13 of the best reed diffusers that are really long-lasting (2023)

There's nothing like walking into a room and being greeted by a lovely fresh aroma. Whether it's a citrusy lemon that'll wake us right up, or a lavender scent with chamomile notes to help us relax, having a scented room is essential.

It’s surprising how creating an ambience in a room via aroma is forgotten about in favour of the other senses, usually visual or aural (with music).

However, a pleasant-smelling room is good for concentration, mood and mental health. It’s one of those things that’s almost imperceptible but makes a real difference to wellbeing.

To help you find the perfect scent for your home, we've created a list of our best reed diffusers available based on their longevity, scent and aesthetic.

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The best reed diffusers

1. Peony Blush Reed Diffuser 3 Pack

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Not everyone knows that Aldi make excellent home fragrance and bathroom products, mainly candles, soaps and diffusers. Peony Blush is a classic fragrance and here it performs just as well as many diffusers ten times the price. It gives off fragrance for about two months and is incredible value for money. Review: "Lovely perfume. Excellent price. Makes my bathroom smell gorgeous!"

2. Calm Diffuser

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Struggle to find the time to unwind. Release notes of natural essential oils and naturally bring a sense of tranquillity to your space. We love the notes of ylang-ylang and sandalwood. Review: "Gorgeous smell and good quality, you can smell this so far away."

3. Yankee Candle Reed Diffuser | Midnight Jasmine

Yankee Candle is a firm favourite when it comes to scented candles and accessories. Of course, this home fragrance specialist doesn't disappoint when it comes to their reed diffuser range. We can't get enough of this midnight jasmine aroma. Review: "Yankee scented candles are the best I've ever bought, so I went for this Yankee product. The scent is very strong. I bought it at Christmas and it's still going 5 months later. Best I've ever bought. Excellent value for money."

4. Cocod'or Mini Flower Reed Diffuser

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13 of the best reed diffusers that are really long-lasting (6)

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Longing for the smell of fresh flowers in your home? Cocod' scents are long-lasting, and include real dried flowers to provide a quaint-looking diffuser with the ultimate floral aroma, just in time for spring. Review: "This is so amazing! I love the smell of the floral bouquet. I have only set up for less than an hour and my whole bathroom is filled with this scent. The scent is light and pleasing, not overwhelming at all."

5. James & Co - No. 1 White Luxury Reed Diffuser

13 of the best reed diffusers that are really long-lasting (7)

13 of the best reed diffusers that are really long-lasting (8)

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Fresh scents of nature are blended together with wild flowers in this diffuser from Dorset company James & Co. The oil is enriched with cotton flower and a soft touch of lilac to create an elegant scent. The brand recommends adding 3-6 reeds for the perfect amount of scent release and this will give eight weeks of fragrance.Review: "This product and company is excellent. The product is well made, the design stylish and sympathetic. The smell is subtle but noticeable and fills the room with gentle aromas which everyone can enjoy. The delivery and customer service is second to none. I would recommend this product to everyone."

6. Binca Vidou Reed Diffuser Set

13 of the best reed diffusers that are really long-lasting (9)

13 of the best reed diffusers that are really long-lasting (10)

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Crafted with notes of jasmine, bergamot, vanilla and lavender, this diffuser will provide a natural yet luxurious fragrance that is sure to freshen up any room. The stylish vessel will compliment any décor, and the scent is the perfect combination of strong but not overpowering. Simply divine.Review: "I like the wonderful aroma of fresh oranges which this product has. It came very well packaged, and I was surprised at how big it was too! It's still going strong, two weeks later. I'm very impressed, and will be purchasing it again."

7. Neom Organics London Reed Diffuser Refill

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13 of the best reed diffusers that are really long-lasting (12)

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Is there anything better than a classic? Neom is the master of scent, and this reed diffuser is ideal for improving sleep and relaxation. Formulated with 100 per cent natural fragrances, this expertly blended diffuser is just what you need for a tranquil and zen state of mind.Review: "Most effective diffuser I've ever used. Not overpowering but lasting. Lovely calming scent which I'm sure helps my poor sleep. Bedroom smells lovely. Expensive but good enough that I have put on repeat subscription as I love it."

