House Vastu tips for north east facing abode (2022)


Do you live in a house that faces northeast? If so, you may experience some disruptions if Vastu's instructions are not followed. Even though your house faces north, there are several methods to bring happiness into it. Vastu for house recommendations are effective and may have a positive impact on your general well-being. Vastu Shastra is the age-old concept of designing your home to maximize air and sunshine. Vastu helps to harness the good energy in the environment and eliminate any Vastu doshas in the home. The north-east facing residence is one of them.

The north-east facing residence is one of them. Vastu is significant since a few considerations may alter your life for the better! The North East is thought to be the most fortunate direction since it is where the Gods live. It is also known as Ishanya Corner and is the heavenly corner. Any development in this direction or corner will result in riches and pleasure. But there are always exceptions! When people have too much money, they become greedy and selfish. This causes misunderstandings and disagreements.

10 Crucial Vastu Principles to Adhere to When Placing Your Ganesha.Introduction:Although Ganesha is revered as the God of pleasure, happiness, and success, we frequently overlook the significance of putting it in the proper location at home. Since the Ganpati Murti is regarded as the guardian, we always worship him before beginning a new endeavour in our lives. Most of us maintain Ganesha idols...

East, north, and northeast-facing dwellings are deemed auspicious by Vastu Shastra. Houses with a northeast orientation bring good fortune and fresh prospects. North, being the home of Kuber, the ruler of prosperity, provides the dwellers with opportunities to amass a vast fortune.

The northeast is also known as the 'Ishan,' or direction of heavenly strength. The northeast corner must be kept clean and clutter-free. When creating a house that faces northeast, Vastu's suggestions for positive energy in the home must be followed for pleasant living. Here are some general Vastu guidelines for the northeast dwelling.

Importance of direction in home according to Vastu Shastra

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According to Vastu shastra, each direction has its features. Each route presided over by a governing God, has an energy that adds to the happiness and success of a family. So, while there are attractive corners, such as northeast and east, there are also less desirable ones, such as south-facing ones. However, by following Vastu designs for their particular home orientations, all Vastu doshas may be eradicated. Whereas the northeast corner is a fortunate location, there are methods to increase the positive factor in your home.

North east facing houses

The northeast corner, also known as the "Ishan Kon" or the Ishanya corner, is a very valuable and sensitive zone. This zone is thought to be endowed with heavenly energy since it faces the direction of the Gods. The northeast-facing dwelling, according to Vastu Shashtra, represents lifetime wealth and pleasure.

Benefits of Northeast facing houses

  • It is the will of God. As a result, it guarantees an abundance of money and success.

  • Family members stay content and joyful, resulting in a healthy family dynamic.

  • If you own a business, a northeast-facing residence will ensure the success of your endeavors.

  • It infuses your house with pleasant energy, which boosts your productivity.

  • There is, however, a catch. People who have too much money might become greedy and lose their principles. This will result in unhappiness. That is why the Vastu shastra's facing dwelling suggests numerous techniques to mitigate this hazard.

Why is a house with a northeast orientation favored by Vastu?

Northeast-facing Houses / Homes / Plots are regarded as first-rate sites, with residents having significant success in their lives. In the occupant's life, success comes quickly. As a result, they may become more productive, healthier, and happier in their daily lives. In addition, such an atmosphere provides an opportunity for creativity and growth for the house's younger generation.

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A northeast site is defined as a property with a road to the north and east. The road to the north and east is expected to provide more regional and international opportunities. Such plots are in high demand and therefore should be obtained even if the price is higher.

Northeast facing house Vastu plan

Now that you know the importance and significance of the northeast-facing house, let's dive into Vastu for the house plan. Yes, the northeast is truly fortunate! But why not make the best of a bad situation? As a result, you can employ the following north east facing house Vastu tips and tricks:

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  • A home with a north-east orientation According to Vastu, your prayer place should always be in the northeast direction.

  • Maintain plenty of open space in your northeast area to allow optimum good energy input.

  • Maintain a higher southern wall limit than the remainder of the property.

  • According to Vastu for a north-east-facing house, any addition in the north-east must not be constructed towards the southwest direction, since this can greatly impair the efficacy of the site.

  • Place your main gate in an auspicious location, such as the north or east.

Entrance Vastu for a northeast-facing house

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This is a highly promising zone, according to Vastu principles for northeast entry home, and placing an entry here will enhance the house. According to Vastu, doing so brings in a lot of positive energy into your home, which assures the wealth and well-being of the family members.

