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Home is where the heart is. It is your sanctuary, your sacred haven where you spend the best times of your life, and where you create memories for a lifetime to cherish. It is your effort which helps you make a house a home.

When decorating our home, we tailor it to our needs and our personality. You can opt for a universal décor for the whole house, add some lovely drapes to the windows, invest in lighting, etc. Among the many things that you can do, having a bay window in your house is one of them. These are stunning additions to any room. They can instantly enhance the style of a room and the moment you set your eyes upon them you know that it is the best thing you could have done to your home. Curling up on a warm bench by the bay window with a good book and cup of hot coffee on a cold wintry day, watching the snowflakes fall or gazing up at the sky on clear summer nights are what these bay windows are perfect for.

What is a Bay Window?

A bay window is a window that protrudes out of the main walls of an apartment or building. While from the outside they look like extensions growing out of the house, from inside they are like small coves or creeks that are separated from the primary space of the house.

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Advantages of a Bay Window

Bay Windows are wonderful to have.
• They add space to rooms.
• They add lot of light to a room because they are big wide windows that allow natural light to pour in and light up the entire surrounding space.
• They also allow better air circulation in the room and provide ventilation.
• There is a lot you can do with bay windows. You can create a reading nook by the side of the window, add a bench, storage unit etc.

Bay Window Design Ideas

Bay Windows Add Drama to a Room
Bay windows can add drama and help highlight a room’s unusual elements and features and convert that into something stunning. Pick out the spot in your room that will help enhance the space.

Make them Focal Point in a Room
With bay windows, you can create a soft cozy nook in the room that will become its focal point. Rich colors, textured fabrics and lots of pillows will help to accentuate the bay window area and impart a lounge-type feel.


Incorporate Storage
Convert the space near the bay window to a lounge with practical storage ideas. Add drawers or cabinetry with doors to give a neat and uncluttered look to the entire area.

Use Minimalist Designs
When you have a bay window and you are designing it, try not to overload it with stuff or designs. Use simple designs, angles and clean lines look contemporary instead of going for some rounded or octagonal shapes. If you are using storage cabinets, keep them understated and use European hidden hinges. It is recommended to dress these window areas with contemporary fabrics and textures. The décor should be minimalist.

Choose Accessories with Care
If you are not going with the minimalist décor and want to add some accessories to make the bay window space appear inviting and cozy, take care to choose the accessories wisely. The key is not to overdo or cramp the space. Some items that you can choose are pillows, smart lights, a small side table and tray, and some really elegant and luxurious window coverings and bay window blinds. You have your favorite nook in the house ready.

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Showcase a View
If you have a house with some gorgeous view, choose a corner or space for your bay window that will highlight this view. The strategically placed bay window will frame your view like a photo frame. Keep the décor simple and don’t overcrowd which will draw attention away from the view.

Bay Window Blinds and Shades

Once you know where to have your bay windows, designed them and added the necessary accessories, it is time to dress the windows. Bay windows are unlike standard windows in the house. They are different shapes, wide, big and if you have opted for 3 or 5 sided windows you will have a number of angles to take into account. Choose the window treatment judiciously.

Roman Shades
When selecting bay window blinds you must remember that given the wide expanse of glass, they can lead to loss of energy during winters and allow heat to pass through during summer. Roman shades are a versatile choice and great during extreme weather. They can be used with blackout liners to control light, provide privacy and much-needed insulation. They are available in a variety of patterns, designs, textures and colors to go with your room décor.

Vertical Bay Window Blinds
Vertical blinds made of wood, fabric or PVC is a great choice for your bay windows. They have clean neat lines and look extremely elegant and sophisticated. You can choose a track for the bay windows that can curve across all the three or five windows that you have or have an individual track for each of the windows. When opened fully they offer a full view of the bay windows that is quite stunning.
Shutters are a common choice for bay windows, particularly wooden shutters. They are a classic choice and blend beautifully with any décor. The best feature of shutters is that they can be opened separately at the bottom and at the top. So you can have control over your privacy requirements. They maintain a perfect balance between the need for an outside view and light and need for privacy. They are also energy-efficient window coverings for your large windows.

