Best 120 Inch Projector Screen 2022 - (2022)

Do you want to get the maximum picture quality out of your projector? Pairing it with the right screen is a big part of that equation. To choose the best 120 inch projector screen, it’s important to first think about your viewing area and the type of projector you use. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best options on the current market so you can decide which one’s an ideal fit for your home.

Best 120 Inch Projector Screen – Top picks in 2022:

  • Vividstorm Projector Screen S Pro
  • Elite Screens ezCinema 2
  • EluneVision Aurora 8K
  • JWSIT Portable Front Projection Screen
  • Akia Screens AK-FF120WH2
  • QualGear 120-Inch Fixed Frame
Vividstorm S ProElite Screens ezCinema 2EluneVision Aurora 8KJWSIT PortableAkia Screens AK-FF120WH2QualGear 120-Inch Fixed Frame
Best 120 Inch Projector Screen 2022 - (2) Best 120 Inch Projector Screen 2022 - (3) Best 120 Inch Projector Screen 2022 - (4) Best 120 Inch Projector Screen 2022 - (5) Best 120 Inch Projector Screen 2022 - (6) Best 120 Inch Projector Screen 2022 - (7)
Screen size120”120”120”120”120”120”
Aspect ratio16:94:316:916:916:916:9
Viewing angle170°180°No data160°180°No data
Ambient light rejectingYesYesYesNoNoYes
Projector compatibilityUltra-Short Throw laser projectorsUltra/Short Throw Projectorsultra-short throw projectorsStandard-throw/short-throw projectorsNo dataUltra/Short Throw Projectors

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Projector Throw Ratio

Not all projector screens will work with all projectors. Especially when screens use ambient light reduction technology, it can disrupt the picture from certain styles of lamp and lens. Screens like the Vividstorm S Pro and EluneVision Aurora 8K are specifically designed for ultra-short throw projectors, and won’t work with standard throw models. The Elite Screens ezCinema 2 is the opposite, optimized for standard-throw lenses and not ideal for use with ultra-short throw models.

Some screens do have universal versatility and will work with all styles of projector. These typically don’t have any ALR technology, so may not be the best choice in a brighter room. On the plus side, they also tend to be a bit cheaper than their more sophisticated and specialized counterparts.

Ultra-short throw only: Vividstorm S Pro, EluneVision Aurora 8K

Standard throw only: Elite Screens ezCinema 2

Works with any projector: JWSIT Portable Projector Screen, Akia Screens AK-FF120WH2, QualGear 120-inch Fixed Frame

Ambient Light Reduction

The brightness of your projector is the main factor in how well it will perform against ambient light. Choosing a screen with ambient light reduction (ALR) can help with this too, though, absorbing light from lamps or windows to give the projector image better contrast and saturation.

The Nano Lens Technology used on the EluneVision Aurora 8K is impressive, blocking about 90% of the room’s ambient light and massively enhancing the image contrast. That said, it’s a close second to the Vividstorm S Pro, whose serrated screen design blocks up to 97% of ambient light.

Best ambient light reduction: Vividstorm S Pro

Installation Ease

Fixed-frame screens need to be assembled and mounted before you can use them, and this is often a time-consuming process. It also means measuring and planning ahead to make sure the screen is aligned with the projector—and more work if you don’t get it exactly right the first time.

Stand-alone floor-rising models get around this problem. With the motorized Vividstorm S Pro, you don’t even need to extend the screen yourself. Just place it, plug it in, and turn it on—the entire installation process takes less than 1 minute.

Easiest installation: Vividstorm S Pro


Wall-mounted screens can be a great option in permanent installations like home theaters, but they’re a hassle to take down and move (and, in some cases, doing so can even damage the screen). The portability of motorized floor-rising models is also limited since they’re heavy (typically 50 pounds or more) and require an outlet.

There are two screens on this list that get high marks for portability. The Elite Screens ezCinema 2 uses a manual floor-rising design, giving it a fast, easy set-up as well as great portability. That said, it’s not stable enough for outdoor uses, which can limit its versatility. The free-standing frame of the JWSIT Portable Front Projection Screen takes a bit longer to put together, but can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications, and is still relatively quick to assemble.

