Are Gold Bathroom Accessories Back in Style? (2022)

Through the years, gold bathroom accessories have been in and out of style. In 2019, gold bathroom accessories are gaining some traction in the bathroom design scene. Gold finishes are beautiful for classic bathroom designs as well as rustic and vintage designs. If incorporated in the right bathroom design, gold bathroom accessories can work wonders.

Which Designs Does Gold Work In?

Gold is one of the most attractive finishes on the market. This is due to the beautiful color and the association it has with luxury. Because of this, there are certain designs in which gold can be utilized extremely well. Vintage bathroom design can use gold bathroom accessories very nicely. Because these designs focus on high end and antique looking fixtures, gold bathroom accessories will fit right in.

Another great design that can use gold bathroom accessories is a luxury design. Luxury designs focus on very high quality and relaxation. Gold is used in many different fixtures and vintage accessories in this design. It is important to note that this design doesn't overwhelm with gold, but instead uses subtle gold accents to make the bathroom shine. Accessories are extremely important to this design in that regard.

You will almost never find a luxury bathroom that is exclusively gold. This is for the same reason that you will never find a bathroom that is exclusively chrome. Shiny luxury finishes are too overwhelming to the eye to be used as main materials for a bathroom. Because of this, they are best used in accents or accessories. This is the best way to incorporate these types of finishes. Keep this in mind because it might turn out to be a solution for spicing up your bathroom.

Popular Gold Bathroom Accessories

Gold works on essentially any bathroom accessory, but there are a few that work especially well. For example, smaller accessories such as tissue box covers, trays and soap dispensers are perfect accessories to incorporate the gold finish. These accessories work especially well because they don’t have to be in a fixed position. If you want to move these accessories around to make your bathroom design look more comfortable and appealing. Both brushed gold and polished gold are popular finishes when it comes to gold bathroom accessories. The gold finish creates the perfect accent to a number of different bathroom designs.

Gold Soap Dishes

Gold is a beautiful color to be up close and personal with. Because of this, you will want to have a beautiful set of gold accessories on your vanity. These can come in many different forms. One of the best places to start is a soap dish. Soap dishes are great bathroom accessories for any vanity in any bathroom design. If your bathroom is centered around a luxury theme, a gold soap dish could be just what you need.

If you use bar soap, a soap dish is something that you should absolutely have. Soap dishes keep your area clean while being a nice place to put your soap. Even if you do not use bar soap, it can still be a beautiful accessory to include on your vanity. This will work especially well if you are using it to match with other accessories. Soap dishes are some of the most overlooked accessories in a luxury bathroom, however. Because of this, you want to make sure that you have if you need it. Polished gold is a great starting point for this gold bathroom accessory. Even if you don't need one, they still add a great element of design.

Gold Soap Dispensers

Similar to soap dishes, soap dispensers are beautiful luxury accessories to incorporate in your vanity area. This is a must if you use liquid soap in your bathroom. get rid of your plastic soap dispenser and get a nice gold bathroom accessory. This will add a great complement to your gold soap dish. In many cases, you may be able to find a pair of them sold together. This will give you immediate access to two beautiful accessories. Try polished gold for a beautiful shine to your design.

Gold soap dispensers come in two main styles. Firstly, you can get one that is all gold. This will give you a shining accessory that will go well with other gold bathroom accessories in your design. You can also go with a soap dispenser that uses gold as an accent. For example, consider a crystal soap dispenser with a gold pump. This will be a beautiful accessory that uses vintage gold subtly yet effectively. It is ultimately up to you as to which one you want. Both are great options to consider.

Gold Towel Bars

Towel bars are essential in any bathroom design. They are not only essential for holding your towels, but they are effective elements of decor as well. When you are shopping for your towel bars, consider a gold towel bar. Gold towel bars are perfect for holding towels for your shower, sink or any other reason why you might need them. If you have a larger vintage bathroom, you may want to get multiple towel bars in case you need them. You should place them within an arm's reach of whatever you are doing so that you can easily access them.

Gold towel rings are also very effective in this sense. Gold towel rings are generally smaller and more easily accommodating for smaller bathrooms. The gold finish is one of the most striking aspects of this particular gold bathroom accessory. Most people do not see gold towel bars or gold towel rings as essential for a beautiful design. However, towel bars serve a unique purpose as complements. If you have a beautiful set of towel bars, you will be able to immediately see the impact that they have on the rest of the traditional bathroom. Brushed gold towel bars are something to consider because of the vintage feel.

Gold Faucets

Whether you look at faucets as accessories or fixtures, gold faucets are beautiful additions to a bathroom design. If they are paired with a beautiful sink, this can be one of the most attractive areas in the bathroom. Gold faucets are a nice break from traditional chrome faucets, although chrome is very beautiful and effective. If you do want a traditional gold faucet, there are a few things to consider.

First, you need to know whether the faucet is going to be deck mounted or wall mounted. This is important to note because of installation purposes. Deck mounted sinks will be mounted either on a sink or on a traditional counter. Depending on the amount of holes you have on either one, you may be limited in your choices. However, you can always get a cover for extra holes or drill some new ones. You shouldn't settle for less than you want, so don't be afraid to contact a professional if you need help. Wall mounted faucets need special plumbing accommodations because of how they are installed. You will have to go into your wall to make sure everything is functional and safe. This is something you might need the help of a professional for.

You should also consider what type of sink needs to be paired with a gold faucet. Gold is not a super versatile color, but it can still go well with several designs. The safest and most popular option is a white sink. A gold faucet paired with a white sink looks very clean and very classy. You could also go with a glass or crystal sink. this will give off very luxurious vibes in your design. If you like another combination, you may want to try it out. Personal comfort is extremely important in a bathroom design, so do what you like best.

Rose Gold as an Accent

Rose gold is very effective as an accent if you are utilizing it in the right places. First of all, accessories are some of the best areas for you to do this. Accessories come in many different shapes and styles, so this is something that you should be able to do fairly easily. Whether it is from your soap dish or bathroom faucet, gold will help all areas of your bathroom shine.

With that being said, you do not need to just use your accessories. You can also use rose gold in other areas of your bathroom to create beautiful accents. For example, look to your windows. If your windows have cranks or handles, think about making them rose gold to match your accessories. You can also look to your other elements of decor. For example, you might want to include a clock in your bathroom. This is a great opportunity for you to include a beautiful piece of functional decor. Clocks utilize rose gold materials very well, so this is definitely something to consider.

Where It Doesn’t Work

Although gold bathroom accessories are very beautiful and stylish pieces to include in a bathroom design, there are some accessories that would be better off staying away from the gold finish. For example, some accessories just look completely out of place such as toilet paper holders or shelves. Accessories like these are better when they are finished with a neutral color in order to bring some order and neatness to your bathroom. On top of that, if there is too much of one color in your bathroom, it can get a little overwhelming.

In Conclusion

All in all, gold bathroom accessories are popular, but not quite the most popular. It is important to remember that gold is best used in small areas to accent the large fixtures in your home. Gold bathroom accessories can be beautiful pieces to have in any bathroom design. Consider some for your specific bathroom style.

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