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+ What is a personal alarm system?

Personal alarm systems are devices designed to call for help on your behalf during an emergency. Most personal safety alarms have a call button that, when pressed, will connect you to an emergency hotline when pressed – in this case, the Tunstall Connected Care team who are standing by 24/7 to assist our clients when they need it most.

+ What are the different types of personal emergency alarms?

There are two types:

At-home emergency alarms are devices installed at key locations in your home. The device, called a home base, has a button that sounds an alarm and alerts your emergency contacts.

On-the-go or mobile personal emergency alarms (such as the Tunstall GO and Tunstall Gem4) are compact devices you can conveniently carry around your neck or wrist or keep in your pocket or bag. Pressing the device’s call button will also connect you with emergency services when needed.

+ How to choose the best personal safety alarms for elderly?

There are four things to look for when choosing personal safety alarms for elderly:

  1. Overall features: long battery life, lightweight, voice command-ready, etc.
  2. Alarm Volume: it should make a clear, distinct, and audible noise whenever activated
  3. Fall Detection Capability: crucial for those who have a hard time keeping their balance
  4. Ease of Use: the device should be easy and intuitive to use

+ How does a mobile personal alarm work?

Most mobile personal alarms are equipped with a call button. If you ever feel unsafe or get involved in an accident, you simply press that call button. Pressing the button alerts a response team who will pinpoint your location, assess your situation, and send the necessary help to you.

+ What is the best fall alarm for the elderly in Australia?

The best at-home personal alarm for the elderly in Australia is the [Tunstall SmartLink Guardian 4G][0] It has a modern and slim design that can be installed unobtrusively anywhere at home and is ready when help is needed.

As for the best mobile personal alarm, you won’t go wrong with the [Tunstall Gem4][0]. It’s an intelligent personal alarm pendant equipped with 4G connectivity, GPS location and optional fall detection.

+ How big is it?

The Tunstall Gem4 is only 62 x 47 x 17mm (W x H x D) in size. The SmartLink Guardian 4G's home unit is 210 x 130 x 35 mm (LxWxD) in size.

+ Is it heavy or uncomfortable to wear?

No, the Tunstall Gem4 in particular weighs only 53 grams while the SmartLink Pendant only weighs 25g. The weight of our personal alarms are hardly noticeable so they wouldn’t interfere with your day-to-day activities.

+ What happens if it gets wet?

If your personal alarm gets wet, it will still function properly because it has an IP67 rating. This means that the alarm can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes and will still remain water-resistant. So whether you accidentally drop your alarm in the sink or it starts raining while you're out for a run, you can rest assured knowing that your alarm will continue to operate correctly.

+ What happens when I press the alarm?

After pressing the SOS button for approximately 2 seconds, the wearer will hear a voice prompt confirming the activation. They will then be connected to Tunstall’s 24/7 Customer Care Centre, where our friendly team can assess their situation and call for necessary assistance.

+ What happens if I press it accidentally?

The method for cancelling an SOS alert is specific for each device and it is detailed in their respective user guides.

+ Does your 4G personal alarm come with the neck lanyard or must this be purchased separately?

Yes, the neck lanyard is included with your purchase.

+ Do you need a landline for a personal alarm?

No. Tunstall's personal alarm devices work using the 4G Network, giving wearers assurance and peace of mind that they can stay connected no matter where they are.

+ How much do personal safety alarms for elderly people cost?

Tunstall's personal alarms retail for between $250-799, with a variety of payment plan options. The Tunstall Gem4, our most popular alarm, has a one-off device purchase cost of $250 (plus postage) and then a 24/7 monitoring service that costs only $6.80/week. Contact us for a quote to get the right information for your circumstances.

+ Why should I get a Tunstall’s personal alarm system?

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Having a personal emergency alarm with you means you’re never left without help should you need it. The help button on an emergency alarm can be lifesaving in the event of a stroke, heart attack, or any sudden medical emergency.

+ How do I get funding for a personal emergency alarm?

There are a number of funding programs that cover personal emergency alarms throughout Australia and New Zealand. Here are a few:

● Australia ○ Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA) ○ Home Care Packages (HCP) ○ JobAccess ○ National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

● New Zealand ○ Veterans Affairs ○ Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

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+ How long does the battery in my Tunstall personal alarm last in a power outage?

The Tunstall SmartLink Guardian 4G alarm contains a Nickel Metal Hydride back-up battery that recharges itself when plugged into the main power. It is recommended that the battery be replaced after five years. The battery provides up to 40 hours of standby operation. The Tunstall Gem4's battery life is up to 72 hours under normal environmental conditions.

+ How does automatic fall detection work?

The automatic fall detection feature on the Tunstall Gem4 and the Smartfall Blue pendant that can be paired with the SmartLink Guardian 4G is powered by an onboard accelerometer and gyroscope, which work together to measure your movement and sudden changes in direction. If the personal alarm pendant senses a significant change in movement, it will automatically attempt to determine whether you've fallen. If it determines that you have, it will automatically connect to Tunstall's 24/7 Customer Care Centre.

Automatic fall detection is a great feature for those who are at risk of falling, such as seniors or people with mobility issues. However, it's important to note that you have to activate this feature during set-up.

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+ I have a question about my personal alarm, who shall I call?

For any questions regarding our products, you may contact Tunstall Healthcare through the following channels:

For Australians:Toll Free: 1800 603 377Phone: +61 (0)7 3637 2200Fax: 1800 435

For New Zealanders:Toll Free: 0800 448 678Phone: +64 (0)7 571 2680Fax: +64 (0)7 571

+ Do your personal alarms come with a warranty?

Tunstall warrants the performance of all equipment supplied by it for a minimum period of 12 months from the date of purchase, defined as the date on the relevant tax invoice. Unless otherwise specified, and to exclusion in cases where the equipment ceases to perform as a result of the user’s negligence or damage, storm or electrical power surge or telecommunication services issues, the warranty period against defects is:PERS alarms: 24 monthsAll other products: 12 monthsIn some instances, Tunstall may offer extended warranty on selected products. Learn more about how you can make a warranty claim here.

+ Can my personal alarm be used when I am travelling interstate?

It is always best to contact Tunstall and advise that you are travelling with your personal alarm.

+ Can I sleep with my personal alarm on?

We do not really recommend sleeping with your personal alarm on. There could be false activation from pressing the button by lying on it, it could be a choking risk, and it could also be uncomfortable. The best practice is probably to have it within easy reach on a bedside table. Even better with the SmartLink Guardian 4G is to have a wall-mounted pendant beside the bed, as that's often where falls occur.

For inquiries about our personal alarm services, you can call us at 1800 603 377 (toll-free) or +61 (0)7 3637 2200.

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