45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (2022)

SMALL BATHROOM IDEAS – Having a small bathroom does not mean you can’t make it appealing. It is true that a small bathroom may not have as many design options as a large one. However, there are still lots of ways you can try to make it more appealing. We have some small bathroom ideas here that you can try.

A small bathroom needs not to be a minimalist and simple. In fact, if designed properly, a small bathroom can appear larger than it really is and be more attractive. If you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry. We got your back. Below, we listed 15 small bathroom ideas you can try to make your bathroom more appealing.


  • Simplicity
  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
  • Recessed Shelves
  • Monochrome Palette
  • Wallpaper
  • White Color Scheme
  • Halfway Tile
  • Same Tiles for Walls and Floor
  • Proper Size Furniture
  • Wall-mounted Taps
  • Wall-hung Storages
  • Freestanding Furniture
  • Sunken Tub
  • Shelf
  • Interesting Floor Tiles
  • Attic Small Bathroom
  • Multifunctional Small Bathroom
  • Light Small Bathroom
  • Familiar Small Bathroom
  • Juicy Small Bathroom
  • Inspiring Small Bathroom
  • Nice Small Bathroom
  • Graceful Small Bathroom
  • Wonderful Small Bathroom
  • Splendid Small Bathroom
  • Outstanding Small Bathroom
  • Casual Small Bathroom
  • Glowing Small Bathroom
  • Green Small Bathroom
  • Lovely Small Bathroom
  • Ancient Small Bathroom
  • Masculine Small Bathroom
  • Minimalist Small Bathroom
  • Fine Small Bathroom
  • Quirky Small Bathroom
  • Utilize the Corner
  • Use Hanging Toilet
  • Light Shade of Color
  • Place Living Plants
  • Choose Soft Tone
  • Apply Glass Partition
  • Have Glossy Cabinet
  • Contrast Two Colors
  • Create “Fake Door”
  • Large Window Matters


45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (1)

Clutter is the last thing you want in a small bathroom. Make sure to keep your bathroom as clutter-free as possible. Also, put furniture and accessories that you really need. Preferably, those that have clean lines.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (2)

Other than functionality, a mirror can also transform a room’s look and feel. By adding a mirror to a small bathroom, it will create an impression of space. There are two ways you can do this: by hanging a mirror on a wall and install mirrored tiles.

Recessed Shelves

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (3)

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, consider adding recessed shelves. For a small bathroom, recessed shelves will do wonders not only practically but also visually. Your necessities are kept in place without taking any space and keep the bathroom clutter-free.

Monochrome Palette

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (4)

The monochrome palette looks great. Applied on a small bathroom, it can make the bathroom feel more spacious. To achieve this effect you need to combine black and white color in the room. For instance, a white wall, a black wall, black floor, white furniture, and black towels.


45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (5)

Wallpaper is always a good addition to any room, including a bathroom with limited space. A small bathroom will benefit from wallpaper that is bold, unique and has interesting print on it.

White Color Scheme

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (6)

Sometimes, less is more. In this case, using a white color scheme for a small bathroom will make it feel more spacious. The bathroom will look clean and tidy, too. If you want, you can add more focal points such as plants or furniture to make the room more interesting.

Halfway Tile

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (7)

Halfway tile looks interesting. Applied to a small bathroom, it makes the room feel larger. This is especially true if you use neutral or dark-colored tile with a white-colored ceiling above.

Same Tiles for Walls and Floor

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (8)

If you want an inexpensive way to design a small bathroom, one of the best things to do is to use the same tiles for walls and floor. Thanks to a continuous flow of pattern from the floor on to the walls, the room will feel larger.

Proper Size Furniture

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (9)

Large size furniture should not be put on a small bathroom. They will take away available space within the room. Instead, choose smaller furniture that is practical and complement the theme of the bathroom.

Wall-mounted Taps

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (10)

The key to making the space appears larger is to keep as many things as possible away from the floor. You can, for instance, use wall-mounted taps rather than their regular counterparts. The more of the floor can be seen, the larger the room will feel.

