31 Tile Shower Floors Ideas That'll Spark Your Imagination (2022)

The shower room is like a canvas. It allows you to convey your style while posing as a functional space. In this post, I’ve collected a few tips to narrow down your flooring options. Also, there are 31 mesmerizing tile shower floors ideas.

When selecting the best tile for a shower floor, bear your safety in mind. I recommend choosing tiles with slip-resistant features to prevent falls. In addition, consider installing waterproof tiles, so the water cannot ruin the construction underneath.

Don’t forget to take the beauty and functionality of floor tiles into consideration. Without further ado, let’s explore style options for your lovely shower.

1. Modern Shower Floor Tile Ideas

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This curbless shower boasts gray stone-look tiles on the floors. They inject a sense of drama while complementing the modern design of the vanity.

Light gray grouts highlight stone-look tiles excellently. Moreover, they accentuate the shower’s feature area.

Bright white walls contrast perfectly with the stone-look flooring. Meanwhile, the greenery and wooden units introduce a natural ambiance.

2. Tile Shower Floors Ideas with Mosaic Tiles

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Here, the shower employs black hexagon mosaic tiles. Not only do they invite drama to the room, but also bring texture. Also, since the units are small, they offer even more traction to prevent falls.

Mosaic flooring carves an elegant look. Furthermore, white ceramic subway tiles with a vertical running bond pattern enlarge the shower visually.

There are marble tiles on the corner shower bench, wall, and niches. Apart from infusing timeless charm, they provide visual interest.

3. Marble Shower Floor Tile

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The shower’s floors feature white and gray marble tiles in a herringbone pattern. Not only do they create a unique look but also carve glamorous vibes.

Here, the gray and white marble flooring accentuates the white vanity and freestanding tub. In addition, they complement clean lines of shower screens.

Marble tiles on the walls make the shower more marvelous. Also, since the homeowner installed the same flooring, the space seems cohesive.

4. Concrete Tile Bathroom Floors Ideas

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The natural stone flooring transforms the shower into an invigorating space. Meanwhile, the boulder and bathrobes produce a spa feel.

Despite its rustic look, the stone flooring nicely mingles with polished marble tiles on the walls. Furthermore, large windows and screens keep the shower room airy.

Concrete floor tiles develop a clean appearance and an urban vibe. Also, the white oval freestanding tub softens the look.

5. Black Tile Shower Floor Ideas

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Speaking of tile shower floors ideas, consider installing black square tiles. In addition to producing a modern feel, they carry some drama to the room.

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The black grid flooring and crisp white walls lend the shower a bold juxtaposition. Moreover, the contrast is super terrific, too.

Black square tiles let the homeowner focus on the feature wall. Lastly, touches of brass and aqua keep things from being monotonous.

6. Tile Shower Floors Ideas with Subway Tiles

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Need subway tile shower floor ideas? If yes, try this flooring option out. Gray-blue subway tiles in a herringbone pattern adorn the wall and floors. Moreover, they inject a bit of refreshing color into the room.

Subway tiles effortlessly carve a contemporary, consistent look. Because of the wooden vanity, the shower seems inviting.

The marble bench contrasts delightfully with gray-blue subway tiles. Meanwhile, mirrors and windows ensure that the shower doesn’t feel dingy.

7. Geometric Shower Floor Ideas

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Talking about tile shower floors ideas, give the geometric flooring pattern a chance. Here, tiles boast striking geometric lines for a modern appeal.

Since geometric tiles come in dark green, the shower doesn’t appear bland. Furthermore, the wooden vanity and succulents complement them.

White square tiles on the shower walls with coordinating grouts create a seamless look. Lastly, metallic drawer pulls and mirrors keep things cohesive.

8. Gray Floor Tiles for Showers

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This is one of the remarkable tile shower floors ideas. Light gray rectangular tiles contribute to the room’s serene and clean look. On top of them is a cheerful printed rug. Because of it, the space gets more lively.

The white built-in tub and shower curtains slightly contrast with the gray flooring. Furthermore, subway tiles with black grouts define the area. Meanwhile, pops of mint green and blue energize the room.

