15 Reasons Why You Should Deep Clean Your Bathroom (2022)

If you are looking for inspiration as to why you should deep clean your bathroom here are 15 great reasons why you need to jump up now!

Bathroom cleaning is a job that you either love or hate and honestly, I don’t really mind cleaning it. Check out these tips for deep cleaning bathrooms in your home.

I am a bit of a germ freak and if I clean it, I know that I have killed all those annoying little germs for the last time; well for at least 5 minutes before someone goes in there and splashes water around.

The most important reason that your bathroom needs to be clean is simple, you deserve to use a clean bathroom and you should.

It will make you feel better starting your day in a clean and fresh-smelling bathroom.

The Importance Of Cleaning The Bathroom And Toilet

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, cleaning is something as adults that we need to take care of. If this means paying for someone to clean or doing the cleaning yourself, either option is acceptable.

But it is something we must do, having a clean bathroom is so important for every member of your family.

Don’t just think of others, you deserve a clean bathroom too.

But a clean bathroom means that the germs that are present in our bathrooms are kept to a minimum and this is important for the health of you and your family.

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Reasons Why You Should Deep Clean Your Bathroom

The bathroom just seems to attract dirt and grime and it is often one of the most difficult areas to keep clean; something always needs cleaning in the bathroom.

If you need some motivation, as to why you should deep clean. I think these 15 reasons will push anyone over the edge and have a need to give their bathroom a bit of a clean.

But sometimes it’s more than that, it’s about having pride in your home and feeling comfortable with the cleanliness of the room too.

But most importantly, as an adult, you have to clean and keep your home clean for you and your family.

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Top Cleaning Products To Use In Your Bathroom

There are so many different products that it can become confusing as to what you should and shouldn’t use to keep your bathroom in tip-top condition.

Affiliate links are included for your convenience. (This means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission which won’t cost you a penny more!) Click here to read my full disclosure and privacy policy.

  • A Cream cleaner is great for cleaning the bathroom including getting watermarks out of glass shower screens.
  • Microfiber cloths are great for general cleaning.
  • Stainless steel cleaner use this for polishing any stainless steel in the bathroom.
  • A mop is essential for keeping the floor clean.

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Top 5 Reasons To Clean Your Bathroom

These reasons will make you think, hopefully, to take action, but even a small change is better than nothing.

1. Life and time restrictions all get in the way and cleaning is one of those areas that often gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. Time Management is so important.

2. If you don’t deep clean your bathroom and you have people around, then it is embarrassing. There is nothing worse than going to someone’s home and needing to use the toilet and the toilet and the bathroom is dirty.

3. Cleaning your bathroom is important for hygiene reasons; you don’t want germs spreading through your home that would’ve been prevented with a deep clean. Read this article on How To Simply Clean The Bathroom!

4. An uncleaned bathroom and toilet will smell, there is no getting around this point, you must clean and deep clean your bathroom to prevent that smell. Often this is just due to the high moisture content and the items that we store there, for example, a full laundry hamper is quickly going to smell musty and dirty; keeping up with your laundry helps to reduce the smell in the bathroom. Mold can develop in the bathroom quickly, the best mold killer is an essential oil.

5. It is a known and proven fact that particles of the waste that you flush down the toilet will, in fact, spread around the room, especially if the toilet seat lid is up. To prevent you from cleaning your teeth with a toothbrush soiled with these particles, deep cleaning your bathroom and toothbrushes is essential.

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Why You Need To Clean Your Bathroom

Don’t worry, I’ve still got plenty more reasons why you need to keep your bathroom clean.

1. Bacteria grows in warm and damp environments, this is the perfect example of most bathrooms. A deep clean of your bathroom will ensure that the bacteria aren’t allowed to grow and develop. Check out this article all about mold: How To Get Rid Of Mold Simply And Easily From Your Home

2. Let’s face it, if you have children then you are going to have spillages, and getting these clean and smell-free is something you might tackle on a daily basis. I have always had a thing for keeping the front of the toilet free from any splashes as this is the first thing I notice when I walk into any bathroom, it is one of my pet peeves.

3. The dreaded mold happens due to a lack of airflow in our homes, and with the current trend of sealing up our houses to reduce running costs, we are encouraging the increase in potential mold growth. Deep cleaning can help to identify if your home needs more ventilation!

4. The bathroom sees many germs pass through the doors and keeping on top of these is challenging, if you have an illness in your home a good deep clean of the bathroom can help prevent them from spreading further.

5. A deep clean allows you to clean areas on a quick clean you might forget, typically, the drain, for me this is because it is the most disgusting job to do. However, keeping this clean will allow water to flow freely out of the drain. I will admit, that this is a job that I hate, but I know that I need to do this on a regular basis and this does reduce the yuck that accumulates, making the task an easier one.

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Top Reasons To Clean

Number 5 in this section is one of the most important reasons to clean your bathroom, don’t ever think you don’t deserve a clean bathroom too.

1. Deep cleaning your bathroom regularly will allow you to keep an eye on potential maintenance issues or decorations that you need to address. I know there are areas that I need to address in my own bathroom and these tasks are in my home maintenance file.

2. Cleaning is a great exercise and this is just a great reason to get moving and have a clean bathroom too. Turn on the music and get moving to the beat of your favorite song.

3. Something for you toconsider, as an adult, I know that it is part of the responsibilities in life to clean. I think it is important for my family to live in a home, where the germs in the bathroom could potentially cause harm to their health, cleaning prevents them from growing and spreading. Why People With Clean Houses Don’t Do These 16 Things

4. If you schedule regular deep cleaning sessions, these won’t take as long to do and the cleaning in between the deep cleaning won’t be as difficult either! The more you clean the less you need to clean! That is my principal thought!

5. A clean bathroom looks and smells nice when you enter and you deserve to use a clean and smell-free bathroom too! It doesn’t take long, you can even break the task down into different areas and tackle them on different days.

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If you are looking for inspiration to clean your bathroom, then you should consider the point that you are worth the effort to use a clean bathroom. Yes, there is hard work in your immediate future but having a clean and germ-free space to wash and clean yourself and for your family to use is important. It’s about having pride in yourself and in your home.

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I'm a qualified organizer and I've kept a clean home for over 25 years. I worked in a bank for a few years and saw first-hand the importance of budgeting. Join me as I write about organizing and cleaning your home and life.

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