Most portable screen: JWSIT Portable Front Projection Screen

Vividstorm Projector Screen S Pro

Best 120 Inch Projector Screen 2022 - (8)

The motorized Vividstorm S Pro is an ideal screen for use with ultra-short throw projectors. Its unique serrated TPU prism design absorbs ambient light from above, ideal for spaces with lots of artificial lighting, and it rejects 97% of ambient light from all sources. It’s also equipped to do justice to the latest video formats, including 8K video resolutions and active 3D.

You couldn’t ask for a faster installation than what you’ll get with the Vividstorm S Pro. Just set it on your floor or entertainment center, plug it in, and turn it on. The turbine motor raises the screen in less than a minute. Once the screen’s up, it’s self-supporting, and you can even turn the power off until you’re ready to lower it. When it’s not in use, it retracts into the base, protecting the screen and preserving your room’s décor.

(Video) 5 Best Projector Screens | Don't get a projector until you watch this!

While a motorized screen is a convenient choice for many, there are also a couple of downsides. The S Pro is very heavy, for one thing, at more than 70 pounds. It also requires electricity to raise and lower, which can be an issue if outlets around your home entertainment system are already at a premium. For our more in-depth review of this screen, click here.

  • Supports 3D content and resolutions up to 8K
  • Fast setup, no hardware required
  • Silent motor
  • Retracts to be unobtrusive when not in use
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Resists 97% of ambient light

Best 120 Inch Projector Screen 2022 - (10)


  • Takes up an outlet
  • Costs more than most screens

Elite Screens ezCinema 2

Best 120 Inch Projector Screen 2022 - (11)

If you need a portable screen for presentations or other on-the-go uses, the Elite Screens ezCinema 2 could be your answer. The frame is made of lightweight aluminum, and it raises and lowers manually rather than using a motor, dropping its weight to a reasonable 40 pounds. The included case keeps the screen safe and contained during transportation or storage.

The fast, hassle-free set-up of the ezCinema 2 is a plus for home theater uses, too. The frame is sturdy, with scissor-backed rear supports for the screen, so you don’t need to set it up against a wall, and there’s no need for brackets or other mounting hardware. Not only does this make it a breeze to set up, it gives it excellent flexibility, allowing for fine adjustments to align with the projector image.

The Elite Screens ezCinema 2 is designed for use with standard-throw projectors up to 4K resolutions and is active 3D ready. Its wide viewing angle covers every seat that’s in front of the screen, great for viewing parties and other large gatherings. That said, you will need to use a fairly bright projector for lights-on viewing since it lacks the light-rejection technology employed by other screens on this list.

Best 120 Inch Projector Screen 2022 - (12)

(Video) Best Projector Screens 2022


  • Portable with included case
  • Crisp 4K resolution
  • Free-standing, no-hardware installation
  • Scissor-backed rear frame
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Ultra-wide viewing angle

Best 120 Inch Projector Screen 2022 - (13)


  • Not as effective at rejecting ambient light
  • Some wrinkles on screen when fully extended

EluneVision Aurora 8K

Best 120 Inch Projector Screen 2022 - (14)

For bright spaces, the EluneVision Aurora 8K is the screen you want. Its Nano Lens Technology uses reflective particles to filter out ambient light, enhancing the image contrast by up to 900% compared to other screen designs. One thing to bear in mind: this system will also filter out the projected light from standard-throw projectors, limiting this screen’s use to ultra-short throw models.

The frame of the Aurora 8K is only .4” thick, with a color-changing LED light surround to make the image pop. While it will need to be plugged in to use the LED frame, you can also use it without the lights if outlet space is at a premium. The thin frame and screen material ensure a consistently high-quality image from anywhere in the room.