9. Gray and Black River Rocks for Showers

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For sure, this is one of the best tiles for shower floors. Here, the homeowner installed river rocks on the flooring. In addition to delivering texture, they provide a massage effect on bare feet.

Black and gray river rocks are a sharp contrast to the white shower bench. Furthermore, dark teal tiles introduce a gorgeous pattern.

The vanity and concrete flooring inject an air of tranquility, while the striped towel unifies the room.

10. Tile Shower Floors Ideas with Thin Subway Tiles

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Need walk-in shower floor tile ideas? If so, give this flooring option a shot. Thin marble subway tiles in a herringbone pattern give off a graceful look.

The homeowner used the same flooring material in the whole shower to amplify the room. Moreover, large rectangular marble tiles decorate the walls.

The marble vanity top heightens the luxurious vibes. Meanwhile, brass accents carry some shine to the shower quickly.

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11. Black Square Tiles for Shower Floors

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When it comes to tile shower floors ideas, try installing deep gray square slate tiles. As the image shows, they complement the modern design of rectangular tiles.

The lines of white grout on the floors bridge different bathing areas. Furthermore, the herringbone-striped accent wall boasts white tiles for a clean look. In addition, they’re a striking contrast to gray slate tiles.

12. Tile Shower Floors Ideas with River Rocks

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This contemporary shower room employs natural materials. You can spot river rocks in neutral shades on the flooring. Apart from introducing a different texture, they also offer the homeowner’s feet some comfort.

The accent wall of the shower features textured beige tiles. Moreover, they provide an outstanding backdrop for the wooden bench and potted fiddle-leaf fig. Lastly, the polished concrete wall develops a stylish look.

13. Marble-Look Tiles for Shower Floors

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Here, marble-look tiles extend from the flooring to the shower niche. Not only do they represent elegance but also promote airiness. Moreover, they draw attention to the sleek white freestanding tub.

The feature wall blends the look of stunning marble with an unusual shape. Additionally, the combination generates a modern and classic appearance.

14. Decorative Tile Shower Floors Ideas

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The octagon and dot pattern lends the classic shower a modern twist. In addition, the tiles become the room’s main attraction.

Decorative shower floors draw attention to the wicker basket. Meanwhile, white subway tiles do not only adorn the walls but also brighten things up.

The shiplap accent wall adds extra visual interest. Lastly, brass accents carry some glamor to the monochromatic shower room.

15. Shower with Wood-Look Floor Tiles

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With numerous shower flooring options, you have endless choices. This room, for example, seems peaceful and inviting due to wood-look ceramic tiles.

Light brown wood-look tiles also adorn the built-in tub and vanity top. Furthermore, they develop an intentional, unified appearance.

Pearled square tiles titivate the shower walls. Moreover, they offer an upscale backdrop for the black metal table and potted greenery.

16. Patterned Tile Shower Floors Ideas

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This modern shower room is an excellent mixture of contrasts as well as complements. Moreover, Moroccan tiles make for a terrific feature floor. Also, they pick up all the color elements, so the space feels cohesive.

Textured white subway tiles balance out the intricacy of Moroccan tiles. In addition, the wall sign and flowers complete the shower room’s fun look.

17. Warm White Tile Shower Floor Ideas

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Need magnificent tile shower floors ideas? If yes, replicate this look. The shower room brilliantly pulls off a minimalist scheme with a striped feature wall.

Oversized rectangular tiles on the floor come in soft white. Not only do they emanate an urban vibe, but also make the shower seem more expansive. Moreover, their straight lines accompany the sleek vanity and full-width mirror.

18. Neutral Mosaic Shower Floor Tile Ideas

31 Tile Shower Floors Ideas That'll Spark Your Imagination (18)

This is one of the delightful tile shower floors ideas. The space boasts hexagon mosaic tiles. As the image shows, they come in pale gray, black, and bright white. Since the homeowner created geometric patterns with them, the room doesn’t seem flat.

Crisp white subway tiles on the feature wall balance out eye-catching mosaic tiles. Combining different shapes and colors, the homeowner gets mesmerizing results in his shower.

