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Today’s Posting will Focus on an aspect of The New Age Lifestyle that is of Paramount Importance, The Empowerment of Women and Girls. It is so Invigorating to see the Huge Increase in Women and Girls playing the Once “male Only” Sport of Tackle Football. As Women and Girls participate in this most “Macho” of Sports, they develop Strength and Teamwork that will enable Women and Girls to Build Confidence and Power! In the meantime, there is a Great Increase in Mothers and Wives Feminizing their husbands and sons. This will Lead to an Increase in The New Age Lifestyle of Female Empowerment and Female Control. While Encouraging their daughters to play Competitive Sports mothers are Building Strength and Character in Girls, in the meantime, encouraging their sons and husbands to Embrace their Femininity results in men and boys becoming more Docile and Controllable! This is indeed the Purpose of The New Age Lifestyle!

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More Girls are Playing Tackle Football

January 9, 2020

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Tackle football has traditionally been a boys sport, but that’s starting to change. Spurred in part by girls-only tackle football leagues inUtahand Texas, 47 of 50 states saw an increase in the percentage of girls who play high school tackle football in 2018 compared to a decade ago.

In California, the percentage of girls playing was 4.7 times higher in 2018, jumping from 0.14% of players to 0.65% of players. California’s 593 girls playing tackle football was the highest total among all states. Nearby New Mexico had the highest percentage, with girls making up more than 1 percent of all players in 2018.

On the other side of the country, 204 girls played tackle football in 2018 in New Jersey, a rate that was 6.3 times higher than in 2008. Throughout the Northeast region, the rate of girls on teams grew by a factor of 5.9, with large jumps in participation in Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Vermont.

Across the country, 2,404 girls played tackle football in 2018.

Tackle football isn’t the only way girls participation continues to grow. Georgia in 2019 became the fourth state to sanction girls flag football as an official high school sport — an effort that was led by theAtlanta Falconsand the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation — and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers just allocated $250,000 to create the first evergirls flag scholarship program.

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Coach says more female players are seeing a place for themselves in the sport

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Douglas Gelevan·CBC News·Posted: Sep 26, 2021 4:00 AM ET | Last Updated: September 26, 2021

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When Hayley Harrison first took to the football field with the Sun Youth Hornets six years ago, she didn’t recall seeing any other girls out there with her.

But now things have changed.

“This year it’s booming,” says Sun Youth football co-ordinator Jesse Blizzard.

There are 11 girls playing football for Sun Youth across their five teams this season. It’s the highest level of female participation in Hornets football history.

“They enjoy the sport. They wanna be able to hit some boys. And there’s nothing wrong with that.” Blizzard says.

Harrison, 17, is the only girl playing in her age group. But at the younger levels, more and more young girls are signing up to play.

Hayley’s coach, Dimitrios Manolopoulos, says girls have always been welcome at Sun Youth but perhaps what has tipped things recently is the increased visibility of women in the game.

“You’re seeing a ramp up of (girls) and women being part of the sport. On Tampa Bay, for example, when they won the Super Bowl they had a woman assistant coach, so you know the sky is limitless.” Manolopoulos said.

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When young girls see players like Harrison going toe-to-toe with the boys, it shows them that they can do it, too.

“It’s nice to think that I’m an inspiration to them, I used to play with another girl and we became really close,” Harrison said. “She would tell me how much of an inspiration I was to her. And going forward, we got to see all the younger girls join.”

Not always easy

Harrison says there are times when she gets targeted because she is a girl.

“They just wanted to come get the girl,” Harrison said, “but I don’t expect any mercy … so when they come at me it just gives me the opportunity to go harder and give my all.”

Harrison says her late grandfather remains her inspiration to play. Jack Harrison, who died in 2008, was a huge supporter of Sun Youth football.

She says she’d like to keep playing in college or university after she ages out of minor football at the end of this season. But she also understands that it might be tough, given the level of physicality required to play her position on the defensive line at the next level.

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“I’m not saying it’s impossible, because I [once] thought it was impossible to play at this age division,” she said. “But if it doesn’t work out going into the football career, I would love to come back for Sun Youth and help coach and give back to everyone because this is like a second home to me.”

Unfortunately, there aren’t many all-female opportunities for women to keep playing competitive tackle football in Quebec into their late teens and 20s.

But Harrison hopes that will change for the next generation of girls who want to play. She encourages them to come give it a try.

“Just go out and do it, be fearless, try it. Even if it’s not for you, at least you can say that you tried it. But for me it’s my passion and I never would have known that if I didn’t try out,” Harrison said.

“It’s good for the program and it’s good for us.”

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Girls tackling football across the country

Lisa Spangler was 7 years old when she found out how much fun it can be to tackle someone.

She was playing flag football and accidentally knocked down an opposing player while reaching for the flag. During the car ride home, she told her dad that from then on she wanted to play tackle football.

“I told her, ‘Soccer is what girls play,’ ” Larry Spangler said. “And she said, ‘No, I want to play football.’

“My wife didn’t really like it, but she didn’t like my son playing football, either. Lisa’s not real big, but she has a real toughness about her.”

Now a 5-foot-5 sophomore, Spangler is the starting middle linebacker for Fort Vancouver (Vancouver, Wash.).

“She gets to the football as fast as she can, and she loves contact,” Fort Vancouver coach Eric Ollikainen said. “I never expected to have a girl be my middle linebacker, but my job is to get the best 11 on the field, and she’s one of my best.”

Spangler is one of a growing number of girls who have decided to tackle high school football. According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, 1,561 girls played football last season. That constitutes a 17.5 percent increase from just four years ago, when 1,328 girls participated. Numbers aren’t yet available for this season.

Most girls who play high school football are kickers like Brianna Amat, who was nicknamed the “Kicking Queen” and received national attention earlier this month after she made a game-winning field goal on the same night she was elected homecoming queen at Pinckney (Mich.).

But some girls are truly breaking barriers. Take Monique Howard, a 6-foot, 190-pound starting right tackle for Pershing (Detroit). Howard, who is also a power forward/center for the girls’ basketball team, is a rarity because she plays a position that requires so much muscle and strength. She recently received theESPNHS RISE ABOVE Student

Athlete Award.

Like Howard, Andrea Marsh is excelling at a position previously unheard of for girls. In fact, Marsh, a senior cornerback at Panama (N.Y.), has become such an integral part of her team’s defense that she was named one of four captains at the start of the year. She entered October leading her league with four interceptions.

Marsh, who also plays basketball and softball, was always fast — she runs the 40-yard dash in 4.85 seconds and was a running back as a freshman — but now she’s also one of the strongest members of the secondary after she spent nearly every day for the past four years in the weight room.

“She sticks her nose in there as well as any kid,” Panama coach Chris Payne said. “A lot of the coaches think it’s amazing she does what she does. The community’s really behind her.”

Likewise for Kristina Coyne.

The junior kicker at Chartiers Valley (Bridgeville, Pa.), who also plays soccer, was persuaded to try out for football by her boyfriend, Joe Ragni, a two-way starter for Chartiers Valley.

Though kicking in football required using a different part of her foot than in soccer, Coyne found herself making 40-yard field goals when she first tried it. Now she plays soccer games on Mondays and Wednesdays, goes from football to soccer practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and plays football on Fridays.

“My teammates are all supportive,” Coyne said. “Even when I miss they’re like, ‘It’s OK.’ I get high-fives from people [in school] I don’t even know. It’s a good environment.”

Her classmates even made T-shirts with the phrase “Girls Can’t What?” and the image of a female football player on the front, and Coyne’s name and number on the back.

“It’s really surprising how smoothly she fits right in with the team,” coach Chris Saluga said. “I don’t think anyone here even considers it strange.”

How could they?

In a sign of how prevalent female football players are becoming, Coyne and Chartiers Valley were scrimmaging another Pittsburgh-area school when Aliquippa (Pa.) freshman Queenisa Gilbert caught a pass on a slant route. Aliquippa players started celebrating wildly on the sidelines, and Chartiers Valley had no idea why.

“I told Chris, ‘A girl just caught that pass,’ ” Aliquippa coach Michael Zmijanac said. “If you saw her in her uniform, you wouldn’t know it was a girl.”

Zmijanac said Gilbert has been treated the same as everyone else on the team — with one exception. Aliquippa goes to summer camp before every season, and Zmijanac wasn’t able to set up separate accommodations for Gilbert in time.

But Zmijanac promised her that if she sticks with the team, he’d figure out a way to include her at summer camp next year.

“How do you tell them no if they’re physically capable of doing it?” Zmijanac said.

That’s the same question Larry Spangler faced when Lisa told him she wanted to play defense and hit people.

“I’m not very good at catching or kicking,” said Lisa Spangler, who also does jujitsu and is thinking of becoming a professional MMA fighter. “I’m only good at hitting things. That’s about what I can do.

“My friends told me if I was a cheerleader I’d probably go beat someone with my pom-poms.”

Her dad figures that cheerleaders suffer more injuries than football players anyway. His one rule is that if he ever hears Lisa cry on the field, he will pull her out.

“It’s been close,” Lisa said, “but I never have.”

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Here is the Preview to the Book:

Not surprisingly, my son was very confused the first time I made him try on pantyhose. Aren’t these for girls? They feel funny. And you aren’t going to make me go outside like this—are you? Despite my son’s objections and his tears, my own heart began to fill with warm emotions when I saw him in his little dress. His face was still a boy’s, but I suddenly realized that I could really get him to look like a girl if I wanted. The truth is, boys crave discipline. I think every mom has the desire that her child can be the best at something, whether it’s school or sports or art or music. For a long time, my son was unbearably naughty and disrespectful though. He was bad at school and he refused to play sports or do art classes. One thing I couldn’t tolerate was seeing my son grow up to be a failure. When you think about it, I really had no choice but to resort to Tights Punishment, also know at Petticoat Discipline. I’ll admit that this kind of punishment is a little unusual, but I always wanted my son to be someone extraordinary. Most boys wouldn’t be able to live as girls. But I decided that this would be my son’s talent and that feminizing him would be a project we would do together.

I was one of those moms who though she was prepared for everything. I read all the books and I prepared the nursery for my son as soon as I got a positive pregnancy test. I put headphones against my belly so that son listen to classical music while he was still in my tummy. As every mom realizes, however, parenting books can only teach you so much. It was also to my great surprise that my son ended up being exceedingly naughty. At first I thought that perhaps I was a bad mom, but when I went for a parent teacher conference at my son’s kindergarten, the head teacher told me that my son was acting like a teenager, even though he was just five. He was irreverent and he never wanted to follow the directions even if they were doing fun activities, like finger-painting or musical chairs. He had a special fixation for breaking the rules. I came home from school with my son on more than one occasion and had to lock myself in the bathroom to cry. I was so ashamed of failing as a mom. I was willing to do anything to fix the situation—and Pantyhose Punishment was the solution that ended up working for us.

As I said, I became aware of my son’s irreverent personality around the time he was in kindergarten. It took him years to get comfortable living comfortably as a girl though. I would definitely encourage all the moms reading this to try petticoating their sons, but I’m not going to lie to you and pretend that it’s easy. In a lot of ways, my son really was like a normal teenage girl, even before he was a teenager. He was rebellious and selfish, he had trouble making friends, and he did poorly in school. The good news is, all teenage girls do grow up. It’s never too early to start feminizing your son, and neither is it too late. I hope my advice can help other moms, but you also know your own son better than anyone else. You can use your own discretion and your own parenting methods in conjunction with my tips and trick.

The one rule of Pantyhose Punishment, of course, is that you do have to wear pantyhose. You might call them tights, stockings, nylons, or leggings, but I think it’s impossible to deny that they’re one of the most feminine articles of clothing imaginable. Also, they stretch—and flexibility is something both you and your son will need to learn in order to make all of this work. Give your son a queen-sized pair of pantyhose and let him pull them all they way up to his armpits, so he’s completely smothered in silky smooth nylon. Let him put both his legs in one leg of pantyhose and pretend he’s a mermaid. You need to be creative with naughty boys. My son always liked to do his own thing. I taught him that mommy was just as creative when it came to his feminization as well.

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I noticed two things when I started to make my son dress as a girl. First, I was surprised how pretty he could look, if I actually spent the time to do his hair and make-up correctly. He always had a petite body and from the neck down, he was identical to a real girl. The second thing I realized was that he actually enjoyed playing dress up like this, even if he was reluctant to admit it. Petticoat Discipline is a traditional form of parenting which helps naughty young men learn to behave themselves. I had really tried everything with my son. I made him stand in the corner in time out. I tried taking away his toys. I told him he couldn’t have dessert. All of these punishments just ended up in more temper tantrums. But when I told my son he was going to start wearing lipstick, tights, and a dress, you can probably guess what happened.

But mom, he said, those are all for girls.

I guess you’re going to have to start living as a girl then, I replied.

The real point of Petticoat Discipline isn’t just punishment though. The goal is to rehabilitate a naughty young man, to teach him the error of his ways, and to help him blossom into a more empathetic and thoughtful person. I wont deny that it’s a punishment, however, and it’s also intended to be unpleasant at first. The true beauty of Petticoat Discipline is that it doesn’t have to be unpleasant at all, if your son actually accepts it. After all, your mom dresses like a woman every day, as do half the people in the world. Are you really less courageous than the little girls who put on skirts and tights every day?

I actually started all of this with my son on a whim. He talked back to me once to tell me that my lipstick was smudged, so I responded by making him see if he could wear it better. After I shared my lipstick with him, not a single word of disrespect came from his mouth for the rest of the day. To tell you the truth, I had always been vaguely aware of this kind of thing, that it was possible to punish young men by making them wear dresses or make-up or bows in their hair. I began to do research and I was kind of shocked by how common Petticoat Discipline is, in its many forms around the world. The reason we don’t seem to notice it so much is simply because the boys who get petticoated usually learn to pass as real girls. A lot of boys fall in love with girls clothes and they might even prefer to live as women when they grow up.

If you talk to just about any man today, I sure he can tell you about a time when he was younger and he had to try dressing as a girl. Maybe his big sister gave him a make-over before he was old enough to understand what was going on. A lot of female teachers make naughty boys wear costumes for school plays which are essentially dresses. Do you have to wear tights and a double in a Shakespeare play? Those are pantyhose and a miniskirt. Maybe his mom knew about Petticoat Discipline. Or, perhaps he was just curious himself? No matter how much your son protests his treatment, I can virtually guarantee that he’ll learn to enjoy dressing like a girl in the end. And, why is that? It’s simply because being a girl is awesome.

In case you were curious, my husband has been petticoated, too, and you can guess what this has meant for our marriage. I really hope that my advice can help other moms and wives reading this. I imagine that some boys and men who are getting pettociated might also be wondering what lies in their future. These days, all of this is becoming a lot more common. You have probably seen a crossdresser in your daily life. The one piece of advice I will tell you now is that being a girl is by no means easy. And I think that kind of proves just how much fun it is to be a girl. We wouldn’t be spending an hour every morning on our hair and make-up if being a girl didn’t make us feel so happy! Who knows? By this time next year, you might be fully adapted to your new life as a girl?

The New World that Awaits!!!

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The World is Changing! Females are making Great Strides while males are becoming more Docile and less competitive. The Future is indeed Female, IF the Women Want to Take Control and Lead the World! The following Photos Confirm the New Reality!

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As we become accustomed to the Reversed Gender Roles, Society will start to realize the Great Benefits of the Role Reversed Society!Join us at the Forum: The Link below will get you to the Forum. The Forum has continued to grow since it’s inception in April 2020. We are now up to 600 members, and we have experienced numerous “Guest” visitors. I am asking all the Dominant Women that come to the Blog to at least check out the Forum. The Forum has a separate WOMEN’S ONLY Section which I moderate consistently. If we are to have a FEMALE Controlled World, it will ONLY happen if WOMEN push for it! The FLR is attainable, PLEASE, All the Women that read this Blog, we need you at the Forum. Even though I am the Moderator, I really would like to see the Forum Dominated and Controlled by FLR thinking Women. The Future is FEMALE! Help Womankind establish their Dominance, and help in the huge task of creating a Better, Submissive and Obedient Feminized man and boy! Please join the Cause!
To Contact Patti about Possible Postings Email at:

Today’s Posting is a Write up done by one of our very Active Forum Members, Brenda. He has made the Commitment to rid himself of trousers, and is now appearing in skirts and dresses ONLY! This is a Step that many men (Sissies) will be making in Great Numbers as time progresses. The New Age Lifestyle is Growing and more and more Women everyday are realizing the Great Benefits of having a Sissy in their Life! Brenda has struggled over the years, but with the help from my dear friend, Chris, the Radical Feminist, he has come to the conclusion that this is the Way he wants to live his Life! A Life of Femininity awaits many a man and boy today. This is Brenda’s story!

At the start of July I decided I would no longer be afraid. “No more English cowardice!” I said to myself. I decided to go fulltime wearing women’s clothes.

The decision was caused after a realization during an online conversation with a very close woman. We’ve never met in person, but have developed a special relationship over the last two years since she first contacted me after seeing my crossdressed selfies on pinterest in 2020. We were talking about my previous day. I had been at a company away day in London. She asked what dress I had worn. I had said I did not wear one. She knows that I am happier when in a dress, and so asked “why not?” The only answer I could truthfully give was that I was “chickening out.” And so she replied that that is a not a good thing. I agreed.

When I moved out of London and to Hastings, a beautiful and relaxed sea side town on the south coast, I had started off really well and been wearing feminine clothing a good deal of the time. Readers of the New Age Lifestyle forum may remember me saying that my plan was to go fulltime after moving. But after a couple months I had been getting lazy and “chickening out” and wearing trousers. This led to me feeling disappointed with myself. Talking with my special female reminded me that I was feeling that same disappointment with myself for “chickening out” and not wearing a dress to the company away day.

I said that perhaps I should cut up my trousers as a way of preventing me from “chickening out.” I wouldn’t have the option of wearing trousers. I had mentioned doing this before, but previously my special friend had said that might be a rash decision. But now, she believed it was the best thing to do and agreed that I should cut up my trousers. It was a great realization to come to with help from a woman! And so I started being a fulltime crossdresser at the very moment. This conversation happened just before my lunch time, and so I got a dress on and went to the supermarket for my daily shop, before taking a lunch time selfie on the hill overlooking the sea near where I reside.

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After I finished work that evening I had a video call with my female friend whilst I cut up my trousers. She cheered me on! I cut them so as to at some point convert them into skirts, but I haven’t got round to doing that. Well I do have a fairly large wardrobe of skirts and dresses already.

Having my friend there to cheer me on, as well as just have a normal talk together, made it feel oh so natural to be cutting up my trousers so I would ensure I was going fulltime. It also ensured that I wasn’t thinking about this decision is some momentously huge occasion and simply the next step I should take to lead the happiest life I can, and be the best version of myself.

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After the trousers were cut up and we had chatted some more, we had to end the call, as we live on the other side of the world to each other and it was late at night for her, but only early evening for me. I ordered a new blue and polka dot dress that evening as of course I need to order a new dress, and anyway the polka dot dress I have doesn’t quite fit anymore, and you gotta have a polka dot dress!

The following Saturday and Sunday weren’t too eventful. Of course I was wearing a skirt or a dress all the time, but I was working on my latest song, a love song for my special woman, and so wanted to get that finished before my regular normal job week started on Monday.

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On Monday the new polka dot dress arrived!

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I had been wearing my breast forms without thinking about it over the weekend, and so did so again when I went out in the new dress to visit a friend’s house for a quick cup of tea. I informed my friend of my decision to cut up my trousers, to which she was a little surprised, although not that much as most of the time she has seen me since moving to Hastings I have been wearing a dress or skirt. I didn’t stay too long at my friend’s house and then headed back home. The fact I was crossdressing fulltime now started to properly sink in and I started telling my friends of my decision. Of course I took some selfies to celebrate how I was feeling

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On Tuesday I got up and put on my new polka dot dress again. I had a brief meeting with my manager in the morning. Everyone at my work knows I crossdress already, but I could see he was a little shocked to see me in the polka dot outfit. The rest of the week was uneventful until Saturday.

On Saturday morning I went shopping for a new mirror and some facial wash and moisturizing cream. I had arranged a video call with my special woman so that she could help guide me through learning how to apply makeup. It was great fun having her teach me how to do makeup basics.

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A friend was down from London, and so I met up with her on the beach on Saturday afternoon after the makeup session with my special woman had finished. I was wearing the new polka dot dress of course, with breast forms and heels. After relaxing on the beach for a little while, we then headed towards the pier. There was a DnB music event happening there and my friend managed to sneak us in without paying. Whilst sitting having a drink listening to the music, a couple of people joined us. One of them was a young lad, also wearing makeup, who said he was very happy to see me out and about looking so relaxed and comfortable whilst wearing my pretty outfit. He said he would like to have breasts some day. It was lovely to be able to give some re-assurances to a fellow man that has a feminine side. It also reminded me of the importance and getting out there and being seen as a feminine attired man, as that means that other men can see that it is perfectly acceptable to do so, and should be considered normal.

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After the DnB event ended we went to where a mutual friend was DJing at a wedding. Again we managed to sneak in! It was a little odd being the random tranny at the wedding party. some people asked who we knew and I didn’t want to lie so I said we just knew the DJ. Still there was a very nice woman we met who said that if anyone gives me any hassle then she would have some strong words with them. It also amazing when I’m out in a dress how protective women can become about me. It certainly shows that gender roles about being the protector are certainly not limited to just men. And it is always amazing when women do become protective of me, making me feel much more secure and less vulnerable than one can be when out and about as a man in a girly dress.

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My friend and I then left to get a quick bite to eat before heading to another nightclub where 60s and 70s rock music was played. We had a great dance to the rocking tunes. Although after about 10 hours in heels, both dancing and walking, my feet were beginning to feel the strain, so although my friend went onto to another pub, I decided to head back home after a great day’s adventuring in heels and dress with my breasts in.

On Sunday evening I had arranged to meet my lesbian cousin and her partner who also live in the area but we had not had a chance to meet up previously. My cousin had last seen my crossdressed in a pink dress at a pride event in London, so was not surprised to see me in a dress when we met up. She was wearing quite boyish clothes, so we joked that we balanced out the universe! She wondered whether I was trans and I had to say that I just don’t know. Whether or not my going fulltime as a crossdressed means that I will start identifying as trans I’m not sure. But I have learnt over the years that it is best to not overthink these types of things as that can lead to over-analyzing. And when one does that it can lead to analysis paralysis – meaning one thinks about things too much and that overthinking prevents one from doing what one needs to do. So my motto is now do not overthink, just put on a pretty dress and be myself!

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On the following Tuesday I travelled into London for my monthly day in the office. I wore a dress, but did not wear breast forms as I thought that would be pushing it a little too much. When I got to the office, my team mates saw me but didn’t react – having already seen my crossdressed pictures on Instagram it was not a surprise to them. It felt a little odd for no one to say anything. But these days everyone knows about gender fluidity and the like – and I feel that they would not want to say anything for fear of being misconstrued as being phobic. But hey, I would have liked a compliment!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (47)

When I got back home to Hastings I felt very proud of myself for finally wearing a dress to my place of work. It’s something I had always dreamed of doing, but never actually thought I would be able to do. So having done so was a great relief to me.

Its been nearly a month now since I decided to go fulltime wearing women’s clothing. I do not have any regrets about cutting up the last of my trousers. There have been a couple of moments when I wanted to be lazy and just pop to the shops without being dressed up. But hey, I don’t have trousers any more, so I haven’t been able to opt out and not be myself. Sometimes it can be a little annoying to have everyone look and/or stare at me because I’m such an unique person. But I feel this is what women go through a good deal of the time whatever they are wearing, so I can learn to live with the stares. Thankfully people do not feel that they have the right to comment on my appearance, as they used to do when I crossdressed in London. People are more polite in smaller towns and cities. Although there are still teenage boys that might say “what the f##k?” when seeing my pass by. But I can live with that as I understand that seeing a man in a dress is still an uncommon site these days. But that will change soon enough.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (48)

As its summertime then it has been easy enough to get used to wearing skirts and dresses all the time. I feel it will become more challenging as the year progresses and the weather gets colder. However, I have no intention of going back to wearing trousers, so will get used to rocking comfy and warm winter girly outfits with tights/nylons all the time.

I feel as though I am now fully myself for the first time in my life. As Chris RF has said to me before, I was designed to wear skirts and dresses, and like all men, should do so all the time!

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So this is the Courage that Brenda has shown with the Strong Support of the Women in his Life! Women that want a Better Future are the ones that are Encouraging The New Age Lifestyle and male Femininity! This is a Growing trend, and there are numerous testimonies on how Delightful this Lifestyle is. Brenda is a true Pioneer, and I Applaud him!

As stated earlier, Brenda is an Active Member on the Forum so any Questions or Comments you have on this Blog Posting you can give Directly to Brenda on the Forum!