8. Stoneglow Natures Gift Pink Pepper Flowers Reed Diffuser, 180ml

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Crafted with lily of the valley, rose and geranium with hints of ginger, pink peppercorn and elemi - this diffuser not only smells beautiful but looks the part too. Including dried flowers to make the most aesthetically pleasing diffuser that we could find, this would make a gorgeous gift. Review: "I love this Stoneglow Reed Diffuser! I'd read several favourable reviews online and decided to try it out. I am so pleased that I did. The fragrance is light and delicate but not at all overpowering. Our visitors have commented how lovely it smells. And it looks pretty too. I am looking forward to trying their other fragrances. It was beautifully packaged - I have kept the box, as I am sure I will be able to find a use for it!"

9. Scandinavisk - Fjord Reed Diffuser

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Skandinavisk was founded eight years ago by an Englishman in Copenhagen, and now have bases in Sweden, London, Paris as well as Denmark. They make bath and body products and fragrances, and everything seems to have that wonderful Scandinavian sense of good design, utility and care for the environment. Their 'Fjord' diffuser has notes of apple and pear blossom as well as orchard fruits and redcurrant. The diffuser comes in a painted glass with eight reed sticks.Review: "Looks lovely and diffuses a delicious scent in my bathroom. Seems to be long lasting so far. You can smell it but isn't too over powering. Will buy again in the future."

10. White Tea & Pomegranate Ceramic Reed Diffuser

Looking for a spicy diffuser? This Wax Lyrical offering includes scents of cardamom, armoise and thyme alongside a base of amber, tobacco and cedarwood; but there's also a burst of red berry and citrus to finish. Editor Sophie Knight says: "Not only does this smell wonderful, but it looks great too – the ceramic pot looks great and I'll happily refill this when the fragrance finishes."

11. Salted Caramel & Vanilla Reed Diffuser

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With a smooth blend of vanilla and salted caramel, smelling this natural fragrance in your home will instantly put a smile on your face.Review: "Worth every penny; one of the best diffuser I've ever bought, and I'm pretty obsessed with having a nice smell in my place, so I tried lots of them before finding the peace of mind. This is so long-lasting and intense without being suffocating or toxic. I initially couldn't smell vanilla at all, but the more days the better."

12. NEST New York Moroccan Amber Reed Diffuser 175ml

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With huge popularity in the US, NEST New York has made its' way over to the UK. An intoxicating mix of amber, sweet patchouli and bergamot make up this reed diffuser. Review: "I've never had the pleasure of owning a real luxe diffuser until now, and quite honestly I have been missing out. This truly fills the room, if not the whole downstairs, but is never overpowering. Moroccan Amber is the perfect combination of warm, luxurious amber, lifted with a hint of patchouli and bergamot. I've recently moved house and the addition of my Nest diffuser has really made it feel like a home, I'll swiftly be creating a fragrance journey through the house with different scents no doubt! Next on my Nest list has to be Ocean Mist and Sea Salt for the bathroom, a must for sea-side living!"

13. Jo Malone London Lime Basil & Mandarin Scent Surround™ Reed Diffuser

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The Jo Malone brand is very iconic. Although this diffuser might be on the pricer side, the zesty option is packed with fragrance.Review: "Always have a diffuser in the lounge, bathroom etc. Jo Malone has very unusual fragrances, and I love the smell of them all. Their presentation bottle looks stylish and keeps each room feeling fresh."

Top tips for looking after your reed diffuser:


To get the most out of your reed diffuser place it in a hallway or a room entrance. The airflow created will help circulate the aroma so the scent will reach you every time you enter and leave the room. Make sure it is out of reach of children and pets and don’t place it near windows or radiators, as the heat will evaporate the fragrance oil.

Getting the most from the fragrance

To get a stronger fragrance you should add all the reeds into the jar and flip them over more frequently. The more reeds you use, the more channels the fragrance can release through. By flipping your reeds every other day or once a week, the oil will lift up again giving you a fresher, fuller fragrance. However, if you prefer a more gentle fragrance you can use fewer reeds.

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Oil change

When you need to refill your oil it’s a good idea to completely wash out the jar and dry it before filling it back up again. Also, when you change the oil you should add new reeds if you can – especially if you are changing the fragrance.

Haydn Williams is a self-confessed fragrance addict. He consults for a number of brands, as well as running his own website on the subject. Follow his olfactory adventures on Instagram.

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Which reed diffuser lasts longest? ›

Raft Wild Mint & Bergamot: Longest lasting reed diffuser

It's a simple blend of scents but we think it works incredibly well. The aroma is not at all artificial and it's both fresh and sweet without being too 'cool', making it the perfect homely scent.