19. All About Shapes

31 Tile Shower Floors Ideas That'll Spark Your Imagination (19)

Here is another curbless shower. The flooring looks incredible because of blue-gray triangular tiles. Furthermore, crisp white grouts let them shine.

White and pale gray tiles on the walls, tone down the boldness of the flooring and yellow sink. Lastly, light-toned wooden shelves keep things serene. Meanwhile, the wallpapered ceiling offers another decor element.

20. Tile Shower Floors Ideas with Hexagon Tiles

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I admire the color consistency of the shower room. The hexagon tiles deliver some interest without overwhelming the area.

The marble vanity top and benches accompany hexagon tiles. Lastly, a couple of round mirrors soften the sharp edges of the shower.

21. Stone-Look Floors for Showers

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This is one of the marvelous tile shower floors ideas for minimalists. The stone-look gray tiles provide an impressive, dramatic effect.

The shower niche and walls use stone-look tiles for a unified look. Meanwhile, the white freestanding tub and gold accents break the dominant gray.

22. Attic Shower Flooring Options

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Who says attic shower rooms always look unexciting? This example says the opposite. Black and white hexagon tiles allow the flooring to steal the show.

Dark green subway tiles meet the feature floor harmoniously. Furthermore, square black marble tiles promote glamour.

23. Cool Tiles Shower Floors Ideas

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As you see, the shower employs elongated hexagon marble tiles. Apart from stealing the spotlight, they highlight the white tub and produce a modern appeal.

For a splendid result, the homeowner installed large rectangular tiles on the walls.

24. Shower Room with Blue Floor Tiles

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Blue is the new black. This shower room displays dark blue rectangular tiles on the flooring.

In addition to introducing visual depth, they contrast with white surfaces. Meanwhile, wood-look tiles on the walls catch the eye.

25. Slate Tile Shower Floors Ideas

31 Tile Shower Floors Ideas That'll Spark Your Imagination (25)

Slate gray floor tiles come in a rectangular shape. Also, they develop a dramatic statement. Meanwhile, the wooden trim and vanity keep things warm.

Lastly, the muted blue-tiled wall features white grouts for a unified appearance.

26. The Large, the Better

31 Tile Shower Floors Ideas That'll Spark Your Imagination (26)

This curbless shower room looks sophisticated with huge black marble tiles. Moreover, they glamorously contrast with white marble walls. Right above them is a floating wooden vanity that carves an inviting nuance.

27. Minimalist Floor Tiles for Showers

31 Tile Shower Floors Ideas That'll Spark Your Imagination (27)

Speaking of tile shower floors ideas, you can’t go wrong with stone-look tiles. To make your room wider, consider installing rectangular ones.

Here, they infuse the otherwise flat space with some depth. Meanwhile, the rolled towel evokes a relaxing vibe.

28. Bodacious Black

31 Tile Shower Floors Ideas That'll Spark Your Imagination (28)

Who says black floor tiles aren’t appropriate for tiny showers? Here, they carry some drama and character.

Here, bright white textured walls infuse dimension. They also balance out the darkness of inky surfaces while adding a bold contrast.

29. Magnificent Marble

31 Tile Shower Floors Ideas That'll Spark Your Imagination (29)

When it comes to tile shower floors ideas, marble is your best friend. Why not integrate the material into your spot?

Large marble tiles extend from the bathing area to shower walls. Furthermore, herringbone-patterned marble flooring becomes the focal point.

30. Visuals Do Matter

31 Tile Shower Floors Ideas That'll Spark Your Imagination (30)

Although this shower isn’t curbless, it’s still worth duplicating. Hexagon marble tiles create a tranquil and exciting bath getaway.

The black chevron-patterned accent wall highlights the white clawfoot tub. Meanwhile, two-tone stools promote visual cohesion.

31. Uniquely Uncommon

31 Tile Shower Floors Ideas That'll Spark Your Imagination (31)

Are you a sucker for marble floor tiles? If so, implement this idea. Since the pieces display uncommon patterns, the shower becomes classic and stylish at once.

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Oversized, rectangular marble tiles cover shower walls. Not only do represent cleanliness but also expand the room. In addition, they inspire elegance.

