How to place a washing machine in a small bathroom (2022)

How to place a washing machine in a small bathroom (1)Owners of small apartments very often have to turn their wits in order to arrange all the necessary furniture and household appliances in their rooms. A small living space is not a hindrance, because even in the most modest space, with a reasonable approach, you can place everything you need.

In most cases, difficulties arise precisely with the location of the washer. The owners of the "Khrushchev" can not boast of either a large kitchen square or a spacious bathroom, and it is these rooms that are usually used to install cars. As a result, the bathroom becomes the optimal place for the machine. We will figure out how to place the washing machine in a small bathroom, what interesting ideas and non-standard installation methods exist.

Put under the sink or countertop

The most convenient and comfortable option remains the location of the washing machine under the sink or countertop. Arrangement of household appliances in this way will bring many benefits:

  • connecting the machine to utilities will be very simple;
  • the space under the sink, often free, will be used to good effect;
  • the interior will look stylish and harmonious.

Much attention should be paid to the selection of a washing machine. If the bathroom’s quadrature is very small, it is advisable to purchase a modest-sized machine with a depth of not more than 45 cm. Of course, small-sized automatic machines are characterized by a small capacity, but in such a situation you will have to compromise. It’s better to wash the laundry in two passes with a machine than to clean things manually. In general, it is possible to place a standard size washer, but having acquired such an aggregate, you will have to go to tricks to install it as comfortable and ergonomic as possible.

Let's take a closer look at how to put the car under the sink or countertop. Some installation options are quite simple, others relate to the category of interesting design solutions.

How to place a washing machine in a small bathroom (2)

Washing under the washbasin. Here we describe the case when the sink does not rest on the sewer pipe, does not have a stand under it, the drain is organized not to the bottom, but to the side.

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The dimensions of the washer must fully correspond to the dimensions of the sink. The standard height of the washing equipment allows you to position the sink at a height that is comfortable for a person.

How to place a washing machine in a small bathroom (3)

By installing the technique in this way, it will be possible to save the extra square centimeters in the bathroom. This option for the location of the unit is suitable for very miniature rooms. In specialized outlets you can find sets consisting of cars and water lilies-sinks ideally suited to them. We advise you to take a closer look at the ready-made sets, because it will be problematic to carry out the selection yourself.

Under a multi-level countertop. For people of small stature, the location of the sink at the height of the washer is inconvenient. But there is a solution - the sink can be placed at a comfortable level, and the countertop above the automatic machine can be made higher. The space above the appliance and under the sink can be used to hold detergents and various accessories.

How to place a washing machine in a small bathroom (4)

A wash on a special box. This method is used in the situation opposite to the previous one. That is, the machine just does not reach the countertop. Of course, you can just turn a blind eye to the free space between the machine and the surface, but the owner of a small bathroom is unlikely to miss the opportunity to build an extra space for various little things. Therefore, it is better to install the washer on a low drawer, which is suitable for storing detergents, towels, toilet paper and other things.

Automatic machine under the "wrong" countertop. Such a design solution would probably be ideal for a compact bathroom.It will allow not only to style the interior of the room, but also to take into account the design features of your bathroom. The essence of the method is that the countertop is not designed to be the same in length, but takes on various shapes. Over the machine, it will be a little wider, and then it will gradually taper.

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Such a design decision will create a harmonious interior. The space of the bathroom is also saved - moving in the room, you do not have to bump into an overly wide and uncomfortable countertop.

The above methods of installing automatic machines are standard. How else can you put the machine in a small bathroom, we will talk further.

Buy a top-loading machine

How to place a washing machine in a small bathroom (5)"Vertical", or machines with a vertical type of loading, are very well suited for installation in small bathrooms. Putting such a washing machine will be quite easy even on a limited area. This is due to the compact size of the equipment. The ideal area for the vertical position will be a place near the shower or bath.

However, along with a huge plus - modest dimensions, machines with a vertical type of loading are characterized by one drawback - you can not install a countertop above them or arrange a permanent place for storing shower accessories. This is explained by the need to constantly flip up the lid of the washing machine. If you try hard, you can hang a small shelf or cabinet over the machine, but, firstly, they will be located quite high, and secondly, very few objects will fit into them.

Let's try to raise

Very bold and completely non-standard solutions come to the mind of designers. One of them is raising the machine above the floor. However, this method of placement will be ideal only for a bathroom in which there is a niche. If your bathroom has such a design feature, you are very lucky.

How to place a washing machine in a small bathroom (6)

In a construction niche, you can simultaneously place a washing machine, a drying chamber, and shelves for towels, clean linen, household chemicals, and various little things. A niche can be open, but if you want, you can close it in several ways.

