22 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas (2022)

Pallets are quite easy to find and are something that you can repurpose to build almost anything from a simple pallet shelf to a pallet bed. How do you make strong DIY shelves using wooden pallets? See these 22 easy and cheap DIY pallet shelves, helping you out in making all sorts of wooden shelves to store your stuff easily. From self-standing bookcases to lasting longer wall hanging pallet bookshelves, you will get step-by-step instructions for all.

Browse this collection of 22 easy DIY pallet shelves ideas to see a variety of shelves made of 100% wood pallets. Pallets are quite easy to work with, and making a shelf out of separated pallet wood slats, is child’s play.

22 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas (1)

Furthermore, the list will impress by providing some industrial shelves designs that you can make with free pallets quite easily. In their natural blank tone, pallet shelves are the ideal choice when you wish to bring rusticity to your modern home interiors. Paint and stain pallet wood shelves for a custom appeal.

Take the pallets into separated slats, drop them onto threaded rods to build shelving towers. Put them together manually to build self-standing shelving units, also hang a single plan with rope loops to get an ultra-rustic display shelf. For dual-functional, add the pallet shelves with hardware hanging hooks. Take a tour of the entire collection of these DIY wood pallet shelves and pick one to clone that will fit your needs best.

1. How to Build Pallet Wood Shelves

22 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas (2)

Build free of cost wooden shelves out of pallets. Grab the 2 20″ x 3.5″ separated pallet planks, 2 10″ arched planks, and 10″ bright finish nails to craft these wooden shelves. The project involves taking precise measurements, cuttings, sanding, varnishing, and neat assembly. instructables

2. Pallet Shelves – Simple Rustic Storage

22 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas (3)

Add up your room or home with rustic storage by installing these no-cost wooden pallet shelves. Use a pallet with the double stringer in the center to craft these shelves, perfect for holding books and magazines. This shelf is almost 10″ tall and 6″ from the front. Give it a paint or stain finish and decorate it in the way you like. homefixated

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3. Rustic Shelf Out of Pallet

22 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas (4)

Willing to spruce up your spaces by incorporating the natural design elements? Then featuring the hot wooden touch should be your priority. Build this rustic wooden pallet shelf by cutting a 40″ wooden pallet to a 14″ height. This rustic wooden pallet shelf is 5″ deep to hold your books nicely. Finish by adding some knobs in front. twineandvines

4. Build Your Own Pallet Bookshelves

22 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas (5)

Spice up your indoor shelving game with the free pallets. Trim down the pallet sizes to build readymade shelves out of pallet skid structures. Store stylish, all from your books to magazines using this wooden bookshelf, a smart pallet wood creation, come painted in red. sixsistersstuff

5. DIY Pallet Shelves

22 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas (6)

Give a second functional life to discarded wooden pallets so they can serve as handsome shelves in your home. Give your interiors a glam touch of rustic elegance by building this miniature pallet shelf. The ideal rustic shelf to hold your expensive books with care, install it above your study desk or table. lilluna

6. DIY Discarded Pallet Into Useful Wall Shelf

22 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas (7)

You find the pallets an ideal candidate when you need to build quick wooden shelves at a cost price next to nothing. Cut down the very bottom side of a pallet skid should be 10-15″ tall. Please remove one or two deck boards from its front side to gain a lovely wooden wall shelf. ana white

7. Pallet Bookshelves with Knobs for Bonus Storage

22 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas (8)

Organize the kids’ playrooms and nurseries with the wooden pallet shelves. Take some quick measurements and do little cuttings to make stylish bookshelves out of pallets. These sample shelves come with knobs in front and hence are dual-functional. wherethesmile

8. How to Make a Pallet Bookshelf

22 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas (9)

Building a wooden shelf is the easiest wooden project; things get easier when you get crafty with pallets. Get instant rustic storage space for your home by building this wooden pallet bookshelf. Hang this shelf on the wall using anchor, give a rustic black finish using Minwax Jacobean stain. jennaburger

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9. Pallet Bookshelf for Your Bedroom

22 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas (10)

If you love reading books while being in your bedroom, then you must install a bookshelf there. Sorting out free options for it, then do get this wooden pallet bookshelf made quickly for your bedroom. A big tower-like wooden bookcase comes with lots of built-in shelves. Use it as a display station too. madewithlove

10. Pallet Coat Rack Shelf for Display of Centerpieces

22 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas (11)

Hang your expensive coats in style by spending just 20-minutes with pallets. Make the wooden bookshelves out of pallets as you do, flip them over, and install them on the wall. Fix hanging hooks to the very lower part, use the top accent shelf again to display centerpieces. fabbed

11. DIY Wood Pallet Coffee Cup Holder for Kitchen

22 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas (12)

Pallets are the ultimate, cheap, and incredible solutions for lasting longer wooden shelves. Organize your kitchen with this wooden pallet coffee cup holder. Make it quickly by adding up a mini pallet skid with a number of hardware hanging hooks. Stencil it for “COFFEE” letters. oncedailydiy

DIY Spice Rack: A spice rack will keep your everyday ingredients and spices arranged and easy to find. Here are homemade diy spice rack ideas to make your own spice cabinet or rack.

12. Knotty Pallet Industrial Pallet Towel Rack

22 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas (13)

Hack the rustic wood pallets to organize bathroom storage. Organize the extra bathroom supplies using this knotting industrial pallet towel rack. Use it to hold the towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, and toiletries. Give a satin finish for a dark choco look. Add knobs, too, for towel hanging. 101pallets

DIY Toilet Paper Holder: Learn how to store toilet paper by following these DIY toilet paper holder ideas that are easy to make and inexpensive. Try one of these inspirations to store your toilet paper smartly.