There was an Interview done in the February 2021 Postings by The Radical Feminist, Chris, with Brenda! The Link to that Posting is here:

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As we become accustomed to the Reversed Gender Roles, Society will start to realize the Great Benefits of the Role Reversed Society!Join us at the Forum: The Link below will get you to the Forum. The Forum has continued to grow since it’s inception in April 2020. We are now up to 567 members, and we have experienced numerous “Guest” visitors. I am asking all the Dominant Women that come to the Blog to at least check out the Forum. The Forum has a separate WOMEN’S ONLY Section which I moderate consistently. If we are to have a FEMALE Controlled World, it will ONLY happen if WOMEN push for it! The FLR is attainable, PLEASE, All the Women that read this Blog, we need you at the Forum. Even though I am the Moderator, I really would like to see the Forum Dominated and Controlled by FLR thinking Women. The Future is FEMALE! Help Womankind establish their Dominance, and help in the huge task of creating a Better, Submissive and Obedient Feminized man and boy! Please join the Cause!
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As The New Age Lifestyle grows in popularity, Women are now realizing that the “status quo” does Not have to be adhered to! This is the TRUE Women’s Liberation Movement! Female Control and male subservience and Feminization!

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Here is the Link to Part One of this Roundtable Discussion:

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So onto the next Four Questions!!!

5) At least four of you have done a “Strength Competition” with these Sissies and Won in a “Crushing” manner. Mary, I don’t know if you have done this with Paula as well, and if you did then you can surely relate. What were your Feelings going into the competition and then after thoroughly “Defeating” these once strong men, what were your feelings after? Do you regularly remind the Sissies that you are physically stronger than them? How Important is it that Women and Girls going forward should endeavor to be Stronger than their male counterparts?


Going into the strength competition I don’t mind admitting I was a little nervous. As a girlie girl trying to compete with a former macho man it was very difficult to get my head around that I could beat him. I had to really trust Laura our personal trainer that I had both the confidence and ability to defeat our pretty Sissy. After comprehensively defeating him I had the most enormous power rush giving me a whole new level of personal confidence. The emasculation of this former husband of mine was now complete as he was completely humiliated in front of a group of strong and determined women. Since the competition I have continued to get physically stronger whilst he has loss further muscle mass. Even though he is taller than me there is no question I am much stronger than him and it is so sweet when he asks me to help him carry or move anything that is too heavy for him! I think most women instinctively know that they are mentally stronger than men but few of us believe we can be physically stronger after all that is the way society has brought us up but it does not have to be that way. I have been amazed how my own strength has improved without the need to bulk up with huge muscles. That combined with a strict diet for your pretty Sissy anything becomes possible


Crushing Rachel in a strength competition was a very powerful experience. I had total confidence that both Kirsty and I could do it but the power rush was unexpected. It was also an amazingturn on as well that both Kirsty and I shared afterwards. We actually don’t need to remind Rachel of the fact we are stronger as a lot of his domestic jobs like moving furniture during cleaning or even opening screw jars are not possible for him to do now. He has to get us to help him with so many things he knows full well who is the strongest sex. I agree it is important for women to get physically stronger but if that seems a push don’t be put off. Simple repetitive exercises can make a big difference and if you get your Sissy onto a carefully controlled diet you will be surprisedhow quickly you overcome their former strength.

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The strength competition was my biggest challenge as I never thought I could compete with men physically. But having seen Rachel destroyed by Katharine and Kirsty I had to try and defeat Francesca. It is the most amazing feeling when you humiliate a former man and it is the ultimate task in the emasculation process. I don’t have to remind Francesca very often about his defeat but just on the odd occasion it does have a calming impact on him. I really believe women need to get physically stronger as they become young women as it will have a very beneficial effect in the power balance with men


I have always known that I am as strong as most men but that comes as a big surprise to them. Playing on their macho’ness is just so wonderful making them think they are much stronger than youpushes them into a false sense of security. It completely destroys them when they realize they have been beaten by a woman. In the case of Rachel, Francesca and Charlotte they all know they are weaker than all of the women in their lives and they are now getting used to it. Increasing women’s strength along with male chastity are the two biggest factors required for male emasculation.


I realized from a very young age I needed to be fit and strong if I was going to compete in what was described as a man’s world. It has motivated me each and every day to stay fit and build up a high level of muscle mass. It gives me tremendous self confidence in life in general and allows me to hold my own against any normal man. When matched up against these weak male pansies it allows me to dominate. I now spend all my time encouraging women to get physically stronger and have built my business up to show women what is possible.

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I have always been the physically strongest in our household. I’ve always been the one lifting heavy things. Paula has often commented he doesn’t know where I get my strength from. As most men are lazy I don’t expect him to realize a lot of hard work has gone into developing a solid muscle mass. He knows not to challenge me and all it takes is a look from me to let him know whose in charge.

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I’ve touched on the strength side of things already but cannot emphasize how much my own self confidence has increased as I have become stronger. Just the other day in the Salon we had a delivery of shampoos and hair conditioners in a large heavy box. Rachel had tried to lift it from the counter top only to nearly drop it on the floor. In fact he did well not to fall over with such high heels on. I went over to help and without thinking picked up the box and carried it by myself into the store room. When I went back into the Salon I could see how embarrassed Rachel was as the whole sequence of events had taken place in front of all our women clients. Needless to say they all saw the funny side of it.

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I go to the gym 3-4 days a week and am really enjoying getting stronger. I love to pick Charlotte up at home and carry him to the bedroom when I want my way with him. I think there are a lot more gentler men waiting out there to be feminized and to be trained into Sissy’s. I personally think society would be so much better increasing the number of feminine thinking human beings and isolating the trouble making macho bullies that I so despise.

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6) When you talk with your Friends that know about the Sissies, what are some of the Comments and Questions that they have about male Feminization? Are there many Women that are at least “Curious” about Feminizing the men and boys in their life? Do any of the Women that come into the salon feel “repulsed” by the Sissies? Do any of these Women show a “Desire” to have their own “Sissy”?


My girl friends are amazed as to what Katharine and I have achieved with Rachel. Once I had told them about his crossdressing tendencies they quickly gotover the shock and thought I would go for a divorce. However once I explained all the advantages to having him as a full time sissy along with my new found sexual freedom it gave me certainty going forward . Deep down all my friends put up in some way with their male partner/husband and seeing this alternative arrangement we have come up with has certainly made them think. There questions are so wide ranging but can be grouped into a few categories around: –

What jobs does he do around the house?

Does he ever object or fight back?

Where has he learnt all his feminine skills from?

How do we keep him focussed and so obedient?

Do we ever punish or humiliate him?

Questions about his sexuality

As you will see by the questions there is a lot of interest in the New Age Lifestyle.

Katharine will tell you all of the Salon female clients love having the Sissies around and they like to ask them lots of questions. Most of the questions are incrediblyembarrassing for them to answer but that is all part of the emasculation process. Having these pretty Sissies running around providing the most feminine of services is just so thrilling. Without doubt there are a lot of women thinking long and hard about changing their relationships with their husbands and partners.


All our girlfriends without question I think admire Kirsty and I for turning Kirsty’s former husband into our pretty Sissy. Most of the questions are about how we achieved it, overcoming resistance, how we enforce control and how we managed to make him look so pretty and feminine. We have met no one yet who has been repulsed and I cannot imagine why we would. After all, having such a beautiful Sissy so perfectly feminized under our lock and key doing all the mundanejobs is such a positive outcome.

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All my girlfriend’s are astonished with what we have achieved with Rachel, Francesca and Charlotte. They love the idea of feminizing men and have them in panties with chastity cages. Everyone wants to meet the Sissy boys and they all comment how comfortable they feel in their company teasing them about their clothes, style and makeup. I have no doubt all my friends are thinking about what they might achieve with their male partners and brothers


As mentioned, the women in my pilates classes love having a Sissy along to demonstrate the moves and exercises. They feel completely un-threatened by them and love to ask them lots of embarrassing questions like what brand of lipstick do you use? What is your favouite perfume? What cut of panties do you prefer? How often do you take your chastity cage off for cleaning etc? Without doubt the women all feel very comfortable having a sissy around which can only bode well for future emasculation

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Most of my girl friends are all strong and fit like me and they really struggle to understand how and why so many men are so weak, frail and happy to be dominated by strong women. After all they are born with all the advantages whilst we have to make a determined effort to be strong. I think we all resented the phony men who like to take the easy way out and try to impersonate women however I have been surprised since meeting Rachel how sweet and pretty he can really be. I now sing the praises of having a sissy helper and feeling physically attracted to his pathetic dainty stereotype female manner has been a welcome bonus. Most of my girlfriend’s are interested more in what the Sissy does for me than anything else. They like the idea the sissy does all the domestic jobs but have been surprised about the physical relationship that I enjoy pegging Rachel. Without doubt some of the girls are interested and I know a number have asked for Kirsty and Katharine’s contact details so they can find out more.

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My sisters and Paula’s sister all love what I have been able to achieve with the boys in my life. They are amazed that there has been no fight by either Paula or Charlotte to stop their emasculation. Simply put I’ve told them it’s about attitude and control over the male clit that brings them to heel. It’s fair to say all the sisters are interested in how things are developing and always bring their children ( all daughters over to see the Sissy’s). I think if they had their time again things would have been different but I haven’t given up hope of persuading them of the merits

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Most of my girlfriend’s find it fascinating that I am a supervisor of a full blown sissy working in a beauty salon that is twice my age. At some stage they’ve all come along to have a look for themselves and had me introduce Rachel and Francesca to them but once they see how pretty and convincing they are they seem to come away impressed. Most of my friends are in their early 20s and are trying to work out their own preferences. We are fortunate today that all options of sexuality and lifestyles are more available and acceptable to society. This is making it a fun time to be growing up and for young women not to feel trapped and forced down any particular route. They are experimenting a lot and I’m sure putting boys in panties is one option that is of interest. For me personally feminization of men is playing a part in my relationships having recently got rid of a macho man who had become really boring and was so immature and instead found a more sensitive gentler lad who is open to me to influence. I do envisage before long I will introduce panties into our relationship so find my education and training in the salon so valuable.

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(Video) Waking Up In World Where Women Dòminate Men

I am very supportive of encouraging young girls to take the dominant role. I see quite a lot of my two young nieces and I love to encourage them with their hobbies and sports. Apparently they love the world of Sissy Charlotte and love to get him to dress up as Barbie when they come round to play. He is obviously quite a role model

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7) As you saw on the last Posting on the Blog, there are numerous Feminist run schools that are popping up all over the world. What are your thoughts of Feminizing boys at an early age? What do you think about these schools that Require the boys to wear dresses, or skirted jumpers everyday, while the Girls are encouraged to wear trousers? Do you think it is a Good Thing that these boys are also required to Take ballet and are Not allowed to play Competitive Sports while the Girls are Encouraged to play Competitive sports?


I think it is inevitable that Mum’s will want to feminize their boys from a young age. The boundaries between male and female fashion are blurring all the time and there is no doubt Petticoating has a profound impact on young boys encouraging them to be sweet, well behaved with better manors. Schools that embrace the New age Lifestyleare going to prove to be very popular with forward thinking mums. Getting girls to play competitive sport is essential in order to give them the tools to compete as they get older without feeling intimidated. On the other hand getting boys to do things like ballet helps to bring a more delicate side out of their character as well as improve their posture and help them with their coordination.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (76)


Feminizing boys at a young age has to be the right way to encouragethe New age Lifestyle. So any schooling and mothers encouraging their boys to do ballet or wear dresses and skirts has to be right. Resistance of young boys can be quickly overcome with petticoating and once they have seen the advantages to dressing up and looking pretty most of them are going to love it. For young girls growing up in a competitive environmenthas to be to produce future leaders. I see this in the girls soccer team that I sponsor where I have 16 year olds who are super competitive and don’t feel intimidated by boys and men. In fact putting our Sissies in front of them watching from the sidelines in their skirts, pantyhose, knee boots and false lashes has given them a totally different perspective to the balance in genders looking forward.

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I believe every boy should be given the chance to wear panties, bra, pantyhose, skirts, dresses and makeup. Looking at the photographs from the woman less pageants all the pretty Sissy’s are smiling and having fun. Strong women I believe are naturally competitive and they should be encouraged to be so through competitive sport.

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Feminizing boys as early as possible has to be the way forward. Charles/Charlotte made the transition when very young before his hormones kicked in. Once he was used to pretty dresses, panties and bra it was only a matter of time before he wanted to try pink lipstick and mascara. It avoided all the unpleasantness normally associated with teenage boys. Older sisters and mums can play a big part in the feminization process

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I think the idea of feminizing boys at an early age is a great idea. Give the girls some positive discrimination to give them a head start. For my type of personality I still need a real man to satisfy me sexually occasionally but the rest of the inferior male race would look a lot better in pretty dresses, pantyhose, heels and ribbons in their hair.

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Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (83)


I love the idea of gender neutral schools which inevitably comes down on the feminine side of the line. Charlotte so benefitted by being in dresses and panties before his hormones kicked in. It almost neutralized them completely and we had no traditional male issues as a young teenager. Start the Sissy education as soon as possible and look for the right type of school which offers all activities on a gender neutral basis.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (84)


I think it is so sweet to see young boys petticoated. It has to be good for society in general to bring hormone fueled teenage boys under control. From all the photos Samantha has shown me all the boys and mum’s (and some of the Dad’s) all seem to have so much fun getting them all dressed up. I think for young parents it is something well worth considering during adolescence.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (85)


I love the fact that boys can be so pretty, weak and subservient, and that they never answer back. Always taking care of their appearance, incredibly thoughtful and supportive of Women and Girls and no real bad habits. This is what men all men and boys should be like!

8) On the subject of the young people, How do you think that we should raise boys and Girls? In the past, Girls were always taught to be Sugar & Spice and Not to be Competitive but to concentrate on being “Pretty” in order to attract boys. Boys were encouraged to be “aggressive” and to play Competitive Sports. How do you feel that that has worked out for Society? Do you feel that overall we should continue with the “status quo”, or should we approach raising children differently? Pleaseexplain your thoughts and your Views on how we should raise boys and Girls?


Well clearly bringing up boys to be competitive and aggressive is a problem. You only have to look at all the world’s conflicts to see the familiar fingerprints of male ego. I honestly believe this has a lot to how men are brought up as underneath the camouflage you usually find attached insecurity, uncertainty and weakness. On the other hand I feel young girls are excited about growing up and are ready for life’s challenges without feeling the need to become overly aggressive. I think girls should be encouraged to do traditional male activities without feeling the need to look pretty and attractive. On the other hand boys should be shown a softer side of growing up and be allowed to explore traditional girl activities such as playing with dolls, dressing up games and caring about their appearance.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (86)


Naturally I believe things have to and are changing. We are seeing boys starting to think about their own appearancesgrowing up and it doesn’t need much encouragementto get them into panties and other delicate things. Boys are inherently lazy so getting them to play with dolls and computer games is easy to do but encouraging girls to get into competitive sports is just as important. Girls need to have good role models and thankfully there are some now. Equally getting young boys dressed up and looking pretty on the sidelines watching girls in action I believe is equally important to demonstrate the point of the New Age Lifestyle

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (87)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (88)
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Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (90)


Raising boys in a competitive environment is unfair to them. They mature so much later than girls and are not ready for the responsibility which goes with being competitive. Young girls are clearly ready for it but are often held back by society. Going forward boys should be encouraged to be sweet and sensitive and take part in activities to encourage their dexterity such as dance, sowing and cooking. Girls should be encouraged to use their enhanced maturity so that they can be the business and political leaders of the future.

Below, the Changes that are necessary to Change boys for the Better!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (91)


We should definitely change the way boys and girls have traditionally been brought up. Girls are much stronger minded and mature so quickly compared to boys. It’s such a waste to dress young girls in pretty things instead they should be encouraged to compete with each other and get stronger. Meanwhile boys who are so immature could be brought under control by early petticoating and teaching them good domestic skills like cooking and dress making. Outside of a competitive environment they can be so sweet and kind which would be such a great thing for society in the future

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Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (93)


Clearly letting men control the lives of women hasn’t worked out well at all. Women can be both physically and mentally strong and are the true go getters. Feminizing boys and men seems such an obvious thing to do to rebalance society

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (94)


Clearly traditional gender values haven’t worked out well at all. We must move to girls being encouraged to take the lead roles in everything and have the lazy boys propping them up. I believe all mum’s have a significant part to play in this and that’s who we need to talk to.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (95)


From all the photos Samantha has shown me all the boys and mum’s (and some of the Dad’s) all seem to have so much fun getting them all dressed up. I think for young parents it is something well worth considering during adolescence. Likewise encouraging young girls into competitive sports has to be desirable. It’s something I never had the opportunity to do growing up but would certainly have liked to. With my added strength I am thinking of taking up soccer now there is a thriving women’s league.

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Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (97)


Anna did not answer this Question, but we know that she is very much in Favor of Women being Strong and Dominant while men and boys are “Weak” Pretty and vulnerable. She likes the idea of Women totally Dominating men, and Taking the :Lead in Society!

Mothers are now “Openly” showing the Great Benefits of Petticoating their sons!

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Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (100)

The Below is the Cover of one of many books written by Mary Martin on Petticoat Discipline that can be found on Amazon

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (101)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (102)
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Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (104)

This will be a three Part series on the New Age Lifestyle taken from the perspectives of 8 Strong Women that have participated in this ongoing series. Keep in mind, The New Age Lifestyle is in it’s Infancy, but this Group of Women have shown what is possible for Women if they dare Take the Lead and establish Total Female Control over the men and boys in their lives. You will hear Comments on a Total of 12 Questions from all 8 Women, and I will interject at times how the New Age Lifestyle is interpreted. First and Foremost in the New Age Lifestyle is that Women be Empowered, and that these Empowered Women Control their males through Feminization, just as men had done to Women in the past! The Gender Roles are now reversed, but as seen in the previous 10 Postings in this series, the men are now the “weak” and “helpless” creatures that are REQUIRED to look Pretty and Feminine at ALL times for the Pleasure of the Stronger Women. This in a “nutshell” is The New Age Lifestyle. These men are men, they are Not Women! Women have come too far to be continually “minimized” by men!

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Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (106)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (107)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (108)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (109)

This is what is happening as The New Age Lifestyle gains traction! The changes in the Future will be dependent on what Women want the Future to be!

The List below is all the Parts of this series:

We started with the initial Posting about Ray/Rachel, and what Kirsty did to change her life and Ray’s for the better! The Link to that Post is here:

Then we had the Two Part series on Kirsty’s story, and how she went from being a Docile and Submissive Girl, to Wife to now the Strong and Independent Breadwinning Woman that she is today as a Manager in a Pharmaceutical Company! That Link to the Two Postings is here:

After that we had the first part of Katharine’s Story which highlighted her growing up and establishing her own Successful Business. That Link is here:

We then continued with Katharine’s Story of growing her Business, meeting Kirsty and taking over Rachel’s Feminization and changing his Diet! That Link is here:

Then we had the “Ultimate” example of Totally Reversing the Gender Roles in a marriage. That was the Combination Posting of Kirsty and Katharine and the Strength Competition. That Link is here:

In December, we had the Posting from Samantha, and how under the “Mentoring” of Katharine, Samantha has grown into being a Successful Manager and a Very Confident young Woman that knows what she wants! That Link is here:

Then in February, we had the first part of Stephanie’s story. In that Posting, we highlighted that Stephanie is “unique” in the Fact that she has played a part in all Four of the Sissies lifestyle changes! She is also the one Woman that started Feminizing men, her brother Charlotte, and seeing the “mild” Feminization of her father Paula, as a teenager! This factor is Important as we move forward in The New Age Lifestyle as it will be the young Women that will determine if male Feminization becomes a common practice! Stephanie is a Great Role Model for all Confident and Strong young Women and Girls that want to be In Control, and see Females as the Leaders in the Society!

Later in February, we had Part 2 of Stephanie’s story which culminated with her pegging Francesca, and establishing without Doubt that she is indeed the “Alpha” in the household! The Link for that is

In May, we had Part 3 of Stephanie’s Story which concluded her Posting. The Link for that Post is:

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The Participants:


Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (111)

Kirsty is the Woman that got this Movement started in the Group. She had gone through a very challenging time with her husband Ray, and she decided to take matters into her own hands and created Rachel. Her story is outlined in previous Postings in this series


Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (112)

Katharine is a very successful Business Woman that owns a chain of salons. She is the partner of Kirsty. She took over the Feminization of Rachel as she and Kirsty developed their relationship. She is the architect of the “Feminization Diet” that has been most effective in slimming down and emasculating the Sissies. Due to her diet, all the Sissies are physically weaker than all the Women in this Group.


Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (113)

Samantha is an employee and Key Manager of Katharine. She became acquainted with The New Age Lifestyle when Katharine hired Rachel to work in the salon. She was and is Rachel’s Boss, and is now watching over several of the salons in her new Role. She was so inspired by what she saw with Rachel’s transformation, that she was determined to turn her boyfriend Scott into a pretty Sissy as well.


Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (114)

Stephanie is the partner of Samantha. She is a Very Strong Woman that has her own physical Fitness business, Pilate’s Classes. As Samantha decided to Feminize Scott, now Francesca, the initial friendship between Samantha and Stephanie grew in a partnership. Stephanie is also the sister of Charles, now Charlotte, and the daughter of Mary who has Feminized her son and husband, Paula.


Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (115)


Mary is the mother of Stephanie. She is actually a Pioneer in male Feminization. She encouraged her son Charles to Embrace his Femininity and between her, Stephanie and her other daughter Bethany, they have guided Charles into becoming the Beautiful Charlotte, a Great Example of what a New Age man should be! It is also important to note that Mary had put her husband Paul into panties immediately after they were married. As she had seen what the Girls did with Scott/Francesca, and of course the Beautiful son that she Feminized, she decided it was high time to totally Sissify Paul into Paula!

This is a photo of her husband Paula!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (116)


Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (117)

Alison is a 21 year old employee at one of Katharine’s salons. She is also the immediate Supervisor of Sissy Rachel, Sissy Francesca and Sissy Charlotte! As you could determine from her young age and being in a Manger Role, she is very Determined to be a Success! It is so invigorating to see such a young Woman being in Control of two older sissies, especially seeing that Rachel is almost twice her age. This is a Great Testament to where young Women can take the New Age Lifestyle!


Anna is the Girlfriend of Sissy Charlotte! Her contribution to this Posting was done in an interview with Stephanie, Charlotte’s sister. Anna is a very Successful Business Woman that does not have any interest in macho men, but she instead is quite enthused about having a Sissy boyfriend and insists that he always wears the shortest of skirts/dresses, always with heels and hose, and complete sultry makeup!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (118)

Now to the Roundtable Discussion!!!

1) As Girls and Young Women, What were your thoughts on Female – male Societal Roles and how have your Views changed since witnessing what the New Age Lifestyle is all about, ie; seeing Ray evolve into Rachel? Did you think, at that time, that a strong and athletic man could be changed into a very Feminine, non-muscular, New Age man? Do you prefer that men be so Feminine and weak, ie; “non-threatening”?

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (119)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (120)


This whole experience of the New Age Lifestyle has been a revelation to me. Growing up I was a shy girly girl who thought I needed to find my prince charming to take care of me. My Prince charming is now my gorgeous Sissy maid who does all the domestic duties giving me the time to concentrate on my career and spending time with Katharine my soul mate.

I think it is extraordinarily the changes we have made to Ray/Rachel who is so much sweeter and happier in himself.

Without doubt Rachel is a huge improvement on Ray being so weak, fragile and pretty.


Growing up I always saw myself as equal to men but did have a slight resentment to the way women were seen and treated as objects. I generally gave as goodas I got until I met my husband who turned out to be a real pig. I was left in no doubt after he had cheated on me that I no longer needed men in my life and that was how I met Kirsty. As far as I’m concerned I believe women need to support women and help them grow to become the clear leaders of men who are shallow and hide behind this macho bullshit. Once this is discarded we have found a much more gentle Sissy who is happy to serve strong women whilst taking care of both their appearanceand all the domestic jobs that need to be done around the house.


It’s fair to say Patti the New Age Lifestyle has been a revelation to me. Looking back I had no idea boys/ men could be so convincingly feminized. It is such an improvement to have sissy’s smelling sweet and caring about their appearance. They are no longer threatening in anyway and that in conjunction with us getting physically stronger, society is clearly in a better place.