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  1. Standard swing door. This option is not suitable for any room, because the door will have to be opened, you will need a lot of free space around the niche.
  2. Shutters. A modern decor element will perfectly hide the contents of a niche from prying eyes. To use the roller shutters, no additional space is required - when you open the roller blind, it is assembled under the ceiling, when closed, it just goes down. Closed shutters are a solid dense canvas of a certain color. A canvas with interesting photo printing will look very nice. So, in addition to its main function, rolling shutters will decorate the interior of the room.
  3. Using blinds or fabric drapery. This option will be somewhat cheaper than special plumbing shutters.

In the case when the bathroom is located close to the pantry, you should think about a small redevelopment. The pantry attached to the bathroom will just play the role of a construction niche that is perfect for locating an automatic machine.

Bathroom Solution

Where can I put washing equipment in the combined bathroom. An interesting method is to single out one wall of the room and put there an open cupboard in which to store the washer. Based on the size of the room, calculate what dimensions of the cabinet you can afford, it will consist of one section or several. It is better to mount the machine in the lower part of the cabinet, and use the upper sections to store household chemicals, towels, shower accessories, and clothes.

The cabinet can be either closed or open. Here, everything will depend on your desires, preferences, as well as the design features of the bathroom.

How to place a washing machine in a small bathroom (7)

Choose a wall-mounted machine

How to place a washing machine in a small bathroom (8)Wall-mounted washing machines will be a convenient way out. However, not everyone agrees to mount the machine on the wall, only brave and creative people can make such a decision. Indeed, for loading and removing laundry from the drum, you will literally have to "climb onto the wall." The option of installing washing equipment on the wall is used by many designers.

The prospect of climbing over washed things scares some users not as much as the fear that the machine will fall down during operation. If you are exclusively concerned about this, you should not worry, if you fix the machine according to all the rules, then the operation of the installation will be completely safe.

Of course, if the walls in the bathroom are made of drywall, it will not work to position the washer. Only a strong wall can handle such a load. The main disadvantage of this installation method is that the selection of the machine will be limited to units with a small allowable load of linen. The space under household appliances can be used at your own discretion: hang shelves, cabinets, or even put a cabinet with a sink under it.

(Video) washing machine mounted under the bathroom sink

Remodeling options for a small bathroom

The dimensions of kitchens and bathrooms in Khrushchev’s are an interesting topic that can be debated relentlessly. Some owners constantly complain about the crowded rooms, others are happy with such a quadrature and are ready to show ingenuity in the arrangement of rooms.

Especially for owners of Khrushchev apartments, we decided to bring interesting design solutions with which you can achieve the most comfortable design in the bathroom and not be tormented by the question: “Where to put the washing machine?”.

When remodeling the bathroom, add a few square centimeters of the corridor to the bathroom area. So you build a niche where the washing machine fits easily. You can put the unit directly on the floor, and one level higher. Please note that it is considered optimal to place the installation drum at a distance of 90 cm from the floor, so using the machine will be even more convenient.

You can choose a place for a washing machine without global redevelopment and major repairs. An interesting idea is to build a small niche that has dimensions similar to the dimensions of the washer, due to the protrusion towards the hallway. An organized ledge in the corridor is easily masked by the facade of a wardrobe. So you can get a kind of redevelopment without venturing it.

We hope that after reading the article you will not have a question: “Where to put the washer in a small bathroom?”. There are many options for the location of household appliances, from the standard installation under the wash basin to the creative wall mount. Carefully think over the design of the bathroom, evaluate its design features, correctly select the dimensions of the machine, and then the problem of the localization of the washer will be solved.


Is it OK to put a washing machine in a bathroom? ›

So while it might be tricky, that doesn't rule out the bathroom as a new home for your washing machine completely. Lauren Clark, (opens in new tab)'s large appliance trading director, says: 'To squeeze more storage space into kitchens, it's possible to put a washing machine in a bathroom.

Can you put washing machine in cupboard in bathroom? ›

a washing machine is allowed in a bathroom as long as the manufacturer (of the machine) says its ok in a bathroom! it MUST be fitted to a fused connection unit (in laymans terms, it looks like the connection for your boiler - a wire from the boiler, hardwired into the wall. inside that little box is a fuse).

How do I lift my washing machine in a small space? ›

Use a dolly with a ratchet strap attached to it. Wrap the ratchet strap around the washing machine and tighten it to secure the washing machine to the dolly. The use of a dolly eliminates the need for a second person to help you lift the machine. This helps out in tight quarters.