Assembling and hanging the EluneVision Aurora 8K is a two-person job for most, and can take a while even with extra hands. The included instructions are clear and easy to follow, however, and once the frame is assembled it’s easy to get a flat, wrinkle-free look to the screen thanks to the twin tension spring system and stabilization layer, which protects from creases and other damage.

Best 120 Inch Projector Screen 2022 - (15)


  • True 8K performance
  • Exceptional contrast and sharpness
  • UST material rejects 90% of ambient light
  • Ultra-thin frame with LED backing
  • Smooth, flat surface with no wrinkles or creases

Best 120 Inch Projector Screen 2022 - (16)


  • Installation can be time-consuming
  • Takes up an outlet for the LED lighting

JWSIT Portable Front Projection Screen

Best 120 Inch Projector Screen 2022 - (17)

The JWSIT projector screen can be used in any environment, indoors or out. It’s made of polyvinyl chloride that can be folded without creasing and is easy to clean and maintain. Once it’s secured onto the frame, the screen is free of wrinkles, providing a perfectly flat surface for your movies and shows.

(Video) 9 Best Projector Screen 2022

The frame included with this JWSIT screen uses metal snaps for the assembly, letting you put it together or take it apart without the need for tools. It also includes stakes and cords to give it extra stability when you’re using it outside, though the frame is sturdy enough to stand up to light wind even without tying it down.

The JWSIT has broad projector compatibility, working equally well with laser and lamp-based projectors, and providing a clear picture for both standard and ultra-short throw models. It also supports 4K resolutions and active 3D. That said, the reason for this versatility is that it doesn’t have any extra ambient light rejection features, so you’ll need to use it with a relatively bright projector if your space has a lot of ambient light.

Best 120 Inch Projector Screen 2022 - (18)


  • Wrinkle-free foldable screen
  • Supports resolutions up to 4K
  • Portable, lightweight stand-alone frame
  • Frame assembles quickly with no tools required
  • Easy to transport in included carrying bag
  • Comes with stability kit for outdoor use

Best 120 Inch Projector Screen 2022 - (19)


  • No ambient light rejection
  • Some users have issues disconnecting the snap buttons

Akia Screens AK-FF120WH2

Best 120 Inch Projector Screen 2022 - (20)

If you’re on a tight budget but still want a high-quality screen, this 120-inch fixed-frame screen from Akia Screens is a great option. It’s 8K and 3D ready, with a CineWhite material that’s certified by the ISF to accurately reproduce colors. The black velvet frame absorbs overshoot light from the projector, giving the image a clean, professional look.

All the hardware you need to mount the Akia Screens 12” Fixed Frame projector screen comes included in the box. It uses a spring tension design to attach the screen, giving it excellent smoothness, though some users do report noticing uneven gain across the image. Assembling the frame and screen is a simple but time-consuming process, and like other fixed-frame screens it’s easiest with two people (though not impossible with one).

The only sacrifice you’ll make for the low cost of this Akia Screens model is that it doesn’t have any ALR technology. This can be an advantage too, though, since it makes it usable with standard and ultra-short throw projectors. Still, those sensitive to streaks, creases, or brightness spots may be disappointed by the screen’s performance.

Best 120 Inch Projector Screen 2022 - (21)


  • Excellent color performance and contrast
  • Cleans easily with soap and water
  • Tensioned springs for smooth viewing surface
  • Lightweight aluminum frame with black velvet coating
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Great value

Best 120 Inch Projector Screen 2022 - (22)


  • Some users report streaks and hotspots
  • Assembling is time-consuming and tedious

QualGear 120-Inch Fixed Frame

Best 120 Inch Projector Screen 2022 - (23)

Here’s another solid option for those who need a large screen on a small budget. This fixed frame screen from QualGear uses an aluminum frame with a black velvet screen border to catch overflow light. The screen itself is an acoustic white PVC material that can be cleaned with soap and water, and maintains the accuracy and saturation of colors in your content.

All the hardware you need to assemble and hang this QualGear screen comes included with it. It’s also light enough to hang on drywall using a wall anchor if you don’t have access to a stud. It’s also acoustically transparent, letting you place it in front of speakers without dampening the sound. The only downside of this transparency is that you may be able to see parts of the support, like the central bar, through the screen when you’re watching your content.