The gray printed rug and vanity complete the look. Furthermore, orange blooms invite a flashy splash of color to the shower.

I hope those brilliant tile shower floors ideas inspired you. Before embarking on your tile project, calculate the budget first. Moreover, don’t forget to put your personal, tactile preferences into consideration.

Best Ceramic Tile Shower Ideas 2022 for your remodel. Visit our store in Queens close to Manhattan & Brooklyn to find your best options!

We will not cover only shower floor tile ideas and the best tile for shower walls, but also tile shower ideas for small bathrooms, as well as white shower tile ideas.. Ceramic tile is great for shower walls and shower floors.. So, if you’re working on gathering shower floor ideas or best tile for shower walls ideas, do consider ceramic tile options.. However, tiled showers for small bathrooms will not use only colors to make your bathroom spacious and bright.. When choosing bathroom tile design ideas for small bathrooms, you can play safe and pick white ceramic tile for your small bathroom.. One of the best small shower tile ideas is to use ceramic tile on shower walls but not just any white ceramic tile.. So, indulge in white shower tile ideas while gathering small shower tile ideas for your shower or bathroom remodel.. You don’t have to choose between white, black, and gray when considering these walk-in shower tile ideas.. There are so many beautiful designs and ceramic tile shower ideas!. When looking for bathroom tile shower ideas and the best ceramic tile shower ideas, you will, at one point consider both ceramic and porcelain tile.. Ceramic tile has more color options and designs.. Bathroom tile shower ideas: tile the bathroom floor the same as shower floor. Tiling the bathroom floor the same as the shower floor makes for a seamless and subtle design and is one of the best bathroom tile shower ideas.. Whether you live in Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan, you can find a great ceramic tile selection at our showroom and a bunch of bathroom tile shower ideas like shower floor tile ideas, walk in shower floor tile ideas, tile shower ideas for small bathrooms, white shower tile ideas, and more.

Wanna design your shower room with extraordinary walk-in shower tiles? We have 30 extraordinary shower tiles ideas you can follow.

Wanna design your shower room with extraordinary walk-in shower tiles but completely don’t have any idea what kind of tile you should choose?. You can choose large ceramic tiles for the wall and smaller tiles for the floor.. Well, this small brown ceramic tile idea is gonna be the perfect idea.. Since you designed your shower room with vertical shiplap wall, large ceramic tile can be a bad idea.. You can install small white brick tiles for your bathroom’s wall and black ceramic tiles on the floor, then install some blue patterned tiles as decoration.. You can choose white ceramic tiles for your wall and patterned black and white ceramic tiles for the floor.. If your shower is smaller, instead of choosing large wood-like ceramic tiles, you should consider choosing the smaller tiles.. If you want to give your bathroom a fresh look, this tile idea is gonna be perfect for you.. You can install faux hardwood tiles on the floor, so your shower will have the rustic look, and install wood-like brick tiles on the wall to enhance the rustic look.. If you have a simple personality and feel that patterned tiles with bright colors are too much, maybe you should try installing simple horizontal tiles on your shower room’s wall.

Discover the top 100 best bathroom floor tile ideas. These incredible bathroom images will inspire you to tackle a bathroom renovation in your home.

Your bathroom floor tile can make or break your design.. Choose the wrong bathroom floor tile, and you’ll take your life in your hands every time you step out of the tub or shower.. The smaller the bathroom, the smaller your floor tile should be.. It could be a plain white tile similar to a white subway tile , or it could be a natural stone like marble.. Adding a grey tile to your bathroom floor will keep your all-white bathroom from feeling stark and cold.. Black hexagon tiles with a dark grout will give your bathroom floor tile a uniform look.. Try using the hexagon tile throughout the bathroom flooring and as the shower floor .. This pattern ties the entire bathroom together and makes the geometric tile look more like purposeful bathroom design and less trendy.. When choosing your tile, consider the size of the tile.. If you’re tiling a large space, increase the tile size to be proportional to the size of your master bathroom.. Whether you use it as an accent tile, or throughout the entire bathroom as the floor, ceiling, and wall tile, it’ll look beautiful.. While you may be able to find smaller square tiles, most slate tile comes in large tiles or sheets.. Using a patterned tile on the bathroom floor is a great way to add color and design without it being visually overwhelming.. If you have a grout that contrasts with the tile color, then a large number of grout lines close the bathroom in and make it feel smaller.. If you want to use a penny or mosaic tile on your bathroom wall or floor, then match the grout to the tile color.