Wall-hung Storages

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (11)

Just like wall-mounted taps, wall-hung storages can help to keep things off the floor. Not to mention wall-hung storages can make your necessities easily reachable and they are quite inexpensive to make too.

Freestanding Furniture

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (12)

Freestanding furniture is a good option if you have a small bathroom. Freestanding furniture can be moved around easily. As such, you can change the design of your bathroom whenever you like. Freestanding furniture is also portable, which enables you to carry them in case you move out.

Sunken Tub

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (13)

In case you are planning to renovate your bathroom, you may want to consider installing a sunken tub. A sunken tub will save you lots of space, streamline the bathroom, and best of all, giving the bathroom a luxurious feel.


45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (14)

If you don’t have recessed shelves, you can consider installing regular shelves to your bathroom. You can install shelves on space that are usually left unused. For instance, above the toilet. Well-placed shelves can help keep the room clutter-free.

Interesting Floor Tiles

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (15)

What our eyes perceive and the amount of space they see is not always the same thing. Because of that, you can play with boundaries of perception to make your bathroom feel larger. For instance, you can install floor tiles with interesting patterns in black and white.

Attic Small Bathroom

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (16)

Creating a secondary bathroom is necessary for your big family with more than three people. The recommendation is especially proper for your small house. An attic bathroom that is as small as this one accommodates for sudden pooping every morning.

The example still manages to cheer it up. It chooses rectangular, yellow ceramics for producing a vibrant tone. This particularly helps your small kids feeling enthusiastic about taking care of their bodies.

The bathroom chooses a modern bathroom tub and closet. No sink basin appears in the picture. You can make use of the tub for washing your hands.

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Multifunctional Small Bathroom

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (17)

Another way to decorate a secondary bathroom. Create the small bathroom into a multifunctional space that allows you taking a shower and doing laundry. It’s fine if you don’t place a toilet in the bathroom.

The example, in particular, chooses a soft tone by purchasing the fixture with a super-light of brown. The fixture holds the key for the bathroom because the design contains the drawers and the open sub-storage for keeping the washing machine.

The bathroom doesn’t neglect the decorative aspect. It hangs trendy, pendant lighting and sets up the wallpaper that feels mild. Neither packed nor boring appears from the bathroom.

Light Small Bathroom

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (18)

White produces light and comfortable atmospheres for any type of bathroom. Applying the color is more recommended for this small bathroom. For what else can you expect than a convenient bathroom regardless of the size?

The bathroom hangs the white curtain that serves as the partition. This is such a clever idea to create the bathroom a bit spacious. For variation, the bathroom sets the ceramic and paints the other wall segment in white.

Save the space by choosing the hanging sink basin and nailing floating storage. Placing fresh plants, mirror and tower hanger is necessary and decorative.

Familiar Small Bathroom

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (19)

You can still choose a bathroom tub for narrow space. The bathroom seems homey and comfortable with the bathroom tub modeling. The style allows you getting relaxed despite the tight area.

For making the area feeling soft, the bathroom pairs white-painted concrete with soft blue ceramics. The bathroom chooses for the patterned motif curtain as the partition and the floor tiles. The doormat looks very cute.

You can apply the tip instead of making floating storage for displaying accessories. We especially love how the orange towel and the hanger are put. That makes the bathroom familiar.

Juicy Small Bathroom

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (20)

A small bathroom space should challenge you making a juicy one. The bathroom encourages you choosing one color that seems unusual. This one applies orange that feels bright and super fresh.

By design, the bathroom combines modern and classic sub-styles. The window placement makes the bathroom shines brighter during the daytime. Instead of a curtain, the bathroom hangs the beautiful, orange valance.

The valance and the partition use the same patterned, motif design that creates the whole bathroom looking beautiful. Expect positive vibes every time you enter the bathroom.

Inspiring Small Bathroom

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (21)

An ideal small bathroom that you can put into practice. The bathroom has an inspiring design that covers various aspects, from color pairing to decoration. To begin with, the bathroom makes the showering spot in the corner to save space.

Minimalist and multifunctional furniture fulfill the bathroom, such as the cupboard that functions as the displayer. The bathroom manages to recycle the ladder then functions it as the towel keeper.