As you know thanksto Mum I have always been around male emasculation first with my brother Charles/Charlotte and then Daddy Paul/Paula, therefore I am very used to the concept and see it as quite normal and a much improved way for society going forward. Having seen how quickly men/boys can be feminizedI was not surprised to see the changes Kirsty/Katharine made to Ray/Rachel but I have to say he has turned out so much prettier than I ever thought. Likewise with Francesca who is now a very pretty Sissy (and he knows it!). Emasculation of men has to be the way forward alongside women building their physical strength.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (121)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (122)


Being a personal trainer I have never felt intimidated by men but have a particular dislike of macho males who are loud and phony people who try to be something they are not. So to answer your first question I have always believed women are superior to men and only lack the self confidence to exploit it. The New Age Lifestyle is a terrific concept in increasing women’s confidence whilst emasculating men. I have not seen this done before and sort of couldn’t believe what Kirsty and Katharine did to Pansy Rachel but I now love it. I thought Rachel was a phony and therefore didn’t care for him at first but now I know he is a sissy pansy I have become very fond of him. I think all women should find themselves a male maid.


As you know I am very much in favor of the New Age Lifestyle and have seen positive progress in the promotion of women and the emasculation of men. Coming from an all girl family and two full daughters of my own it was very natural to continue to feminize Charlotte and Paula.


I think for my generation there is much more blurring of the gender lines. There are so many people from my school who were not quite sure where they fitted and flirted between both. There was the odd school macho bully who tried to take advantage of a given situation but they were drowned out by the rest of us. This allowed a liberal school community to grow up in which was really nice and I think a model blueprint for the future society. In fact I helped a number of boys when they wanted to experiment with makeup, which has always been my passion and I found the boys so sensitive and fun to be with as they crossed the line into femininity. For most of them it was just trial and error and something they did a few times but I know a number of boys that venture out now fully dressed as young ladies when they feel the urge. I think the biggest shock for me with Rachel and Francesca was seeing men from older generations feminized in front of me in such a public way. Rachel seemed to take things more easily in his stride but Francesca really struggled at first. I’m glad to say he is now embracing his new lifestyle and I think it shows in how pretty he has become. Having them take on a subservient role for us in the Salon was new to me and took a little bit of getting used to but I think it has been positive for everyone including our clients, staff and the sissy boys. Nobody feels threatened in anyway by having Sissy’s working in the Salon


I am strong minded and grew up as the middle child with 2 brothers. As a tomboy, I had to cope with two brothers and their friends. To be competitive, I had to keep pace with my brothers and learned to never back down. That gave me a lot of self confidence and realized that I could be equally as strong as most men, and certainly tougher mentally. So therefore, I am an alpha, and have no interest in macho men, but I love a softer and gentler Sissy man, someone that I can provide for, protect and care for. I like that he is non-threatening and is always looking his prettiest for me.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (123)

2) Now that many of you Women are now involved in Strength Training, how has your Confidence Level changed now that you know that you can be as strong or stronger than a man? Do you have any “reservations” in being Strong and Powerful or is that now what you think a Woman or Girl should be? Are you afraid of looking “too muscular”?


Making myself stronger was an initial challenge being a small framed girl but it has given me a lot of self confidence. I have found it surprising how much my strength has improved. Interestingly for me it has been about toning my muscles rather than packing them on. Being stronger than my ex husband is just so wonderful and crushing for him.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (124)


Thank you Patti for pointing both Kirsty and I in the direction of increasing our physical strength. In truth I always felt women couldn’t compete with men’s strength however by working with our personal trainer Laura we have seen tremendous increases in what we can do and along with feminizing our Sissies and breaking down their muscle mass we are now considerably stronger than them. It is fantastic and gives us all such confidence to have this found strength and ability. Both Kirsty and I have found our strength considerably improving by toning and repetition of weights. We have not bulked up that much but have improved our strength considerably. Personally I like Kirsty still to look feminine and am happy with her not looking too muscular but I think this is purely a personal thing.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (125)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (126)


Before understanding the New Age Lifestyle the thought of me doing weight training was non existent. After all girls are to be admired and checked out by the men. Not now, we are mentally stronger and can be physically equals at the very least. Stephanie still likes me to look feminine so she has the muscles but it doesn’t stop me toning up and being stronger than either Francesca or Rachel.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (127)


I havealways had physical strength back to my days of gymnastics and therefore have never really felt threatened by men. It really is important for girls/women’s self confidence to demonstrate we are not a simple pushover. I find most men back down very quickly when confronted head on as is common with most bullying tendencies. I think it is lovely to have some muscle mass and find it doesn’t take anything away from my attraction to Samantha, my partner.


. No I have no problem in being physically stronger than men and yes I believe more women should commit to increasing their strength and associated confidence.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (128)


Physical strength is very important for women. I have always looked after my body and consequently never felt intimidated by men. I have well defined muscles and am proud of them.


Katharine and Samantha are great bosses to work for and have spent so much time mentoring me. The Strength conditioning we have all been doing has been a bit of a revelation. I grew up as a girlie girl and had no idea I could develop my physical strength in the way I have. Katharine has spelt out how important it is for us and society in general that women don’t have to rely on men to protect us and in fact in most cases need our own physical strength to deal with them. It has given me a lot of self confidence as my strength has improved and I’ve noticed I am far less intimidated by men in general now I know I can hold my own. This has really helped me with my supervision of Rachel who is twice my age. He has become so pretty and feminine and lost all his muscle mass that he now very much responds to my instructions and commands. Samantha has taught me there is a responsibility that comes with my authority and that I shouldn’t take advantage of it however I should also at all stages reinforce Rachel’s Sissy lifestyle and help him in his journey to total emasculation.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (129)


I go to the gym 3-4 days a week and I really enjoying getting stronger. I love to pick Charlotte up at home and carry him to the bedroom when I want my way with him. I love being his alpha and dominating him both physically and mentally and find him a real turn on as I Womanhandle him!

3) With now seeing that two sports playing men that have been transformed into New Age men are able to be Productive working in a “traditionally” Female Occupation, and are able to present themselves as Sissies in a very Positive fashion, do you believe that other Female Owned businesses can pick up on this concept and see men as secretariesand receptionists in the Workforce? With you Women that are working in the salon, do the Female Clients that might be Business Women see that as a possibility? Also, how does it make you feel seeing the two Sissies in their pink mini dresses, heels, hose and full makeup, while you are wearing trousers and giving the “Orders” to these men? If Alison is a part of this, I would especially like her “Take” on this as a very young Woman!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (130)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (131)


Once you have your Sissy in the work place it is amazing how delicate and responsible they become. They want to please their mistresses so much that they concentrate on the simplest of tasks making sure they constantly check their appearance. So yes they can do all the traditional women’s roles like Receptionist, PAs and Secretaries and maintain a pretty feminine appearance that would represent any feminine owned/ run business. From my observations female customers love to have Sissies attend to them and judging by the questions that are asked they do see great potential going forward. Having the Sissies look so feminine does take a lot of pressure off the female employees and they clearly love having that traditional superiority feeling over the ultra glamorous pansies!


Without doubt Sissies can take on some of the traditional female roles in business. Employing Rachel, Francesca and Charlotte has been a tremendous win for the business and we take every opportunity to have them on full display to our women clients. We get a lot of questions about their training and how we deal with any resistance and I have absolutely no doubt the seed is being sold for further Sissy development. It is wonderful for the girls in the salon to have the Sissies strutting their stuff and all of them have remarked how comfortable they now feel wearing slacks and aprons leaving the Sissies to be the traditional eye candy for others to look at and admire,

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (132)


There is definitely a role for Sissy’s in the workplace doing traditional female roles. Receptionist, Personal Assistants or beauticians are just a few examples. I know a number of our women clients who run businesses or are Senior Managers have been observing both Rachel and Francesca and have expressed interest in recruiting their own. Having the boys all prettied up is a such lovely change for all our clients and staff alike and provide welcome relief to how a male led society expects women to look.


Having a pretty Sissy in the working environmentis exactly what all women should aspire too. There are so many advantages including but not limited to

  • It makes a statement saying that women are in charge
  • Men look and smell so much nicer dressed appropriately in skirts/dresses, pantyhose, heels with perfume, makeup and manicured nails
  • It takes pressure of working women to look pretty and leaves them to concentrate on their jobs
  • It takes all the male macho behavior away and when in Chastity they can be really well behaved
  • Sissies are well suited to do the traditional mundane work that women were expected to do
  • It demonstratesto young women what the future looks like and likewise gets young men ready to start taking care of their appearance.
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (133)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (134)


Without doubt Sissy boys should be allowed and encouraged to be pretty. So yes they should do more traditional feminine roles allowing strong minded women like Katharine and Kirsty to succeed. I have to admit seeing Rachel all scrubbed up and painted has made him quite attractive to me and as you probably know Patti I like to peg him at least once a week to drive over my dominance and see and hear how pathetic and pretty he really is.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (135)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (136)


Oh yes Strong women love to have sissy’s around them. I have just seen this first hand with Paula’s boss Angie. Sissy’s are far more suited to undertaking repetitious non thinking work allowing women the time to run businesses and homes.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (137)


I think we are already seeing men moving into workplace roles that were formally occupied by women only. Two of my male friends are training to be nurses, another one is working as a store clerk and another as a medical PA. Now with Rachel, Francesca and Charlotte working in a Beauty Salon things are moving to a different level. Rachel has a natural talent when it comes to makeup. He now his own clientele of Business women who like the way he makes them look. They all know he is a Sissy but I’m sure it is giving them ideas of how feminized men could be used in the workplace. As for me I love having the Sissy’s around looking as pretty as they do. It certainly is nice for all of us girls to play second fiddle in the beauty department. They really are the center of attention when our clients arrive which makes it so easy for us. As to being Rachel’s supervisor it felt a bit strange at first but having gained a lot of self confidence thanks to Samantha and Katharine I have soon got used to it. Rachel is naturally subservient and I find it just takes a little reinforcement of his Sissy status from time to time just to reinforce my authority. This might be just reminding him to change his tampon during his period or getting him to refresh his lip gloss.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (138)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (139)


I thinks there are a lot more gentler men waiting out there to be feminized and to be trained into Sissy’s. I personally think society would be so much better increasing the number of feminine thinking human beings and isolating the trouble making macho bullies that I so despise. I feels that I have struck gold with Charlotte who was feminized from such a young age. I see absolutely no male traits within him and love the fact he is so devoted to serving me and looking his pretty best at all times. I really believe early intervention has been the key to his character being shaped as it is and therefore is very positive about Mum’s petticoating and disciplining boys at an early age.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (140)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (141)

4) What is the Driving “Force” that makes you want to Feminize and Control men and boys? What Benefits do you see in having males being “Soft & Pretty” and unable to protect the Women in their lives? On that matter, how does it make you feel having to protect these “helpless” men?


My driving force was quite simple, I wanted control over my lifestyle and I didn’t want some lazy sloppy husband limit my outlook. What I actually amazed myself with was my own potential to succeed and realize I didn’t need men in my life at all. Our Sissy Rachel is so much more agreeable to our suggestions and ideas and doesn’t question my decisions. In addition to that he does all the cooking, cleaning, washing and shopping and does it the way I demand it to be done. He smells and looks so lovely and does the simple things like sitting on the toilet to pee, closes the lid after he finishes and always makes the beds and hand washes all our undies. He doesn’t have time for his old male friends as he is full time serving us and our female friends. Oh there are so many advantages. Protecting our Sissy is a responsibility and whilst we love to embarrass and even humiliating sometimes we have to watch out for predatory men.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (142)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (143)


Destroying the traditional male macho is my driving force. All women have experienced this juvenile male behavior from time to time but adopting the New age Lifestyle has shown me a mechanism we can use to drive change. Having a Sissy around is just wonderful. It is crucial I believe to have them locked in chastity because once you are in control of their hormones you can have the perfect domestic help who does all the cooking, food shopping, cleaning, washing etc. This leaves us women to concentrate on important things like our jobs, businesses and relationships. Having our Sissies all prettily dressed, painted and looking ultra feminine is such a lovely reversalof what men expected from their women. There is no doubt this loss of muscle mass crushes the once macho man who suddenly becomes very vulnerable. It’s only natural we keep an eye out for them if they become threatened at any time

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (144)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (145)


I think women are inherently much stronger and more hard working than men. It therefore feels completely normal for men to be the subservient gender supporting strong women in their daily tasks. I think all women would get a kick out of being the physical protector of their pretty Sissy’s.


Sorry Patti I think I have partly answered this on the previous question. There is no doubt you do feel a sense of responsibility having created these pretty sissy’s and in reality they are so weak physically and mentally after coping with the humiliation and embarrassment of being exposed it is only right to offer them both encouragement and protection against anyone (probably other macho men) who wish to take advantage,


It depends on the man. I still love having a physically strong man who ticks all my boxes but the softer gentler types are really there to be changed and brought up in a more feminine way. I actually think for some of us stronger women we can enjoy emasculating them and get them to take care of all the boring house chores. It’s also great for me to exert myself over them and give them a good pegging to remind them who is actually in charge. Based on my experience with Pansy Rachel he actually enjoys me doing it as well. When they are feminine and soft I suppose it’s only natural to offer them physical protection if it is required.


The driving force to me is to bring calm rational thinking to solving problems avoiding male macho testosterone fueled behavior which causes nothing but problems for society or women. With the New Age Lifestyle goes responsibility to look after our delicate Sissy’s but passed between other strong women who get the principles of change I don’t see a problem.


Feminization of boys/men brings both sex’s so much closer together. Women no longer feel like a different type of human being but instead gets men to understand more what it’s like to be female and some of the challenges we face. Rachel, Francesca and Charlotte are now so sweet, they really think about and take care of their appearance understand some of the emotions and challenges we encounter with our menstrual cycle and take on far more of the mundane tasks that have to be done to make the world go round. This gives women more time to think of themselves and not feel pressurized to look and act how men want them to. Making them feel a little physical insecure is also good and leads to a more harmonious society.


I Love having Charlotte around! I love the fact that he is so pretty, weak and subservient, never answers back, always taking care of his appearance, incredibly thoughtful and supportive of me and my job, no real bad habits and I love having sex with him. I love pegging him and then getting him to provide oral services with his “pretty mouth”. This is the way men should be!

So these are the first four Questions in the Round Table Discussion. The next two Postings will address the next eight Questions. These Strong Women are True “Trailblazers” in the Cause of the New Age Lifestyle. The following will depict the New Reality of the New Age Lifestyle. How many of our Readers want to see this implemented on a Wide Scale?

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Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (147)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (148)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (149)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (150)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (151)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (152)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (153)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (154)

As we become accustomed to the Reversed Gender Roles, Society will start to realize the Great Benefits of the Role Reversed Society!Join us at the Forum: The Link below will get you to the Forum. The Forum has continued to grow since it’s inception in April 2020. We are now up to 503 members, and we have experienced numerous “Guest” visitors. I am asking all the Dominant Women that come to the Blog to at least check out the Forum. The Forum has a separate WOMEN’S ONLY Section which I moderate consistently. If we are to have a FEMALE Controlled World, it will ONLY happen if WOMEN push for it! The FLR is attainable, PLEASE, All the Women that read this Blog, we need you at the Forum. Even though I am the Moderator, I really would like to see the Forum Dominated and Controlled by FLR thinking Women. The Future is FEMALE! Help Womankind establish their Dominance, and help in the huge task of creating a Better, Submissive and Obedient Feminized man and boy! Please join the Cause!
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Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (155)

This posting today is Part 3 of Stephanie’s Story. As you are aware, Stephanie has been involved with all four of the men’s Sissification in one way or another! She is also a very physically Strong Woman, and a Business Owner! Stephanie is a Great Example, as is all the Women in this ongoing series of what New Age Women are! As we move along with this series, we will also be doing a “Round Table” Discussion on what The New Age Lifestyle is establishing in the areas where it is being practiced! This is indeed “eye opening” for Women to understand the Potential Power that they All Possess!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (156)

The List below is all the Parts of this series:

We started with the initial Posting about Ray/Rachel, and what Kirsty did to change her life and Ray’s for the better! The Link to that Post is here:

Then we had the Two Part series on Kirsty’s story, and how she went from being a Docile and Submissive Girl, to Wife to now the Strong and Independent Breadwinning Woman that she is today as a Manager in a Pharmaceutical Company! That Link to the Two Postings is here:

After that we had the first part of Katharine’s Story which highlighted her growing up and establishing her own Successful Business. That Link is here:

We then continued with Katharine’s Story of growing her Business, meeting Kirsty and taking over Rachel’s Feminization and changing his Diet! That Link is here:

Then we had the “Ultimate” example of Totally Reversing the Gender Roles in a marriage. That was the Combination Posting of Kirsty and Katharine and the Strength Competition. That Link is here:

In December, we had the Posting from Samantha, and how under the “Mentoring” of Katharine, Samantha has grown into being a Successful Manager and a Very Confident young Woman that knows what she wants! That Link is here:

Then in February, we had the first part of Stephanie’s story. In that Posting, we highlighted that Stephanie is “unique” in the Fact that she has played a part in all Four of the Sissies lifestyle changes! She is also the one Woman that started Feminizing men, her brother Charlotte, and seeing the “mild” Feminization of her father Paula, as a teenager! This factor is Important as we move forward in The New Age Lifestyle as it will be the young Women that will determine if male Feminization becomes a common practice! Stephanie is a Great Role Model for all Confident and Strong young Women and Girls that want to be In Control, and see Females as the Leaders in the Society!

(Video) Gender Roles and Stereotypes

Later in February, we had Part 2 of Stephanie’s story which culminated with her pegging Francesca, and establishing without Doubt that she is indeed the “Alpha” in the household! The Link for that is

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (157)

Now for today’s Posting, as the Interview continues:

What was your reaction when Samantha told you that Francesca was going to work at the salon as a Receptionist?

Well we had talked about the need to get him away from his current job where he presented as a man and instead get him into work where he could be Francesca. Sam has seen first hand the great benefit to Rachel of working in the Salon so we thought it would be a good move to get Francesca to join him. A beauty salon encourages complete femininity and yet is a safe place for sissies to work whilst they develop their skill set.

When you saw his salon Uniform with the name “Sissy Francesca” stitched on it, what were your thoughts?

The uniform is incredibly feminine and seeing Rachel wear it everyday and the impact it has had on him to get his mindset used to being a sissy has been crucial. Francesca must go down the same path and having his Sissy tag on display to everyone is just so beautiful and makes sure he isrecognized as a sissy and not a female impersonator.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (158)

With your brother Charlotte now having a Strong Woman, Anna as his Girlfriend, that wants him to constantly wear mini skirts and high heels, your thoughts?

Our family has been used to seeing Charlotte for nearly 10 years now and to be quite frank none of us think of him as Charles anymore. I know Mum and I were a little worried about how things would work for him growing up through puberty, however meeting Anna has worked out great so far as she respects him as a sissyand wants him to continue his development and is very supportive of him looking as feminine as possibleat all times.

When you found out that your brother Charlotte would also work at the salon with Sissy Rachel and Sissy Francesca what were your thoughts?

Katharine’s Salons were so busy and stretched leading up to Christmas it really was all hands to the deck. Rachel and Francesca were such big hits with the clientsthat Katharine’s first choice for additional help was to find another sissy, crossdresser or effeminate man. Charlotte was perfect and with his experience of dressing, comfort in presenting himself as a woman and understanding female terminology associated with beauty he was a natural choice.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (159)

How often do you see Sissy Charlotte, and is he always in a dress and makeup?

Charlotte lives quite close to me and the rest of the family so I see him at least twice a week. Sometimes it is more than that particularly when he comes to one of my Pilates classes which he likes to do. He always dresses incredibly feminine mostly in dresses or short skirts but occasionally in winter he will wear tight fitting pants to show off his beautiful long legs. Makeup is so important to Charlotte you will never see him without it. He used to wear too muchwhen he was younger which is in common with most teenage girls but he has it all sorted now where he has his day looks which are quite natural and his going out looks where he will do some dramatic eye makeup. He is not frightened to use red lipstick which is his real go to look.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (160)

What were your thoughts when your Mum decided that she was going to Totally Feminize your daddy?

I wasn’t surprised as mum had confided in me sometime ago that as soon as she had the time she would get him into dresses and out of the closet.

What were your thoughts the first time you saw your daddy in a dress? Please describe what he was wearing/ What were you and your Mum wearing?

Being completely honest he looks so much betteras Paula and it really suits his easy going gentle character. It also reinforces his subservience to mum not that there was ever any doubt, but it reinforces it to the rest of the family and mum and in the future daddy’s friends. He was wearing a dark blue dress with flared pink trim sleeves, black pantyhose and black ankle boots. Mum had got his nails done, a beautiful orangey red with matching lipstick. His eyes were heavily made up but he looked so pretty with his blonde wig. Mum was wearing her slacks and a simple blouse and I was in my leggings and sports top. I don’t remember either of us felt inclined to clash with his femininity so we were make-up free. I will attach a photo I took of him. He was so pretty and happy as you will see.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (161)

For Christmas, you, your Sister and your Mum were wearing men’s jumpers, while your daddy and brother were wearing Pretty red dresses, how did that make you Women feel?

Well it was a bit of a set up between Mum, Bethany and myself but we so wanted them to be the center of attention and to be our eye candy on Christmas day.

What kind of presents did your brother get for Christmas?

As you can imagine all his presents were feminine things. Anna bought him some Lancome perfume, Mum and Daddy some new high heeled mini boots thathe has been going on about for sometime, Bethany bought him a voucher for the Salon and I bought him some new very feminine sunglasses

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (162)

Do you know of any of the presents that your daddy received for Christmas?

A lot of daddy’s gifts were make-up related. He had a new set of spring colored nail polishes, toe separators, makeupbrushes and some new peep toes sandals.

What was your Aunt’s, your daddy’s sister reaction to seeing your daddy in a dress and make up so Beautifully?

My Aunty Margaret had been forewarned by Mum of Daddy wanting to come out as a sissy. So we arranged to get Sam round to do his makeup and nails professionally and mum had bought him a lovely new very feminine dark blue dress. He looked stunning. When Aunty saw daddy she became very emotionalbut it was definitely happy tears. She gave him a huge hug and told him he was so beautiful. What was funny and made us all laugh was when Aunty turned around to my Uncle and said that he better watch out or he might be next!!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (163)

How does it make you feel knowing that you are physically Stronger than All four men that are in your life (Francesca, Rachel, Charlotte & Daddy Paula)?

It is very reassuring and important to your self confidence. I believe it is crucial for all strong and determined women to have a physical presence so that they do not feel intimidated by their men.

What are you hoping to see in the relationship between Sissy Charlotte and Anna?

Beyond just wanting them to be happy I want to see them get married at a sissy wedding. It would be so much fun having two sets of bridesmaids, one of sissies beautifully presented in matching dresses and shoes to support Charlotte and one of strong women wearing trousers and formal shirts supporting Anna. Sorry Patti I am getting carried away!!

NOTE: What Stephanie describes here for what see wants to see for Anna and Charlotte is EXACTLY what the New Age Lifestyle has as it’s Goal!!!

Do you want to see your daddy being a Full Time Sissy to your Mum?

Yes absolutely and it is going to happen in the coming months. All the preparation work has been done and I know Mum wants to really accelerate things before Spring arrives

Now that you and Samantha have made Francesca quit his male job, how does it feel having a Full Time Sissy at your disposal?

It feels wonderful. I can’t over emphasize this too much to our strong female readers. Sissy’s are much better company, they don’t argue back, they do all the domestic jobs giving more quality time for you and they look so much better.

What was Francesca’s reaction as you threw away all his male belongings?

Well he didn’t have any choice in the first place. Sam and I cleared them out when he was down at the Salon. It was nearly a week before he plucked up the courage to ask us where his “Scott clothes” were. We told him he had no further need for them so they had all gone down to the charity shop. Sam was worried hewould get angry but it was more like a forlorn acceptance than anything else

NOTE: This is another Great Example of Stephanie being the “Alpha”. The once strong, athletic man is so emasculated that he really is not able to confront the Superior Female Alpha. This is another Goal of The New Age Lifestyle and Female Control and Empowerment!

What did Francesca receive for Christmas presents?

He had such lovely Christmas presents including panties, bra’s, pantyhose, accessories, jewelery and perfume

How is Life for you and Samantha now that Samantha has achieved her Goal of having a Full Time House Sissy?

Life is just great for us Patti. We both have very busy lives so it is wonderful to come home and find the house in great order with all the washing, cooking, cleaning and shopping being taken care ofby Francesca. It allows us some quality time to spend together and reduces the stress and pressure in our relationship. We therefore remain very much in love with each other. We enjoy having our docile and pretty sissy living with us and he is definitely part of our family.

What are your thoughts and Hopes for The New Age Lifestyle and Female Control and Empowerment?

Both Sam and I love the New Age Lifestyle and cannot recommend it enoughfor strong women who want to have control of their lives. It may not be for everyone but we find our household calmer, more efficient and fun to live in by having our domesticated, placid, beautiful sissy to take care of our needs. It allows us to have quality time together as well as concentrate on our careers. It really is a much improved quality of life where we can do what we want to do rather than fitting around men. The power exchange from men to women is happening all around us but all strong women can accelerate this process by taking control.