To help you kickstart the quest to finding your perfect shower floor, we have connected the best materials, styles and patterns to use for your bathroom.

Typically, when thinking about fitting a new shower into your bathroom, you’re concerned with the actual type of shower you prefer, which fixtures you like, whether or not you need additional shelves, and -possibly- lighting.. Not only is picking the right shower floor a great place to start from when building the design of the whole room around it, it also is a matter of comfort and personal preference in one of the most-often used places in your home.. Showers, by their very nature, should be places of relaxation and (quiet) luxury.. Marble shower floors can be perfectly matched with about any other type of bathroom flooring, and works surprisingly well in combination with warm woods.. And if you’re happy with the way your bathroom design is, you can easily add a touch of additional warmth with a limestone shower floor.. The great thing about using pebbles as your shower floor is that they come in a near endless variety of shapes, colours, and sizes.. These days, porcelain tiles come in a stunning variety of different styles and textures that allow you to find the perfect fit for your new bathroom without having to divert from the true and tested quality of porcelain tiles.. Photo: FinefurnishedGlass panels as shower walls are the most common option for both walk-in showers and shower stalls.. Patterned tiles add depth to any room, and easily create an illusion of space by drawing the eye to the repeated patterns.. Whether you chose to go all in and tile your whole bathroom, or elect to use them as a focal point just on your shower floor, patterned tiles are a great fit for rooms of any size.. This kind of pattern works well with any wall (tile) design you might chose and therefore looks right at home in every bathroom.. Photo: Blog.enola.esWith mosaic tiles you can be as understated or colourfully creative as you feel like.

Do you love the idea of having good shower time with lovable bathroom layout? Then you can’t miss our bathroom tile floor ideas. When it comes to tile ideas, you can get some inspiration from them. With a bit of imagination, these awesome ideas will certainly make your bathroom more appealing! Contemporary Floor Bathroom Having …

Then you can’t miss our bathroom tile floor ideas.. The black ceramic integrated with white metro floor tile produces clear appearance inside the room.. Having an attic evoke your creative imagination to turn it into anything you such as, consisting of bathroom.. Offering black-white concept, even tiny bathroom really feels cozy with aesthetically bigger look.. Inside the farmhouse bathroom, you may additionally position a wooden vanity with sink top.. Subway shower floor tile blends well with tidy white shower curtain.. The all-natural bathroom principle perfected with black-white tile floor covering is what you require to enhance the elegance of your bathroom.. White wall specifies the pattern of vintage bathroom tile that does not create crowded feeling.. Exactly how around having blue-white bathroom floor tile floor ideas?

Find the best ceramic shower tile in 10 simple steps and explore free shower tile design ideas! Ceramic shower tile choices PLUS 40 beautiful ideas to spark your imagination.

Choose ceramic tile, porcelain tile, or quarry tile, which are all part of the ceramic tile family and are ideal for areas exposed to water.. For example, choose a mosaic tile size for the shower floor, a larger tile for the walls, and a coordinating texture or design for your shower niche.. Marble-look shower wall tile with octagon and dot shower flooring tile. White subway tile provides a classic feature backdrop that contrasts well with the slate gray flooring (notice that the grout in the subway tile picks up the color of the floor tile).. Brick-look shower tile wall with wood-look tile shower flooring. Brick-look shower tile wall with a blue mosaic ceramic tile window border. Marble-look ceramic tile shower wall in an uncommon tile shape. Green mosaic tile shower wall with beige stone-look tile flooring. Wood-look tile shower wall with white mosaic tile shower flooring. Modern Mexican ceramic tile shower floor with marble-look hexagon tile shower walls | Image via Flickr. Mosaic ceramic tile accent rows on a stone-look tile shower wall | Photo via Pixabay. While specific causes for a leaky shower may have to do with the tile installation, shower liner installation, and/or how the shower door was installed, a leaky shower can result in:. Properly installed ceramic tile is part of a waterproof installation system that is time-tested as a trusted material for high moisture areas, such as showers The key to ceramic tile’s waterproof installation system is that it’s properly installed using appropriate methods and installation materials .