Painting burgundy for the bathroom wall and setting the trendy ceramics are sufficient for making the bathroom vibrant and colorful. With plenty of items, you can do laundry, too.

Nice Small Bathroom

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (22)

If you can’t create a large window, go for a high ceiling. At all costs, creating good ventilation mean is necessary, especially for a small bathroom. The example paints the high ceiling with white for a comfortable tone.

The top three bathroom items are available. The bathroom tub, the toilet, and the sink basin look modern. The bathroom nails button-like towel keepers on the wall. The church bell-like pendant lighting feels innovative.

Not only because of the gold-tone, but also the lighting becomes the sole classic item in the modern bathroom.

Graceful Small Bathroom

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (23)

Black and white can lead to various bathroom styles. The lengthy, narrow bathroom decorates the area into an elegant one. As a good starter, the bathroom creates a ceiling design.

We can’t deny the power of pricey furniture and accessories. The bathroom chooses the vintage storage that functions as the countertop and the end table. The mirror and the wall lamp styles support the vintage tone.

Expect a relaxing me-time moment while soaking in the bathroom tub. Interestingly, the bathroom creates a showering area for a quick shower when necessary.

Wonderful Small Bathroom

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (24)

Besides orange, you can choose lavender. We regard the color is quite unusual to be applied for a small bathroom. The example works with white. Combining plain and patterned motifs with lavender works well for the bathroom.

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The strategy turns the bathroom vibrant. You probably require extra time for hunting decorative mirror with lavender like this. That holds true for lavender partition. Classic flavor appears from the bathroom through the wall lamp and the storage style.

Purchase multipurpose storage like this for keeping bathroom items to take up the sink basin.

Splendid Small Bathroom

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (25)

We believe not all small bathrooms look square or rectangular. The bathroom, for instance, occupies such unique, tight space. But this doesn’t matter at all. To begin with, the bathroom paints the wall with red.

That makes the bathroom looking bold and brave. The red bathroom tub supports the color tone. The bathroom sets up the long window to allow for good air circulation. We find the example looking splendid with classic storage that houses the sink basin.

The bathroom creates the classic window as the decoration. We find the strategy unique and cool at the same time.

Outstanding Small Bathroom

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (26)

With Boho or Bohemian concept in mind, feel free to decorate your small bathroom. The example prefers to classic, Mediterranean sub-styles. You can grab the vintage tone from the round, open storage.

We often see the style in old houses in Mediterranean countries. The strategy helps you optimizing the tight area. Ceramic types capture our attention. With the soft shade of blue in the same tone, the tiles take different patterns.

Plenty of live plants appear in the bathroom that derives from typical Bohemian bathroom design. The bathroom’s ceiling becomes another canvas as it takes up the modern lighting styles.

Casual Small Bathroom

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (27)

The simplest and most common small bathroom style you mostly know of. You can choose favorite tile colors to pair with white. The strategy helps to make it a bit lively. The bathroom goes for fresh green shade.

The green shade ceramics create the bathroom feeling fresh as well. It pairs the tiles with the green wall painting. The bathroom looks plain with no accessories at all. You can thus use the bathroom for various users, from family members to guests.

The bathroom style is also fine concept for dormitory bathrooms that can meet everybody’s tastes, both male and female residents.

Glowing Small Bathroom

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (28)

Choosing glossy materials and glass items helps to create a spacious feel for your small bathroom. The example goes further than that. It picks two colors that contrast to one another. Teaming up red and gold is an unusual color pairing.

Add to the already unique color scheme, the bathroom sets the in-built lamp that produces bright rays. When hitting the golden bathroom wall, the area glows. For decoration, the bathroom creates storage within the wall.

Hanging the picture and the mirror shows you a useful tip to optimize the wall for placing accessories.

Green Small Bathroom

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (29)

For a true nature lover, a small bathroom can provide a good area for a mini indoor garden. The small bathroom feels very green in real sense. That refers to plenty of live plants that are put into various vases all over the bathroom.