How do you hook up a washer and dryer to a small bathroom? ›

Consider Stackable Units

To save space, consider getting stackable machines. You can place a stackable full-size washer and dryer on top of each other and recover some square footage in the bathroom. If there is still some extra space above the top unit, have some shelves or cabinets installed for added storage.

Where should a washing machine be placed in a bathroom? ›

Under the washbasin counter

The bathroom is the obvious choice for the washing machine – the plumbing and electrical points are already in place. If you have only the washer, put it under the washbasin counter on one side – this way you still have place for drawers.

Why are washing machines not in the bathroom? ›

Not only that, but the metal components in a washing machine are more susceptible to rusting if they are routinely exposed to damp conditions. If your bathroom's ventilation system isn't the best, then it's not in your best interests to put in your bathroom.

How can I hide my washing machine in my bathroom? ›

One large cabinet in a bathroom could fit a washer, a dryer and even hide some laundry bins. Stacking a washing machine and a dryer is a great way to fit them in a narrow but tall cabinet. A curtain can hide a washing machine if it doesn't fully fit a kitchen cabinet.

Does washing machine need to be next to sink? ›

Some manufacturers recommend a standpipe, and some water companies insist on it. The easiest solution though, is to put your machine next to a sink and change your sink trap to a washing machine trap – which has an inlet for the waste hose above the trap.

How much space do you need around a washing machine? ›

We recommend at least 25 mm (1 inch) of clearance on all sides, 150 mm (5.9 inches) of clearance at the back, 50 mm (2 inch) of clearance at the front and 432 mm (or 17 inches) at the top. Remember that when it comes to clearance around the washer, more clearance is better than less.

Can a washing machine be put anywhere? ›

What if you don't have space for a utility room? “In theory, you can put a washing machine anywhere,” architect Brian O'Tuama says. “We've never had significant issues locating a washing machine anywhere, including a cellar.” “A deep closet will suffice,” Eva says, giving the example of the room pictured.

Can one person lift a washing machine? ›

You should always lift a washing machine with 2 people. First, decide who is will be holding the top and who will be holding the bottom of the washing machine.

Can a sink and washing machine share the same drain? ›

A washer and a sink can share a drain. However, this setup is not recommended. The washer will constantly put water into the drain, while the sink will constantly take water out. Over time, this will cause a build-up of debris in the pipe and eventually lead to a clog.

Can a washer and toilet share the same drain? ›

In some cases, you can drain a washing machine into an existing toilet drain. However, you should never add a toilet to an existing washing machine drain. This is because washing machine drain lines have a smaller diameter than toilet drains. Connecting a toilet to a washer drain will cause a sewage clog.

Can bathtub and washer share the same drain? ›

You can tie in a shower and tub drain to your washing machine drain as long as there is a vented pipe tied into the drain to keep the flow moving along fluidly.

Is it a good idea to put washer and dryer in bathroom? ›

Many buildings have no “wet-over-dry” rules, so it's best to choose a spot inside a “wet zone” in the apartment. Good locations include inside the kitchen or bathroom or directly next to one of those rooms. It will also be easier to route plumbing this way. Buildings usually stack the wet zones in a vertical line.

Where should washing machines keep? ›

Placing your washing machine in the service yard is the safest option, not because everyone does it, but because doing so will allow you to utilise space more efficiently.

How far from the wall should a washing machine be? ›

Additionally, be mindful to allow for at least six inches of clearance between the appliance and the rear wall for proper ventilation. If you are stacking in a closet, account for at least one inch of space between each side of the appliance and the wall. Explore stacked laundry centers from Whirlpool.

Which side should the washing machine be on? ›

Most often, the washing machine is on the left with the dryer to the right for one simple reason — door hinges. The typical dryer is hinged on the right, so by positioning it on that side, the door opens out of your way as you transfer wet clothes from the washer.

Do Germans keep their washing machines in the bathroom? ›

But in Germany, homeowners don't keep their washing machines in the kitchen, instead having them fitted in a different room in the house. Photos of the set up has baffled Brits, but when you think about it it actually makes a lot of sense. That's right, they have them in the bathroom.

Can a washing machine be in the same room as a shower? ›

Plenty bathrooms/shower rooms with washing machines in cupboards around without issue. Any equipment installed must be suitable for the zone where it is being used.

Why do the British put their washing machine in the kitchen? ›

In many parts of Europe, washing machines are kept in the bathroom (or the utility room, if homes have one). In the UK, the majority of properties have their washing machine built into the kitchen, partly because we don't commonly have electrical sockets in bathrooms.

