8 Smallest RV with Shower and Toilet. (2022)

8 Smallest RV with Shower and Toilet. (1)

8 Smallest RV with Shower and Toilet

RVs are a great way to travel while knowing that one has the comfort similar to that of their home with them. RVs make it easier for people who are traveling to dine, live and sleep in one place at a reduced cost in comparison to the amounts that could have been spent on food and hotel rooms.

One is able to save money and time that could have been spent on buying food and hotel rooms. Small RVs are great since they are fuel-efficient, cheap to buy, can be driven with ease, and are able to carry all that a home has in a small space.

KZ Spree Escape Mini

The KZ Spree Escape Mini is a lightweight camper that has a weight of 2850 lbs. The camper comes in different models which dictate the type of bathroom that one will get. The available bathroom options are a shit type, a shower type, and a shaving type. The bathroom and the loo are located in the same room and not in different rooms. The company However offers an option for both shower and loo in different rooms.

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Happier Camper

The Happier Camper is a lightweight camper that weighs a mere 1100 lbs making it easier for towing even for vehicles that do not have huge engine capacities. The camper is 11 inches long thus suitable to hold up to five individuals. The bathroom for this camper, however, is an outdoor one where one will require a tent for privacy.

Sportsmobile Sprinter Extended

Sportsmobile Sprinter Extended is a mini camper van that that is powered by all four wheels. This campervan is capable of driving up mountains, through rivers and even across deserts. The extended version of the vehicle is one that comes with a built-in bathroom.

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iCamp Elite

The iCamp Elite is one of the smallest RVs that has an inbuilt shower and a toilet. Weighing at 2890, the camper is also more of a lightweight camper in comparison to other RVs. The camper comes along with a fridge and an oven. The toilet and the shower are located in the same room and not in different rooms.

Jay Sport

The Jay Sports camper is one of the campers with style. The camper has a simple and compact interior which makes it easier for a person that is using it for the first time. The most important part of this RV is the bathroom. It has a water heater that holds 6 gallons of water. One can shower outdoors or indoors, depending on their wish.

Cricket Camper

If you want a lightweight trailer under 2000 pounds with bad the Cricket Camper is for you.

Key Features:

  • Storable in a standard garage
  • Weight: 1500 lbs
  • Length: 15′
  • Sleeps 2 adults and 2 children
  • Pop-up roof for optimized ventilation
  • Queen size bed and under bed storage
  • Dining table

Video Overview: 2015 Cricket Sports Trailer | Mount Comfort RV

Winnebago Rialta

If you want a cheap small camper with a bathroom Winnebago Rialta is for you.

Video Overview: Winnebago Rialta RV Tour 2018

If your plan is to spend long durations of time on the road, there is a need for the most vital amenities. According to the conventional know-how, there is a need for a large RV for one to have a large area, several beds, a bathroom,and cooking items. It is, however, possible to live in an RV that is small with all the amenities that one requires to survive on a daily basis. One has just to look for the available options and decide on their best fit.

Best small class B and class C RVs with shower and toilet.

Campers don’t need to exclude the bathroom if they are small. We get that you don’t like to have to poop in the bushes.

Small Class B RVs

Here are some easier to tow, lost-cost, and less-effort-demanding class B RVs.

  • Airstream Interstate (plus Twin Dual Wardrobe) – It is one of the smallest class B RVs with a shower and a popular one too. You will find 2 beds with different floor plans for it. The Airstream Interstate comes with an understated exterior meaning it looks like any other campervan out there. Most importantly, you’ll get a toilet inside a shower in this model.

Being a class B RV, it is a tiny place to live in. You need to think about it before going for it.

  • Leisure Travel Van U24MB – Want a cool LCD TV in your RV? Then the U24MB is your best choice among small class B RVs. Its cozy murphy bed and a huge bathroom will absolutely enchant you. Moreover, it provides you with a slide that gives an extra living space when packed with stuff.
  • The Incognito: Airstream Interstate (Plus Twin Dual Wardrobe) – The Incognito is the most contemporary class B RV, inside and out. It provides you with 2 twin beds, which is great when you have a guest in. You don’t have to worry about the exterior too; there are no big and fancy stickers or swirls on it. One great thing about this is you’ll have the comfort of having 4 wardrobe spaces on the Incognito, more than enough to hold your shoes, clothes, etc.

Compact Class C RVs

  • Breathing space: Winnebago – This is our favorite RV, with no beds. Yes, no beds. But you’ll get a huge bathroom and shower. The Winnebago is one best smallest class c RV with a shower and toilet. The main bed is attached in the loft area, just above the driver’s seat. Moreover, you’ll get five times more storage (inside and out) than a class Bone. The pull-out sofa provided by Winnebago is wonderful for extra 1-2 visitors.
  • Itasca SPIRIT 31H –It is a bunkhouse with 2 slides. Your living area is on the driver’s side while the master bedroom is located on the passenger side. This amazing class C RV is manufactured by Ford. Despite its compactness, this air condition-supported van can provide an astounding 9 sleeping capacity.
  • Thor Motor Coach Sprinter 24SR –The Mercedes Thor Motor Coach runs on diesel fuel. This compact class C RV has 2 slide-outs with an attached air conditioner. You can have a maximum of 6 persons accommodated inside for sleeping. Moreover, you’ll love its Red Velvet color on the exterior.

