Bathroom Storage Ideas Over the Toilet (2022)

If you had to choose one area in the house that never seems to have enough storage space, which room would it be? If you’re like most people, you probably chose the bathroom. It’s not surprising – our bathrooms are not traditionally associated with storage space.

It’s more than a little crazy, considering that we need to store cleaning supplies, toilet paper, towels, medications, and other essentials. How about installing a shower holder for shampoo so you'll never have to fumble for your toiletries ever again? It's so difficult to find storage for all the bathroom toiletries you use daily. That’s why, in this post, we’re going up. Up above the toilet, that is, for all your bathroom organizer over the toilet needs.

Why waste a space when it can be put to much better use? Let’s look at some alternatives.

How Do You Organize A Small Bathroom?

But first, how do you organize a small bathroom? You'll need some bathroom storage ideas, and the over the toilet hack is a brilliant way to really maximize the space you have available. Plan what you need to store in your bathroom and most definitely consider the space above the toilet, where shelves or a cabinet can be mounted.

Recessed Shelving Behind The Toilet

A clean set of floating shelves is easy to install. It’s also a great way to add extra storage space. Use plain wood, naturally finished, to add warmth to the area. Paint the shelves white for a cleaner look.

Why not consider going over to the dark side? Black shelves give an edgy look to a more modern bathroom.

Put items directly on the shelf or use baskets and boxes to create smoother lines.

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Bathroom Hooks Over The Toilet

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Maybe you just need somewhere to hang extra washcloths or your bathroom scrubby. If that’s the case, a few well-placed hooks could do the trick. Just be sure that you’re not hanging anything that might drip directly over the toilet paper! The Arnold makes a great bathroom towel hook - they're easily removable and the sleek design fits in perfectly with any bathroom decor. You won't need a towel rack with hooks that takes up unnecessary space. Or, how about using it as a bathroom robe hook? They're not just towel hooks for your bathroom, that's for sure.

Over Toilet Shelves

If you’re not big on DIY, over toilet shelves are far easier to install. All you need to do is to create a firm anchor on the wall for your above toilet shelf, and you’re done. Your over the toilet organizer is ready and you'll magically have a ton of extra bathroom toilet storage.

Industrial Shelving

You’ll need a little bit of DIY know-how for these shelves. The upside is that the shelving will look unique.

If you’re on a tight budget, string together a few lengths of PVC piping. If you’ve got more cash lying around, use metal piping instead.

You’ll have to make sure that the pipes are securely joined and with metal, this can be accomplished through welding. Alternatively, drill holes at three or four spots along the tubes and run a nice big bolt through them to create more of a design feature.

Use a Shelf with Drawers

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Need even more space? Find a shelving unit with drawers. Again, securing this properly will be essential, but you gain a lot of extra space.

What About a Wine Rack?

I realize this one sounds a little wacky, but a wine rack can be great for storing towels, detergents, and shampoos. It’s lightweight and easy to mount, too. Makes a brilliant tight space bathroom organizer.

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Use a Combination of Pegs and Shelves

Another option is to secure a series of horizontal pegs to the wall. These pegs should be slightly longer than the width of your shelf. The pegs support your shelf.

The end of the pegs also provides an extra storage option.

Hanging Baskets

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We tend to think of storage units as cabinets or shelves. Baskets can also be secured against the wall, however, and provide handy storage space.

Make things easier on yourself by putting up a towel rail up on the wall. Then use butcher’s hooks or bits of ribbon to secure the baskets on the one side.

Wooden Crates Repurposed

If you’ve got some cool vintage crates lying around, repurpose crates for extra storage. Just arrange them with their bottoms facing the wall. Placed diagonally, they’re more interesting and perfect for storing towels or toilet tissue.

Ladder Shelf Over The Toilet

Bathroom Storage Ideas Over the Toilet (4)

(Video) 3 Designer Hacks for Teensy Tiny Bathrooms!

If you find a wooden ladder with wider rungs, you’re a short step away from easy storage. You’ll need to remove any rungs at toilet-height or lower. Then place the ladder over the toilet and use the upper “shelves.”

If you’re handy, you can also make shelves that extend the rungs of the ladder.

Drawstring Bags

I’m putting this one down because I want you to start thinking differently about storage. Again, you’ll need a series of pegs or hooks. Hang your supplies in drawstring bags on the different hooks.

To be fair, it’s not the most elegant solution, so it’s not going to suit everyone’s tastes.

Use a Shadow Box

Shadow boxes are typically used to display and protect treasures. In this case, you’ll use a larger version without glass in it. Choose one with several divisions in it. Make sure the divisions are large enough to be useful.

Bathroom Shower Shelves

Bathroom Storage Ideas Over the Toilet (5)

More shower shelf ideas - wall mounted shower shelves above the toilet are always a great addition for storage space. For these, the shelves themselves will be the feature. You want to look for wood that’s wider than normal so that it stands out nicely. Choose something that’s aged, with a lot of texture. Otherwise, go ultra-modern with dark, smooth wood surfaces.

Over The Toilet Cabinets

An upcycled old bathroom cabinet will work well here. Choose one that has a glass front and distress it for a nice “countrified” look. Alternatively, remove the mirror from a more standard option.

(Video) GENIUS SMALL BATHROOM STORAGE IDEAS (that are also rental-friendly!)

Another idea is to hang the cabinet, and then hang hooks from the bottom or front door. How high should a cabinet be over the toilet? A height of 2 feet above your toilet is the perfect distance.

Repurpose Metal Shelving

If you come across a set of metal shelves still in good shape, put them to good use to maximize space in the bathroom.

Use a Shallow Bookcase

If you have a small children’s bookcase that is not too heavy and is fairly shallow, why not try it out? It would make a great small bathroom organizer.

Make Shelving Out of an Old Pallet

Bathroom Storage Ideas Over the Toilet (6)

Get your hands on a smaller pallet for a quick and cheap option. Attach the pallet with the boards facing toward the wall. The space inside will give you plenty of storage options.

Have a Wrought Iron Towel Holder Made

This is simple enough to get done and shouldn’t cost a fortune. This is a sterling option for a more masculine bathroom.

Use Driftwood

If you can find a good bit of driftwood, why not convert it into shelving? Obviously, you’ll have to be careful about how much weight you put on it, but it’ll be a great conversation starter.

Ready to organize your bathroom now? We really think you'll have learned how to organize your bathroom after this post. If you need more bathroom organization ideas, see our guide to bathroom organization. Hopefully, you’ll never think of storage in quite the same manner again. Almost anything can be turned into shelving. And, if shelves aren’t right for you, there are plenty of other options, too. See Tooletries' range of stylish bathroom organizers and get yourself organized today.


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