So LOVELY seeing males so Totally Emasculated!!!!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (164)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (165)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (166)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (167)

The Following is the account of Samantha pegging Francesca. We had the previous account of Stephanie, as the Alpha pegging the once “macho” Scott (Francesca), that was when they had dressed Francesca up in his Beautiful tre cocktail dress, corset, stockings, heels and dramatic makeup! As the Alpha, it was Important that Stephanie established herself as the “head of Household” in this manner. It was Very Important that Samantha Complete the Total Reversal with Francesca, as Francesca, as Scott had previously “penetrated” Samantha. To establish the Total Role reversal which is what the New Age Lifestyle is all about, Samantha had to “Take” Francesca as well and establish herself as being Totally Superior to him!


Sam was still somewhat reluctant to go through with it even after watching me do it a week or so before. She is such a sweet girl Patti and doesn’t want to hurt or take advantage of anybody however I reminded her that Scott had made the decision to allow us to feminize him and that he was clearly enjoying being transformed into Francesca. I also reminded her how sexuality excited we both felt after I pegged him and another similar night awaited us again.

So I took the lead and let Francesca know quietly that we would require his services later on in the bedroom. He looked puzzled at my request but in common with normal practice now he slightly bowed his head and nodded compliance. I wanted Sam to have an amazing experience and so suggested she and I had a run in the afternoon followed by a lovely hot bath to get her relaxed. We had such fun and giggles on our jog and I teased her to no end about the fact she was going to get her end away with our Sissy maid later.


Stephanie wasn’t going to let me off from doing it even though I had reservations. I didn’t want to force myself on him not knowing if he was a willing Sissy but after a pep talk Stephanie got my metabolic rate up by making go for a run in the afternoon. She made me laugh so much by holding a men only type conversation during our run saying I was going to be giving my sissy a good “fucking” later and shoving my cock in his pretty mouth and down his throat. It really put me at ease so after a hot bath I was energized and ready to go. I must admit to you Patti that I am always on the receiving end of our strap on phallus with Stephanie so I felt a bit nervous not really knowing what to do with it other than the obvious but Stephanie had thought about that so we did a quick role reversal which was amazing for me and something I really enjoyed for a first time and will definitely have to experiment with more in the future.


She was very relaxed after soaking for 30 minutes and joined me in the bedroom clearly excited for what was about to happen. Now Sam isn’t really experienced when it comes to using strap on phalluses as that is my job so I needed to get her all fixed up and give her a little practice as to what works best and how to position the dildo for screwing someone. She is now very flexible and getting stronger so it didn’t take her long to get the hang of it as I can vouch for!!!!

She wasn’t sure what to wear so I reminded her it needed to be very casual and Tom boyish. She settled on some leggings and a loose fitting top and tied her hair up in a ponytail. In fact we were pretty much matching each other by the time we were ready for our precious Francesca.

I called him upstairs and waited for him to knock the door. He was wearing a short leather skirt and pantyhose along with a thin polo necked jumper. His makeup was presentable as usual but I did note his lips were now scarlet red as opposed to his normal hot pink. I asked him about it and he became quite embarrassed as he told us it was a lip stain that Rachel had given him recently. Clearly he knew what was coming next. It was such a lovely contrast to our barefaced look.


Well I was ready for him so Stephanie summoned him upstairs but she was very excited to use this as another emasculation lesson. She got him on his knees and shouted at him to beg to be fucked by his mistress. She then helped me position the dildo to go straight down his throat which gave me a tremendous power rush. I thought he was choking but he seemed to be coping by taking some very deep breaths. Stephanie was encouraging me and said she could see the cock opening his throat in his neck which was amazing. I was getting very excited Patti and now wanted to move to the main act. It was so thrilling to just pat the bed and watch him understand that I wanted him on all 4s presenting his girly butt to me ready to be penetrated.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (168)


I wanted to put him on the back foot and ordered him to get down onto his knees in front of me. I told him to look me in the eyes as I stood in front of him and asked him to tell Samantha and I what he thought we should do with him now for our entertainment. He looked taken aback until Sam came forward with her beautiful harness and large strap on right by the side of him.

I wanted an answer Patti so just stared at him until he bowed his head and mumbled something. I actually shouted at him which I think shocked Sam and demanded he looked at us and told us what he wanted us to do. He obeyed and said he thought Miss Samantha wanted to peg him. So I had to get firm with him and remind him he needed to wise up and provide us his Mistresses with our entertainment and do it enthusiastically. Sam came forward with her hard cock and immediately he reached across and kissed it. Sam was growing more confident and suggested that pretty little Francesca open wide for his mistress to allow her to penetrate his mouth with the stiff Phallus. He clearly had learnt a lot from his first experience with me as he took a considerable length into his mouth and started to bob his head. Sam was enjoying swaying backwards and forwards until the cock hit the back of his throat and he gagged. I tilted his head back a little and Sam changed her angle so that she was right over the top of him pushing the dildo down hard into his throat. Oh Patti she really had him now and his breathing became more erratic and his gag reflex more accommodating. He had tears in his eyes which made Sam stop as he breathed quite rapidly. I asked him how he enjoyed giving a real blow job and did he enjoy it as much as when he used to dish it out to Sam and other girlfriends. He said it was horrible but I wasn’t so sure so asked him to stand up and lift his skirt and take down his pantyhose. Just as expected Patti his Panties were soaking wet with pre cum. Samantha asked him what was that all about. He was so humiliated and shamed that he just looked down at his shoes. I quickly lifted his chin and looked into his eyes and told him never to doubt us or ever try and convince us that he was nothing more or less than a total pansy.

Sam took hold of his hand and led him across to the bed and gently patted the bed and told him to get on all 4s. She flapped his skirt up over his waist and pulled his panties down before rubbing in some lube all around his rosebud. He knew what was happening next as Sam pushed her Dildo against his sphincter muscle until it popped in. Francesca let out a little moan and then pleaded with Sam to go slowly. She was beautiful Patti slowly but surely easing it all the way in until he grunted as it bumped into his prostate.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (169)


I was so surprised how sexually excited I was and when I speared him it gave me my first little orgasm. He was making such girly noises as I pushed the phallus all in the way in and it was then that I realized he wanted me to fuck him.

Stephanie is so mischievous and was clearly getting excited and when she gave me a most passionate kiss it sent me way over the top with a gob smacking orgasm like I’ve never had before. Fucking my effeminate sissy boyfriend whilst kissing my loving dominant strong girlfriend was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (170)


That was it Sam was away pulling his hips like handle bars back onto the phallus as she pushed forward. Francesca was in heaven making all sorts of moans and grunts whilst Sam started to get flushed. I couldn’t resist it Patti but I had to kiss Sam to share this incredible experience and it wasn’t long before she and Francesca both had big orgasms. In fact Sam collapsed on top of Francesca and was enjoying an extremely hightened sense of fragility.

I was completely turned on and helped her regain her balance and sat her down on a chair. I asked her if she wanted him again but she just shook her head. I did and wasn’t going to waste the opportunity Patti so took off Sam’s harness and quickly attached and adjusted it. By now Francesca was on his back with his eyes closed basking in his post orgasm world.. I pulled him by his legs to the edge of the bed and put his legs on my shoulders and penetrated him as quickly as possible. There was little resistance to this so I went hard at him until he was shrieking and I was ready to climax. It was sensational Patti and such a thrill.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (171)


I couldn’t keep it up and my legs started to buckle and I just collapsed on Francesca who was also having his moment. Stephanie was on fire and after making Francesca drink his cummy down which she had so carefully collected she quickly took the harness off me and starting pegging Francesca like a piston engine. It all ended up with screams, moans and orgasms. I felt emotionally exhausted but at the same time so exhilarated I could hardly move.

Stephanie had just got started and wanted to dismiss Francesca from the bedroom by launching herself at me with another passionate kiss, knowing Francesca would see his former girlfriend in the arms of a superior lover and protector.

I don’t mind telling you Patti I fell into Stephanie’s arms as we made love for the rest of the evening and most of the night.

It was the most amazing experience

Please feel free to use any of these personal details Patti that you think might help other women understand the power of the New Age Lifestyle.


Oh Patti, Sam and I had an amazing night and have agreed that Francesca should be part of our normal weekend fantasy’s going forward.

As you can tell, Both Stephanie and Samantha are Strong Believers and Promoters of The New Age Lifestyle! This is what is [possible if Women Take Control and Decide that their life does not have to be the “traditional” life as a “helper” to men! The Opposite is now being realized for those who are willing to venture into a New Realm of Possibility!

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Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (173)

Today’s Posting will Focus on the Realities that are happening in The New Age Lifestyle of Female Control! More and more Women are realizing that they are Strong and Confident and are the True Leaders of today! In the meantime, these same Women are realizing the Great Benefits in having Feminized men at their side as their “helpers” in this New World of Female Control!

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The following are highlights from the Tumblr Page “homemadesub”. This is the Future that is being Created!

On the way to the adult bookstore. Mistress stopped to talk to a group of people. She ordered you to sit quietly & be pretty. She explained to the strangers. Today is your birthday and She is giving you. Your most secret fantasy. To look, act & be a female. She whispered to the group since you want to be a pretty gurl. One of the women of the group tells another. Since She caught him wearing Her clothes. She knows what to do for Her boyfriend on his birthday.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (175)

Posing in your new Easter sissy outfit. Mistress proudly says you will definitely win the Sissy Princess Award at the fetish ball.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (176)

Dressed in your best lingerie & sissy maid uniform. Waiting at the door for the Wife to leave for Her office. Holding Her briefcase & Her morning cup of coffee. She warns you She expects this house to be absolutely clean when She arrives home later. With your hands full, She orders you to turn around. Secures a small padlock on the collar of your uniform. Ordering you to turn back around She lifts your skirt. Pulls down your panties to also lock a stainless steel chastity cage on you. Pulling up your panties She can tell you are not happy. She tells you, NOW bitch these will help keep your mind on your cleaning duties. Closing the door quickly after She left worried someone might see how you’re currently dressed. You call your office manager to inform Him you won’t be in today. Your clitty tingles from seeing your feminized reflection in the entry hall mirror. While you’re talking to the boss in your “man” voice. He was extremely unpleased over you not coming to work today. Hanging up you exhale a sigh of relief & begin your sissy maid duties of cleaning the house. Removing the bedding & getting it in the wash. You begin to collect the dirty clothes. Sniffing the soiled cotton panels of the Wife’s panties. Your caged clitty attempts to expand only to remind you. To keep any little sissy maid naughty thoughts in check. You slip a soiled pair in the pocket of your black apron & continue with the sissy maid’s tasks at hand. With the laundry gathered & started. You move to the kitchen to clean up breakfast. Towel drying the last plate the phone rings. Using your most feminine voice you answer “(Your last name) residence.” A cold dead silence is followed by your bosses voice asking for you. Keeping in female voice you answer “1 moment Sir.” Covering the phone for a few seconds. You answer “Hello.” The boss sounding upset informs you He needs the file on an account you’re working on & can’t find it. Telling Him you took it home to work on it. Angered more, He says NEVER take any file home again. He will call you back after He decides what to do. You try to go back to cleaning. Worried over the file & the boss. 2 hours later the phone rings. You answer in your man voice. The boss is on the other end. He says He needs that file today. He is sending His secretary over to pick it up. His secretary is tall pushy red-head. She has never liked you & always makes your work life miserable. There’s no way She can see you dressed as a sissy maid. You will never be able to live it down. You stammer on the phone trying to come up with some plan to not be seen. You suggest putting it in the mail box for Her to pick it up. At that moment She rings the door bell. Turning to face the door. She is looking directly at you. You can tell by Her eyes She realizes it is you in the maid’s uniform………..

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (177)

Sitting quietly as Mistress explains to the young lady sissy sitting you while She is out. How you must be handled & treated while you are completing your household tasks. The 23 year old woman asks Mistress if you are trained in orally pleasuring a vagina? Mistress says you are very talented with giving personal pleasure by mouth to women. The young lady gives you a sly smile. Mistress asks if the young lady is She is considering putting your mouth to use while She is gone? The young lady answers yes!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (178)

After retirement, you became your Wife’s wife. Today you look outstanding. Hair & makeup are perfect. Your restrictive undergarments are holding what needs to be held. Along with giving you an attractive curvy female body. Contained in the new off the shoulders red dress you’ve been dying to wear. White petticoats, white heels & a matching white string of fake pearls. Have you feeling confident & the prettiest “woman” in the room.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (179)

It feels so right. You never want to go back to being a guy. The girl in you is now the girl to the world. Now to find your Mistress Charming.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (180)

As you’re happily vacuuming, She secretly takes a picture of you. Wearing the new frilly petticoats under your custom handmade sissy maid uniform & sends it to Her Mother. With the text “You were absolutely right Mom. He loves them.” Mom texts back, “I told you dear. HE would love them. They all do. Did you give HIM the box of tampons I sent with the petticoats?”

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (181)

When She “forces” you to be feminine. She has a way of knowing you enjoy being beautiful more than you are letting on. Every secret sissy’s has his own built in bio truth indicator.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (182)

Meeting Mistress/Wife at the front door to welcome Her home from the office. Today is your 1st day of sissy maid service. You can’t stop smiling because you are beyond happy. Today Sissy Maid Vivian becomes a permanent member of the household.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (183)

You’re quietly thinking over an answer to the Wife’s question. The fading male in you wants you to say NO. Being dressed the way you are in your new lingerie, sissy maid’s uniform. Your makeup, wig & long press-on nails has given you the look of a middle aged female servant. Standing up on your high heels. Your derrière is being pushed out giving you a feminine arch in the small of your back. Forcing your padded boobs out. Giving you an unmistakable curvy female form. You look at Mistress. Pinch the skirt edges of your dress. Left foot behind right to curtsy. You answer, “Yes Mistress.”’

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (184)

This is the 4th weekend in a row you joyfully get to dress & serve as your Wife’s feminized sissy maid. She finally agreed from all your constant pestering. To please allow you to dress in a maid uniform. To serve Her & clean the house. After a discussion with Her Sister about your unusual unmanly request. Sis convinced The Wife you never really acted like a real man in Her eyes. That Her Sister (Your Wife) would be better off with a sissy maid than a husband. The Ladies without alarming you. Quietly watch you femininely move around dusting. Sis whispers to your Wife, “Are you convinced now. The sissy makes a far better real housemaid than a fake husband?”

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (185)

It all started 6 months ago. Your fun & sexy Girlfriend on a hunch. Talked you into shaving your crotch smooth & slipping into a pair of Her silky red panties. To wear under your Levi’s before going shopping with Her. Standing in a high end lingerie store. She loves watching you trying to hide your excitement as She picks different items to try on in a dressing room. She hands you Her red purse to hold before She heads to a dressing room. Your hairless happy “little guy” is rock hard. From being nestled in the silky panties. Attempting to hide the wonderful feeling. You hold the red purse in front of your crotch. Holding it daintily with both hands like a woman. Your Girlfriend exits the dressing area. Seeing you with the red purse. She asks if you want Her to find you a red bra & red heels to match your purse & panties. Today you & your Girlfriend are enjoying a “Chick Date.” Of course your bra, panties, shoes & purse all match.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (186)

3 hours after starting your makeover. You are now the identical twin of your sister. The Wife takes some pictures of you. Your tucked penis is excited as She tells you how feminine & beautiful your are. Placing Her phone on a table. She moves toward you. Bends down & places both Her hands on yours to hold them down. She looks deep into your made-up eyes, “I’ve always been attracted to your sister. Now I have her.” She kisses you while holding down your hands. She refers to you by your sisters name, “Carol tonight you are mine.”

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (187)

Today marks the 1 year anniversary. Your understanding & supportive Wife 1st helped with your most secret fantasy becoming a reality. You are nervously waiting to enter the parlor on Her call. Today your secret that was only between you & the Wife becomes public. Hearing the ring of the service bell. You grab the serving tray of hot tea & crackers. Turning your back to the door to push it open. You gracefully enter the room. Floating on your shiny black leather high heels. Head up, boobs out, legs straight & feminine derrière swishing your skirt. Loving how the silk stockings feel on your inner thighs as they rub together. Carefully placing the tray on a side table. Mistress orders you to begin serving the tea to the group of women.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (188)

You are so excited. Mistress says, you will participate in sex with Her. You get dressed in your best lingerie, sissy maid’s dress, heels & hose. She ordered you to wait in the bedroom you share with Her when struggling to live in male mode. Your caged clitty is excited over getting to be released. To finally have sissy lesbian sex with the Wife.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (189)

The New Age Lifestyle!

The removal of your testicles along with the extra strength estrogen shots. Has made you into the woman standing in front of your Wife. Today has you 2 ladies enjoying a gal pal day of shopping, sightseeing & a trip to the art museum in the city park. The Wife stops you to take a picture of Her beautiful new wife Jane. You are the happiest sissy wife a gurl could hope & dream to be. Wishes do come true.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (190)

A real man would NEVER willingly straighten up the house. Looking like a common female servant. While dressed in a maid’s uniform. You know you NEVER were or ever could be a true man. You love wearing “those” clothes way too much. You love when the Wife treats you as her servant. You crave Her to refer to you as missy, maid, sissy or bitch. She loves ordering you to cleanup!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (191)

It has been the best Valentine’s Week you could ever hope for. Spending the entire week as a beautiful sissy maid to the Wife. On Wednesday morning She walks into the Master Bath. As you are finishing cleaning it. She watches you admiring your feminine self in the mirror. You have today’s outfit ready for Her. She moves behind you to wrap Her arms around your corseted waist. Looking at you in the mirror. She whispers, “I can tell honey. You love being My sissy maid. She kisses your exposed neck whispers, “So do I.”

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (192)

As you’re cleaning. Mistress snuggles up behind you to rub your sissy tushy. Mmmmm I love this azz dirty gurl. Your making me so horny. I want to bend you over here & fu*k this cute sissy azz. Pushing your butt back against Her crotch, you softly whisper, Please Mistress.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (193)

Now, here are some Comparisons of The New Age Lifestyle!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (194)

Look at her HUGE biceps and compare to his delicate arms!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (195)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (196)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (197)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (198)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (199)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (200)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (201)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (202)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (203)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (204)

Please stay Tuned as we will have Part 3 of Stephanie’s Story coming up in the series, “When the Female Conquers the male”! This ongoing series details the Great Accomplishments of Strong and Confident Women and what they are doing to create a Better Female Led World under the Concept of The New Age Lifestyle!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (205)

Today’s Posting will Focus on Womanless Pageants and how they are Great “tools” in Women, especially mothers getting their sons to experience Femininity, as well as other “means’ that Women are using in advancing the Acceptance of male Femininity!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (206)

Here is a Posting from the Quora Website from a man explaining how his mother got him into wearing Feminine clothing:

My Mother dressed me as a Girl a couple of times. When I was very young I ran out of boys underwear and she gave me a couple of pairs of her nylon panties to wear until she did laundry. (loved wearing them)

When I was in HS, I got invited last minute to a Halloween party and had to put something together rather quickly. She said she had a School Girl outfit I could borrow and dress up as Brittany Spears. I agreed. She got me bra and panties, thigh highs, and a very short skirt. She was a hairdresser and did my makeup and had a great wig for me as well.

I could not hide my erection in the silky panties and she told me I needed to play with it and make it go away. So there I am all dressed up and jerking off in front of my mother. She yelled at me, I did not mean to do it IN FRONT OF ME! However, I was ready to cum and she was staring at my erection, and I shot my load all over the floor in front of her.

Went to the party and was getting felt up all night by both boys and girls. The girls were very aggressive reaching under the skirt and grabbing me. Most asked if I was wearing panties or not.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (207)

Many boys are Quite Cute when Feminized!

Here is a story from Rebecca:

  1. This article is from Rebecca, with an 8 year old son that likes to be Feminine:

This used to be a wonderful place to drop by and read occasionally, What happened? I used to come here and reminisce about when my young son (thirty years ago) used to run around in his dresses during the summer and even ask to have his hair curled and styled. I was happy to find others who had some similar experiences, Now it seems that many post are just garbage. Then I recall the young mom I met in the park last fall with these 3 beautiful children. 3 kids dressed in summer dresses, sandals and enjoying the last warm days of fall. Really beautiful children with long flowing hair and hearty smiles. After talking to her, I found out only 2 were girls, the middle one was her son. He looked the most girlish out of the trio. Long wavy and curly reddish blond hair longer then his sisters and almost down to his waist. She said he wanted styles like his sisters clothing a few years earlier and just started wearing her clothing and she started buying him girls clothing and let his hair grow since. I did manage to come across them one more time since and the boy had his long hair French braided with very girlish bangs and was wearing a girls winter outfit. Pink and white coat with hat and scarf. He looked adorable and goes by Bobbie Jean now instead of bobby. This boy is 8 years old now and lives exclusively as a girl and goes to a public school system which lets him wear whatever any of the girls are allowed to wear everyday. This is a truly remarkable family and I admire the mother for letting her budding daughter wear what he wishes.


Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (208)

Here is a Story from Angie about a boy that is her daughter’s age!

I can’t use the word encourage but she didn’t stop him. My neighbors son is more the feminine type and never played with boys around here. Anyway he borrowed shorts and a tank top from my daughter after a sleepover. A short time after he got home she called and asked what was going on. I told her he didn’t want to put his other clothes on so he left wearing my daughter’s clothes. It wasn’t until a few days later when she told me she had gotten him some similar clothes just to see what would happen. Well as it turns out this simple shorts and tank top from 6 years ago changed everything. She’s 15 like my daughter and the other girls from that sleepover but it was her who chose without encouragement.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (209)

A Question from the Quora Site:

My son told me that he wants to try wearing a skirt. How do I respond?

Find a cute top to go with the skirt and see if he likes it! If he’s comfortable and likes the way he feels in it, then tell him to take steps to get to wear dresses and heels 👠. If he does have some other interests in mind, please give him help in getting his best look into femininity! He will try this anyway but help him get a little more female in your home and see where you’re going from here! You will find a place in which you’ll have a very special and exciting opportunity to share with him!! Crossdressing and the way he will feel is priceless and he will be the best friend you ever can have!

Another Opinion!

Take him out & let him choose a couple that he likes, then buy them for him, & when you get home & he has changed in to one of them ask him how it feels to be wearing a skirt for the first time, if he replies it feels rather nice, tell him he can wear a skirt after school & of a weekend, & say as you like wear a skirt would you like to try wearing panties as well, if you do we can buy some next weekend when we buy you some more skirts. And maybe buy him some tights/pantyhose as well.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (210)

Did your mom try to embarrass you after getting caught crossdressing?

Yes she did! She bought me clothes in my size to wear and she wanted me to get dressed and not to take them off for a while because she was going through my old clothes and was getting rid of them so I would have to wear dresses and lingerie!! She was very surprised when I told her I would wear my new outfits and I did not want to take them off for it was just so much more than an embarrassing idea because I couldn’t see any other side or anything keeping me from getting into a new dress or making a few changes to get feminine as soon as she got in to make sure she was going to have to take me to the beauty shop for a very special reason! It never embarrassed me and was very much looking forward with the next steps to make me so much of what I’ve ever wanted done and how much it feels so much more like I am going anywhere and how much we need each other’s trust. It would become a huge success as our relationship was so close and we had no real intention of going back to the little boy who got caught dressed as a girl who took this as one who knew how much I would be wearing women’s clothes forward from this time on!

Another Experience!

Yes she did. I got curious and tried on a pair of her knee high’s and sandals when she walked in on me. She really got mad at me and I told her I wouldn’t do it again and nothing was said again. That weekend coming one of her friends daughter had a birthday party and she said we were invited but unknown to me at the time my mother told me to get ready, she followed me into my bedroom and I found a jean skirt, a brand new pair of legg’s nude pantyhose and the sandals she caught me with. I was 14 years old at the time. She had a bottle of Nair hair remover and smeared on my legs and after some time to shower it off and the hair on my legs rinsed right off. Went into the bedroom and sat down put on the underwear provided and she went and painted my toenails a red color, when it dried she helped me roll the pantyhose up my smooth legs. Had me put the skirt on and a sweater and the sandals. We left the house and went to the party and ended up the center of attention. It was the most embarrassing situation I was in. At the same time was kind of turned on. The other girls taking their turn rubbing my nylon covered legs. After the party was over mom told me if catch you again she would send me to school dressed up, but I did go to school in a skirt for Halloween. After I was more careful. Year’s later I still wear skirts

And Another!

My mom would often tease and make fun of me for wearing pantyhose, which I think was just her way of addressing ‘the big elephant’ and breaking the ice. She never discouraged me from wearing them, and felt it wasn’t her place to tell someone else not to wear them since she wore them daily.

She loved to point out when she wore sheer black pantyhose because she knew how much I liked black. And when she’d bring her friends home from work, she’d introduce me as her son the ‘pantyhose-fairy’ or ‘princess.’ She loved to explain to her friends how pantyhose helped me to express my feminine side and she was trying to be supportive.

She would also ‘out me’ to store clerks, and explain how she needs to double up on pantyhose because her son keeps taking all her good pairs, and that she needs them for work etc. Needless to say moms support and acceptance came at a price.

