20 Easy Over The Toilet Decorating Ideas (2022)

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Over the toilet decorating isn’t the most glamorous topic, but it can make a huge difference in your bathroom.

When decorating a home, bathrooms can easily fall into the realm of the purely utilitarian. And with good reason – cleanliness and practicality tend to take precedent.

But bathrooms are also your home’s oasis.

If you’re working with a guest bathroom or powder room, you want your guests to feel welcome and comfortable.

If it’s your main or master bathroom, it’s one of the main rooms where you start your day. You want those spaces to make you feel great.

Moreover, any room in your home is an opportunity to add beauty to your living space.

It’s undeniably hard to feel excited about trying to make a toilet beautiful. But it’s possible!

To inspire you, I’ve compiled these over the toilet decor ideas, from the practically-minded to the artful.

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Over the Toilet Storage Decor

If you’re anything like me, your bathroom can never have too much storage.

Finding beautiful and functional storage solutions is a great place to start. It helps fill your bathroom with a bit more texture and visual interest while letting you tuck away things like spare toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

Eckles Over the Toilet Storage

The exposed metal frame on these shelves feels modern and rustic at the same time, making it a perfect asset to a Modern Farmhouse or Modern Industrial setup.

20 Easy Over The Toilet Decorating Ideas (1)

Panama Free-Standing Bathroom Shelves

This set is absolutely gorgeous. The wireframe will be easy to keep clean (I’m all about keeping a space functional), but the textured copper adds irresistible old-world warmth.

It’s not often you find over the toilet bathroom decor that makes this much of a statement, but when you do, I say go for it.

The classic design would look great in a contemporary or French-style setup, but you could also lean into the old-world vibes and go full Art Nouveau.

20 Easy Over The Toilet Decorating Ideas (2)

Ayden Over the Toilet Storage

A piece like this one strikes a great balance between style and functionality.

If you’re worried about moisture build-up in your cupboards, look for a slatted design like this. And the light wood makes this piece look like it belongs in a spa.

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Who wouldn’t want their bathroom to feel more like that a spa getaway?

20 Easy Over The Toilet Decorating Ideas (3)

Neston Free-Standing Over the Toilet Cabinet

This is one of my favorites.

The rich wood finish adds a luxurious touch to the room and adds contrast to a bathroom, where it’s easy to be inundated with bright-white fixtures.

I’d pair a piece like this with a sage green wall or a few house plants.

20 Easy Over The Toilet Decorating Ideas (4)

Over the Toilet Decorating Ideas With Shelves

If you’re working with a blank wall over your toilet, shelves are an ideal place to start.

This is especially true if your bathroom feels too small to add a full piece of furniture to it (like the cabinets above), or if you already have plenty of storage space.

Since shelves are out in the open, I’d recommend filling them with ornamental pieces like figurines, photos, and other knick-knacks instead of using them for actual storage.

Elyse Vintage Wall Organizer

For vintage vibes, consider a wire basket like this one. If styled the right way, it could also look right at home in a rustic or farmhouse-style bathroom.

20 Easy Over The Toilet Decorating Ideas (5)

Rustic Toilet Shelf Ladder

Who says a toilet can’t feel cozy, rustic, or trendy?

If you love the trend of using ladders for storage, think about extending that to the bathroom.

A design like this mixes practicality and style by providing storage (or a place to display a few cute knick-knacks) while obscuring some of the utilitarian parts of the toilet and elevating your space.

20 Easy Over The Toilet Decorating Ideas (6)

Nomad Theld Oversized Decorative Boho Wall Shelf

Whenever you get the chance to combine function with beauty, I say go for it.

This free-standing shelf set provides functional storage, but the mounted design makes it feel like a piece of art. (This would also be a really fun DIY project, if you’re crafty.)

20 Easy Over The Toilet Decorating Ideas (7)

Wood Towel Rack with Shelf

Make the most of your space by turning the wall above your toilet into practical storage with an extra towel rack. The warm wood stain and brass accents will make for a cozy space.

20 Easy Over The Toilet Decorating Ideas (8)

Wood Wall Shelf

In my opinion, you can never have too many shelves.

The slightly-distressed wood and black brackets are a touch more visually interesting than your run-of-the-mill plain wood shelves, but they’re reserved enough to play very nicely with just about any existing decor.