The best mosaic tile for shower floors share certain characteristics: ease of maintenance, some gripping texture, and plenty of design star power. Here are 7 of our topic picks for beautiful tiles you can use for your shower or bath floor.

While glass may be showstoppers for bathroom walls, glass mosaic tile for tile floors tends to be slippery when wet, and thus mostly used as accents for shower floors.. Porcelain and ceramic tile offers so many different design possibilities, but my favorites are repeating patterns because they are soothing and classic.. Floor mosaic patterns can be as subtle as repeating square mosaics in different shades and still have that calming effect that is so important in a home spa.. This can provide a fresh modern palette for a black and white design.. To increase the texture on a marble or stone floor, it’s often preferable to make the design from multiple tiny stone pieces, rather than large tiles.. This mosaic not only gives you the classic look and feel of marble or other stone, but you don’t have to worry about slipping on it as much when it is wet.. Here you see it used to create a fish mosaic, but your imagination is the limit when using stone mosaics in the shower floor.. Marble mosaic tile for shower floors are dramatic and beautiful and can be used by themselves or in combination with ceramics or glass.. Some people prefer the best of both worlds and combine stone mosaics with a border created from larger pieces of stone.. I hope you’ve figured out that the best mosaic tile for shower floors is the one that you fall in love with and want to include in your shower design.. It can delight your senses when you step in and feel that interesting relief that comes with unusual designs or materials.. If you were going to design a new shower or bathroom floor, what would you include in your design?

To make bathroom a relaxing location to refresh your body and mind, every tiny detail deserves full attention. When it comes to restoration, bathroom shower, including both floor and wall, is a place to get enhancement. So these bathroom shower tile ideas will surely help you. Shiplap Wall Tile for Shower To start with, this …

So these bathroom shower tile ideas will surely help you.. The bathroom shower tile ideas match your master bathroom that requires luxurious design.. Have a look at this bathroom tile floor ideas and also shower to motivate you.. If you enjoy something neutral, the relaxing bathroom shower tile ideas are surely for you.. Master bathroom owner must check carefully this bathroom shower tile idea.. Have a look at the bathroom shower tile idea below and be influenced!. The entire combination from this bathroom shower tile ideas will give relaxation to your mind and body.. Completed with wall-mounted shower head, this bathroom and shower design idea deserves attempting.. Obtain a new feeling with these bathroom shower tile ideas that you enjoy the most.

Stunning shower tile ideas to suit every budget and style.

This feel-good orange-and-white patterned shower tile in a bathroom designed by Manhattan-based architecture and interiors firm Studio DB is graphic, colorful, daring, and energizing.. This spacious shower designed by Manhattan-based architecture and interiors firm Studio DB uses saturated, atmospheric patterned teal green tile on three walls to create an enveloping space that conjures up a dip in the sea.. Glass shower doors allow the color to shine.. Jojo Barr at UK-based House Nine Interior Design used graphic zigzag white and black shower tile on the walls and floors of this stylish bathroom.. A teak wood shower bench adds a touch of warmth and black metal accents on the glass shower doors adds a graphic touch.. In this serene bathroom design from OreStudios , robin's egg blue tiles in the shower of a remodeled 1910 Seattle mansion have a classic look that works well with the home's historic bones but nonetheless feel fresh and updated.. Using the same powder blue tile in the shower niche makes it disappear, and using soft gray tiles on the shower floor and glass doors keeps the modest sized shower feeling light and airy.. A black painted ceiling and sink console adds a tough edge to the rustic industrial design.. In this stylish modern traditional bathroom, the designers at Ottawa-based Leclair Decor used glossy black subway tiles in a herringbone pattern on the shower wall and bright white paint throughout the space to achieve a modern traditional look that is echoed throughout the home.. When you visit the site, Dotdash Meredith and its partners may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies.

30 Beautiful and inspiring bathroom flooring ideas and options including hardwood, natural stone, mosaic tiles, concrete, rubber, vinyl, linoleum and more.