For a fixed-frame screen, installing the QualGear 120 inch screen is fast an easy, taking around 30-60 minutes on average with a single person. The sliding rear holes gives you some wiggle-room for making fine alignment adjustments, helpful for getting an exact placement with mounted projectors.

Best 120 Inch Projector Screen 2022 - (24)


  • Washable PVC fabric
  • Black velvet border
  • Acoustically transparent material
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Easy, flexible assembly and installation
  • Affordable price

Best 120 Inch Projector Screen 2022 - (25)


  • Central brace may be visible through the screen
  • Some users report pieces missing on arrival

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So What’s the Best 120 Inch Projector Screen?

The answer to this question won’t be the same for everyone. If you use an ultra-short throw projector, the Vividstorm S Pro and EluneVision Aurora 8K will give you the best picture quality, especially in well-lit spaces (>>> Check on ProjectorScreen). For those who need portability, the free-standing JWSIT Portable Projection Screen and manually raising Elite Screens ezCinema 2 give you quick, easy big-screen entertainment wherever you are. For those on a budget, the affordable price of the QualGear 120-inch Fixed Frame screen or Akia Screens AK-FF120WH2 give you more screen for your money. We hope this comparison has helped you identify the perfect screen for your home and projector!

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Is 120-inch projector screen too big? ›

Assuming your 120-inch screen has an aspect ratio of 16:9 then, it isn't too big if you maintain the recommended 30 degrees viewing angle and seat at a viewing distance of between 10-25 feet. If you get the above configurations right, you are bound to have an exciting viewing experience.

What is the best projector screen on the market? ›

The best projection screens in 2022
  1. Elite Screens Yard Master 2. ...
  2. Vamvo 3-Layer 120-inch Projector Screen. ...
  3. Khomo Gear Inflatable Movie Screen. ...
  4. Elite Screens Sable Frame 2. ...
  5. Pyle Portable Projection Screen. ...
  6. Homegear Electric Motorised Projector Screen. ...
  7. Nobo 1902392 Projection Screen. ...
  8. Khomo Gear Portable Projector Screen.
6 Sept 2022

What should I look for in a 2022 projector? ›

  • Delivers a full 3,840 by 2,160 pixels on screen.
  • 2,700-lumen laser light source rated to last the life of the projector.
  • Supports HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG HDR.
  • Good color accuracy, contrast, and shadow detail, plus dark blacks for a laser model.
  • Easy to maintain image height for different aspect ratios.

How far do you sit from 120-inch screen? ›

With one caveat..which we will get to in a bit. If your family likes being near the center of the theater, then choose a screen size which has about 10 inches of diagonal for each foot of viewing distance. That's about 120-inch diagonal for a 12 foot viewing distance.

How far away should you be from a 120-inch screen? ›

A 120-inch projector screen should be viewed at a distance of 143-525 inches. As a result, you can set the chairs between this range of distances if you're designing a multi-level home theater seating arrangement.

What is the best screen size for 1080p projector? ›

The most popular screen sizes for home projectors fall between 100 to 120 inches, but this mostly depends on the size of your room. People sometimes make the mistake of selecting the bigger screen size they can find, hoping it will maximize their viewing experience.

Do bigger screens look worse? ›

The image quality on the smaller monitor can often look sharper and more vivid because of its pixel density. This is measured in PPI (Pixels Per Inch). The smaller screen will have a higher number of pixels per inch than the larger screen.

How wide is a 120in screen? ›

120-inch Diagonal, 16:9 Aspect Ratio. View Size: 58.8" H x 104.6" W.

What is the highest quality display? ›

4K or 2160p = 3840 x 2160 - is commonly known as 4K, UHD or Ultra HD resolution. It is a huge display resolution, and it is found on premium TVs and computer monitors. 2160p is called 4K because the width is close to 4000 pixels. In other words, it offers four times the pixels of 1080p FHD or "Full HD."