Curtains and Drapes
Curtains and drapes give a luxurious and rich feel to the bay windows and your room. They are a popular choice for these statement windows. You can opt for a combination of wooden shutters and drapes. If you want to make the bay windows the focal point of your rooms then goes for some bright colors and patterns. Have the curtains to hang from the ceiling to the floor for drama and effect.

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Treatment of Bay Windows

When installing bay window blinds or other window treatments you have the option to treat these windows as a single unit or as separate units.

Single Unit
You can dress up your windows with the blinds and shades discussed above or use a combination of some of them. You can use shutters, inside mount blinds and then layer them up with curtains on the outside. Tie or untie the curtains depending upon your need, whether you want a cozy backdrop with privacy or expose the windows like a photo frame.

Separate Units
You can use separate window treatments for each of the windows. You can separately operate the bay window blinds and shades and use it as per your requirements. The curtains have to be hanged on a curved single angled rod fitted inside the curvature of the window.

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Bay windows can change the look and feel of your rooms and enhance the aesthetics of your room only if they are well designed and well treated. You must have a clear idea of what you want the window to do to your room, select the blinds or treatments that do justice to the windows and always go for made-to-measure blinds exclusively to fit well and look tidy.


Are blinds or curtains better for Bay windows? ›

While blinds tend to be the more common choice for dressing windows, curtains can also be effective and beautiful. A bay window curtain can help add height, making smaller rooms feel larger.

Can you have blinds and curtains in a bay window? ›

Curtains, blinds or shutters can all be fitted to a bay window and are a brilliant way to control the light levels and privacy of a room while showcasing the architectural character of your property.

What shades for a bay window? ›

Made from natural materials like bamboo, grasses and reeds, woven wood shades can really enhance the look of a bay window. You can use them alone or with a room-darkening liner. Provenance ® Woven Wood Shades are also available with the Top-Down/Bottom-Up design option for more light control.

How do you modernize a bay window? ›

A fresh coat of paint can help to modernize your bay window. Add depth and coziness to it by painting the recessed walls a shade or two darker than the adjoining walls. Conversely, if you'd like to brighten the area, paint the recessed walls a shade or two lighter than the adjoining wall color.

Should you put a sofa in front of a bay window? ›

Placing a corner sofa in front of a bay window can work well. Place the sofa so that one side of the piece runs parallel to the window. The natural alcove created by the bay window can provide the perfect place for small pieces of furniture like sideboards and TV tables.

Are shutters good for bay windows? ›

Interior plantation shutters are arguably the best window dressing for a bay window. Mounted to suit the shape of the window, unlike curtains, shutters retain the original intention of the bay.

Should I put exterior shutters on bay window? ›

Shutters should be avoided on double-mulled windows, picture windows, bay windows, and most dormer windows.

What do you do if you have a high bay window? ›

If your bay window is longer, turn the ledge into a platform bed with a view to wake up to! This saves space for other larger installations in your room like a study desk, bookcase, or larger closet. Keep these ideas in mind while you consider renovating your bay window into a platform bed!

What's the difference between a bay window and a bow window? ›

Basic Differences Between Bay & Bow Windows

Another difference is that bay windows consist of a picture window at the center with two different windows on both sides. A bow window uses the same style of window in each section, and the whole structure is rounded. You'll see that bay windows have hard angled sections.

What is the purpose of bay windows? ›

The purpose of a bay window is to admit more light than would a window flush with the wall line. A bay window may be rectangular, polygonal, or arc-shaped. If the last, it may be called a bow window.

How do you decorate an inset window? ›

How to Decorate a Recessed Window : Ideas for Home Decorating


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