The choice is pretty open-ended when it comes to bathroom flooring ideas.. To get you started we’ve put together this collection of 30 inspirational bathroom flooring ideas covering current trends in 6 key bathroom floor options.. Extra care needs to be taken with wooden floors in bathrooms to ensure that they are properly sealed to withstand wet conditions: if this is a serious concern for you, then consider opting for the excellent wood-look LVT or ceramic tiles to create the same effect.. This light wooden floor is the perfect complement to the light and airy bathroom design.. If you have a great budget and are looking for all-out luxury then natural stone bathroom floor tiles are for you.. The elegance of stones such as marble, sandstone, limestone and slate simply cannot be matched.. Also worth noting, some natural stone flooring, such as polished marble can present serious slip hazards in wet conditions.. A dramatically effective bold geometric monochrome mosaic tile pattern.. The hexagon mosaic tiles here are perfectly suited to this quirky bathroom style.. Similar to mosaic tiles, the in-built patterns that you find in encaustic tiles allow you to really show off your personal style to the max.. A stunning Moroccan inspired encaustic tile design used to great effect here on the walls and floors.. Poured cement or concrete can also be stained or painted to suit the look of your space.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of bathrooms? Your answer probably involved tubs and tiles. They’re quintessential parts of bathroom décor. Ceramic tiles are the most popular (and affordable), but they don’t hold the monopoly on bathroom tile ideas. If you have a higher budget, you could opt for natural ... Read more

Either way bathroom tiles need to be waterproof, easy to clean , and in line with your bathroom décor.. Separated by white grout and mimicking daylight tones, your sandy-shaded tile can be paired with a white tile flooring, a quirkily shaped bath-tub, and sparse faux-wood furnishings.. Then, brick-patterned white tile walls, hexagonal floor tiles in white and gray, zig-zag detail on the side of your tub, and lots of glass doors sealing off a perforated shower floor.. Large gray tiles on the wall lead into smaller gray tiles on the floor.. Match your gray wall tile with floor tile, leading the eye in an endless line.. The oval freestanding tub sits on gray tile, and is placed in front of a white tile that extends into the shower cubicle beside it.. This bathroom has white tile on the floor and two thirds up the wall, in addition to a gleaming white sink, bathtub, bidet, and regular toilet commode.. The inside of the tub is still white, and the angular tub sits on patterned black-and-white tiles that pave the whole bathroom floor, including the shower floor behind its own glass door.. The wall and floor tile are large, sandy-colored, brick-patterned tile, while the mosaic is mixed shades of brown.. A tall bathroom plant tops up the woodsy bathroom feel, while every other surface – from floor to ceiling – is paved in pale brown tile.. The low toilet and pedestal sink free up floor space, while the black center cubes amid each black tile seem to recede the whole floor, making the bathroom look larger.. The wall tile is a little less dramatic, with a row of peach tile at ground level, topped by plain white tile all the way up.. The same sand-colored tile paves this bathroom’s floors and walls.

See how to love your bathroom again with these intelligent but inexpensive walk in shower tile design ideas.

Benches look fantastic when they’re part of the walk in shower, especially if you have the room in a large master bathroom.. In this application quartz will stand up to the test of time much better than marble will.. Another nice feature of this stand up shower stall is the built-in bench that’s attached to the wall unit.. The stone tile floor is a nice touch too.. Showers without doors don’t need curbs that you have to step over on the way in and out of the enclosure either.. They’re great for getting the look of wood but without the maintainance problems that come with it.. Beautifully tiled showers deserve frameless doors that show them off.. Whether it’s carrara or calacatta, if you want the look of marble but without the maintainance you’re going to have a lot of options available to you at the tile store.. This limestone is called Jerusalem Gold and your local shop should carry it.. In an otherwise boring shower a mosaic accent wall on the far wall of the walk in shower will add a lot of visual interest.. We all can’t afford limestone tiles, a rain head, two handhelds, and a couple benches; but if we are tiling the shower enclosure there’s no reason not to add an accent wall that will draw your eye into the space.. If you want a rustic stand up shower consider travertine, even if you only have a small shower enclosure or a corner to work with, you can easily dress it up with a framed accent panel.. They make the room feel bigger and and if you don’t take baths what’s the point of having a bathtub anyway?