Bedroom Vastu for northeast facing house

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According to Vastu for a northeast-facing house, the southwest direction represents earthiness and solidity. As a result, master bedrooms must always be in this zone to signify a happy existence.

Kitchen Vastu for northeast facing house

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Kitchens should be positioned in the southeast corner if possible. Lord Agni is said to rule over the southeast corner (God of Fire). Because all fire-related activities take place in the kitchen, placing your kitchen in the southeast zone offers you prosperity and well health.

Living room Vastu for a northeast-facing house

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The northeast is a nice direction for your living area. Aside from that, the northern and eastern corners are fantastic possibilities for this space. Also, put some greenery in your interior design. Money plants, jades, and bamboos are regarded as auspicious and offer favourable karmic effects to your home. It also aids in the correction of any flaws in the Vastu of your north east oriented house.

Balcony Vastu for a northeast-facing house

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House with a northeast orientation Vastu instructs you to maintain your balcony clutter-free if you have a Puja room.

While balconies in the northern zone attract optimism and prosperity, terraces in the east draw excellent chances for the millennial population. As a result, the northeast is regarded as the finest location for a balcony.

Pooja room Vastu for a northeast-facing house

House with a north-east orientation According to Vastu with a pooja room, the northeast is an appropriate location for building your pooja room. While praying, keep your face to the north or east. Also, pooja rooms will always be on the ground level, according to northeast-oriented duplex home designs. On that topic, here are some pieces of advice according to the Vastu design for a northeast-oriented house with a Puja room:

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  • Do not put your puja room beneath the stairs.

  • They should not be built against a restroom.

  • When positioning idol statues, ensure they are not facing each other.

Bedroom Vastu for a northeast-facing house

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God lives in the northeast corner. Installing restrooms in this manner is thus equivalent to fouling this auspicious area with needless poisons. The southeast or northwest corner is ideal for bathrooms.

Do you have two bathrooms in your home? Then, exclusively utilise the northeastern bathroom for bathing.

  • Install an air freshener to keep your toilet clean and fresh.

  • Indoor plants, such as money plants or jade plants, can absorb negative energy and counteract the negative impacts in the northeast zone.

Advantages and disadvantages of northeast-facing houses

While northeast-facing homes might be beneficial, they can also be detrimental if certain requirements are not satisfied. Today, let's evaluate the benefits and downsides in-depth:

First, the advantages:

A steady stream of good energy entering the home assures riches and prosperity.

Northeast-facing buildings represent business prosperity and fresh chances for enterprises and entrepreneurs.

The abundance of good energy also contributes to increased productivity and efficiency among family members.

Now for the drawbacks:

There are still no downsides to having a north-east facing home, there are a few things to keep in mind:

For starters, an abundance of riches can breed insatiable hunger. Too much desire might be detrimental in the long term. So, be careful not to become swept up by greed.

Don't leave a lot of open land in the southwest. This will attract negative energy, which will reduce the effectiveness of a fortunate northeast-facing property.

Vastu Tips and Precautions for a North-East facing apartment, flat, land, home, or office

A nameplate has practical use in identifying a residence. Displaying your name at the door is said to attract the proper possibilities. Plants promote optimism and offer your house a karma boost when planted in the abundance corner. To increase the life force in your environment, we propose employing jade, bamboo, and pine trees.

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  • Avoid the lift and the staircase opposite the main door.

  • Do not place larger windows in the house's south or southwest corner.

  • Avoid looking out the door at the staircase. It acts as a barrier to the free flow of energy.

  • There should be no gaps in the main door. It is exceedingly unlucky, according to Vastu shastra, to have the main entryway in an unwelcoming state.

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Vastu Tips for a House with a North East Facing

Even though the northeast is favored by God, to make it more productive for occupants of northeast-facing houses, Vastu shastra should be followed. As a result, we've compiled a list of reasonable and practicable Vastu suggestions for north-east facing residences.

  • The master bedroom should be in the southwest, according to the northeast-facing home plan Vastu.

  • The kitchen should be at the southeast corner of the home, and the pooja room should be on the northeast corner.

  • The living room in the north of a northeast-facing house boosts the area's optimism.

  • Staircases and elevators opposing the main door should be avoided since they facilitate the introduction of obstacles.

Large windows are only beneficial in the north or east since that is the direction from which positive energy enters a space. However, any large windows towards the south or west must be avoided totally since they allow negative energy to enter the space and create obstacles in the lives of family members.

