(Video) Beautiful DIY Water Feature for garden | Amazing ideas from Terracotta

In this tutorial, water plants are used to keep the fountain animal friendly and free from algae. A solar panel pump can be purchased at just about any hardware store and are easy to install.

Nature lovers will adore this type of patio pond that doubles as a miniature bird bath! From apieceofrainbow.com.

5. DIY Vertical Garden Fountain

12 DIY Garden Fountain Ideas and Tutorials (6)

Something about this vertical water fountain screams Alice in Wonderland and we love it!

Though this project is a little more complex than some of the other fountains featured on this list, it can still be completed in one weekend and we think the jaw-dropping results are worth the extra effort. The detailed tutorial from fleamarketgardening.org includes tips on how to make this project simpler and even how to get the galvanized effect of the buckets.

If you’d like to add a fanciful touch of fun to your patio, this fountain is amazing inspiration.

6. DIY Solar Panel Flower Pot Fountain under $30

12 DIY Garden Fountain Ideas and Tutorials (7)

If you love the sound of trickling water, but don’t have a ton of space to include an oversized fountain in your garden, a flower pot water feature like this works perfectly in small spaces.

No tools are required for this project, just some plants and mulch, a planter and a bucket, and a solar fountain pump. All of which can be purchased for less than $30.

Just because your yard or balcony is small, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sights and sounds a water installation brings! From ramshackleglam.com.

(Video) The EASIEST Water Feature to DIY

7. Elegant DIY Bamboo Fountain

12 DIY Garden Fountain Ideas and Tutorials (8)

You will love the look of this minimalist bamboo water fountain in your garden. The modern feel of this bamboo installation is a wonderful addition to contemporary balconies and patios.

This is the perfect project for beginner DIY’ers because of the small amount of tools required for assembly.

Check out the update for a tip about sealant that can prolong the life of your fountain so you can enjoy it for even longer! From Saf Affect.

8. Beautiful Recirculating Garden Fountain

12 DIY Garden Fountain Ideas and Tutorials (9)

This DIY design is another cost effective idea that will incorporate the pleasant sound of water into your home.

The incredibly detailed project plan from tatertotsandjello.com even includes a sketch of what your fountain will look like in the ground. The list of supplies is minimal and no power tools are required, so you can recreate this design in your garden with little expense.

This fountain idea looks great in front or backyard areas as a subtle, but intriguing focal point.

9. DIY 3-Tier Fountain

12 DIY Garden Fountain Ideas and Tutorials (10)

The incredibly organized tutorial from addicted2diy.com is the perfect aid to help you recreate your very own tiered water fountain!

When Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” he must have been talking about this fountain. The straightforward design of this fountain is sure to grab your neighbors attention.

(Video) One of the Easiest (and coolest) DIY water features

Check out this tutorial for inspiration on how you can create one of your own!

10. DIY Tea Pot Suspension Fountain

12 DIY Garden Fountain Ideas and Tutorials (11)

This tea pot water fountain combines ideas from several plans included on this list!

This playful design is an eye-catching piece that will certainly capture the attention of visitors to your garden. Though it is a labor of love to fully assemble from start to finish, the results speak for themselves.

If you’re a spirited DIYer who wants to add some personality to your garden, consider adding a floating tea pot fountain to your flower bed! From Hometalk.

11. Stunning DIY Water Fountain Wall under $300

12 DIY Garden Fountain Ideas and Tutorials (12)

The second entry from Mr. and Mrs. Frugalista on our list is this beautiful DIY water wall made of tempered glass and cedar.

The total cost of this gorgeous water installation came in under $300! The creators even included spotlights in their design so the fountain could still be enjoyed at night.

Compared to the other ideas on our list, this project requires a few more power tools (miter saw, table saw, compressor) but if you’ve got the tools (or a friend who likes to share!) you can have your very own water fountain wall. An ideal project for designers who love dramatic effects and eye catching pieces! From Interior Frugalista.

12. DIY Natural Looking Rock Fountain (Make a fountain out of anything!)

12 DIY Garden Fountain Ideas and Tutorials (13)

This guide to making a garden fountain out of anything, is perfect if you have an idea for a design that didn’t appear on our list!

(Video) How to build your own fountain - Lowe's Creative Ideas

The geniuses at instructables.com put together this informative guide to turning anything (birdbaths, lawn ornaments, etc.) into a fountain quickly and easily. The incredible anatomy of a design illustration alone is enough to give any level DIYer the basics for building functional piece. But in case you need more, the tutorial provides elaboration on common questions you might have.

So you can explore your creativity, knowing whatever your imagination desires can come to life. (However, if you just want to re-create the rock fountain they used as an example, we fully support that idea too!)


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