What should you not store in a bathroom? ›

7 Things You Should Never Store in Your Bathroom
  • of 7. Makeup. ...
  • of 7. Medicine. ...
  • of 7. Non-Waterproof Electronics. ...
  • of 7. Extra Razors. ...
  • of 7. Jewelry. ...
  • of 7. Linens. ...
  • of 7.
25 Sept 2015

Can I put a freestanding washing machine in a cupboard? ›

You can buy a freestanding appliance and enclose it in a bespoke cabinet and put a door in front of the machine to hide it away. To do this, however, you will need to make this cupboard deeper and wider than a standard cabinet. This is because freestanding washing machines are bigger than integrated.

Can you enclose a washing machine? ›

Can you enclose a washer and dryer? You should leave at least 1 inch of space between the appliances and the cabinets or walls and at least 4 inches of space between the back of the washer and dryer and the rear wall.

How far can a washing machine be away from the sink? ›

The washing machine's base shouldn't be more than 2.4 metres away, and it shouldn't be less than 46 centimetres away either. The diameter of a typical drain pipe is 5 centimetres. Therefore most drain hoses will fit in there. To avoid tripping, your drain pipe should be at least 86 centimetres long.

How close does washing machine need to be to drain? ›

Drain Pipe

The distance from the base of the washing machine shouldn't be higher than 8 feet and no less than 18 inches. A standard drain pipe measures 2 inches in diameter and should be able to accommodate most drain hoses.

How far can the washing machine be from the main drain? ›

Generally, the maximum height is around 39" (99 cm). Newer washers often have a drain hose permanently attached, which is designed to make drain installation fool proof.

What is the smallest width for a washing machine? ›

48-34cm width – a slim front-loading washer will fit just fine. 45-40cm width – a top loader would be best.

How much space do you need between countertop and washer? ›

By skipping the pedestals, you can install the machines under a counter that will provide plenty of space for folding laundry. Ideally, it is best to have 18 to 36 inches of free counter space on one side for your washer for pre-washing preparations like stain removal treatments.

Do washing machines need clearance? ›

Washers and dryers are usually designed to fit into small spaces, but they'll still need a small amount of clearance to ensure that they're properly ventilated, and that they don't ruin your cabinetry when they vibrate.

How much does it cost to install plumbing for a washing machine? ›

Hiring a Plumber

Plumbers usually charge around $700 to $2,000 to install a washer and dryer hookup. If it's a relatively straightforward hookup that you're installing near your existing plumbing, then your costs should fall at the lower end of that range.

What are two options for where to place a laundry area in a home? ›

Let's review the pros and cons of some popular choices of where to place a laundry room.
  • Laundry in the Basement. In the Midwest, this is the traditional place for the laundry room because it stays out of sight and keeps you from hearing the noise. ...
  • Laundry Near Bedrooms. ...
  • Laundry in a Hallway. ...
  • Laundry in the Kitchen.

What tool would lift heavy load like a washing machine? ›

pulley: A simple machine consisting of a grooved circular wheel which guides a rope, cable or chain. This machine is primarily used to lift heavy loads along a direct vertical path.

How heavy is too heavy for a washer? ›

Laundry Machine Capacity

Medium-capacity top-loading washing machines can usually tolerate 7–8 pounds. The highest capacity top-loaders might do well with as much as 12–15 pounds. Front-loading washing machines often can hold as much as 18 pounds of clothing.

How do you move a heavy washing machine by yourself? ›

Keep the machine upright as you wheel it through and out of the house. Use a ramp to load the washer into the truck or moving van. To prevent damage to the washer or injuries to helpers, make sure to have more than enough people holding the washing machine in place as it is rolled up the ramp.

Can you hook up washing machine to bathroom sink? ›

If you do not have designated plumbing for your washing machine, you can hook it up to a sink instead. Use a sink aerator thread to hose connection adapter to attach the water supply hose to the sink faucet. The adapter connects to the faucet and the hose connects to the adapter.

Do you need to vent a washing machine drain? ›

All plumbing fixtures—including washing machines—must be vented. Improperly vented drains can be sluggish and noisy, and can emit hazardous fumes. Properly vented drains allow the P-trap to do its job: prevent sewer gases from escaping into your home.

Why does kitchen sink gurgle when washer drains? ›

If you discover that you have a gurgling sink when your washing machine drains, it's likely that you have a blockage in the air vent or one of your drain pipes. This causes the pressure inside the pipes to become uneven. Water drains slowly and makes loud gurgling noises.