The plot's slope should be to the northeast. This brings the family wealth and renown.

According to Vastu, the compound wall should be low in the northeast and high in the southwest. While the low wall attracts positivity, the taller wall in the southern portion blocks bad energy.

Borewell should be located in the northeast corner of the home. This draws prosperity and tranquility.

Vastu for northeast home plan advises against buying a house near a T-junction or at the end of a road. This encourages negativity, which contributes to family conflicts and accidents.

Because this is a sacred corner, it should be kept as clean as possible. This is not the area to put any hygienic item, broom, or mop.

Vastu advises against having any pillars at the northeast corner of the home. This stunts the development of family members and causes stress.

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In this direction, there must be no towering trees. They will hinder positive while also inviting illness and poverty.

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Vastu Remedy for Houses Facing North East

Though having a northeast-facing residence is a gift, it may not be as profitable as imagined in some circumstances. This might be due to a Vastu dosha, such as having a septic tank in the east or a slope to the west. It might be attributed to the south or westward expansion.

However, these Vastu doshas are easily remedied using Vastu cures for northeast-facing dwellings.

  • To attain peace, grow tulsi, mint, or turmeric in the northeast direction.

  • Keep a little library in this zone to gain enlightenment and wisdom.

  • To boost optimism, place a marble water pot and a birdbath in this direction.

  • To bring riches and pleasure, place a water fountain in this direction.

  • Install a copper door pyramid beneath the entry door to eliminate any Vastu dosh generated by non-Vastu compliant doors.

  • To increase positivism, place a Vastu Kalash in the northeast.

  • To increase your child's education, position a study crystal in the northeast direction.

  • If the septic tank is facing the incorrect way, wrap a Vastu pyramid stick around it.

  • Installing the Surya yantra with the copper sun in the northeast will assist to correct the flaws caused by the slope in the west or the lack of an east extension.

  • Vastu zinc helix can be used to correct doshas caused by expansions in the incorrect zone.


To sum up, houses facing the northeast are thought to be the most auspicious, bringing good fortune and wealth to all members of the family. Some basic Vastu techniques for northeast-facing houses will boost and accelerate good energy and attract riches. These will aid in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle as well as family tranquilly.

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What is the Vastu for a north east facing house? ›

According to Vastu Shashtra, the northeast facing house spells lifelong prosperity and happiness. Northeast facing house benefits: It is the direction of God. Hence it ensures an abundance of wealth and prosperity.

What should be in the north east of the house? ›

Placement of Water Elements

To bring success and wealth at home, it is important that the underground water or any other water sources should be in the north-east direction. It is the auspicious direction for such things.

Is north east facing house auspicious? ›

According to the Vastu Shastra, east, north and northeast-facing homes are considered auspicious. Northeast-facing houses attract good luck and new opportunities. North being the house of Kuber, the lord of wealth, offers the occupants prospects to gain abundant wealth.

Can north east corner be empty? ›

Though according to Vastu Shastra, the eastern and northern part of the house should be kept empty compared to other parts, but you will have two advantages from the plan to build a balcony in the northeast. One, part of the north and east direction will remain empty and will also be useful.

Why north east should be empty? ›

Open spaces in the northeast section helps in promotion of wealth creation and overall abundance. The residents of any residential property with open spaces in the north east are generally free from any disease and blessed with children.

Which Colour is best for north east facing house? ›

Best Vastu colors for North-East direction

North-east is the direction that gives you a clear mindset. According to Vastu Shastra, any light shade of blue is ideal to speed for this corner. The best Vastu colors other than blue are Silver Grey, Brown, Green, Off-white, Cream, or any other metallic shade.

What does north-east facing house mean? ›

Technically, northeast facing properties have one road on North and other on the East if it is a corner plot or else it has a road in the Northeast direction. In other words, these properties have road on the Northeast direction when looked from the main entrance or inside the building.

Is north-east Entrance good as per Vastu? ›

North-east: As per house entrance vastu, this is the most auspicious direction in a home. This corner is the most energetic due to its exposure to the morning sun.

How do I know which way is north-east at home? ›

Stand at the entrance door of your home, facing outside. Use a compass to check the direction that you are facing. That is the direction that your house faces. Once the 0°/360° mark on the compass and the north of the needle are aligned, determine the direction directly in front of you.

Is north-east facing house good for sun? ›

North or north-east facing properties are considered the most desirable because they get the most direct sunlight through the day, especially in winter when the sun is at its lowest.


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