And Another!

Yes she thought I would be. One weekend after being caught, she told me I would be dressed as a girl. She went shopping to buy some clothes for me to wear. She bought a dress, a skirt, some panties, tights, and shoes. By the way, I was 12 years old. Friday night came and she told me to take a bath, I normally took showers. After the bath, she handed me a pair of panties and a night shirt. Saturday came and I was told that the family was going to the mall. I wore the skirt, shirt, panties, and shoes that day. The skirt was short and barely covered the panties. I was nervous that day. Sunday I wore the dress. I was nervous too.

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People that were crossdressed by their parents, what was your experience?

The only time my mom dressed me up was when I asked her if I could be a girl for Halloween. My mother went all out, I think it was because she knew about me always wearing her & my sisters clothes, they never caught me in the act but they would always make comments when I was in the room about their shoes being stretched out, runs in their pantyhose & once my mother asked me if I was wearing mascara, I just came out of the bathroom from washing off my makeup, my mom said my eye lashes were looking darker then they normally looked. My mother polished my fingernails & toenails a dark red, made me wear panties, a bra, a corset & suntan pantyhose, she made my sister get her blue, long sleeve, mini dress for me to wear along with her blue, open toed pumps, she set my shoulder length hair in electric rollers then did my makeup. When she finished putting on my foundation, she made my sister get her some tweezers & she plucked my eyebrows into pencil thin lines with a high arch in them, she then finished the rest of my makeup. My mom made me wear a necklace, an ankle bracelet, bangle bracelets on my right wrist & a women’s watch on my left, she sprayed me with perfume then got my sister to go get her blue purse that matched my dress & she filled it with the makeup, perfume & nail polish I was wearing, she also put a hair brush & my house keys in there. Before my mom took the curlers out of my hair, she got a sewing needle & pierced both of my ears, she put a pair of silver, dangling earrings in the holes she made, the silver earrings matched all of the other silver jewelry she had me wearing, every time I moved my head you could hear my earrings clinking together. Mom removed the curlers, she brushed out my hair & styled it into a feminine look then sprayed it heavily with ultra hold hair spray. Mom took me downstairs & had me put on one of my sisters coats, she draped the shoulder strap of my purse over my shoulder then told me I was all set to go, mom & my sister walked me to the front door & gently pushed me outside, closing the front door behind me. I was in heaven, here I was dressed as the girl I always wanted to be, walking down the street, listening to my heels clicking on the sidewalk, feeling the night breeze blowing over my shaved, pantyhose covered legs & I didn’t have to hide from no one. I walked along every busy street so everyone could see me, I loved it when guys would blow their horn at me, I would wave at them. I wound up walking to a bus stop & taking the bus to the mall, it was my dream come true, I walked around the mall stopping in different stores & trying on high heels, skirts & dresses. My favorite experience of that night was when I stopped in a wig store, I told the woman working there that I was a boy & that I wanted to try on some wigs to see which ones would make me look like a natural girl, the woman working there was all for it, she said it was slow in her store all day. She led me to a chair to sit in & brought over several wigs to try on, each one was a different length, style & color, we settled on two of the wigs that made me look like a real girl, if i would have had the money I would have bought them both, I told the woman that I would come back next week & put some money down on one of the wigs, that I really wanted it badly, she said she understood & she would be waiting for me to come back. Before I left the store the owner asked me if she could take a picture with me, I said yes & she ran over to the store next to hers to get her friend to take the picture. When I left her store the mall was closing, I walked to the bus stop & caught the bus home, when I got off the bus in my town, I went walking around some more, I never wanted this night to end. I wound up getting home at 1:00 a.m., everyone was in bed so I went to my room & put on a nightgown & went to sleep.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (212)

Have you ever been forced to crossdress by your wife/girlfriend and shown off to her friends?

Yes I have. My wife likes to dress me up in her clothes, one Saturday afternoon I was taken a shower when I was done drying off I went into the bedroom to get my clothes and my wife had replaced them with an outfit she wanted me to wear, she told me to come out to the living room when I was done. When I got to the living room there was 5 of my wife’s friends in the living room, they all told me that I looked like a sexy school girl, I was so embarrassed. Later on that afternoon I was told to go change into the clothes laying on the bed then come back to the living room, so I got changed and went to the living room, this time my wife and all her friends were wearing strap ons, some vibrating and some not. She told me to get down on all fours and when I did she started inserting her strap on in my ass then started pounding me, one of the other women but their dick in my face and told me to suck her dick so I did, they all took turns tag teaming me all night long. I ENJOYED EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT.

Another Answer:

While living with her mother part time my Beautiful “step daughter” came home unexpectedly one day and caught me wearing a maid’s uniform while I was cleaning. She commented on how “cute” I looked wearing it. During the Christmas holidays that year her mother and I got into an argument and I was told to move out. Alivia moved in with me and her Domination of me began shortly after that. She presented me with a T shirt that had the inscription Lovingly Owned printed on it and a pink collar with the word SISSY on it. She took me to lunch for my birthday and then to a tattoo parlor and instructed the artist to permanently brand me as her property with a princess crown on my buttock. Her Dominance over me became more formidable when she demanded that I begin taking feminization pills and purchase bras and sissy panties to wear. I was instructed to order maid’s uniforms and she is training me to be a submissive sissymaid to serve at gatherings and willingly submit to her Commands to showcase her ability to train me as her obedient sissy bitch. I am plugged and caged to further force my submission. She controls me and has become my Beautiful Dominant Goddess Alivia.

Another Answer:


I was about 25 at the time, very slim with long legs and skinny waist. I had always liked to wear sexy underwear from an early age especially satin and my girlfriend was aware of my secret even buying me several pairs. I would put on underwear shows for her in the bedroom and she would sometimes try to embarrass me in public by pulling at my shorts to reveal the shiny satin of my lingerie

My girlfriend wanted to try pegging me so she bought a pink rubber strapon dildo and after a little practice we became quite good with it. I realized that my girlfriend was always trying to embarrass me in public and that she was excited by it so in the right situations i started to play along with it and allow her.

We would go swimming at the local swimming pool in the evenings so she bought me a pair of sexy swimming tanga briefs with string sides that i was to wear for her. She loved them and would grope at them underwear the water. When we were in the sauna afterwards she would put a hand on my leg stroking me and feel my bulge when other people were in there pretending not to look.

She liked to have the kitchen light on after dark with the blinds opened slightly so anyone passing could see in and have me walking about in shiny satin panties why we chatted. I was told to wear a satin thong when sunbathing in the garden and if any of her friends called at the house she would bring them into the garden to talk while I was lying on the lounger then occasionally ask me to bring them some drinks or something similar so I they could examine me.

One saturday morning i was laying in bed about to get up when she walked into the bedroom with a satin french maid costume and asked if would try it on for her. I was only wearing a white satin thong and she pulled back the duvet to stroke the satin bulge of my thong as she asked me again to try the costume on for her. I got out of bed and stepped into the slinky satin maid dress pulling it up over my hips and putting my arms through then up onto my shoulders. She zipped up the back and tied a white satin apron around my waist standing back to look at me.

I slid my hands down the sides of the satin maid dress and round onto my bum feeling the smooth shiny satin that covered my bum and traced the edge of my thong with my fingers. It felt sexy to the touch and came down to half way between my bum and knees. My girlfriend was all over me feeling and touching the silky material of the costume and putting her hand under the dress to feel my satin thong. She pulled out a wig from the wardrobe and positioned it on my head telling me that I looked cute and that she wanted to use her strapon on me while I was wearing it.

She led me downstairs by the hand and i was ordered to model for her as she put on her strapon dildo. I walked in and out of the kitchen modelling the sexy satin french maid costume bending over and showing off my white satin thong for her while she lent against the kitchen worktop stroking the pink dildo with her hand. She was telling me how good I looked and that I was now her sexy sissy slave to have fun with.

Suddenly there was a knock at the front door and i went to run back upstairs but my girlfriend told me not to worry and stay were I was as it was probably just a parcel delivery she was expecting. I stepped back away from the window as she opened the door and listened to her giggling with someone then to my horror she walked back into the kitchen followed by her two friends.

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It was only about 10am on a Saturday and I was wearing a satin French maid costume in the kitchen with my girlfriend and her two friends. Don’t mind paul she told the two women, we were just about to have some fun as she held her strapon out shaking it from side to side laughing with them. Were are you two girls going so early in the morning she asked them. We were going into town shopping but we think we will hang out with you for a while if its ok they replied.

My girlfriend looked at me as she told her friends it was fine with her but that she would be taking me up stairs for an hour to fuck my cute sissy ass. Why don’t you fuck him here so that we can watch you one of them asked with a giggle. He looks so cute in his sexy dress the other said.

Well i might just do exactly that my girlfriend told them as she grabbed my cock through the thin satin material. Face the wall she ordered so I moved to the wall and put my hands on it. My girlfriend moved in behind me laughing with her friends and lifted the satin dress up and onto my hips revealing the thin white satin thong between my cheeks. She pulled the thong from my ass and over to the side as I felt the head of the dildo touch the opening of my bum and gently i could feel the tip enter me and slowly moving back and forth until I had the whole thing inside me.

Her friends were giggling behind me as my girlfriend started to speed up the rhythm and I began to moan with each thrust of her strapon. You are my cute little sissy boy arn’t you she asked me as she fucked me for the women watching. Tell my friends that you’re my sissy slave she ordered and I repeated the sentence to the two giggling women as I moaned with pleasure. She grabbed my thong pulling it as if horse riding and screwed my ass like she had never done before.

For over an hour I was pegged all over the house for her watching friends until my girlfriend asked them if they would like to fuck me. The both jumped at the idea of fucking me so my girlfriend fetched them a strapon of their own from our bedroom and helped them put them on. The first of the women sat on the sofa with her dildo pointing up and i was ordered to ride it. I lowered myself down feeling it enter me and started to fuck her as she grabbed my ass when i moved up and down. The second woman stood next to me and told me to open my mouth putting her dildo in my mouth.

And another Experience!

I used to dress up at home with my girlfriend and she loved it. We were both early 20s living together so had all the freedom in the world. I was skinny and had long hair and even I have to admit I look a bit like a girl in photos from that time in my life.

We were out shopping together and I was watching her try on clothes and the woman told me I couldn’t stand in the doorway cause I made other women nervous. When she wasn’t looking I ducked into the change room with my girlfriend. She got playful and took my clothes off and dresses me in a matching bra and panties and a suspender belt. She took her own stockings off and put them on me and we laughed quietly as I looked myself up and down in the mirror.

She ducked out of the room and came back with a short black and blue dress with a this waist and a belt that went round themiddle. She pulled it over my head and did up the zip in the back and I did up the belt round the middle to hold myself into an hourglass figure. She pulled a layered petticoat up my legs and adjusted the dress over it so I looked like I had just walked out of a 1950s movie. I looked pretty good. Then she slipped her heels on my feet and told me to check out how good my legs looked. While I was admiring my look in the mirror and swishing the skirt and petticoats round my legs, she packed all my clothes into her shopping bag and headed out of the change rooms giggling.

Since she left the curtain open and left me no clothes I figured out what she was doing pretty quickly. I looked round the curtain and she was at the register paying for everything with the tags from the clothes and my credit cards. Then she blew me a kiss and said see you at the food court gorgeous and headed out of the shop.

The shop lady walked over to my stall and told me it was OK to come out now and that my friend explained everything. I was literally terrified. She pulled the curtain back and looked at me and told me I was stunning. She told me I looked like Joanie out of Happy Days. She was certainly more thrilled than I was with the whole thing. I honestly thought she would call security. She grabbed my hand and walked me out the back door of the shop and sat me down in a chair.

She gave me a kind smile and said I reminded her of her own son. That was weird. Then she pulled out some make-up and decided to help me look my best. She spent about 15 minutes on my face then brushed out my hair and curled the bottom under and put hair spray in it. Then she took the top layer of hair and pulled it into a short pony tail at the back of my head. She then told me to pout and stretch my lips as she put lipstick on me and then finished my eyes with an eye liner pencil and mascara on my lashes. She lead me back through the changing area and opened stood behind me as I saw myself in the mirror.

I didn’t recognize myself. Surely nobody else would either. I thanked her and left the store really confused. She looked like she was about to cry. I had walked round the house in heels but never on the polished floor of the shopping center. As the skirts all swished around my stocking covered legs and my heels tapped on the ground I felt so weird and tried not to walk too fast in case someone noticed I was an imposter.

As I arrived at the food court my girlfriend was heading toward me and I had to grab her cause she nearly walked past. She couldn’t believe it and covered her mouth and screamed into her hand and giggled. What happened to your face baby? You look brilliant. Oh shit and your hair too. Are you wearing eye liner? I told her the old girl in the shop did it and was so happy to help me out that she cried. My girlfriend thought it was hilarious.

Anyway girlfriend had stashed my clothes in a locker in the girls bathroom and decided I was going to have to spend the day at the mall dressed as I was. We actually had a great day and watched a movie before she gave me the locker key and made me get the bag myself. I didn’t dare get changed in the ladies bathroom and I couldn’t go into the men’s dressed like that. So I drove us home as I was. You should never drive a manual transmission vehicle in heels.

When we got home my sister was waiting at the house after she had an argument with mum. Without thinking I exited the car and went over to ask her what was wrong. That led to an evening of questions and was I becoming a girl and blah blah blah. My girlfriend finally admitted it was her fault.

Then my sister admitted that she used to dress me up in her clothes when I was little but I couldn’t remember it. She said she used to don’t it till I was about 5yo.

Anyway I never looked back and often dress in women’s clothing for a day or 2.

My girlfriend became my wife and we love dressing up together.

My parents found out about my dressing and mum blames my sister for dressing me in her clothes as a toddler

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How many women enjoyed having crossdressers as a husband or boyfriend?

I love my husband and he is able to pass completely as a woman when dressed. We are public about our lifestyle and I’m not sure if it is because he is so passable that nobody discriminates against us.

In fact the worst we have been called is a dirty lesbian couple when kissing on a park bench after going out for our wedding anniversary dinner. My husband was dressed up very nicely in a beautiful evening gown and so was I. We were walking in the park then sat on the seat and he turned and kissed me Passionately and said happy anniversary.

I guess the older lady had seen the wedding ring on my finger and called me a dirty lesbian who’re and said I should be ashamed of myself. Then she asked what would my poor husband think. He stood up and explained that he was my husband he thought I was fantastic and that it was our 10 year anniversary. The woman ran away screaming like someone had threatened her with a gun. We had a great laugh.

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Do some women encourage men to crossdress, and be feminine?

It was all my girlfriends idea! She brought it up and then bought me panties and lingerie! Told me to shave my legs and all of my pubic hair off! Loves buying me lotions and perfume! She is in total control in the bedroom! She bought a strap on! And she now loves having her way with me!

Another answer:

This is something that I would like to share the Quora readers; I am in a terrific relationship with my fiancée, who is soon to be my wife. Shortly after we became intimate, I confessed that I love to wear panties and lingerie. She is totally OK with it, and really enjoys helping shop for lingerie.

About three months ago we began living together. We have had some very frank discussions about our sexual likes, needs, hopes and dreams for our future together.

My fiancée, has become my Mistress; she is Mistress T. She has fully embraced our lifestyle. She enjoys feminizing me and I love it. I wear girly panties 24/7 and lingerie around the house. I sit down to pee, and I never close the bathroom door. My body from the neck down is kept smooth and hairless. On the other hand Mistress has a full bush of pubic hair that I keep trimmed for her.

Mistress T has a lady-friend who does waxing. She has made an appointment for me to have my entire genital and anal areas waxed. I am so looking forward to it. Mistress T has promised to bring some really special panties for me to wear home.

Our sex life is fantastic. Mistress T has a beautiful dildo that she really loves. She always has multiple orgasms with it. Sometimes she will remove the dildo from her pussy and stick it in my mouth. It is hot and wet; I can smell her cunt on it. Mistress loves to watch me suck “Her Cock”. I enjoy sucking it, licking it, pretending it’s the real thing. I love to masturbate with it in my mouth.

Mistress T had me purchase another dildo just like to one she likes so much. Only this one she uses on me. It is my special dildo, The one she fucks my ass with. One night while lying in bed I whispered to her that I feel like a young slut whose pussy is craving to be fucked. My clit and my cunt ache for her cock pumping in and out of me.

When she fucks me, she knows she is in-charge, she owns me. I love feeling so submissive, so feminine. I our special relationship, I do not have a penis any more. I have a mouth, a clit and a cunt. They are owned my Mistress. I do my best to keep my clit and cunt, clean and ready for her at all times.


This was written about a year ago. We have been married for about six months now. On my wedding day I wore the panties that my Bride gave me to wear. In our vows I promised to Love, Honor and Obey her. I believe we have a very good marriage. She is my Wife / Mistress and I am honored to be her husband.

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Here is a Story from a Woman that had a husband that got in trouble with the law and also cheated on her. Her solution was to Feminized his sons!

I too have a similar situation. About a year ago I divorced from my husband of around 10 years after he got in to some trouble with the law and was caught cheating on me. I have complete custody of our 2 sons and he has very limited visiting times about twice a month. I decided he hurt me so I would try to make him hurt too. My ex-husband has very long, nearly waist length hair, which he normally just keeps in a long (but taken care of) ponytail. So both of our sons 9 & 5 also had very long hair just like their Dad’s. So I decided that when he had his visiting times I was going to dress up the boys like girls and see what kind of a reaction I could get from him. The first time he visited them I had both of them in blue dresses with, panties, tights and white girls shoes. I had their hair in two long braids tied with ribbons. He was very upset and really mad at me but he tried to be calm around the boys. For his second visit, I had them dressed in pink shorts and tops with their hair put into 2 long pigtails, that were curled and decorated with berets and ribbons. He was furious and has tried to get social services to do something about it. They came and talked to the boys who just told them they enjoyed dressing up and really were looking forward to doing it and were glad they did. Nothing happened. A few months later he visited them and I had them both in skirts and blouses and panties that would show when they bent over or moved around, I also had both of them to my hair dresser which lightly layered and shaped up their hair, plus girly style bangs and curls that looked just adorable on them. My ex was mad but was really trying to be nice to the boys. He pretty much gave up on complaining about them and still comes to visit about every other time he is allowed to. The boys however decided that they really liked to dress up, especially the older one and they wanted to get more girls clothing and continue to dress as girls most of the time. After some deep concerns and painful decisions, I decided that they always seemed to behave better dressed as girls, so I decided to give it a try. My sister and I went out and bought them new clothing and we even went out and had their ears pierced and sent them to some classes where they learned to do some special things that girls would only normally do. They have been great as girls and I am so thankfull that I have done this. No fighting and very little problems with others. They go to a small school where the teachers and staff know they are boys but they are treated as girls and everyone just assumes they are. They still run around and act a little like boys sometimes but both seem to be very interested in being girlish and want everyone to think they are indeed girls. My sister has been so impressed with their behavior that she has started dressing her 3 year old as a girl and we now have 3 very cute little fem boys. I would recommend anyone with unruly young boys to at least give it a try, even if they do not do it for a long time I think every boy should have a chance to be a girl at least once in his life and see what it feels like to be dressed up and then they might respect others much more. Mine love their long curly hair and silky clothing and dresses and do not want to wear anything boyish again.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (216)

A Story from Traci about her nephew:

My nephew’s a cheerleader

Since this poll includes questions about male cheerleaders I thought you might like to hear about the experience of my sister’s son.

The youngest of 3 siblings, Paul has two older sisters who were cheerleaders throughout high school. He competed in gymnastics as a boy, and when he got to middle school he signed up for cheerleader tryouts. He was told that because there were not enough interest from other boys they were keeping it an all-girl squad. Though this was clearly discriminatory, Paul and his parents – both of whom support his desire to cheer – decided not to fight it. Paul’s mother, my sister Sharon, took him to a local gym that has a private cheer squad that attends competitions around the state. That squad was not coed, either, but the director knew about Paul’s gymnastics ability and his strong desire to join the squad. Finally, she said, “There is one other option.” She said that Paul could try out as a girl and, if he made the squad, cheer wearing the girls’ outfits, including skirts, hair ribbons and so on.

After discussing it with his parents Paul decided to try out. He is slender and fair, with androgynous features and lovely brownish-blond hair, so appearing as a girl was not too difficult. In the six weeks before tryouts he let his hair grow and assembled the clothes he would need, including girls’ Keds sneakers. His mother took him to the makeup counter at Macy’s and helped him find some makeup that he liked. For tryouts he wore the standard white t-shirt, gymshorts, Keds with white socks, light makeup and his hair, which was almost shoulder length, in pigtails. He tried out under the name “Pauline” and none of the girls or the other parents seemed to suspect he was not a girl.

Paul made the squad, and since then {a year and a half ago} has been dressing as a girl after school and on weekends. For competitions he has to wear a girls’ outfit with sweater and pleated skirt, with his hair {now below his shoulders} in a high curly ponytail with a white and red bow. He has to sleep in curlers the night before competition and leave them in all day until right before competition. The girls now all know that he’s a boy and they don’t seem to care. I’ve been to several competitions and, if you didn’t know, it would be impossible to spot him as a boy. I’ve spent lots of time with Paul in his cheerleader outfit, with his hair up in curlers or in a ponytail with a bow, and he’s very comfortable with his new appearance. He spends most of his time outside school in girls’ clothes. He makes straight A’s, and while some boys make fun of his feminine appearance, he best friends are on the cheerleader squad. He and his mother are now trying to decide what to do next year when Paul goes on to high school.

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  1. A Posting From Nicole:

Men will do damn near anything to get a gal in bed, but once they marry you everything changes. It’s like they feel entitled. But femme men are different. At least that’s my experience. A year into our marriage he confessed his girlish desires to me. I didn’t take it well at first. I was disgusted and ready to divorce him. But there was something about his new submissiveness and his eagerness to please me that gave me pause. That was six years ago. He is now the most pleasant and compliant little wife a girl could ask for. I’m the breadwinner and he takes care of all the household tasks and tends to my every need. He appears totally feminine and we look like girlfriends when we’re out in public. He’s not on hormones so his performance in the bedroom has not diminished. The big difference now is that my needs take precedence. This isn’t what I was looking for, and I certainly wasn’t expecting this when I got married, but now I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (218)

Another Smart Breadwinning Woman tames her hubbie!

A Posting from Katherine: Last Fall, I was in an on line chat room and had a conversation with a wife who has a hubbette. I found the idea very exciting, and as my husband comes from a very traditional family in which any and all domestic tasks are “women’s work,” I was very intriguing. Since then I have had a number of chats on methods and tactics, and I have now achieved considerable success.

I was lucky as my new job took us far from Ralph’s family, and their bad influence on him. It also left Ralph unemployed for the time being. It was because of this and his refusal to handle the domestic chores while sitting at home idle that I decided to act on her advice.

My first step was to wash all of his white underwear with a new red skirt, dying them all a medium pink. When he complained, I pointed out that if he were doing the laundry, it would not have happened. Anyway I said, you look pretty in pink – a phrase I started dropping into our conversations fairly routinely. Further, as he was not contributing to the family either by housework or income, I saw no reason why I should replace them. For good measure I emptied our joint account into one in my name alone, and also canceled our joint credit cards.

In a few days, Ralph was ordering some toy or other on-line and found that his credit card had been refused. He wanted to know if I had missed paying the bill (I handled all the finances as well as the housework). I explained that as he was not contributing to the family, he should not be buying unnecessary items, and that I had therefore canceled his credit card. If he wanted anything he should ask me and I would decide whether or not to buy it.

I had never been assertive like this before, and a row ensued. I stood my ground, and there was nothing Ralph could do but pout. When he calmed down, I told him that he could have an allowance if he started doing some “women’s work” around the house. I purposefully used that phrase of his to describe it. Of course, he refused.

One of Ralph’s many bad habits was to leave his dirty clothes on the floor for me to pick up. I now decided that when this happened, I would discard the item. By the beginning of the next week, he had run out of underwear, and also had many fewer shirts and pants. When he asked about it, I told him that when he threw things on the floor, I took that as a sign that they were no longer wanted, and so had thrown them out. There was another row, but this one was a poutier and less assertive. I told him again that I would give him an allowance if he did some “women’s work.” Further, he could borrow some of my things until he earned enough to get his own.

Of course, he complained about my suggestion, but I said that as he was used to pink undies and never went out anyway, it should not make a lot of difference to him. I held out a pair of pink panties (which I had bought especially for him) for him to step into and, reluctantly, he did. As my online friend had told me, he became visibly excited, and, following her advice, I said “I see you enjoy panties more than boy undies anyway.” He blushed. I pressed on. “Don’t try to lie. It’s obvious that you like panties more than men’s underwear.” He stammered and I ran my hand over his panties and said, “I don’t mind. It’s ok. Now finish getting dressed and start your women’s work.” Then I left for work.

