How To Extend Tub Spout Pipe? - (2023)

The bathtub is our go-to after a long day because it is therapeutic and calming. One issue with filling the tub could be the length of your tub spout. Sometimes you wish your tub spout could get longer to suit your needs and style. Solutions await you from plumbing professionals.

There are recommendations for stretching your tub spout pipe to your desired length. There are easy fixes, and some require more tools and materials. You can choose whichever fits you from the following list:

  1. Purchase a modern extra long tub spout over 9 or 11 inches if you're overall purpose is stretching the reach of your tub spout.
  2. Extend the tub spout pipe with a coupling piece by welding for a permanent fit.
  3. Extend the tub spout pipe with a coupling piece using push-in fittings for a non-permanent fit.

Learn more about the steps and details of know-how to fit your tub spout and extend the pipe without any faults such as leakages and poor attachments. Stay on the page for more information on the right size spout pipes and tools to help do the work as quickly as possible!

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3 Ways To Extend Tub Spout Pipe

A tub spout that does not have the style you want is unpleasant. But it's more unpleasant when it isn't the correct length and springs water outside your bathtub or floods your bathroom floor. Discover the three ways how to extend your tub spout pipe.

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1. Purchasing An Extra Long Tub Spout

A regular tub spout is 5 1/8 inches. You can buy a new long tub spout if you need a long reach. In the market, some lengths are available, like 7,8 1/2,9 or even 11 inches.

Replacing your short tub spout can be a DIY project. Here are the easy steps on how to replace a tub spout:

  1. Remove the old nipple using a pipe or internal pipe wrench.
  2. Cover both ends of the new nipple with thread tape.
  3. Screw the new nipple into the inside wall.
  4. Fasten the new nipple with silicone caulk.
  5. Fit the new spout and screw to put it in place. (Check the kind of tub spout you purchased to know the details of how to put the screw.)

How To Extend Tub Spout Pipe? - (3)How To Extend Tub Spout Pipe? - (4)

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2. Welding For Permanent Fit

You can do welding using asoldering tool.Solder the extension pipe with a coupling piece to make the tub spout reach long. It will have a tight connection, and it's not something that you can disjoint whenever you want.

Moreover, handling a welding tool requires knowledge and adherence to safety guidelines. If you are not knowledgeable about it, call a professional plumber or choose another method to lengthen your tub spout. Here are some tips on how to make an effective bond using a soldering tool:

  • Dry the pipes, tub, and surroundings.
  • Clean and sand pipe ends and the interior fittings.
  • Apply flux to the pipe and fitting.
  • Apply the correct amount of heat to let the solder flow.
  • Do not apply the torch straight to the solder.

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3. Push-Fittings For Non-Permanent Fit

Not all households have a welding machine or soldering tool. Push fittings or push-to-connect fittings as an alternative to connect the tub spout pipe.

It is not a permanent extension for your tub spout; you can easily connect without training. Here's how you can install push-to-connect fittings:

  1. Know the pipe material.
  2. Cut the pipe clean and square without any scratches.
  3. Measure and mark the depth of the pipe insertions.
  4. Push the fitting to connect to the pipe, noticing the insertion mark.

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Does Tub Spout Length Matter?

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The length of the tub spout matters depending on the use. An extra long spout is suitable for filling buckets in the tub but might hit the kids. An 8-3/4 inch tub spout fits alright without hitting the kids.

Additionally, the pipe size and length highly depend on the tub spout. All should work together. Check the type, size, and measurement to match and connect appropriately during installation.

How Long Is The Pipe For Tub Spout?

Aim for 4 to 4-3/8 inches of pipe length coming out from the wall to prevent a gap between the wall and the border of the tub spout. The pipe length should match your tub spout.

For example, a copper pipe should have a minimum of 1 or 2 inches. It is advisable to look at the manufacturer's instructions to know the proper length of your tub spout.

How Do I Know What Size Tub Spout I Need?

If you're replacing an old tub spout, buy a new one with the exact specifications and length of the old one to avoid adjustments. For a front-endthreadedspout, start to measure from the wall to the end of the nipple.

The threaded nipple has a maximum length of 1/2 inch in a wall-end threaded spout. A telescoping threaded spout's nipple is 1-3/8 inches.

Why Is My New Tub Spout Leaking?

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A new tub spout can start leaking in specific areas like the back or dripping while the shower is on. The general solution is to clean the tub spout and check its attachments to discover where the leak source is. Replace the faulty part, the bathtub unit, or the shower system.

How Do I Know If My Tub Spout Is Slip Fit?

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Look at thebottom of your tub spout if there is a small hole. You should see a screw; that is a slip-fit tub spout. It does not have threads and comes with a set screw that slides over a copper pipe.

The screw grips the tub spout onto the copper pipe tightly. A tub spout without a screw and threaded directly onto the wall pipe is called IPS.

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How Do You Fix A Gap Between A Wall And Tub Spout?

Fixing the gap will protect the system from water damage. Fix a 1/2 inch or less- gap with silicone caulk. It would be best if you filled the gap clean.

However, if it's wider, it is recommendable to adjust the nipple length of your pipe or use a trim plate. You can buy a trim plate in your local supply store to install behind the tub spout.

If your tub spout pipe is too long, cut the nipple using a tubing cutter for a smooth cut. However, replace the nipple if cutting is too much trouble.

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How Do You Cut A Tub Spout Pipe?

Cutting tools are necessary for plumbing. When cutting a tub spout pipe, you can use an Autocut tool, a tubing cutter, or a hacksaw. You may use whichever you find accessible, following detailed ways to cut the tub spout pipe using a specific cutting tool.

The Autocut tool seems the easiest to use by clamping and rotating it to the pipe. Ensure you barely score the pipe using a tube cutter. Turn and secure the tube cutter onto the pipe and cut it. With a hacksaw, use the correct blade and smoothen the cut pipe.

How To Extend Tub Spout Pipe? - (16)How To Extend Tub Spout Pipe? - (17)

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Can I Use Galvanized Pipe For Tub Spout?

Copper pipes are ideal for tub spouts because of their corrosion-resistant quality. They do not contaminate water with chemicals, unlike plastic-made pipes.

However, you may use a galvanized pipe on a threaded spout with a minimum length to prevent it from getting in contact with water. Slip-on tub spouts are suitable with copper pipes.

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In Closing

How To Extend Tub Spout Pipe? - (20)

Whether giving your bathtub an up-do or repair, having a well-installed tub spout should be on your checklist. Alternatively, extending your tub spout pipe could be what you have to do.

Stretch your tub spout pipe by buying a new long tub spout, solder pipes, or choose slip-on fittings. Make sure you install everything right when you plan to DIY, or ask a professional plumber to do it.

After a warm bath in your tub, a long day won't seem as bad.

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