The bathroom even places the classic storage that also functions as the end table for displaying the plants. As for furniture, the bathroom chooses the classic bathroom tub. The mirror style adds the vintage tone, too.

The hanging storage uses the classic model. The bathroom fulfills it with body treatment oils and lotions.

Lovely Small Bathroom

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (30)

This marks our second bathroom style that depends on ceramic for producing an unusual color tone. After the casual bathroom tip, the bathroom picks the soft shade of orange ceramics for making the area looking bright.

This one looks more colorful. It hangs the valance that contains the catchy design. Still, with the orange shade, the bathroom hangs the partition with the cool picture. The valance and the partition provide decorative flavor.

The bathroom contains the tub, the sink area, and the toilet as the must-have items for any bathrooms. Two storage can keep from clean towels to ready stock tissues.

Ancient Small Bathroom

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (31)

We set the bathroom as the most distinctive one in the list. While the other examples mostly look modern, the bathroom looks ancient instead. We recommend this one for recycling old furniture and decoration.

The example also fits for those of you who love DIY projects. The tall cupboard seems traditional and old with the tone. It hangs the partition with the thick curtain. Bring into the bathroom live plants.

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Back then, old bathrooms use live plants and flowers as refreshments. You can choose a modern sink basin and toilet if you can’t find a vintage sink basin and closet.

Masculine Small Bathroom

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (32)

Industrial and masculine. We dedicate the small bathroom for men bathroom owners. You can practice the bathroom when you look for the trendy one with black and grey. The bathroom selects grey, glossy material for the wall and the floor.

The glossy tone helps to make the bathroom a bit spacious. The bathroom enlivens the showering area with the super-small tile design. Pay attention to the sink area that contains a rough sink basin. The same rough tone also comes from open storage.

The storage displays body treatment oils and lotions. The bathroom applies different wall styles to decorate the area.

Minimalist Small Bathroom

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (33)

Some of the examples choose fabric partition, others go for this one. The bathroom shows that it includes the glass partition for the showering area. That helps saving space for this small area.

Dim rays from the bathroom lighting create the bathroom in a peaceful area. It creates a wall model on top of the closet that displays clean towels. Beige and brown contribute to making the example warm.

The sink area uses the wooden furnishing that contains a drawer. Place fresh flowers to freshen it up a bit. The example proves that a minimalist bathroom can lead to an elegant look like this.

Fine Small Bathroom

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (34)

Again, beige and brown color a small bathroom. This time around, the bathroom uses a more beige tone that produces the example into a bright area. Given the low ceiling, the bathroom creates a window in that model.

You can see that the window area displays the flowers. A showering area is chosen for the bathroom. The site looks even brighter with the in-built lamp. For the sink area, the bathroom goes for the wooden countertop.

Beneath it, the bathroom places the white stand that looks like storage. The bathroom completes the area with the heating.

Quirky Small Bathroom

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (35)

We close our small bathroom ideas’ list with this exceptional one. The bathroom applies the steampunk style. You can see that the bathroom looks classic and industrial at the same time.

You may require big money to purchase the bathroom’s items. But if you really aim for the odd bathroom look, this one deserves your money. We find the window style looks classic.

The same goes for the apparent plumbing that accompanies the sink area. The closet looks super weird. As for decoration, the bathroom places the wall with factory materials.

Utilize the Corner

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (36)

Make use of one of the corners for showering areas like this. Besides optimizing the small space, the idea can become a stylish area. From the example, we see that the showering site looks attractive.

To begin with, apply glass partition to create a sense that the area was wide. You can fulfill the showering site with different materials as the example suggests. The area gets painted with a soft shade of blue and brown.

The tiles look catchy with the blue shade. The vibrant turns the spot cool thing to enjoy.

Use Hanging Toilet

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (37)

This attic bathroom provides a hanging toilet model that helps to save the space. The toilet gets fixated at the bathroom’s wall. Hit the flush button above the toilet. Equip the toilet with tissue holder that can be reached within one stretch of the hand.

The three items within the toilet area all seem minimalist. They help you become efficient in using the toilet. The bathroom itself feels simple and fresh. It has a sunken tub that creates a comfortable flavor.