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2 smallest RV with shower and toilet

KZ Spree Escape Mini

KZ spree escape mini is of different models. This camper is somehow light with a weight of 2850 lbs. Due to many different models, the types of bathrooms inside are also different. It has three bathroom options that you choose what you prefer. These options include shit type, shower type, and shaving type. However, the loo and the bathroom are situated in the same room. If you prefer the two to be in different rooms, the company provides an option for different rooms.

Video Overview: KZ 181RK Spree Escape Mini Loaded Mini-Van Towable Travel Trailer

Camp Elite

This type of RV is considered to be the smallest one. In addition, it is lightweight compared to the other RVs which are a bit heavy. it has an intrinsic toilet and shower. Icamp Elite weighs around 2890 lbs. The camper is accompanied by special offers of a fridge and an oven. Furthermore, both the toilet and the shower are situated in the same room.

Video Overview: 2008 iCamp Elite

2 small camping trailers with bathrooms

The Casita Spirit

Casita Spirit is more of a dinner pop-up camper. This camper exists in two types; deluxe and standard. The two models can comfortably accommodate 6 to 8 seats. While the standard is a 16 trailer, deluxe is known to be a 17 trailer camper. The inside of this camper is made to be Cosy to the travelers as well as lightweight.

In spite of this, the cushions are beautifully designed with fabrics of different types. You just select your preference of either slate or tan/earth. All benefits are given to this trailer coming with 15 tires of c-range wheels. The torsion rubber ride suspension makes it easy to ride in bumpy areas. The camper has all spare repairs including tires, trail covers, and safety chains. The electric brakes of this camper give you the best ride.

The bathroom of this camper is catered for well. 16 gallons of a freshwater tank and a demand water system of 12 volts are fixed in the bathroom. The storage areas are two comprising of plush carpet line and the side overhead fixture.

Video Overview: CASITA 2017 Spirit Deluxe

Lance 1575

This is an extensive modular comprising of bathrooms inside. Its model is a dinette constituting a dry bathroom and shower. The interior is spacious such that it can accommodate four individuals.

The beautifully made skylight and windows make you feel really at your home. The bathroom comprises high-quality and excellent equipment such as a bathtub. black tank flush, marine toilet, foot pedal, medicine cabinet as well as a dual-pane.

The bedroom is well equipped with a deluxe queen innerspring mattress and a pillow top.

Video Overview: 2019 Lance 1575 Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

2 pop up camper toilet and shower combo

Winnebago Rialta

This is an ancient small camper with a bathroom and a toilet inside. With its small size of 21 feet, Rialta provides good air circulation making your breathing awesome. It has a bathtub shower combo with a nice door.

Video Overview: Anthony’s Winnebago Rialta RV Tour

Jay sport trailer

Jay sport has a dry weight of 2270 lbs. This camper is classy and its interior is beautifully made. It has an exterior shower and a bathroom tent. In this trailer, you can choose to shower indoors or outdoor.

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Investing in an RV is a major decision that would save you a lot during your travel. Campers come in a wide variety making them suitable for various user needs. It is important to know the type of motorhome to acquire depending on your camping needs.

Smallest RV with Bathing Section?

For this option, you can select from the class B RVs. Each has its unique features and it would be down to the size ideal for your needs. Class B RVs cut an edge across a wide range of aspects including price and management for a small group.

Smallest Self-Contained RV?

The tiny RV with essential amenities you can get in the market is class B. This comes complete with facilities that ensure that you have all the services within your camper.

Smallest Class of RV?

The perfect compact RV in the market is class B. This category is considered of least size among the various options in the market.

Video Overview: CAMPER RV TOUR | The Smallest Class B+ Motorhome With a Full Shower & Dry Bath

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Compact RV You Can Rent?

You may opt for leasing an RV to gain this experience which makes it possible to save a lot. The smallest RV you can lease is any from the class B level which has a wide range of options. This would depend on the number of group members.

The Value of Pop Up Campers?

The need for an RV varies depending on the level of need you have. A pop-up camper is what you would consider if you are not consistent with your adventure. The cost of acquiring this ideal RV is within the budget of many people which makes it an ideal preference for many nomadic travelers.

The perfect type of RV to Buy?

Buying an RV requires a budget suitable for your perfect experience. It is thus important to ensure that you know the cost difference for a small camper. A class B RV is a great option for a small budget and it ideal for a wide range of needs.

Video Overview: How to Choose Which Type of RV is Best for You?

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