If you already like the style of your bathroom and are just looking for a way to add a bit of visual texture above your toilet, this is a great way to go.

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20 Easy Over The Toilet Decorating Ideas (9)

Keep in mind that if you opt for plain shelves like these, whatever you put on them will really shine.

Because of that, I’d recommend putting something cute and eye-catching on them, like a few potted plants, signs, or figurines, rather than spare toothpaste.

Over the Toilet Decorating Using Wall Decor

Sometimes, all a bathroom needs is a piece of really eye-catching art.

If the rest of your house is full of wall art and decorations, it can feel strange to walk into a bathroom and find it totally devoid of beautiful items on the walls.

Triflora Hanging Melamine Hanging Planter

Bathrooms are a fantastic place for plants.

The humid atmosphere sets up certain plants to thrive, and they add a touch of freshness, energy, and greenery to a space that can otherwise feel stagnant.

20 Easy Over The Toilet Decorating Ideas (10)

Heart Wall Art

If wall art and sculptural pieces are your jam in the rest of your house, it can be hard to find a way to apply that to a bathroom.

Sometimes it pays off to bring a piece meant for another room (in this case, the bedroom or living room) into the bathroom.

When you do that, just make sure the decorative piece is made of a material that can handle the humidity and moisture of a bathroom.

Metal is a great choice – it’s easy to keep clean and won’t mold, wilt, or discolor over time.

20 Easy Over The Toilet Decorating Ideas (11)

Bathroom Set of Patent Prints

Vintage prints never go out of style.

I’m a firm believer that framed art belongs in the bathroom just as much as any other room in the house, and I love this cute nod to everyday bathroom items.

It’s a touch more sophisticated than rubber ducky-themed wallpaper, but just as fun.

20 Easy Over The Toilet Decorating Ideas (12)

Toilet Paper Types Framed Art Print

This is another perfect option for a kids’ bathroom.

The master bathroom and powder rooms aren’t the only bathrooms that would appreciate a bit of wall art!

The classic wood frame keeps it from feeling too childish, but your kiddos will love the whimsy.

20 Easy Over The Toilet Decorating Ideas (13)

Modern Farmhouse Clock

If you’re ever stumped on how to spruce up a blank wall, bringing a clock into the mix can be a great way to liven up your space. Not to mention they’re perfectly practical – sometimes a girl’s gotta keep track of the time while she’s relaxing in the bath.

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I love this metal strap hanging design. It takes a classic, minimalist clock style and gives it a rustic, homey twist.

20 Easy Over The Toilet Decorating Ideas (14)

Over the Toilet Decorating With Signs & Plaques

“Remember to Flush” Wall Sign in Black and White

Bathrooms are rife with possibilities for tongue-in-cheek signs. This would be an ideal addition to a kids’ bathroom, and the Modern Farmhouse vibe keeps the style elevated.

20 Easy Over The Toilet Decorating Ideas (15)

“Test Me” Rustic Bathroom Sign

Again, if you’re into word art, don’t sleep on your bathroom decor!

Prop this directly onto the toilet tank or hang it alongside a shelf or two on the wall behind the toilet. Just don’t be surprised when your phone starts to blow up with toilet paper requests from your family.

20 Easy Over The Toilet Decorating Ideas (16)

Please Seat Yourself Metal Sign

I love this riff on the classic word art sign.

Instead of a conventional rectangular frame, consider free-hanging word art like this for a more modern take on the trend.

It adds even more dimension and visual texture to your space, and it feels like you’ve made the trend your own.

20 Easy Over The Toilet Decorating Ideas (17)

Behind The Toilet Accent Wall

Lastly, an idea I want to slip into this post is creating a behind the toilet accent wall.

While this is not technically an over the toilet decorating idea, it does serve the same function.

So if you’d rather not store items on a shelf or add an additional piece of furniture to your bathroom, creating an accent wall with removable wallpaper may be a great solution.

If your bathroom wall makes enough of a splash, you might not even need to hang art or decorations above your toilet.

Experiment with a show-stopping wallpaper or mural with a big color payoff.

20 Easy Over The Toilet Decorating Ideas (18)


What are your go-to approaches for over the toilet decorating ideas?

Do you love decorating your bathrooms, or do you often find yourself stumped? Please comment below.

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20 Easy Over The Toilet Decorating Ideas (19)

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