We can feel the bathroom fresh and light with beige and white tones. The living plants and flowers enliven the attic bathroom, too.

Light Shade of Color

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (38)

This tip is especially proper for those of you who wish to practice one certain color for a small bathroom. In this regard, the example picks pink. You can examine that one of the wall’s segments are colored by the light shade of pink.

The strategy benefits the bathroom in two things. It modifies the pink theme for the bathroom. Secondly, the strategy helps to make the bathroom light and a bit spacious. The ambiance is mostly felt when the lamps are on.

In addition, the bathroom chooses the light shade of pink for the floor.

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Place Living Plants

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (39)

Create your small bathroom into a quiet spot for total relaxation at a low cost. You don’t always spend a big budget to purchase accessories. We always recommend living plants for various reasons.

Living plants as you see from the picture bring natural refreshments into your bathroom. Secondly, you can simply move living plants from your backyard to the bathroom. And lastly, we believe plenty of living plants won’t bore you.

The bathroom, in particular, places the plants all over the tub. It pairs the living plants with candles. Expect peaceful reading time or homemade spa moment in the bathroom.

Choose Soft Tone

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (40)

A soft tone is always recommended for a small bathroom. The tone produces a calm feel that creates the bathroom light and cozy. Besides white, you can choose grey, brown or beige. The bathroom picks grey as the theme color.

Not only for the wall and the floor but also for the decoration. The bathroom chooses grey fabrics for the chair cover. The same color holds true for the clean towels that are on the table. We notice the chair contains the grey clothing.

The bathroom thus looks soft through various neutral color items.

Apply Glass Partition

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (41)

The picture actually reveals an office bathroom. We choose the example for the glass partition that you can apply for your small bathroom. The office bathroom puts the glass partition more as a decoration.

The item somehow creates an impression that the bathroom was large. At the same time, the partition acts as a good ornament. For example, the partition serves as the walkway signage. Employees will pass it along from the toilet to the sink area.

Have Glossy Cabinet

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (42)

Besides glass partition and mirror, choose the glossy cabinet. The bathroom, in particular, picks glossy, red cabinet that lies beneath sink basins. The cabinet thus serves as storage and countertop.

The cabinet looks minimalist with plain, red material that covers it. The bathroom picks the cabinet color to adjust with vibrant, small tiles that make up the wall and the bathroom tub.

With the cabinet, the bathroom looks a bit spacious and bold. Ensure you choose bright ceramics to support the wide ambiance.

Contrast Two Colors

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (43)

The bathroom proves that small or large area shouldn’t hinder you from creating a dreamy bathroom. The example contrasts two colors; metallic grey and red. It realizes the concept through various forms that you can steal from.

As the first start, choose glossy materials, such as the metallic wallpaper that covers the wall. For the red hue, the bathroom attracts us with the red, pendant lamp. Furthermore, the bathroom creates an “in-built” rack next to the sink area.

The shelf is embedded in the bathroom’s wall for optimizing the narrow area.

Create “Fake Door”

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (44)

This one is creative. The showering area is completed by a “fake door” that is made from black metal. The material gets divided into some squares along with a knob that you can pull or push.

This is another option to glass partition that we mentioned earlier. The example picks the idea to adjust with a black and white bathroom style that is applied here. With the “fake door”, the bathroom looks trendy.

Besides, the idea makes the bathroom as if it were a large one.

Large Window Matters

45 Small Bathroom Ideas 2022 (Make Yours Look Appealing) (45)

Before anything else, put window element for your bathroom layout. Including window matters more than we can think of. The example picks for a large window and puts it next to the bathroom tub.

The window allows for good air circulation and natural light. The item creates an impression that the bathroom is a bit spacious. To support the goal, the bathroom limits putting accessories.

We only notice the heating and the small table for displaying body treatment essentials. The bathroom manages to create a walkway for walking back and forth.

From casual to weird appearance, we thus close our list of small bathroom ideas. We complete the list with more tips to deal with the size. We hope the article motivates you decorating your small bathroom.

What do you think about those small bathroom ideas? Also, which one of them will you try? Well, whichever it is, we hope it helps.

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