When I came home he had done the dishes, vacuumed, straightened and was trying to make dinner. I had 3 3-packs of panties, which I gave him, telling him that since he obviously liked them I had gotten him some more. Again, there was a bit of a row, but now less than the previous two times. He said he did not really want panties, and that I should take them back. I told him I did not want him lying to me, and that he had shown me very clearly that morning that he enjoyed wearing panties. Further, since I had gone out of my way to buy him something he so obviously liked, I expected to be thanked and to receive a kiss and hug to show his gratitude. By now he was cowed (literally). He gave me a kiss and said “Thank you for buying me the lovely panties.” I told him that he could show his thanks by wearing them.

That evening, I told my on-line friend the news and she told me that I had passed a hurtle and that it was down hill from now on. She suggested that I slowly add to his feminine image bit by bit.

The next day I gave him some plain camisoles to match his panties. He was now submissive, but my friend has wanted me that slow and steady was better than abrupt feminization, which might trigger a revolt.

At the end of the week he asked for his allowance, but I told him that we would “settle up” at the end of the month. He had no choice but to agree. When we settled up, I subtracted the cost of his new things, and he wound up owing me.

During the next week, I replaced his remaining shirts with women’s polo shirts and long sleeved tops that we not very frilly. Again he complained, but very weakly. I told him flatly, that we both knew he was a sissy, and that I wanted him dressed appropriately. He tried to tell me he was not a sissy. I asked him, “if that is so, why are you earning money doing women’s work and wearing lingerie?” he stammered. As my friend had rehearsed for me, I pressed on. “Now I hate dishonesty. If you want to get along with me, I insist on honesty. Now are you a sissy?” “Yes,” he said quietly. I told him that was very honest and he should be proud of himself for ending his stupid male game.

I told him now that we both knew he was a sissy, I expected him to act accordingly, and I sent him up to shave his legs, underarms and chest. When he came down, I gave him pantyhose, a slip, skirt to and strappy sandals with an 1 1/2”wedge heel. He was blushing and shaking all over. “I don’t want to be a sissy,” he said. I answered, “I know dear, but you are. Don’t worry, I love you – more than before. Now put on your nice things.”

When he was dressed, I kissed him sweetly, and then sat him down to explain that from now on he would be the housewife. I expected him to learn to sew, cook, make up his face and do his hair so that I could be proud of him. Since then he has become adept at being a home maker and is beginning to learn how to be passable in voice and manner.

I recommend that any wife with a similar problem try this.


P.S. Ralph is now called Mary Sue.

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Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (220)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (221)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (222)

Please stay Tuned as we will have Part 3 of Stephanie’s Story coming up in the series, “When the Female Conquers the male”! This ongoing series details the Great Accomplishments of Strong and Confident Women and what they are doing to create a Better Female Led World under the Concept of The New Age Lifestyle!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (223)

As we have seen in the ongoing Series of “When a Female Conquers the male”, there is tremendous Progress being made in the Concept of The New Age Lifestyle! Everyday. more and more men and boys are Embracing their Femininity,, and with that, the World is Changing for the Better! The Great Benefits of a Female Controlled World will be that of Less Violence and a Society where men and boys can become more useful as they lose their ability to dominate Women and Girls. The New Age Feminized male is a Great Improvement over the violent and Arrogant male of the Past!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (224)

Today’s Posting is going to Highlight the Great Changes that are occurring in our Society! Although The New Age Lifestyle Concept is at an early stage, there is a huge increase in the Concept “catching on” as Women are realizing their true Power and understanding that a Female Led World will be Better for everyone!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (225)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (226)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (227)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (228)

It is so Delightful to see how Girls are being Encouraged to develop their strength and to be Strong & Confident. In the meantime, Feminist Run Schools are encouraging boys to be more “gentle” and to partake in activities such as ballet!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (229)

In this Feminist Run School, the boys are Required to wear skirts and dresses while the Girls have the option of either pants or skirts, but are Strongly Encouraged to wear pants!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (230)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (231)

What a Great contrast, the Muscular Woman, so Confident and Strong, while the submissive man is keeping his Feminized legs close together and is so “dainty” in his high heels. Notice the Muscular arms on the Woman while the man has No muscle development, but rather very thin and weak arms! She has a Look on her as if she is checking out the Pretty “pansy”!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (232)

He looks so much better in his Femininity! The New Age man has given up his masculinity and is now a much Better person! More concerned with his Looks than being aggressive! Quite an Improvement!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (233)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (234)

In this New Age of Female Empowerment, the Women are embracing Activities that will make them Stronger and Develop Character, while men are becoming obsessed with their pretty clothes and makeup, and also being very conscience of the weight and figures!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (235)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (236)

Here is some Information that was published on PDQ in early 2021 on Feminist Run Schools that are located somewhere close to Portland Oregon. If any of our members know anything about these schools, it would be very “eye opening” to know more about them. They are devoted to Feminizing males, and the schools are starting at an early age. I will post some excerpts that I have Saved on this school, from the Viewpoint of the Woman that posted this on PDQ, she is a Mother and Grandmother and had witnessed the Feminization of her own brother at an early age!

I’ve really enjoyed reading Radical Feminist’s posts, because I’ve always been a rather radical feminist myself. But now that I’m a “senior” and a grandmother, I’m learning and evolving as a feminist thanks to my daughter’s new brand of progressive “woke” feminism.

Surprisingly, my daughter was not much of a feminist until she moved to Portland about five years ago. By then she was married with two children: a daughter who is now 11 and a son who is now 8. It was in Portland that my daughter and her husband became part of a very politically progressive social circle, and she and her husband became active in the feminist anti-white-patriarchy and anti-racisms movement there. Indeed, it has been the driving force in their lives to be the best allies they can be for oppressed minorities, particularly for black women. My son-in-law, for example, turned down an important promotion at his job, requesting that the company promote a younger black woman instead of him.

As part of their efforts to be good allies in the movement to overthrow the cis-white patriarchy, my daughter and her husband and a number of their friends actually hired a young black woman activist to teach them more about what they could do for the cause.The activist explained to them that white men had to be placed in a position of inferiority to all other identity groups, and being denied sex was an important part of that process. She recommended/commanded that to be good anti-racist allies, the wives needed to put their husbands into locked chastities and — as a continuous marker and reminder to the husbands of their proper lowly and inferior malestatus —into panties. My daughter and son-in-law have followed these dictates to the letter for the past couple of years, and in fact, over time, my daughter and her woke progressive friends have had almost a competition to be as anti-white-patriarchy as possible by making their husbands as “female” as possible in appearance (making them dress completely in traditionally female clothes at home) and even behavior (punishing them for any signs of masculine patterns of behavior). My son-in-law has apparently questioned the necessity of this treatment a couple of times, but when he has, my daughter has simply called him a racist for resisting being feminized, and in each case he then quickly relented.

But what about my grandson you mightbe wondering? Well, for my daughter and her woke progressive female friends, the idea that they might raise a son to be a toxically white male is simply not acceptable. And so, my grandson (like the sons of my daughter’s friends) has basically been raised to be what in my day we called an effeminate sissy. He has never been permitted to play sports or to rough house in any way. Instead, he has been taught that for a white boy like him, being at all boyish is not permissible and if he wants to please his mother (which, of course, any young boy really wants to do) he can only do that by being as prissy and sissyish feminine as possible. He has never, in fact, worn “boy’s” clothes. He wears panties and skirts and blouses or dresses at all times, and sleeps in frilly nighties. At the progressive private school my grandkids attend, dressing like this is not a problem because almost all the boys at the school attend in a classic schoolgirl outfit (pleated skirt, frilly blouse, knee socks). His room is all pastel colors (mainly pink) and filled with his dolls. For his most recent birthday, the present he wished for the most was a “princess make up kit”, and it pleased me immensely to be the one who bought that for him. He has beautifully long hair, and one of my, and his, favorite activities when he visits me is for me to brush his hair for him while we watch TV in the evening. Perhaps not surprisingly, he has told me and his parents on numerous occasions how much he wishes he really was a girl. His mother and I are both certainly pleased as could be that there is not a hint of boyish masculinity left in him at all.

I truly believe and hopethat the life that my grandson and son-in-law now live will soon be the kind of life that all white males will live, as inferior feminized servants to their femalesuperiors.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (237)

In response to my previous post, I received a couple of requests for information about where my granddaughter fits in with her family situation.

My granddaughter, now 11, is a beautiful, powerful, confident transitioning-to-adolescencegirl — much more so along all those dimensions that I was at her age. For her, having a petticoated and feminized father and younger brother is something that is simply the natural and proper way things should be. As I mentioned in my previous posting, she and her brother attend a very progressive feminist school, so what she experiences at school is the same as her experiences at home — the boys are petticoated and feminized and it is taken as a given that the sissies are subservient to the female students

In my day there were some girls who were called “tomboys” — girls who were more like boys than girls and didn’t like to wear dresses etc. My granddaughter is not like that. In some ways, she is quite feminine, with gorgeous long hair and a distinct preference for wearing pretty clothes and makeup. But she is also very athletic, and while her brother has never been permitted to engage in any organized sports at all, my granddaughter is involved in sports during every season — playing soccer, tennis, volleyball, and competitive swimming. And she has even started to play hockey. As a result, my sissy grandson has spent many many hours over the past few years — dressed in a skirt and blouse of course — watching his older sister play one sport or another. In fact, it always makes me smile when I’m with the family as we all leave to watch my granddaughter play one or another sport — with my grandson almost always toting one of his many dolls and with his own long girlishhair neatly brushed and beribboned while his sister is dressed for athletics.

The relationship between my granddaughter and grandson is as you might expect. They are very fond of each other, that is certainly true. But there is no question about which is the dominant sibling. My granddaughter basically bosses her brother around, without giving it a second thought. If she is doing homework in the evening, she might send him to the kitchen to get her a snack. Or if she has friends over she will often keep him busy doing little chores for the girls. And regarding regular chores themselves — it’s my grandson, of course, who (along with his father)is given most of the household chores to do, including, or instance, straightening up his sister’s room every day and making her bed every morning, while helping his father with the laundry.

In other words — my granddaughter is a thoroughly modern girl, on track to grow into a beautiful strong woman.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (238)

I had not intended to post again so soon, and I hope others don’t mind another posting from me. After my earlier postings, I received several mail messages asking me about my own history, and how it is that I came to be a believer in, and supporter of, female supremacy and male feminization — so I thought it best to answer those requests with another posting here.

My parents were actually quite religious and conservative, my mother very warm and nurturing and a traditional housewife. My father was not a particularly pleasant man, especially when he drank (which he did quite a bit). I have one sibling, a brother twoyears my junior. However, theperson who was most influential in the formation of my beliefs was my lesbianaunt (my mother’s older sister). She lived very close to us when I was young, but then moved to Switzerland when I was 11, where she lived with her female partner.

What my father cared most about was sports. I was actually quite a good athlete, although opportunities for girls in sports were limited in those days. My brother was much less athletic. And I’m not sure I would have calledhim really effeminate, but he leaned in that direction. In sports, he tried, but simply was not very good, which meant he was a huge disappointment to my father, and that was a source of a lot of conflict in our home, between my brother and father and between my parents when my father would berate my brother. When my auntlived nearby, shewas a source of support for my mother in these conflicts, which also brought my aunt into conflict with my father, especially when my aunt did things to encourage or support any somewhat girlish interests or behaviors of my brother’s. When my brother was six, for example, my aunt gave him a doll for his birthday. He hadn’t asked for it, but was pleased to get it. My father wasn’t pleased (to say the least), but my aunt was adamant that it was OK for boys to have dolls. On another occasion I remember overhearing my mother and aunt arguing with my father, who was saying that no son of his would be a sissy while my aunt was saying that there was nothing wrong with a boy being a sissy. Honestly, I think that my aunt’s dislike for my father made her more encouraging of my brother being a bit girlish, because my aunt knew that the more effeminate my brother was, the more it displeased my father and drove himcrazy. In fact, when talking with my father, if she had reason to refer to my brother she would usually refer to him as “your sissy son”. As I said — lots of conflict and drama in my family growing up.

Anyway, the summer after my aunt moved to Switzerland, my brother and I spent the entire summer with her — and that continued every summer for each of us until we each graduated high school. The first summer, on our very first night in Switzerland, my aunt and her partner had a talk with my brother (he was 9 at the time) that I was part of,during which they told him that, during our time with them, it was their intent to let him be the sissy they knew that he really was. My brother got quite flustered when they said that, and protested that he wasn’t a sissy — he just wasn’t that good at sports was all. But my aunt just laughed at that and told him that she was sure that he would enjoy being able to be his true girlish self while we stayed with them. We were then shown to our rooms — both of which were painted and decorated and furnished like rooms for girls our age. So, for example,my brother’s bed had pink pastel sheets, and there was a vanity and so on. And when he opened his dresser he saw that instead of his clothes from home (that had been shipped ahead of time), the dresser and closet were filled with girl’s clothes. My brother asked where his clothes were and my aunt told him that they had been put away — that for a while at least, these were the clothes he would be wearing. Because we were so exhausted by this point, all my brother could do at that moment was start to cry and to weaklyprotest that he wasn’t a girl and couldn’t wear those clothes,but my aunt basically ignored that and helped him into panties and a nightgown and put him to bed.

The next morning, my brother again begged to be able to wear his own clothes, but my aunt told him that the clothes in his room (panties, skirts, blouses, dresses, girl’s sweaters, etc.) now were “his” clothes. But she also said that if, in one month’s time, he didn’t want to wear those clothes, he would get his boy’s clothes back. My brother agreed to that “deal”.

Well, I know this has gone on much too long. So let me more quickly simply note that at the end of a month’s time he wanted to continue wearing the girl’s clothes that he had been wearing and did not want to change to boy’s clothes, andhe ended up wearing the girl’s clothes, and really living as a girl, that entire summer and every summer he spent in Switzerland after that. There are other stories about that I could tell of course — like about the time when my aunt first put him in a bra — but I’d better try to wrap this up.

So what did I learn from all of this? Well, there was no question that my brother was happier and more content during those summers in Switzerland than at any other time of the year. I know it was a terrible strain on him when we were home, as he thenhad to do his best to be at least somewhat boyish to avoid the wrath of my father and to avoid being teased at school. Which fits exactly with what my aunt told me one time. One evening we had a long talk about these things and she said that what I needed to understand was that for many, and perhaps almost all, boys, being boyish is a struggle. She said that they may not realize it consciously, but they are always feeling stressed to avoid feeling and behaving at all girlish. As a result, when a boy finds himself in a situation in which he no longer has to maintain a façade of masculinity and can let his inner girl come to the surface (and my aunt said that all boys have an inner girl that they work hard to suppress), they ultimately feel more comfortable and feel an enormous sense of relief, even if the situation is one in which they are to some extent (at least initially)being forced to be girlish. My aunt also explained that when boys are feminized in this way, they become naturally subservient to what they recognize asthe superior sex.

I hope what has become obvious is that what my aunt explained to me, which was what I experienced first- and second-hand while spending summers with my feminized brother in Switzerland, is the attitude I have carried with me throughout the rest of my life. There is no question in my mind (and I think lots of science bears this out) that females are the superior sex. And from what I’ve seen in life, it is best for both sexes if boys are strictly and systematically feminized as they grow up.

Yes, in my experience, while most males subjected to petticoating protest a great deal at first, over time they become not only more accepting of their treatment but desirous of being petticoated. They may sometimes engage in some false protest though, even when desiring to be put into panties and dress, perhaps as a way of deluding themselves into thinking that they are not sissies at heart.

I’ve known quite a number of lesbian couples who have a close relationship with a submissive male whom they have feminized. It really is a very natural fit and works out well for both the women and the sissy.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (239)

Did you ever discuss your experiences with your brother (to your daughter) before she started using petticoating?

Yes, growing up she knew, and knew all about, her uncle. He was a wonderful uncle to her, and she saw him on a number of occasions after she was an adult and he was married and living a feminized sissy maid life. So yes, she was aware of him as a “model” of a supportive feminized male, but what role that ultimately played in her own decisions about the males in her family, I don’t really know.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (240)

Have you discussed any long term plans with her in regards to her husband and son’s petticoating?

No, not all all. Although we speak regularly (I live quite a distance from her now), I’m actually very much of a “hands off” grandmother. I respect my daughter, whatever life decisions she makes, and try not to influence them. My attitude is that it’s her life, not mine. So although she knew about my own feminist attitudes growing up, I tried not to be critical when, for a time, she seemed to be adopting much more traditional, even conservative, attitudes herself.

I can imagine your brother was not too happy that you were allowed to wear pants while he was in skirts.

“Not too happy”? Yes indeed. At least at first. But what made a really lasting impression on me was how surprisingly quickly his feelings and attitudes changed. There period of time during which he repeatedly claimed he was a boy and therefore should not be put into panties and dresses did not last very long at all. And his claims about how unfair it was that he was being treated that way while I had so much more freedom that he did (both in terms of what I wore and in terms of freedom to go out and do as I pleased with whomever I pleased and wherever I pleased), was also remarkably short-lived. Basically, it seemed that once his boyish spirit was broken by my aunt, a whole new attitude of unquestioned compliance took over. And quite honestly, he also simply quickly came to love wearing the clothes that my aunt put him in.

What was your reaction when your aunt “petticoated him”?

I loved it, and much preferred the petticoated brother to the brother I’d had before. Perhaps surprisingly, I don’t remember being bothered by it at all or even thinking that it was odd. That might be because we were with my Aunt in Switzerland, so it was simply as if “well, this is how my brother will be treated in this new place”.

Did you ever assist in the petticoating?

Yes. A lot. I oftenhelped choose his outfits for the day and would be part ofshopping outings when my aunt bought new clothes for him. I also was given a lot of authority over him. And when he started wearing makeup, I helped him a lot with that, and when my aunt started making him wear a bra I helped teach him how to put it on and how to pad it in a way that made it look good.

Have you considered getting more involved with your son in law or grandson petticoating?

As I said, I’ve been pretty much hands-off regarding my daughter’s family life. And it has those “social justice” elements that make me somewhat uncomfortable at times. So no. But I am definitely very pleased with the way my grandson is being raised.

Well, the one part of it I might write more about briefly involves what happened when my aunt decided it was time for my brother to start wearing a bra. My brother was 12 at the time, and as far as anyone outside the family knew, they thought his was a girl. And so when the other girls his age started wearing one, my aunt decided he should too. You might think he would resist that, but that was far from the case. When my aunt showed him the frilly padded bra she had decided he would start wearing, he was absolutely thrilled and must have said “thank you aunty” about a dozen times. It was pretty funny watching him try to put it on himself, so I had to help him with the straps in back. But all girls know how that goes (it’s such a stupidly designed system actually). But after adjusting it that first time, he couldn’t stop looking at himself in the mirror. He pranced around with just the bra on, then put on a blouse and checked out how he looked, and then put on a dress to see how that looked, and then a soft V-neck sweater and skirt outfit. I bet it was more than an hour before we could drag him away from the mirror. But I do have to say that the addition of the bra gave him much much more of a teen girl appearance. And after that, we all noticed how much teen boys (even even men) started to look at him when he walked around in the village.

I think the kinds of boys for whom systematic petticoating is warranted fall into three categories:

First, there are the boys who show signs of having strong sissyish tendencies. These might be boys who are quite timid, who might seem to have a preference for playing with girls, and so on. Finding some excuse for force boys like these to wear panties and dresses will help them feel, and properly accept, their essential sissy nature. Basically, a mother or aunt or grandmother who petticoats this kind of boy is communicating the message to the boy that it is not only OK to be girlish, but it is actually what the women in his life prefer for him. Even boys like this are likely to complain and protest and perhaps even beg not to be forced to wear panties, but that phase is likely to pass fairly quickly as the boy feels how pleasant it is to be made to look girlishly pretty. That, of course, is the reason why the strategy that some parents of sissyish boys use of punishing the boy by making him dress completely as a girl “as a way of teaching him to be less girlish” is bound to fail as a way of making the boy less girlish. Instead, the more that sissyish boys experience looking and being treated as a girl, the more they will realize that being girlish is what they really want to be.

Second are boys who are difficult and disobedient and who are in need of the strong controlling influence of a dominant woman. My sense is that with these kinds of boys, it is often at the point when the mother is at her wit’s end and unable to cope that another woman in the family, either an aunt or grandmother, is turned to for assistance and it is then that other woman who subjects the boy to a regimen of petticoat discipline. Of course, some other forms of punishment, such as spankings and mouth soapings may be required to bring the boy to the point of compliance with the petticoating, although for those opposed to any forms of corporal punishment, withholding food or bathroom privileges can be quite effective as well. In any case, these kinds of boys are likely to experience deep and intense feelings of shame and humiliation when they are first put into panties and dresses, and woman I’ve talked with have reported that the boys like this that they’ve petticoated typically break down in tears that they can’t control, not just the first time they are petticoated, but on multiple subsequent petticoating sessions as well. But what then seems to surprise many women in these situations is that, if a regimen of petticoating is maintained for any length of time, even these kinds of boys become placid and compliant and accepting of the treatment and become much more girlish in their feelings and behaviors. A good, and common, sign is when such a boy switches, when complimented on how pretty he looks when petticoated, from first complaining that he’s not pretty but instead that he’s “a boy” to eventually blushing and showing evidence of feeling good about the compliment. The more often a boy like this is taken out in public while petticoated, the quickly this kind of transition in his feelings is likely to occur.

The third category of boys who benefit from being petticoated and who should be petticoated is — all other boys. Or at least, that is my view about the proper way for all boys to now be raised.

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Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (244)
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Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (247)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (248)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (249)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (250)

Here is some Advice from a Good Friend of mine that unfortunately was killed in a Car Crash 15 years ago! PennySue was a Wonderful Woman that was ahead of her time as far as The New Age Lifestyle is concerned! She had Feminized her husband and three sons, and was helping other Women do the same with their husbands and sons! She was a True Pioneer in the “Cause”, and I miss her dearly! If she were alive today she would be “ecstatic” at seeing all the Female Empowerment and male Feminization that is happening! What follows is some of her thoughts:

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (251)

It shouldn’t be called crossdressing, many more males today are being feminized by their wives and girlfriends and it seems that it is working out rather well. guys find a nice woman to feminize you and you will be together forever. Many men would love to try it but are just worried to get started because of what others will say or call them. my husband is now a shemale and he looks very much the part as a woman and does every day. my 3 sons are also dressed and being raised as girls and we all love it and get along great with it. Women should try to feminize their males and sons and it will be an improvement for Society.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (252)

Go for it all guys should be made to wear dresses and skirts at least once in their life. many will find they actually like it very much. It does not mean that one is gay just because he wears a skirt or panties. many men are today being feminized by women and it is becoming and increasing trend that will make for a more peaceful life. I have feminized my sons and husband and we all love it. you should consider it.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (253)

My husband has been completely feminized by me and he too has been in several weddings. First at our own I wore a bridal dress and he wore a women’s blue pantsuit and white blouse. In his sisters wedding he was a bridesmaid and wore the same dress style as the other attendants, for his cousins wedding he wore a women’s pantsuit as a groomsman. For a good friend of ours wedding we were both bridesmaids and both wore dresses. He totally looks like a female and really no one fussed at any event but I know he was definitely the talk of the town after and during the receptions. Many who did not know that he was a male had no idea until someone brought it to their attention. He almost always wears a dress to any formal or important event we go to. When we went to a wedding just as guests last month, we both wore dresses and some people thought we we a lesbian couple. that caused quite a stir until the bride wanted to see our pictures of our 3 sons to show her friends. All three dress as girls all of the time and have long hair and dresses in the pictures. That was quite an event just talking about our sons to the people there. Some were offended but several thought we were raising 3 nice looking little kids and hoped us the best.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (254)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (255)

Yes all men should have the opportunity to wear a dress or skirt. My husband regularly wears a dress or skirt and we love it that way. I have completely feminized him over the years and he now looks like a complete woman. My 3 sons are all being raised like girls by us and I regularly dress them in dresses and skirts and the older one loves to wear dresses but usually only wears slacks and shirts to school. He is a very feminine looking boy and makes a better looking girl then most of the girls in his school. He just loves to go out shopping for new outfits. He is so much like his dad that they are truly gifts from heaven. I love them all being females and they seem to be thriving with it.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (256)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (257)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (258)

I am glad most are supportive, I am currently raising my 3 sons as girls and they seem so content as girls that I am so glad that I have decided to raise them as ones. More mothers should consider raising their sons as females, it is definitely a lifestyle that can be directed into and it is not as some believe a feeling just born within certain people. I have helped others to raise their trouble rousing sons in a more feminine way and they seem to be doing better as feminized males.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (259)

Yes go all out for it, many a guy would love to be feminized by a female, preferably a girlfriend or wife but a sister will do. Many would like to go girl but are to afraid of what others will say. You could have a lot of fun with this. I have completely feminized my husband and he loves it. A feminized male is a better person and more caring and understanding. Please give it a go and go for the works. The more you do the more he will probably like it. I have helped others to feminize their males and it is a truly rewarding experience.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (260)

If your brother wants to do this but needs it for a excuse, you should convince him to become feminized, he sounds like a perfect candidate for it. Many young males would love to become feminized preferably by girlfriends but a sister will do. Be a creative but compassionate leader and encourage him to become the feminine male that he apparently wishes to be. So many males today would like to be girlish but are afraid to be listed as gay. You could have a lot of fun with this and I am sure he would enjoy it. If he has a girlfriend, get her involved with it too. If he does not have a girlfriend, find him a girl who would like to help you feminize him. It can be great for all involved. he will become a much more calmer and compassionate person and if he really is interested in girl things you all will benefit by helping him to express his feminine side in a way that shows encouragement and he will become a better friend than just a bothersome brother. My husband and sons all love to dress as girls and we get along just great.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (261)

Men have to start to realize that there are a lot of women out there who would like to feminize them. Many guys would love this and are only afraid that they might be labeled as gay if they wear women’s items. Just because you like to wear a dress or panties does not mean your gay. Just like it does not mean a woman is gay because she wears pants. Girly men are the best, they make the best companions and lovers. The world needs more feminine men and it will be a better place to be. Girls try to feminize your guys, at least partially, you won’t regret it.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (262)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (263)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (264)

Please stay Tuned as we will have Part 3 of Stephanie’s Story coming up in the series, “When the Female Conquers the male”! This ongoing series details the Great Accomplishments of Strong and Confident Women and what they are doing to create a Better Female Led World under the Concept of The New Age Lifestyle!