How much should you spend on a projector screen? ›

We recommend spending around 15-30 percent of your projector cost on the type of projection screen that would be the most suitable in matching the quality-to-cost ratio with your projector.

Who makes the best home theater screens? ›

Stewart is the best-selling screen brand for custom home theaters, and the StudioTek 130 is the company's best-selling material.

What color screen is best for a projector? ›

Gray screens are often called high contrast screens because their purpose is to boost contrast on digital projectors in viewing rooms that are not entirely dark. The gray screen absorbs ambient light that strikes it better than a white screen does. In so doing the black level on the screen is maintained.

How many lumens does a projector need for daylight viewing? ›

If you need to turn on ambient lighting or if there are bright light sources in the room, a projector with 3,000 lumens or more will display clear images.

How far back should a projector be for a 120 screen? ›

147 to 160 inches

How high should a projector screen be from the floor? ›

The screen height should be roughly one-third of the distance from the display to the seats in the media room. Place it 24” to 36” inches above the floor as the optimum vertical Viewing angle is in the range of 15 to 20 degrees.

What is the best screen size for home theater? ›

The most common types are 4:3, 16:10, and 16:9. 16:9 projector screens are the most common type for home theaters as they are optimized for widescreen viewing, which is often used in films. 16:10 is slightly taller on the sides and it is most commonly used for PC projection in classrooms or businesses.

What is the best viewing angle to watch a movie? ›

Horizontal Viewing Angles

The viewing angle 'sweet spot' seems to be around 45-50 degrees where SMPTE, THX and 20th Century Fox recommendations converge.

How far from projector screen should I sit? ›

To find your optimum distance, measure the size of your screen diagonally and divide that size by . 84. Using that calculation, a 100-inch projector screen requires an optimal viewing distance of 119 inches or 3m from the screen.

Does distance from screen matter? ›

Viewing distance has everything to do with how far away you are from the computer screen. Too far away, and you'll be unable to read the screen properly. Too close, and you'll be forced to deal with eye strain.

Can you tell the difference between 1080p and 4K projector? ›

The major differences between the two projectors are 4K projector has a higher resolution, and enhanced viewing experience, but has an expensive price tag. You can have an amazing viewing experience even if you are ten feet from the projected image. A 1080p costs less but has a lower resolution.

Can you tell a difference between 1080p and 4K on a small screen? ›

From a distance, it is virtually impossible for someone to tell the difference in quality between a 1080p and 4K screen. However, if you have a big enough screen, in a small enough room the difference is immediately apparent.

What is the ideal screen size for 4K? ›

32-inch screen: a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels (UHD 4K) and aspect ratio of 16:9 offers you the most space and an optimal display size for your contents and for dividing up your screen area.

Is it better to have two screens or one big one? ›

The verdict is clear. In general, dual monitors take the win over ultrawide. Going dual snags you a more flexible setup that's better for multitasking and, if you buy high-end 4K monitors, packs more pixels than any ultrawide in existence.

Is it better for a screen to be too high or too low? ›

Adjust the monitor height so that the top of the screen is at—or slightly below—eye level. Your eyes should look slightly downward when viewing the middle of the screen. Position the monitor at least 20 inches (51 cm) from your eyes—about an arm's length distance.

Is it better to look at a big screen or a small screen? ›

Which screen is the best for your eyes? Studies show that smaller screens with lower brightness settings, like e-readers or smartphones are the best for visual comfort and ocular surface health!

Can a projector screen be too big? ›

Depends on the screen; it can be distracting, yes. You can arrange black velvet curtains to match what you're actually projecting, if your screen is too large. It's best to buy and set up the projector first, and then buy a screen to match.

What are the actual dimensions of a 120 inch projector screen? ›

SIZE: 120-inch Diagonal, 16: 9 Aspect Ratio. View Size: 59. 1" H x 104. 7" W.