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Running water is especially good at masking noises, so consider a fountain or small waterfall for your water feature.. Are you doing anything with your side yard?. Even a small yard can handle a few pots of peppers and herbs, and you may be surprised at how easy it is to fit in one or two small raised beds.. If you’ve been considering adding an edible garden, why not make this the year to try it?. Would you like to add edibles, a water feature, a flower garden, a new deck or an entire series of outdoor rooms?

Choosing shower tiles can be an experience that can sometimes overwhelm you. With so many kinds and so many price variations, it is a time taking task to choose shower tiles. Here are some shower

When we think of a shower stall, the classic tiles that come to mind are none other than white subway tiles.. You can create tiles with colored subway tiles too.. Subway tiles are relatively cheaper to mosaic tiles.. If the idea of black shower tiles intrigues you, but that is way too bold, then try navy tiles.. This bathroom has Spanish cement tiles paired with white subway tiles.. Accent the white subway tiles with a black and white patterned tile floor.. Another variation of mosaic tiles is matchstick tiles.. To keep things in balance, combine Spanish ceramic tiles with white subway tiles.. You can combine such tiles with white mosaic tiles on the floor.. Cover the floor of such tiled walls with large scale beige ceramic tiles.

Epic collection of primary bathrooms with tile flooring. You will see all different types of tile used in all kinds of primary bathrooms. This is a great way to get ideas for tile for your primary bathroom design.

A spacious primary bathroom featuring a deep soaking tub, a walk-in shower and two sinks on a smooth beige sink countertop lighted by wall lights and recessed lights.. Large primary bathroom featuring stylish tiles flooring and gray walls, along with a deep soaking tub and a sink counter with two sinks, lighted by warm white lights.. A primary bathroom featuring elegant tiles flooring and walls, along with a drop-in corner tub and a sink counter with two sinks, lighted by a couple of wall lights.. Large primary bathroom featuring charming tiles flooring and an elegant sink counter, together with a large walk-in shower room and a drop-in tub.. This primary bathroom features elegant checker tiles flooring, a walk-in shower room and a pedestal sink, surrounded by white tiles walls.. A primary bathroom featuring two sinks and a walk-in shower room, along with classy tiles flooring and fabulous wall lights.. This primary bathroom offers two sinks, a large walk-in shower and a deep soaking tub, along with gray walls and tiles flooring.. This primary bathroom offers a freestanding tub set on the marble tiles flooring, along with a powder desk, sink counters with marble countertops and a walk-in shower room.

Designing nowadays is such a joy simply due to the sheer variety we have to choose from. Think of the bathroom for example. It seemed we were stuck with

Think of the bathroom for example.. Like tile.. Take a look at these 25 wood tile showers for your rustic bathroom to help you create a beautiful rustic spa in your own home.. So when you go looking to tile your rustic bathroom shower, it’s a great idea to lean towards the lighter shades that will blend with the rest of your home.. If the rest of your house is boasting some lovely natural wood colors , tile your shower to match with something a little darker.. Speaking of wood and modern, you don’t have to have a rustic bathroom to have a wood tile shower.. When you’re decorating in the neutral areas of brown, gray, and white, most all of your wood tile will fall in that category, making it a definite option for your contemporary bathroom .. You’ll still get that lovely wooden texture look without your shower seeming out of place.. To create this look, they used Windsor white wood plank porcelain tiles, which would look great in any bathroom.. Houzz shows us how to make this rustic designer shower that would look great in even a small bathroom space.. As you’ll see in this bathroom from Daltile , it can still create a modern and stylish bathroom.. This design would work in a bathroom of any size, and you could also add these tiles throughout the whole room.. It adds a rustic and cozy touch to this shower and then adds a black shower fixture for the final touch.. The wood goes well with the river rock flooring, which adds more texture and color to the room.. However you choose to incorporate wood into your next bathroom makeover, you’ll be surprised by how it can completely transform any bathroom space with just this simple touch.


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