What reed diffuser is best? ›

The best reed diffusers
  1. Rituals The Ritual of Sakura Mini Fragrance Sticks. ...
  2. Orphic Living Black Tea, Patchouli, Peppercorn Scented Reed Diffuser. ...
  3. Neom Happiness Reed Diffuser. ...
  4. Orla Kiely Hen White Grapefruit & Basil Reed Diffuser. ...
  5. Neal's Yard Organic Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser Uplifting.
14 Jul 2022

What is the best brand of reed diffusers? ›

Best Overall: Nest New York Reed Diffuser

Nest is known for high-quality scented candles, and you can expect nothing less from the brand's reed diffuser. The set comes with an etched glass jar reminiscent of a tiny flower vase, 8.5 ounces of fragrance oil, and eight chic black bamboo sticks.

What is the most popular reed diffuser scents? ›

The best reed diffusers for an impressive effect
  1. Homesick 'Pumpkin Picking' Reed Diffuser. ...
  2. Capri Blue 'Volcano' Reed Diffuser. ...
  3. Jo Malone London English Pear and Freesia Reed Diffuser. ...
  4. Nest New York Grapefruit Reed Diffuser. ...
  5. The White Company Wild Mint Reed Diffuser. ...
  6. P.F Candle Amber and Moss Reed Diffuser.
20 Jan 2022

What is the most popular diffuser? ›

Our Top Essential Oil Diffuser Picks
  • Best Overall: InnoGear Ultrasonic 500ml Diffuser.
  • Best Budget: InnoGear Ultrasonic 100ml Diffuser.
  • Best for Small Rooms: ASAKUKI Ultrasonic 500ml Diffuser.
  • Best for Large Rooms: Exqline 1,500ml Diffuser.
  • Best Design: Paddywax Oil Diffuser.
  • Best Splurge: Vitruvi Stone Ultrasonic Diffuser.
1 Aug 2022

How can I make my reed diffuser last longer? ›

If you wish to make yours last as long as possible, here are four tips for doing so.
  1. Never Use Bamboo Reeds. Always use the natural reeds that come with the oil diffuser. ...
  2. Reduce the Number of Reeds. When you want a stronger fragrance, you add more reeds! ...
  3. Flip the Reeds Less. ...
  4. Place Your Reed Diffusers in a Good Location.
14 Apr 2021

How do you keep reed diffusers smelling? ›

7 tips to make your reed diffuser smell stronger
  1. Make sure there are plenty of reeds. ...
  2. Flip the reeds over regularly. ...
  3. Place it by an entryway. ...
  4. Choose a diffuser that uses natural essential oils. ...
  5. Replace your reeds every so often. ...
  6. Don't use the same reeds for different fragrances. ...
  7. Don't forget to top up your oil.
26 Jul 2022

Where's the best place to put a reed diffuser? ›

Where's the best place for a reed diffuser? Motion in the room and general movement in the air will help circulate the scent and throw the fragrance, so it's best to place it in a high traffic area that will help move the scent around.

How long do Yankee reed diffusers last? ›

Our Reed Diffusers provide up to 10 weeks of consistent fragrance, so you can enjoy your favourite fragrance for longer.

How long do reed diffuser sticks last? ›

After setting it up, a reed diffuser will typically last between 1 to 6 months, depending on the amount of aroma oil in the vessel. Whenever you want a burst of fragrance, flip the reed sticks. Do this carefully one by one to avoid letting the fragrance oil drip out.

Why is my reed diffuser evaporating so fast? ›

the room temperature: the warmer the room, the quicker the oil will evaporate, if placed near a heater or window sill where the sun shines directly (which we wouldn't recommend at all due to the fire risk – think glass and oil), it will evaporate even quicker.

How often should you flip reed diffuser? ›

You should turn the reeds every two to three weeks to keep the scent alive. Submerging them in the oil gives the dry ends the opportunity to absorb all they can, while the previously submerged bottom stands out and projects an immediately stronger scent. Turning the reeds frequently will not make them last longer.

How often do you need to replace diffuser sticks? ›

A good quality reed will last approximately six months. If the fragrance is no longer as strong as it once was, try flipping the reeds. Over time, the reeds will become saturated and can get clogged with dust. When this happens, it is time to replace the reeds.


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