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13. Threaded Rod Pallet Shelf or Garage Shelves

22 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas (14)

Display your workshop tools, or decor centerpieces or organize your garage this threaded rod wooden pallet shelves will help you the way. Separate apart the pallet wood slats to build shelving levels, drill holes in their corners to drop on the threaded rods. Use the nuts to hold the shelving levels in place. instructables

14. Pallet Shelf for Your Rustic or Farmhouse Home

22 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas (15)

Build this rustic wooden shelf using a vertical half of a pallet wood skid. The vertical half should come along with the back stringer boards. Use extra wood to fill the string bottom solid to let them serve as holding and shelves. Use the latest hardware hanging system to install it on the wall. diycandy

15. Crates and Reclaimed Pallet Bookshelf

22 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas (16)

The bookshelves are one of the most expensive furniture items. Build them quickly for free using recycled pallets. Grab the bundles of reclaimed pallet parts and 6 lengths of each 2x4x8ft and 2x10x8ft to build this super durable wooden pallet bookcase. Stain or finish with paint. jenwoodhouse

16. How to Build a Pallet Shelf

22 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas (17)

Repurpose the pallets in numerous different ways to build a solid wooden shelf. Make a pallet skid empty from the center removing all the deck boards, leaving one on each end. After you reveal the stringers, you are done. The best display shelf that involves only plucking apart the deck boards. martysmusings

22 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas (18)

Repurpose the wooden pallet skids for advanced tool organization in your workshop. Peek into the pallet shelves creative details, added with built-in holdings, nail hooks, and basket holders. This enhanced pallet shelf will help in easy garage and workshop organization and cost you next to nothing. funkyjunkinter

18. Bathroom Shelf Out of Pallet Wood

22 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas (19)

Make your bathroom more functional by building this another great shelf. Use the separated apart pallet planks and a pallet dice section to build this functional bathroom shelf design. Set the pallet wood planks on the chocks and gain a vertical shelving unit. How-to guides here instructables

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Organize Your Bathroom: Whether your bathroom is large or small, these smart bathroom storage ideas will help you add more space and make your bathroom organized.

19. Quick DIY Pallet Shelf

22 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas (20)

The torn apart slats of pallets are the smart choice to build a wooden shelf quickly. Just take them into L-shape to make this solid wooden pallet shelf, install braces for extra support. Use the best hardware to hang your shelf on the wall like a pro. The best display shelf design to make at zero cost price. instructables

20. Rustic DIY Pallet Shelf

22 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas (21)

Update your indoor bar with this wooden pallet shelf, which will nicely organize the extra liquor supply—a rustic glam version of the wooden shelf to hold the stock of drink bottles in place nicely. Use a dark rustic stain to coat your wooden pallet shelf for a glorious black look. practically

21. DIY Pallet Wood Hanging Rope Shelf

22 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas (22)

Use even a single pallet slat to build a durable wooden wall shelf. You will love the rustic style of this wooden pallet hanging rope shelf, best to display your art and centerpieces. Drill holes to the very sides of a wood plank, thread the rope lengths into holes to get hanging loops, and hang them on the wall hooks. myrepurpose

22. How to Build Pallet Book Shelves

22 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas (23)

Cut almost a 10″ taller piece from the very bottom of a pallet skid. It should come with at least one dice section. Use a thin plywood sheet to cover the bottom of the separated apart pallet piece solid. This will make you get a lovely bookshelf. The idea design of a bookshelf to hold book stacks. wikihow


How do you make shelves out of pallets? ›

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What can I make out of a small pallet? ›

50 Inspiring DIY Pallet Projects
  1. DIY project: sofa with storage. Take your DIY to the next level with some pallet storage! ...
  2. Pallet bookshelf. ...
  3. DIY wooden wall from pallets. ...
  4. Pallet furniture set. ...
  5. Classic and vintage-looking photo frames. ...
  6. Pallet wood coffee table. ...
  7. DIY shoe rack from pallets. ...
  8. Pallet art.
Jul 21, 2021

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How many pallets do you need to make a bar? ›

The Simple Pallet Bar, as the name suggests, is very easy to build and doesn't try to hide that it is wooden pallets. It only requires two pallets and a few larger boards for the bar top.

How do you hang a pallet shelf on the wall? ›

A wall cleat is a board that is fastened horizontally to the wall, and the object that you want to hang sits on top. In this case, the upper, back edge of the pallet will fit over the cleat, and the cleat will bear the pallet's weight. Hold the pallet reasonably straight against the wall where it will hang.

How do you make floating shelves? ›

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What is a floating pallet? ›

Filters. (graphical user interface) A palette window that floats above other standard windows. noun.

What can I do with a pallet? ›

10 Uses For Wooden Pallets
  1. Wooden Planter. Simple and stunning to start – wooden pallets make fantastic durable planters. ...
  2. Herb Garden. Another great outdoor use is to turn your planter into a herb garden. ...
  3. Pallet Chairs. ...
  4. Pallet Table. ...
  5. Bookcase. ...
  6. Coat Rack. ...
  7. Pallet Mirror. ...
  8. Wine Rack.
Sep 10, 2018

What is a pallet garden? ›

Wood pallet garden frames are the latest trend in gardening. If this is something you want to experiment with, they're the easiest raised garden bed ever and an eco-friendly, time-saving approach to growing flowers or vegetables at home. They cut down on the time spent weeding and make plant identification a breeze.

How do you make a bench out of pallets? ›

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What is a pallet fence? ›

Since pallets are pre-built into a sturdy square or rectangle shape, they are like fence panels ready to be placed with little additional preparation or assembly required. Durability. Wood pallets are built to withstand very heavy loads and weathering, so they are naturally a stable and resilient fencing component.


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