Why does my bathtub back up when my washing machine drains? ›

Sometimes, water might back up in the kitchen sink while you're doing a load of laundry, or your bathtub will fill with water. Either case means that your main drain line is clogged. You need to call a professional to clear the drain for you.

What causes toilet to gurgle when washing clothes? ›

This happens because water forms an airtight seal as it flows through the pipes, pushing air in front and creating a vacuum behind. Depending on how complete the vent blockage is, the vacuum can be enough to draw air through the toilet and create a gurgling sound.

Does the shower drain and toilet drain go to the same place? ›

No, the toilet pipes aren't directly connected to the shower drain pipes. The toilet has its own drain pipes that connect to the main drain line. The same applies to the shower drain line – it eventually connects to the main drain line.

Can I plumb my washing machine into my bathroom? ›

a washing machine is allowed in a bathroom as long as the manufacturer (of the machine) says its ok in a bathroom! it MUST be fitted to a fused connection unit (in laymans terms, it looks like the connection for your boiler - a wire from the boiler, hardwired into the wall. inside that little box is a fuse).

Can I plumb washing machine in bathroom? ›

The only exception to this rule are sockets that power shavers. This is due to the low voltage required to power shavers. That, however, doesn't negate you from doing some DIY work to make it so the washing machine can be placed in the bathroom – it's just that the socket shouldn't be in there too.

How can I hide my washer and dryer in my bathroom? ›

Hide your appliances in a bottom part of a display cabinet for plates. Create a practical laundry space in an awkward corner. One large cabinet in a bathroom could fit a washer, a dryer and even hide some laundry bins. Stacking a washing machine and a dryer is a great way to fit them in a narrow but tall cabinet.

Can a laundry room be in a bathroom? ›

If you are converting a laundry room into a bathroom, you will need to update the plumbing. A hot and cold supply pipe, as well as a discharge pipe, would have been required for your previous washer.

Can you turn a bathroom into a laundry room? ›

Converting a bedroom or a bathroom into a laundry room is a major home improvement project which will most likely be covered by the legislation in your local building codes. You need to look at a copy of the codes to see the requirements for a permit on the project. The process may involve some inspection and a fee.

Where should washing machines be kept home? ›

Where to keep washing machine as per Vastu?
  1. In front of a southeast wall: You can place your washing machine against a southeast wall if you want to have good fortune in your profession or job. ...
  2. In the house's northwest corner: ...
  3. In front of a southwest wall: ...
  4. In the centre of the residence:
10 May 2022

How do you combine bathroom and laundry? ›

The simplest way to combine a laundry-bathroom renovation is to conceal your laundry behind closed doors. In a hidden laundry renovation, the bathroom is designed as the main function of the room, with the laundry cleverly hidden behind concealed doors.

How can I hide my laundry in the bathroom? ›

One large cabinet in a bathroom could fit a washer, a dryer and even hide some laundry bins. Stacking a washing machine and a dryer is a great way to fit them in a narrow but tall cabinet. A curtain can hide a washing machine if it doesn't fully fit a kitchen cabinet.

Where do you put a laundry room in a small house? ›

Best is to find a closet or small area that is adjacent to your kitchen or a bathroom. This will help you save money because there is already existing plumbing in these areas, so you will not need to create plumbing for your washer. Also, the ideal laundry room layout will have wet and dry zones.

How big does a bathroom laundry room need to be? ›

Based on nearly 40 years of dealing with laundry rooms, I feel the minimum size for one of these rooms should be 9 feet wide by 11 feet long. Bigger is better. The door leading into the room should be at least 32 inches wide.

How do I hide the plumbing in my washing machine? ›

How To Hide Laundry Room Plumbing
  1. Building Shelves. Building shelving around or in front of your laundry pipework is one of the best ways to hide them from view. ...
  2. Using Wood Pipe Covers. ...
  3. Adding Some Foliage. ...
  4. Installing Sliding Doors. ...
  5. Boxing the Pipework in Paint and Wood. ...
  6. Using Wraparound Lighting.
24 May 2021

Can you put a washing machine in a downstairs toilet? ›

Yes, if there is access to the soil stack in the downstairs toilet then a branch can be added either to an existing boss type connector or using a solvent well boss adaptor. The washing mashine waste pipe can be plumbed in as normal not forgetting the trap.

Does a washing machine need space around it? ›

We recommend at least 25 mm (1 inch) of clearance on all sides, 150 mm (5.9 inches) of clearance at the back, 50 mm (2 inch) of clearance at the front and 432 mm (or 17 inches) at the top. Remember that when it comes to clearance around the washer, more clearance is better than less.


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