What is considered a large screen? ›

xlarge screens are at least 6" x 4.5" large screens are at least 4" x 3" normal screens are at least ~2.9" x 2"

Which is better display Full HD or 4K display? ›

TVs with Ultra HD resolution display 4 times more pixels than Full HD images. 4K has a resolution of 4,096 × 2,160 (8.8 megapixels), a little higher than UHD. A better resolution TV (eg UHD vs FHD) displays a greater number of pixels and allows more details to be displayed on an image of the same size.

What is the highest resolution screen ever made? ›

16K resolution is a display resolution with approximately 16,000 pixels horizontally. The most commonly discussed 16K resolution is 15360 × 8640, which doubles the pixel count of 8K UHD in each dimension, for a total of four times as many pixels.

Is 1080p the same as 4K? ›

Full HD is just another term for 1080p or 1920x1080, and those are all ways of referring to the same resolution. By contrast, 4K has a resolution of 3840x2160. That's a lot more pixels in the overall image — totaling over 8 million pixels. As always, the higher the resolution, the sharper the picture will be.

Do expensive projector screens make a difference? ›

So if you're looking for better tensioning, yes, it is absolutely worth it. The more expensive screens usually stay properly tensioned and flat in comparison to something cheaper. It can also depend on temperature and humidity. For tensioning the quality of the projector does not matter, it's a screen issue.

Is 4K projector screen worth it? ›

4K is superior in terms of quality, details, sharpness and all other aspects you look for in creating your home cinema experience, and nowadays it doesn't have to be an expensive investment, as 4K projectors are increasingly more affordable.

What is the most important thing when buying a projector? ›

Display Resolution is a very important aspect. Both DLP and LCD projectors come with a fixed number of pixels. If most of the thing you will view from a projector is HD, then try to buy a projector with high pixels. A pixel count of 1024×768 is sufficient for DVD.

Is it better to have a black or white projector screen? ›

A black screen will give you a sharper image with better black levels than a white screen, especially in rooms with a lot of ambient light. If you plan to use a projector as a replacement for your living room television, a black screen could be a great solution.

Which is better front or rear projection screen? ›

While 90% of the time a front projection offers better visuals, with enough space a rear projection setup may be a superior choice. That's because it allows ambient light to hit the back of the screen to achieve the best image; this also helps to improve projected images appearing on the front of the screen.

Which company makes the best projectors? ›

  • Epson Pro Cinema LS12000 4K Pro-UHD Laser Projector. ...
  • Epson EX3280 3LCD XGA. ...
  • BenQ X1300i. ...
  • Epson EpiqVision Mini EF12 Smart Streaming Laser Projector. ...
  • Xgimi Horizon. ...
  • BenQ GV30. ...
  • Hisense 100L5G-Cine100A. ...
  • Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS500 4K Pro-UHD Laser Projection TV.

Is white or gray better for projector screen? ›

Projector and Screen manufacturers recommend white material in rooms that are very dark with projectors that have great contrast ratios. Light grey screen materials work in rooms that have little light or are dark with projectors that have low contrast ratios.

Is LED or LCD better for projector? ›

Without proper maintenance, LCD projectors are more prone to breaking down. Additionally, their bulb will need replacement multiple times over the projector's lifespan, while LEDs will last as long as the projector itself. Top choice: LED.

What screen color uses least power? ›

They present an opportunity for digital designers to save energy. As you might expect, darker colors require less energy to illuminate, with black being the lowest energy color and white being the most energy intensive.

Will a 4000 lumen projector work in daylight? ›

If you will use a projector outside, ensure it can use at least 3000 lumens to be on the safe side. The closer you get to using 4000 lumens and the beyond, the better projections you can expect while using a projector in daylight.

Is 5000 lumens too much? ›

A 5000-lumen LED bulb is a very bright light source, and if you are using it in a relatively small room, it can be very harsh. In this case, it is recommended that you use a 1000-lumen LED bulb. Under normal circumstances, garages, utility rooms, and warehouses are more suitable for 5000-lumen bulbs.

