Best bath towels with a fluffy and luxurious feel (2022)


here are few indulgences as universally adored as nestling into a supersized fluffy towel at a swanky hotel or spa.

But you don’t need to reserve this cosy feeling for only a few times a year. Bring five-star luxury to your bathroom with these tried and tested bath towels (just don’t forget the candles and diffusers to really elevate your bathing experience).

Leave threadbare and faded towels out of your morning routine by investing in a plush luxe alternative - but where to start? In recent years the bath towel market has exploaded - there’s everything from lightweight and absorbent towels made for on the go, to thick and cocoon-like.

The range of choice means there’s a lot more that goes into picking a bath towel than simply feeling the material and selecting a colour. Instead, it’s important to consider features such as thread count, size and GSM.

We’ve put together a handy little guide ofwhat to bear in mind when investing in these bundles of joy.

  • GSM: An abbreviation for ‘grams per square metre’, this refers to the weight of the towel. A higher GSM is indicative of a greater thickness and absorbency. In contrast, a low GSM means towels are lightweight and quick drying, perfect if you’re taking on trips or to the gym. GSM count varies from 300 to 600 GSM, with most ranging between 400 - 550.
  • Material: Towels are made from all sorts of material, each with its unique properties. If you’re travelling or use your towel post-workout then consider polyester or microfibre materials as they have quick drying and lightweight properties. For a bathroom towel, it’s worth going for 100 per cent cotton as they are long lasting and luxurious. If you’re after something with absorbent qualities then Egyptian cotton is your best bet, whereas Turkish cotton is less absorbent, but dries quicker.
  • Size: Whilst sizes vary, the standard bath towel measurements are 70 cm x 135 cm. If you’re after something larger, consider a bath sheet that at 100 cm x 160 cm is guaranteed to keep you warm and cosy after a shower or bathing.
  • Thread Count: Referring to the number of threads per square inch of material, towels with a higher thread count are more absorbent and durable.

With that in mind, it’s time for an upgrade. Ditch the lacklustre towels and spruce up to your bathroom with something more high quality, absorbent and luxurious. It’s the easiest way to inject colour into your space, no redecoration necessary.

Shop below for our recommendations.

The White Company Hydrocotton Super Jumbo Towels

If there was ever a brand to transform your home into the spa, it would be The White Company. Whilst there’s candles, diffusers and skincare aplenty, we’re particularly interested in the towels.

An all-time bestseller, the ribbed hydrocotton towel is an immediate crowd pleaser, and for good reason too. Made using low-twist technology, they simultaneously feel gloriously fluffy, whilst being impressively fast drying - which is perfect for when you’re in a hurry. The quality of the material is evident from first touch, and they remain soft and supple even after hundreds of washes. Although slightly pricey, the quality and size justifies it - the jumbo towel measures 115cm x 180cm.

Christy Luxe Bath Sheet Surf

Close your eyes and wrap yourself in one of these Christy bath sheets in order to be transported straight to the heart of the best spa in the world - right in the comfort of your own home.

Available in eight different colours, these towels ooze with luxury and sophistication. Made from 100 per cent Turkish cotton and weighing 730gsm, they are soft, fluffy and most importantly, absorbent. From face towel to bath sheet, there are five different sizes and the largest measures 90 x 165 cm. This towel is certainly not one to put away in the draws - the decorative diamond pattern on the edge coupled with the elegant green hues will spruce up your bathroom.

Piglet in Bed Warm Blue Cotton 6pc set

Looking to upgrade all your towels or add to an existing collection? Well you’ve found the perfect set from Piglet in Bed. For just over £50, this bundle includes an impressive six pieces - twice the face, hand and bath towel goodness.

Made from ethical zero-twist cotton and weighing 500gsm, luxury can be yours for a purse-friendly price. We love the warm blue colour that’s fresh, fun and pairs well with a range of decors. The contrasting off-white stripe is a fun addition and runs across the whole range. Other colours include a botanical green and vivid orchid.

Christy Brixton Towel - Set of 2 - Khaki

As much as we love luxury, sometimes practicality calls out to us and it’s time to admit that super thick, fluffy towels aren’t always the easiest to manage when it comes to drying, washing and storing. That’s where the Brixton textured towel comes in.

Made from 100 percent sustainable cotton, it’s super soft on the skin, incredibly absorbent and helpfully lightweight - not only is it fast drying, but it takes up barely any space in a cupboard.The dimensions are pretty standard at 90 x 150 cm and the khaki hue is muted yet chic.

Orla Kiely Sunflower Sunset Bath Sheet

Plain coloured towels not your thing? Get your hands on Orla Kiely’s Sunflower Collection that features a hand towel, bath towel and bath sheet. Each towel has a striking floral design and is available in orange, blue and mustard - perfect for livening up your bathroom’s palette. They are 100 percent cotton and have an impressive 580 GSM. Add an equally luxurious bath mat to your purchase to complete the collection.

Amazon Basics Quick Dry Towel Set, 2 Bath - Lake Blue

If value for money is what you’re after, then head to AmazonBasics. The online retailing giants offer two quick-dry bath towels for under £13.

Crafted from 100 per cent cotton and with 380gsm, these towels are fluffy, soft and super absorbent. There are eight colour options, ranging from a bold blue and green, to softer pink and yellow pastel tones.

For an extra £5, you can nab two face towels making this the perfect bargain value set that does everything you need - without the extortionate price tag.

Scooms Egyptian cotton bath sheet pair

Treat yourself to pure spa-like bliss with these extravagantly luxurious bath sheets that are soft, fluffy and amazingly absorbent. With options of silver grey, pearl grey and white, these towels will fit seamlessly into any bathroom decor.

They are made from 100 per cent Egyptian cotton and have 720gsm - you can’t get much more luxurious than this. The hook loop is particularly handy given the size and weight - they can easily be hung up instead of folded in cupboards to save on space.

The unique spinning technology used is great for sensitive skin as there are plenty of mico air holes inside the yarn that increases breathability. The bath sheets come in pairs and measures 100 cm x 160 cm.

Go Emu Sustainable Star Towels

With sustainability at the front and centre of everyone’s mind, Go Emu has created amicrofibre towel that is crafted from 100 per cent recycled plastic. Each towel is made from 50 bottles and is a split of polyester and polyamide.

Weighing a mere 420g, it’s perfect to take for travels, to the beach or to exercise classes. What’s more is that despite its large size (200 cm x 90cm), it’s incredibly easy to fold away and store in the small pouch provided. There are six colours to choose from that all feature the eye-catching star print.

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