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As we become accustomed to the Reversed Gender Roles, Society will start to realize the Great Benefits of the Role Reversed Society!Join us at the Forum: The Link below will get you to the Forum. The Forum has continued to grow since it’s inception in April 2020. We are now up to 421 members, and we have experienced numerous “Guest” visitors. I am asking all the Dominant Women that come to the Blog to at least check out the Forum. The Forum has a separate WOMEN’S ONLY Section which I moderate consistently. If we are to have a FEMALE Controlled World, it will ONLY happen if WOMEN push for it! The FLR is attainable, PLEASE, All the Women that read this Blog, we need you at the Forum. Even though I am the Moderator, I really would like to see the Forum Dominated and Controlled by FLR thinking Women. The Future is FEMALE! Help Womankind establish their Dominance, and help in the huge task of creating a Better, Submissive and Obedient Feminized man and boy! Please join the Cause!

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Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (266)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (267)

This is now the ninth Posting in this series. We started with the initial Posting about Ray/Rachel, and what Kirsty did to change her life and Ray’s for the better! The Link to that Post is here:

Then we had the Two Part series on Kirsty’s story, and how she went from being a Docile and Submissive Girl, to Wife to now the Strong and Independent Breadwinning Woman that she is today as a Manager in a Pharmaceutical Company! That Link to the Two Postings is here:

After that we had the first part of Katharine’s Story which highlighted her growing up and establishing her own Successful Business. That Link is here:

We then continued with Katharine’s Story of growing her Business, meeting Kirsty and taking over Rachel’s Feminization and changing his Diet! That Link is here:

Then we had the “Ultimate” example of Totally Reversing the Gender Roles in a marriage. That was the Combination Posting of Kirsty and Katharine and the Strength Competition. That Link is here:

In December, we had the Posting from Samantha, and how under the “Mentoring” of Katharine, Samantha has grown into being a Successful Manager and a Very Confident young Woman that knows what she wants! That Link is here:

Then earlier this month, we had the first part of Stephanie’s story. In that Posting, we highlighted that Stephanie is “unique” in the Fact that she has played a part in all Four of the Sissies lifestyle changes! She is also the one Woman that started Feminizing men, her brother Charlotte, and seeing the “mild” Feminization of her father Paula, as a teenager! This factor is Important as we move forward in The New Age Lifestyle as it will be the young Women that will determine if male Feminization becomes a common practice! Stephanie is a Great Role Model for all Confident and Strong young Women and Girls that want to be In Control, and see Females as the Leaders in the Society!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (268)

Today’s Posting is a continuation of Stephanie’s Story! This Posting will mostly Focus on Stephanie & Samantha’s relationship, and how they planned on keeping Scott/Francesca in their lives, as their “House Sissy” (maid). Although this was Samantha’s Idea, Stephanie “Grabbed on” to the Concept, and as they say, “She never looked back”!

But First, Samantha’s thoughts on her and Stephanie’s relationship:

Stephanie is my gorgeous loving partner who is so incredibly special to me. We have known each other since 3rd grade but our special relationship has only been ignited in the last nine months. Stephanie is the most enthusiastic person I know who has unlimited energy and gets straight back up if at anytime she gets knocked down. I might add this rarely happens. She has always been demonstrative and has incredible self confidence to do anything she wants. Since setting up her Pilates classes she has gone from strength to strength and is now a leader in everything that she does. But with this responsibility comes compassion and such fun that makes her a magnet for others to follow.

Stephanie is incredibly loyal which I know comes from her loving family background and the strong and determined leadership of her special mother Mary. She has seen first hand the advantages of the New Age Lifestyle growing up with a brother who she has helped to feminize and a Daddy who was encouraged to wear panties and is now intent on bringing about a change in society where strong and determined women are in control.

She has naturally taken over the leadership of our household relegating Scott my former boyfriend, who is now Francesca, to being out pretty Sissy maid. He clearly knows where he stands with Stephanie positively encouraging his total emasculation.

Her business acumen is going from strength to strength and with her can do attitude I know she will enjoy tremendous success in the future.

As my loving partner Stephanie has helped me understand my sexuality and has made life so much fun and I can’t wait to share life’s experiences with her over the coming years.

The continuation of the Interview from Part One!

When Samantha told you that she wanted to Feminize Scott/Francesca and make him into a Full Time Sissy what were your thoughts?

I don’t mind admitting Patti, that I was so excited watching Rachel’s emasculation that I wanted to feminize Scott as soon as possible. By then Sam and I were an identity and it seemed a perfect solution to have him as our Sissy rather than pushing him out of the house completely. I know Sam was thinking about it but wasn’t sure what I thought. So as soon as I mentioned it she was thrilled so we sort of agreed it between ourselves

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (269)

The First time you met Scott, he was wearing panties, fishnet pantyhose, a blue dress, high heels and Samantha had his makeup done prettily, what did you think when you saw him?

I was very surprised. I had seen pictures of Scott previously playing Soccer and not in my wildest dreams did I ever think we could make him so pretty and so quickly. Sam is a master of makeovers but even so he looked so feminine and that was before we started to get his weight down.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (270)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (271)

Kirsty and Katharine were also there to meet Scott what did you think as All you Women were wearing trousers while Scott was in his Pretty dress?

It was so inspiring and felt like we were making a statement for women’s power. We were eyeing him up and down as if he was a piece of meat – what a nice change to what men normally do to us women!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (272)

It was at this time that you and Samantha had decided that you were moving in, as he was told to move his things out of Samantha’s Room, what were your thoughts?

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Well just going back a step, Sam and I really became good friends in our mid twenties. Well one thing led to another and we had a one night stand but strangely we moved apart after that and I had several relationships with some older women. I think we both felt a little strange after our first intimate encounter having been school friends for so many years and I think we were frightened it would affect our friendship. Anyway, by accident we got back together one night and talked about how we felt about each other and decided to make our relationship more permanent. By this time Sam was in a long term relationship with Scott but was really bored with him in bed. She did enjoy his company and his easy going submissive nature so she was overjoyed when we hatch up a plan to sissify Scott into Francesca. So after he accepted Sam’s ultimatum that he would need to spend more time as Francesca she quickly moved to get him out of the bedroom into her spare room. He really wasn’t expecting that or had any idea that I would be replacing him so he was in a state of shock. For me it was a huge power rush to have her man moved out of her room and for me to move in.

You helped him move his things to the other Room, as it was just the two of you, What was his reaction? Did he try to Resist?

It was my idea to help him move out. After all he needed to understand that I was now Sam’s partner and lover and that he was not. It was a very significant power exchange and one that I relished. To be quite honest Patti, he was absolutely stunned. I don’t think he could get his head around any of it. In just a few short hours he had been made over into a pretty feminine Sissy, then he had been exposed to powerful women like Kirsty and Katharine and then he had been introduced to me as his long time girlfriend’s lover . He showed absolutely no resistance.

NOTE: Just look at that last statement from Stephanie! For Women that are Planning on emasculating their men, this is so Profound! In a matter of hours, they took Scott and made him into a very Beautiful Sissy, then all four Women dressed in trousers, with their hair pulled back, and no makeup, Took Control of this pretty man. They overwhelmed him and had him Totally “stunned”! Remember, the male brain thinks in terms of “physical power” and that men are “superior”. Even though Scott was dressed so Femininely, his brain was telling him that he was the “man” and “superior”, yet the “Reality” was that he was a Feminine “plaything” for these Strong Women! Once the male is put into this situation, Resistance is Futile!!! Just something that Women that are contemplating feminizing their men need to keep in mind!

As he was told to help you unpack your things into Samantha’s Room, what was his mood?

This was such an exciting time for me, here I was moving into my girlfriend’s life and bedroom, displacing her sissy boyfriend and getting him to help me unpack my clothes and underwear. He was absolutely devastated Patti.

I think it was after all that was done that you did a Panty Inspection on him. How did you feel as you lifted the skirt on his dress and told him to hold it? What was his expression?

I was on a roll and felt totally intoxicated. He was totally exposed and humiliated by the panty inspection in front of the four of us. I thought he was going to cry when we spotted the big damp patch in his panties that revealed he was sexually excited!

As you pulled his pantyhose down to his knees, did you have a Power Rush doing this to this Sports Playing man?

A power rush is an understatement, I was as high as a kite!!! This was the second time I felt like this in only a short time having done the panty inspection with Rachel as well

As he then stood there holding his skirts, with his pantyhose around his knees, and the damp spot visible on his panties, how did you feel seeing that? Was he crying at this point?

I think I started giggling and laughing but it was a priceless moment to share with Kirsty, Katharine and Sam. If he was not crying he was certainly close to tears

What was his expression when it was decided that he needed to be put into Chastity?

He was so docile Patti it was funny to see. It was if he had had all the wind knocked out of him. I don’t even think he knew what a chastity device looked like or what it’s purpose was.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (273)

How did it make you feel as you locked his penis into the Chastity Cage?

It was such a thrill to know we had tamed another macho male and put him under the control of Sam.

What was the reaction of the other Women as you handed Samantha the Key to Francesca’s cage?

Shear excitement. We were all clapping, shouting and hugging each other. We were also letting Francesca know he was now our property andcompletely under our control. It felt particularly good for me having taken Sam away from him and moved him out of the bedroom and into the spare room. It was a public statement to her boyfriend that he was no longer her sexual partner

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (274)

At this point, Scott was 176 pounds, do you think you were Physically Stronger than him at that point? If not, did you fear he might put up resistance?

As mentioned earlier I know I’m pretty strong and never feel intimidated by men. I would be confident of beating him in any strength competition whether he was 176lbs or 135lbs. Scott was beaten mentally and with the four of us surrounding him he was clearly intimidated. He might sulk but he was never going to challenge the matriarchy.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (275)

After he started on his Diet based on polyphenols, as his muscle mass and weight declined, at what point do you think you were physically Stronger than him?

As mentioned above I felt confident I was stronger than him before the weight loss but as he started to lose muscle mass he quickly realized that I was now the protector of Sam and ultimately him (although he hasn’t got his head around this yet).

How much of a thrill do you get when you flip his skirt? Does he ever try to resist?

Oh both Sam and I do this for a bit of fun.I don’t think Francesca is amused and it’s interesting to see how much of a prude he has becomenow that he wears skirts and dresses.

As you are now physically stronger than him, how does that make you feel?

It gives me a lot of self confidence which I’m sure Francesca can see. There is a responsibility to having power over others so I try to be responsible and do things the right way however I know Francesca will not challenge me should he ever disagree with me.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (276)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (277)

How Important for Womankind and The New Age Lifestyle is it that Women become physically Stronger than men?

It is very important. As mentioned I don’t think women have the same desire to use any strength advantage they have but it is so important from a self confidence point of view. It is more a neutralization of male intimidation than anything else.

NOTE: This is such an Excellent Point that Stephanie is making here! Women will handle “masculinity” and “Physical Power” in a much more Responsible way than men have! In the New Age Lifestyle, we Advocate for Women and Girls to develop strength and to be Powerful. The premise is that Women will be much more responsible in handling their physical Power than men have been. On the other end, The New Age Lifestyle Encourages men and boys to NOT develop physical strength, but to rather focus on be Pretty and Feminine in order to be Attractive to the Strong and Confident Females!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (278)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (279)

On the Subject and Importance of Female Power over the male, here is a correspondence from Samantha on how Stephanie came up with her way of Demonstrating to Francesca there Superior physical strength! This is an Awesome way to Emasculate a once macho man, and put him in a position of Total Subservience and Submission! Many Women can learn from this awesome encounter!

Over Christmas Stephanie and I just chilled out and spent some quality time together. Francesca did all the food shopping and cooking under our supervision. He is so pretty now Patti now he has lost his muscle mass and weight. I think Stephanie mentioned he is now full time Sissy and we are really concentrating on his Sissy appearance. I had to show you a picture of him out shopping on Christmas eve. I’m so proud of him Patti.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (280)

Stephanie has really settled in living with us and I am so enjoying sharing everything with her. Having Francesca looking so pretty has really brought additional passion to our relationship and I don’t really know why. I don’t mind telling you Patti we spent so much time in bed with each other over the holidays knowing Francesca was working hard in the kitchen. I’m so in love Patti

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (281)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (282)

Oh I have to tell you how Stephanie set us up to prove our female strength dominance over Francesca yesterday. Stephanie and I were fooling around in the evening when she challenged me to an arm wrestle. I know from our gym lessons with Laura that she is so much stronger than me Patti so I wasn’t sure what she was thinking. She winked at me so I guessed she had a plan. She asked Francesca who he thought was the stronger. He wasn’t sure but guessed that Stephanie would win. Well we had the best of three and Stephanie looked like she was trying her hardest but after a lot of faking she beat me 2-1. Of course she then had to challenge Francesca who was reluctant to get involved. She asked him if he was frightened to lose to a girl and told him what a real Sissy he was. Well it worked and the macho competitive streak came right of him and he agreed to the challenge. It was so funny watching him Patti sitting down by the table in his pretty dress, with his very slim arms covered in bangles with long red coffin nails ready to arm wrestle with Stephanie who is so muscle toned. Well she played with him letting him take the initiative but not letting him win. Each leg took a good few minutes until with one sudden thrust Stephanie won. By the 3rd leg Francesca arm was shaking when he lost. He looked defeated Patti losing to Stephanie. But it was all part of her plan as she immediately got me to take him on. He was in no fit state to do anything Patti and I easily won 3-0. Stephanie was jumping up and down and whopping it up. She started chanting ” the girls are stronger than the Pansy”. Stephanie wants me to peg him next but I’m a little unsure so Stephanie has promised to do it first. I think this will be better in a way as she is very confident with a strap on as I well know! She is also very enthusiastic in driving home that she is my lover now and Francesca is nothing more than a pretty maid there to serve us. I’ll let you know how we get on.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (283)

Now we have him Sissy full-time we can start extending his time out of house. He doesn’t know it yet but I have invited his older sister over to meet Francesca for the first time. I phoned her and explained that he had come out to me that he liked to crossdress. She was surprised and wanted to know all the details but was really interested to know what he looks like. I sent her a couple of photos and she was stunned. Diane is married with two daughters and a son. She said she wanted the children to meet Francesca which was an interesting reaction!?

The first time that Francesca went to the salon in a dress, you were getting him ready, did he give you any pushback? If so, how did you subdue him?

He was being a little bit immature and uncooperative when I was getting him ready but we had a little chat and I made it clear that he had made his choices on how and who he wanted to spend his time with and now he needed to commit to it . I also reinforced it by getting him to check himself out constantly in the mirror. I know he likes the way he looks as Francesca so plenty of compliments and positive encouragement was all it needed.

How much do you Dominate him at home?

I’m not sure I would call it domination. I would prefer to call it leadership really. He knows I am Sam’s protector and main decision maker and he knows that I’m not frightened to get things sorted out when they need doing. I like to use my eyes and voice to get my point across and if it comes down to it I will stare him down or instruct him on what I expect him to do. Generally he can’t look at me for long before bowing his head

You are the “Alpha” in the house, how Important is it to you, considering that he was having intercourse with Samantha, that you keep him subdued?

Naturally it is important but my philosophy has always been to earn respect rather than expect it. It is my actions when I am around him and Sam that is important . I am not there all the time so he has to know and predict what my feelings and expectations are rather than wait until my back is turned. Sam isvery subservient to me which I love but she has also developed a lot of mental strength over Francesca so there is a clear pecking order in the household. Francesca knows Sam and I are an identity and I am confident he knows better than to challenge that. Keeping him pretty and in Chastity is an importantpart of this so he only ever sees himself as a Sissy and not a effeminate man.

I know you really want to Peg him, what is the Driving Force for wanting to peg him?

Well it has just happened actually so yes it was very much on my list of things to do. To me it is a constant reinforcement of female strength over a sissy. It demonstrates that, first women are not there to be penetrated when men want to get off, secondly women can do the penetrating just as well as men and three it is Sam and my house and he is there to look pretty and serve us.

The following is Stephanie’s Account of Pegging Francesca!

Sam and I had planned for this evening in advance, as we wanted in particular to prepare him to look his absolute feminine best for his deflowering. Sam really is the best at relaxing people and I couldn’t believe how he became putty in her hands as she got him ready hygienically, dressed into his tightest corset, panties, bra, stockings and red cocktail dress before getting him to go out of his comfort zone with a dramatic eye makeup look. It would have been so easy for her to do all this for him but just by chatting and getting him relaxed and lost in his preparation he practiced all his new skills which will serve him well with both his future dressing and presentation and his work down at the Salon.

Samantha’s Input:

The three of us had had a lovely meal on the Saturday evening I had persuaded Francesca to have a hot scented bath whilst the food was cooking. We allowed him to remove his chastity cage and I spent sometime chatting to him talking about cleanliness, hair removal, hygiene and moisturizing. This really was a precursor to get him to douche but he really didn’t want to or understand why he should. In the end I had to get quite forceful with him and remind him he had chosen this new life style and it was only an extension to having a period which he has just finished. Well he managed quite well and washed himself out twice ensuring he would be ready for Stephanie a bit later. Actually it helped that I think he was quite horny and he reminded me he hadn’t had an orgasm for over 2 weeks having been in chastity and coping with his period. I asked him if he wanted a release later on after dinner and needless to say he got quite excited. I didn’t want to over excite him at this stage so made sure he was all locked up again before he got dressed. I suggested he made a special effort with his appearance for dinner so whilst he settled down at his vanity table to reapply his makeup I sorted out his underwear and clothing. It’s funny because just like Sissy he loves to chat whilst applying his makeup and he asked my advice on creating a more dramatic smokey look for evenings which it was nice to share with him. I wanted to get him tightly fastened into his Satin Overbust Lace up Boned Corset which I managed to do whilst we chatted about various Salon gossip and I don’t think he even realized what we were doing. After that I gave him his silky pink panties and garter belt and stockings to put on. He did struggle with the fasteners and stockings due to the length of his acrylic nails so he needed a bit of help but with us chatting he didn’t realize he was being dressed and presented ready to lose his cherry to Stephanie. When we had finished getting him into his red cocktail dress I left him to apply his red lipstick and went to change into my leggings and jumper. Stephanie was similarly attired but I could tell she was getting very excited about the prospect of pegging Francesca.

Sam and I decided we should dress as tom boyish as we possibly could to really drive home his femininity so we both wore leggings and unisex tops with our hair tied back. Sam thought we should both support a dominant black eyeliner look more in intimidation rather than anything feminine. After all, I was going to take his virginity so he needed to see me as the strong and dominant alpha of our household.

Samantha’s Input:

I got such a thrill watching Francesca face as she brought the food out and saw Stephanie and I in our casuals. There he was dressed and made up to the nines serving his two mistresses who looked like they had just got back from the gym!! We had a lovely meal and girly chats before Stephanie and I said we were going to retire to our bedroom. Francesca looked incredibly sad until Stephanie asked Francesca to join us after he had cleared up and to bring some wine with him.

We had a very relaxed dinner and Sam’s chats with Francesca had relaxed him completely and I’m sure he had no idea what was coming next. Sam did tell me privately she had inferred to Francesca he might get a sexual release later so no doubt he was feeling good about the evening and wondering what we had in store for him. So he looked absolutely distraught when we said we were going to our room which is normally our signal to him that we don’t expect to be disturbed when we want to have sex together. I saw Sam wink at me, the signal for me to invite Francesca to join us, but only after he had cleared up.

This might seem a minor point but we should never forget to reinforce that Sissies primary duty is to take care of all the domestic duties and certainly before they get any privileges or have any fun!

So we left him to it and Sam and I went to the bedroom to get ready. As Sam and I have been using a “Strap on” for the past 6 months or so it really is second nature for me to wear it so it didn’t take me long to get ready. Sam, always being the thoughtful one suggested we use the medium sized one which is about 5″ long and only average girth as after all she reminded me we didn’t want to injure him or put him off being pegged in the future. She also got the lubricant ready for when we would need to apply it to his virgin rosebud.

When Francesca came into our room we both smiled and noted he had freshly reapplied his red lipstick without even mentioning by us. Who says men don’t pick up the basics of caring for their appearance! For the next few minutes with me in the background where he couldn’t see me Sam sat him down and calmly spoke to him about his new sissy lifestyle and how he was adapting to it and hopefully enjoying being our maid. She told him how proud we both were of his progress and with his weight loss and flexibility training he was becoming a very attractive sissy. Sam couldn’t resist embarrassing him further by asking him if he felt frustrated by his chastity and not having control of his releases. His little cheeks went so pink, it was so sweet so Sam moved on to tell him we were concerned for his well being and had been trying to come up with a solution that was acceptable for all of us. She was brilliant Patti, holding his manicured hand she just came out with it and said that neither she or I had any interest in his little sissy clitty but we could give him the full sissy experience by giving him anal pegging so he could experience sex from a feminine perspective.

I couldn’t see his face at this stage but his head shot bolt upright as clearly he was shocked. Sam made me laugh when she told him she wasn’t going to bring in a male stud to screw him but gestured to me behind his back to come into the room with my gleaming 5″ pink rigid phallus.

I know Sam has given you the details of what happened afterwards but I wanted to let you know how it felt for me. I was incredibly excited about the prospect of pegging Francesca a Sissy virgin. I don’t really know why but I’m sure it was something to do with having taken his girlfriend away from him, moved him out of her bedroom and taken over the leadership of the house. This was another ceremonial step that stamped my and women’s authority in general over a once macho male who we have changed into apretty Sissy. Doing it with Sam watching and holding his pretty hand was just so perfect and something both Sam and I could share together. It felt so good Patti.

Samantha’s Input:

I reassured him that we weren’t going to bring in a man to screw him but instead Stephanie was going to give him his first experience in the safe and controlled environment of our bedroom. Oh Patti his jaw dropping open as Stephanie entered the room dressed in her leggings and t-shirt with her pink strap on pointing straight out in front. I squeezed his hand and reassured him not to be frightened and that I would help him and guide him through his first experience. Stephanie clearly didn’t want to hang about so she presented the Dildo to Francesca and instructed him to get down on his knees. He hesitated for a moment but Stephanie just stared at him and reminded him she was waiting. I gently squeezed his hand and slowly pulled him up. That’s all he needed as he stood up and repositioned himself before slowly lowering himself to his knees. Well he had his first lesson in providing oral services to Stephanie’s phallus!! It wasn’t pretty Patti but he did it with some encouragement from the two of us. Stephanie of course being the extravert couldn’t resist pulling his head onto her rigid member causing Francesca to gag more than once.

Also because I have never been in a bedroom intimately with a man before it felt great to take on the very masculine role over this ultra feminine Sissy. I had a quick flashback of all the disgusting movies I had seen, all the crude male jokes I had heard and the wolf whistles and car horns I had received and to get some measure of retaliation and make Francesca give my pink Dildo a sensual blow job felt such sweet revenge towards the male population. It was incredibly powerful.