Is 4000 lumens too much? ›

A level between 4,000 and 8,000 lumens is ideal. This is a wide spread so you can choose the amount that is right for your bathroom size.

How many lumens is a 120-inch screen? ›

If you'd like to watch movies using a projector on a 100”~120” screen without ambient lighting, around 2,000 lumens of projection brightness is ideal.

How far away does a short throw projector need to be for a 120-inch screen? ›

You should check your projector manual to get some advice for your specific projector. However, for example, Epson suggests that a 120-inch screen should have a projector mounted somewhere between 147 to 160-inches back from the screen or around 12.5ft.

How big is a 120-inch projector screen? ›

120-inch Diagonal, 16:9 Aspect Ratio. View Size: 58.8" H x 104.6" W. Overall Size: 69.4" H x 110.9" W x 2.7" D.

Is there any 4K 120Hz projector? ›

BenQ TH685 1080p Gaming Projector - 4K HDR Support - 120hz Refresh Rate - 3500lm - 8.3ms Low Latency - Enhanced Game Mode - 3 Year Industry Leading Warranty. BenQ Certified Refurbished to like new. 1-year direct BenQ direct warranty. Included in the package: BenQ TH685 projector, remote control and power cable.

Is 2000 lumens too bright? ›

A 2000 lumen light beam is too bright to provide comfortable brightness over short distances. For reading, ophthalmologists recommend about 300 to 500 lux, which corresponds to a luminous flux of about 100 to 200 lumens, depending on the distance and beam angle of the flashlight.

HOW FAR CAN 1000 lumens be seen? ›

A 1000 lumen flashlight is quite bright and, depending on the lens or reflector design, powerful enough to reach a distance of 200 meters or more. This type of flashlight allows you to see objects from a far distance.

Is 1500 lumens too much? ›

If you use candles to light your space, you will save lots of money on electricity, but you won't be able to see much. For general space lighting, the U.S. Department of Energy suggests you shop for light that is in the range of 450 to 1,600 lumens per bulb.

Which is better short throw or long throw projector? ›

If you are looking for a home theatre experience but have rather cramped accommodation, a short throw would be the best bet. If you are giving a presentation or have the luxury of a large living space, a long throw would be better. Long throw projectors are also cheaper than short throw models.

What's the difference between ALR and CLR projector screen? ›

The main difference between ALR and CLR projector screens lies in how they reject ambient light. ALR projector screens reflect ambient light away from the audience, while CLR projector screens absorb ambient light. CLR projector screens also specialize in rejecting overhead light.

Is ultra short throw projector worth it? ›

The main advantage of an ultra short throw projector is that it doesn't require a lot of space behind the screen. This makes them ideal for use in small rooms where there isn't much room for setting up projection equipment. It also makes them popular in classrooms and conference rooms where space is premium.

How wide is a 120inch screen? ›

How broad a 120-inch screen is dependent on the screen's aspect ratio: For a standard aspect ratio of 16:9, a diagonal of 120 inches equals a width of 266 cm; For an aspect ratio of 16:10, a 120-inch screen is 258 cm wide; and. An ultrawide screen with an aspect ratio of 21:9 will be 281 cm wide.

How far off the ground should a projector screen be? ›

The screen height should be roughly one-third of the distance from the display to the seats in the media room. Place it 24” to 36” inches above the floor as the optimum vertical Viewing angle is in the range of 15 to 20 degrees.

Is 4K better than 120Hz? ›

Both 4K and 120hz are great for gaming. The difference between the two is that 4K has a higher resolution than 120hz, meaning it will provide a clearer picture of what is happening on the screen.

Is 4K same as 120Hz? ›

The 120 part of 4K 120Hz refers to the refresh rate of the TV. A TV with a 120Hz refresh rate can display a new image 120 times per second.

Is 4K always 120Hz? ›

As said earlier, the refresh rate of a TV may be more and less depending on many other factors, from resolution, the number of pixels, and most importantly, the frame rate. Not all 4K TVs have a refresh rate of 120Hz. Most of the older models 4K TV have a refresh rate of 60Hz.


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