Samantha’s Input:

Stephanie brought his first attempt to an end and then commandingly told Francesca to get onto the bed on all fours. He wasn’t thinking straight Patti and lay down on the bed facing up I think in preparation for our old love making session when I used to sit on his little clitty. Stephanie looked at me and winked before approaching Francesca and said something like “ok you prefer it that way” I lifted his dress and pulled his panties to one side as Stephanie opened his legs and with her hand cupped with lubricant rubbed it gently around his rosebud. He let out a little yelp and clearly wasn’t expecting what was to come next. Stephanie pushed her Dildo forward against his tight hole and waited for it to be accepted. After a few seconds he let out another moan and the head popped in. I was watching with tremendous interest and found myself getting very aroused. I held his hand and reassured him everything was going to be ok and then looked back at Stephanie. Oh Patti she had such an evil glint in her eye as she winked at me and started to apply further pressure. Francesca was in some pain but Stephanie was sympathetic and eased off the pressure until he was ready to accept her. Finally it was all in and clearly he was feeling very full up as his breathing increased. Stephanie eased her Dildo in and out a few times slowly to make sure he could cope with its size. And then Stephanie shocked me as she sternly addressed Francesca and said ” tell me what you want me to do next?” Francesca looked spaced out and scared so Stephanie asked him again followed by a command that she didn’t expect to ask him again. He looked at me and all I could do was smile at him and say go on this is your chance to find out what it’s like to be fucked as a woman ” ask for it”. It took what felt like an age before finally he said “please Miss Stephanie fuck me” Stephanie smiled and asked him to repeat it again much louder which of course he did. That was it Stephanie started slowly like a train pulling out of the station but she started to peg him faster and faster. He was making groaning noises as I was sure the Dildo was rubbing his prostrate. Stephanie was also getting flushed and I immediately knew she was getting turned on by both the power and the motion until Francesca cried out and puddled all his cummy through his cage onto his tummy. Two weeks of sexual frustration was relieved in just a couple of minutes. Stephanie wasn’t far behind him as she did her familiar yelp as she orgasmed. Oh Patti what a sight I was so turned on.

What I didn’t expect was after I started pegging Francesca, being careful in the first place not to hurt his tender virgin rosebud (unlike what most men would do to a virgin girlfriend), was to start feeling my own passion and arousal rising, not through anything physical, but from the massiveconquering power rush I was getting by having him in such a vulnerable position of supporting his stocking covered legs on my shoulders exposing his pretty pink panties covering his Sissy virgin hole with his dress hitched up and his pretty made up sissy face asking me to fuck him. Patti it sent me over the edge which was quite a shock but a very pleasant one at that.

Seeing Francesca make a little puddle of his cummy around his chastitycage was so sweet and pathetic it just added to the whole experience. Both Sam and I were surprised that apart from trying to turn his head away from us once that he didn’t put up any resistance at all to us feeding him his sticky mess.

Samantha’s Input:

We knew what to do next so scoped up his cummy on our fingers and present it to him. He tried to turn away but Stephanie was having none of it. After he had finished cleaning himself up I suggested he went back to his room. He departed quietly and shut the door behind him leaving us to smile and then start cuddling each other. We had amazing sex that night Patti as we both felt incredibly turned on by the huge power rush we had experienced.

After we dismissed him from the bedroom Sam and I had the most unbelievable passionate night of sex in our entire lives

The next morning Francesca was very quiet but also incredibly subservient. He prepared us a lovely continental breakfast and delivered it with tea to our bedroom. He was dressed extremely feminine and his makeup was perfectly applied. His pegging had definitely got his attention and he really couldn’t do enough for us for the next few days.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (284)

Stay Tuned for Part Three of Stephanie’s Story! This Incredible Woman has been involved with male Feminization since her teenage years! There is so much to learn from her and her experiences!

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This is now the eighth Posting in this series. We started with the initial Posting about Ray/Rachel, and what Kirsty did to change her life and Ray’s for the better! The Link to that Post is here:

Then we had the Two Part series on Kirsty’s story, and how she went from being a Docile and Submissive Girl, to Wife to now the Strong and Independent Breadwinning Woman that she is today as a Manager in a Pharmaceutical Company! That Link to the Two Postings is here:

After that we had the first part of Katharine’s Story which highlighted her growing up and establishing her own Successful Business. That Link is here:

We then continued with Katharine’s Story of growing her Business, meeting Kirsty and taking over Rachel’s Feminization and changing his Diet! That Link is here:

Then we had the “Ultimate” example of Totally Reversing the Gender Roles in a marriage. That was the Combination Posting of Kirsty and Katharine and the Strength Competition. That Link is here:

In December, we had the Posting from Samantha, and how under the “Mentoring” of Katharine, Samantha has grown into being a Successful Manager and a Very Confident young Woman that knows what she wants! That Link is here:

Today’s Posting is going to Feature Stephanie! If you recall in the last posting in this series, Stephanie is Samantha’s ‘partner”! She is a Successful Business Woman that has a Pilate’s Training Business. With that being said, Stephanie is very physically strong, between doing gymnastics as a young Girl, then Pilate’s and now Strength Training with Laura! Stephanie is a very “Enthusiastic” Woman, and is not shy! She just LOVES to see men Totally emasculated, and gets very “Excited” at the thought of destroying a man’s ‘masculinity”! In her young life, she has witnessed this up front and close! Her younger brother Charles was basically her first “victim”! She and her sister Bethany started dressing Charles up when he was about 8 or 9 years old! When their Mother Mary saw this, she Approved!!! It was shortly after the first dressing up that they started to totally Feminize Charles into Charlotte! When Stephanie’s father, Paul, questioned what was going on, Stephanie’s Mum, Mary quickly put Paul in his Proper Place! What a GREAT Role Model Stephanie had while growing up with a Strong and Confident Mum like Mary! When Stephanie heard about Sissy Rachel, she was thrilled to learn of another man being Totally Emasculated! She was especially Thrilled when the Strength Competition occurred, and Kirsty and Katharine Totally humiliated the once Strong and Athletic Ray/Rachel! Chalk up another one for Womankind! After that had occurred, and Samantha and Stephanie made the Decision to become “partners”, then the Feminization of Scott/Francesca accelerated! Stephanie had to be “held back” by Samantha in her Pure Enthusiasm of Feminizing Scott as soon as possible! Now, her and her mother Mary have decided that it is Time for “Daddy” Paul to come out and start living his life as a Full Time Sissy as well! I really think that Stephanie’s story is going to both Delight you and Inspire all Women that are interested in a Better Lifestyle, to Embrace male Feminization and the Empowerment of All Females in creating the Better Society that is The New Age Lifestyle!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (289)

Here is a Special Introduction from Stephanie’s Mother, Mary! She is so Proud of her daughter and with what she has Accomplished in her young life!

Stephanie is my beautiful eldest daughter who I am extremely proud of. Even as a baby Stephanie always knew what she wanted and showed tremendous determination to get it. This trait has followed her as she has grown up facing all the normal issues a young child and teenager face. But through it all she has been one of life’s great enthusiasts meeting each individual challenge head on, never frightened to be open and honest with others.

She has always been very charismatic and has tremendous patience with people, never displaying frustration when she can’t get her own way. Instead she “circles the wagons” and comes back and presents her point in a different more appealing way until she gets the results she wants. I knew early on she was going to run her own business as she was strong of character, well organized and always gets on well with people. This combined with her enthusiasm was going to take her forward to be her own boss.

She loved gymnastics from an early age which gave her so much confidence and physical strength as well as a tremendous competitive spirit. Gymnastic competitions were tough but Stephanie trained very hard to be the best she could be but through all this she always kept a sense of perspective.

She loves her family and has always been so enthusiastic about Charles becoming Charlotte and Daddy Paul becoming Paula. She has never judged them but has always encouraged them and embraced their growing femininity. I think it is fair to say she has always been more comfortable in an all female environment so it is of no surprise she has a beautiful female partner in Samantha and is so very active in the promotion of the New Age Lifestyle.

Just to show you an example of Stephanie’s Fantastic Enthusiasm, here is our first contact! I had Emailed her introducing myself, and Thanking her for her support of The New Age Lifestyle. This was her first Email to me! Just look at how “Excited” she is in the Concept of emasculating men, and Empowering Women. She is a “natural”! Stephanie is not only Showing the Way for Female Empowerment, she is Living it! All Strong Women can learn from Stephanie! I am so happy to have her as one of our “Women Warriors” in the Fight against male dominance, and instead replacing it with Female Leadership and Control!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (290)

Hi Patti,
It’s great to hear from you. I’ve heard so much about you!!
Meeting Sissy Rachel was just wonderful. So just going back a stage, I have known Sam since we went to school together and we have remained in touch on and off. We have been close in the past and as you are probably aware we have got back together now in a loving relationship.
Sam who comes to my Pilates class told me about Rachel and to be honest I thought it was a wind up. Until she showed me her pictures I didn’t believe her. When she asked if she could bring Rachel to one of my classes I was taken aback really wondering how it might impact on my other customers but I needn’t have worried they absolutely adore him and love having a Sissy in the class to chat to and embarrass.
Rachel is a beautiful sissy and I was stunned when he arrived for his class in his matching pink top and leggings. He was tall but quite graceful when he walked into the hall. He was of course over made up looking more like a call girl but it was expertly done. I was sure it was Sam’s work but was amazed to find out it was actually Rachel’s own handy work.

Sam had explained that it was important that his femininity didn’t disguise or mislead us into thinking he was in fact a woman and therefore the obvious bulge in his panties made sense. I just so wanted to have a look and see how he had his tiny weeny cockette was all prettily done up hence I was desperate to do a panty inspection. He looked so cute with his pink cheeks looking so helpless and embarrassed so I just wanted to help and get him on show to the rest of us. It was so much fun Patti and I got quite excited. I couldn’t believe Sam’s involvement in this either. She has changed a lot since she has been working for Katharine and is now a very confident woman. I love her to bitsGender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (291)Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (292)
Francesca is a beautiful person and will make a very pretty Sissy just like Rachel. Sam and I met up for a girls night out after Rachel’s first class and we had such a good laugh and giggle talking about sissification of men. She told me Rachel’s story and how Kirsty and Katharine had emasculated him through embarrassment and humiliation. Well one thing led to another and we went back to my apartment and ended up in bed having an amazing night of passion. In the morning we chatted and chatted and she told me about wanting to feminize Francesca and move him out of the bedroom. I couldn’t resist and jumped in and said could I replace him and that was that!!!!
So we had to hatch a plan for me to meet him, carry out a panty inspection and get him into chastity as soon as we could. Sam and I met up with Katharine and Kirsty to chat through our plans and Katharine quickly volunteered to help out. She emphasized we needed to get him into chastity quickly to get control of his hormones. Kirsty told us we would be surprised how turned on Francesca would be getting all dressed and made up and we could use that to prove to him he was a Sissy and ready to make the necessary changes.
When Friday came around I was so excited but it felt so strange going round to Sam’s for a coming out party wearing Jeans T shirt and no makeup. I felt a right tramp and tomboy. I have always been fascinated with the concept of male chastity and had looked on the internet to see how they worked and were fitted. Men look so cute with their balls looped through the ring and then the cockette all squashed into a little pink cage. It has to be pink!!!!
So I was determined to fit Francesca’s device and present the key to Sam. I also thought it was symbolic being Sam’s new lover to girl handle him and lock his little thing up and get it out if the way and under Sam’s control. He looked so beautiful in his blue dress and prettily made up face. It was wonderful Patti. Kirsty’s and Katharine’s idea to get him to move his clothes out of Sam’s room was also highly symbolic but it was a complete masterstroke getting him to help me unpack my things. It was so sweet Patti giving him piles of my knickers and asking him to fold them nicely and put them in the draw where he used to keep his stuff. He really wasn’t very happy but what could he do!

So exposing his damp panties was just as Kirsty predicted and when we inched them lower to see how sticky he was, was beautiful but so embarrassing for him. The chastity device went on easily and I don’t think he even realized it was in place until I snapped the lock shut. I knew we had him under control and it was so lovely to do with the others their to see it.
I love the idea of FLR because when it comes down to it Patti it’s us women who have the energy, the patience, the can do attitude and very little ego to get in the way of getting things done
Men are just a distraction who love to ogle at us and talk about us as like pieces of meat. This has to change and getting them all feminized up will really make us feel better and more secure.
I’m really looking forward to working with you Patti on this exciting project.
My Pilates does have quite a large strength content to it as well as building flexibility. But I see where you are coming from so Sam and I have joined Kirsty and Katharine’s weight training club to start adding some muscle because we have to protect ourselves against men and want to physically dominate Francesca going forward.
Life is good Patti now that Sam and I are together and I can’t wait to get working on Francesca and any other men we can get our hands on. I think I’m going to buy shares in the manufacturers of Chastity devices we are going to need a lot of themGender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (293)Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (294)Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (295)Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (296)
Please write back Patti
Stephanie xx

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (297)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (298)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (299)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (300)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (301)

So this Posting is being done in the form of an Interview. Because Stephanie has been involved in so many things in her young life, I ended up inundating her with 70 Questions! This is a True Mark of a New Age Woman that knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it! She is now a True Warrior in the “Cause” of The New Age Lifestyle and wants to see All Women and Girls get to experience the Great “Power Rush” that comes when Women take Control and Feminize their men, and have them as their Pretty Sissies, content to do the domestic work and Always look Pretty and Feminine for their Strong Women!

When you were a little Girl, what was your perception of how boys and girls should be?

I was born into a very settled family home. Being the oldest of 3 children I was very much influenced by my mother who has always been strong in character. She brought me up to be a girly girl but to be strong minded and not to be over influenced by others. I questioned everything and anything rather than just going with the flow. Nearly all my friends when I was little were girls and therefore I didn’t know much about boys at all. It wasn’t really until I went to school did I come across them. So I suppose my perception was girls were sweet and delicate whilst boys were more ruff and tumble and generally unkind to girls

Did you play Sports when you were young?

Yes I played most girls sports but excelled at gymnastics where I really developed my strength and flexibility

NOTE: Girls playing Sports develops Strength and Character! In Stephanie’s case, she did gymnastics which will really build a lot of strength. By this answer, you can see even though she was being raised as a “Girly Girl” she was also very strong and learned how to interact in a Team atmosphere!

Was your Mum the “Head of Household” when you were young?

Oh yes Mum was in charge even though she was a stay at home housewife. My Dad went out to earn the money whilst Mum took care of everything else including the family. Dad has always been easy going which allowed mum to take charge of the relationship and it was always the case that myself, my sister Bethany and Brother Charles always looked up to Mum.

As the oldest sibling, how old were you when Bethany and then Charles were born?

I am 2 years older than Bethany and nine years older than Charles (now Charlotte)

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (302)

Did you like playing “Dress Up” when you were a young Girl?

Yes, it was one of my favorite games. I had so much fun growing up with Bethany. We always copied Mum as much as we could trying on her shoes and clothes which of course were always too big. Mum did set us up with a dress up box of various things she came across. It was so much fun to get everything out with Bethany at weekends and pretend role play as young women

How old were you when you and Bethany first dressed Charles in Girl’s clothing?

From memory Charles was about 9 and he liked to try and keep up with his older sisters. I would have been 19 and Bethany 17 and we often had some school friends over to do grown up stuff like fashion, hair styling and make up and of course Charles wanted to join in . The fact he was so willing made it great fun to start dressing him up and putting makeup on him

What was your Mum’s reaction when she saw how you had Charles dressed?

I remember that so well, she was speechless when she saw him in one of Bethany’s old dresses with a ribbon in his hair, pink lipstick and fluttering mascara eyelashes. She had a tear in her eye as she just melted at the sight of her new little girl

Did your Mum encourage you and Bethany to keep Charles dressed in Girl’s clothing?

After that first time, yes absolutely. It helped that Charles kept asking to be made pretty so with Mum’s help we put together a range of our old clothes into the dressing up box which he loved. For Bethany and I it was a chance to practice our hair styling and makeup skills with a real life model

How old was Charles when he started to Embrace his Femininity?

I would say immediately so from age 9. He needed little persuasion and I remember him driving Bethany and I crazy to help him with his transformation. It was lovely though as we all played together and had such fun.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (303)

At that point, did you see the Great Benefits of male Feminization?

An interesting question, being 19 I hadn’t come across feminized boys or men really but Charles was so placid and played so nicely it was easy to see the attraction of a girly boy rather than a rough and tumble troublemaker like so many of our friends had as brothers.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (304)

How old were you when you found out that your daddy wore panties?

I was about 10 years old and had started to help Mum with the laundry. At this time Mum still did all the washing but I liked to help her put things away. She would sort things into piles and then give them to me to put into drawers and wardrobes. So it was quite shocking when she gave me a pile of panties and told me these were Daddies and to put them in the dresser top drawer

What did you think when you realized that your daddy and your brother wore panties?

Well in the case of Daddy I remember asking Mummy why did he wear pretty panties? She explained that it just made more sense for us all to wear the same type of underwear so that they could all be washed together and that Daddy liked to wear pretty things as well. So when Charles started to wear panties as well it all made sense really

NOTE: Mary, Stephanie’s mother did not give Paul a choice! Since their Wedding day, Mary told Paul that he would be wearing panties! This is the “Mark” of a Strong and Confident, Head of Household Woman! What a GREAT Role Model for Stephanie and Bethany to have!

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (305)

Did you know at that point that your Mum “Ruled the Roost” or did you already know that?

I always knew Mum was in charge. My parents didn’t often have rows but on the few occasions when there was a disagreement Daddy always was the one to back down. Mummy was always able to stay calm but just one look from her or an uncomfortable silence in conversation was all it took to bring Daddy to heel

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (306)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (307)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (308)

At what age did you start to date boys, or did you ever date boys? Explain if you would!

When I was about 15 all my friends started to talk about boys and going on dates with them. It never really interested me but I did feel left out so it was natural to take up one of the offers I had with a boy called Mike. I was well into Gymnastics at that stage and I met him during one of the training sessions. He was good company in a group but became odd when we went out just the two of us. I realized pretty early on that boys really didn’t do anything for me and I wanted to get back to my girlfriend’s company as quickly as possible.

You and Samantha were friends in school, at what age did you two meet?

Samantha and I have known each other for it seems like forever. We met in 3rd grade but for many years we were not exactly close friends. Sam was very quiet but used to hang out in our group. I was pretty confident at a young age so others used to congregate around me and another girl called Sally. Sam was a very sweet girl who never did anything wrong but she tagged along with us which was fine.

When did you meet and have your first relationship with a Woman? What was that like?

Shortly after my experience with Mike I realized I was different. My hormones had well and truly kicked in but I didn’t feel attracted to boys at all. The penny dropped that I might be gay during a sleep over at Sally’s (the other leader in our group). So thinking about it I would be about 16 and we stayed up talking for half the night and Sally asked me if I had ever kissed another girl. Of course I hadn’t but it made me feel very excited just thinking about it. So after more chats we cuddled up in bed and kissed and touched each other. I knew instantly this was for me as I was incredibly excited. After that Sally and I experimented somewhat but my first real relationship came when I went to college and met Karen who was 2 years older than me. She really taught me everything I know today. It was an amazing time as I was quite comfortable what I was and who I wanted to spend me time and emotional energy with

Did you share with any of your friends about your brother being a Sissy?

Most of my girlfriends at home knew all about Charles being Charlotte most of the time. Charles wanted to play with his big sisters and their friends and so we would dress him up and help him with his make up. He was a pretty child and was so cute with a ribbon in his hair, pink lipstick and mascara wearing one of Bethany’s old dresses. Our friends loved having him being our real life doll that we could play with

When did Samantha find out that you had a Sissy brother?

Well Sam and I drifted apart a bit when we went to college so I don’t really know if she heard about Charlotte from one of the other girls but she really only got to see and know him since we started spending time together.

When Samantha told you about Rachel, what were your thoughts?

My initial reaction was one of disbelief. Having a Sissy Daddy and Brother I thought Sam might be trying to wind me up and have a bit of a joke with me but when I thought about it Sam doesn’t do things like that. Still I took some persuading and it was only when she showed me photographs of this beautiful Sissy man that I started to believe her

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (309)

You first met Rachel at your Pilate’s Class, what did you think when you saw him in his Pink outfit?

I was absolutely stunned and couldn’t believe how beautiful he was. He was tall but very shapely with long slim arms. He was made up if going out for a night on the town but of course that’s how all good sissies like to present themselves. I quickly realized Samantha had prepared his look for the class so wasn’t surprised he looked totally flawless

I believe it was the first time that you met Rachel that you did a Panty Inspection, what motivated you to do that?

Well having some sissies in the family I know strong women are encouraged to embarrass them at every opportunity. To be honest Rachel swanned into my class in an extremely confident manner and it brought my competitive instinct out and me to see how good he would feel doing a panty inspection. Needless to say it clipped his wings as he turned beetroot in color

Was that the first time that you saw a man in Chastity? If so, how did that make you feel?

I knew about chastity as it had been discussed by Mum at home but other than seeing a picture I had never seen one in real life so having the opportunity to see one on Rachel’s was a real thrill. After that I had to know more and found a you tube clip that showed me how to install one. I got such a power rush seeing the humiliation caused to a former macho man looking at something so small and totally under control by a group of strong minded women

What were your thoughts when Rachel explained to the Class how he became a Full Time Sissy?

I couldn’t believe he was giving us chapter and verse about his previous macho indiscretions with Kirsty and how he loved to crossdress and wear make up. I really thought he had been set up for this but as he went on it was abundantly clear he was nervous and couldn’t stop talking

Did you feel that you were physically Stronger than Rachel when you met him? If you did, how did that make you feel as a Woman being Stronger than a once Strong man?

Without doubt. Whilst he was tall his arms and shoulders were so slim and dainty. Before I became a Pilates teacher I did gymnastics to a high level so I have a really strong core. In gymnastics you build up a lot of strength through repetitive exercises without developing obvious muscle definition. I’ve always enjoyed being strong and don’t feel intimidated by men and certainly not by Sissies like Rachel. Again it does give me a huge power rush.

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (310)
Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (311)

How did the Women at the Class respond to having a Sissy in your Class? Has it helped Business by having a Sissy in your Class?

I have to say my first instinct was to be cautious about having a sissy mix with my class, fearful my clients might think he was some freak or pervert but once I saw how convincing he looked I had no fear. The girls loved him and were fascinated to learn everything they could about him. Most of the original class were young mums in their 30’s and I don’t think they could believe he was actually a man until he spoke and displayed the huge bulge he had where his chastity cage was trapped by his leotard. It’s really helped my business as word spread through all my classes that I had a sissy in training. All the girls of all age groups wanted to meet Rachel and ask him lots of questions on his journey into femininity. They all loved teasing him but they were gentle and highly complimentary as to how feminine he looked

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (312)

When Samantha told you about the upcoming Strength Competition with Rachel versus Kirsty and Katharine, what were your thoughts?

What a great idea and it immediately became apparent what they wanted to achieve. Male physical strength compared to women is the last remaining challenge to women competing and out performing men and they know that. Beating a man physically is the ultimate power exchange and has to totally emasculate a male brain. Seeing Rachel and his dainty arms and shoulders I knew he was vulnerable to complete defeat by Kirsty and Katharine

When Samantha told you about Laura and her Boxing team, what were your thoughts on Women and Girls doing Weight Training and Boxing?

I know there is a strong community of independent women who live in the area so I wasn’t surprised to hear about the women’s boxing team. Getting them involved with Rachel’s strength competition was a masterstroke organized by Katharine and Kirsty

When Samantha got home the night of the Strength Training, and told you how Kirsty & Katharine absolutely humiliated Rachel, the once macho and Demeaning to Women man that took such Pride in his “manliness” how did that make you feel?

What a great story. Sam was on such a high that she couldn’t wait to tell me all about it. I had to slow her down as I didn’t want to miss out on any of the details. I wish I could have been there to see this once proud male totally emasculated in front of a pack of strong and determined women.

What did you think about Laura and her Boxing team being at the Strength Competition to Witness the humiliation of this macho man, and this Great Victory for Womankind?

Oh it was just perfect to complete the humiliation of Rachel and to extract the last bit of testosterone out of him. I have seen such a change in him since this main event. He now accepts he is a fully fledged Sissy and has given up ever returning to his previous macho man exterior. Personally I think he actually prefers being Rachel rather than being Ray

As we become accustomed to the Reversed Gender Roles, Society will start to realize the Great Benefits of the Role Reversed Society!Join us at the Forum: The Link below will get you to the Forum. The Forum has continued to grow since it’s inception in April 2020. We are now up to 401 members, and we have experienced numerous “Guest” visitors. I am asking all the Dominant Women that come to the Blog to at least check out the Forum. The Forum has a separate WOMEN’S ONLY Section which I moderate consistently. If we are to have a FEMALE Controlled World, it will ONLY happen if WOMEN push for it! The FLR is attainable, PLEASE, All the Women that read this Blog, we need you at the Forum. Even though I am the Moderator, I really would like to see the Forum Dominated and Controlled by FLR thinking Women. The Future is FEMALE! Help Womankind establish their Dominance, and help in the huge task of creating a Better, Submissive and Obedient Feminized man and boy! Please join the Cause!

To Contact Patti about Possible Postings Email at:

Gender Role Reversal – The New Age Lifestyle (313)


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