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Still Life walkthrough (1)

by Microids

Walkthrough by MaGtRo April, 2005

The game contains profanity, violent gory scenes and nudity.

Gameplay: After installation, a 'Protection System' is automatically installed that requires the computer to be rebooted. The main menu has new, load, options, cinematic viewer (shows cutscenes already viewed during gameplay), credits and quit game. The options menu has sound, graphics and control choices. Anti aliasing, detail level, subtitles, gamma, choice of keyboard or mouse control and volume. CD2 must be on the CD drive to play the game even on full install.

During gameplay, the cursor changes when dialogue, different actions or zoom in are possible. The star cursor activates the navigation map that enables leaving the area and go to another. There are information icons that show new data in the journal or map and also when a document is obtained. The pause menu accessed by right click of mouse during gameplay is where the save, load, options and main menu can be accessed. To prevent overwriting an old saved game select new save game at the saved game feature (disk icon). Click on curve arrow icon to go back to screen.

The inventory is accessed by right click of mouse or by pressing the I key on the keyboard. Items in inventory can be taken by highlighting the item in inventory, click 'use' closed fist icon, move the cursor to game screen and click on the area the item is to be used. To combine items in inventory, highlight first item, click on combine button at top left of screen and then click on the item you want to combine with. The eye icon in inventory is used to examine the items closer. Additional info about the item might be seen at bottom right of the examine window.

When talking to a character, the left mouse click is used to talk about relevant information. The right mouse click activates off topic or chitchat type of dialogue. It is used for game flavor only and not necessary for the completion of the game. The curved arrow icon is seen at right of the screen when enough relevant information is gathered from the conversation.

Press the space bar to skip dialogues. Double click to make the characters run.

Thanks, Dennis for the help!

Victoria McPherson, an FBI agent is the granddaughter of Gus McPherson (Post Mortem fame). While visiting her father, she learns of criminal cases in Europe and Chicago investigated by her grandfather 75 years ago. The cases are similar to the serial murder she is investigating.

Chapter 1: The Anatomy Lesson

Chicago - Victoria

5th Murder Scene:

Right click to get the pause frame. Read the Document (folder icon) to learn about the first 4 victims and the Journal.

Victoria exits her car outside a Chicago apartment. Talk to Officer Tate, the guard at the entrance. Left click and exhaust dialogue until a curved arrow is seen at bottom right of screen. Right click to listen to miscellaneous dialogues. When the dialogues are finished, the guard moves aside to let you through.

Second floor hallway: Climb stairs. Go top right of screen to Miller by refrigerator. Talk to Miller by left click of mouse and he will give the camera. Click to go back to game screen. Continue to talk to Miller by right click of mouse. Enter the room.

Crime apartment: Go to the hallway at top right and forward once. Talk to Claire in the bathroom. She will give instructions for you to collect evidence. Take a picture of and then collect evidence using items from Claire's briefcase.

Kitchen: Go to the room across the bathroom and click on Claire's briefcase. Click to takeForensic swabs, tweezers, film, luminol and black light filter. Left click to go back to game screen. Right click to learn more about the items in inventory and what they are for. In inventory, combine film and camera by: click on film, click on top left combine icon and then click on camera to get camera loaded with film. Exit to the hall and go to the front room.

Front Room:

Blood sample collection - Take a picture of the blood stain on the floor by first clicking on blood stain, click the camera in inventory, click on closed fist use icon, then go to game screen and click on blood stain to get blood sample. Then take sample of blood stain by clicking on blood stain, click on swab in inventory and then click the closed fist use icon.

Wall examination - Use black light filter on forensic lamp. Look at wall. Use luminol on wall showing that it is written in blood. See SANCTUARY written on wall. Take picture of the word on the wall. Take the black filter from forensic lamp.

First room on the right: Look at blood stain on the floor. Take picture using camera and get sample using swab of the blood stain on the floor to get blood sample. Use black light filter on forensic lamp. Use luminol on wall by doorway. See DISTURBED written on wall. Take picture of the word on the wall. Take the black filter from forensic lamp. Look close on the graffiti (skull) on left wall.

Hallway: Go down the hall and look at the floor between the second and third room to see 'faint traces of a blood trail'.

Second room on the right: Look close on piece of wood (makeshift coat hanger) nailed on the wall left of doorway to the hall. Use camera on the hair and fiber stuck on the right nail. Use tweezers to take the hair and fiber sample. Click on the hanging dolls - uhm... Christmas decorations.

Kitchen: Click on the briefcase and automatically the samples are placed in briefcase and removed from inventory.

Bathroom: Talk to Claire in the bathroom completely. Cutscenes of the victim is seen. Talk to Claire again exhaustively. You can examine the body closer if you like and Victoria will comment on stab wounds, tattoo and being badly beaten. Exit the apartment.

Second floor hallway: See a cutscene of the stairs falling off. Go left of the hallway and see a boarded up door and an exposed area to the right. Go back and talk to Miller and then to the front room of the apartment. Take the lead pipe off the radiator at bottom right of the room. Go back to boarded door and use the lead pipe on the boards. Ooops! That's a great karate kick.

Fire escape: Click on metal ladder and see it falls off to the ground. Click on snow covered large garbage container on the ground. Victoria jumps on it and walks to front of the building.

Watch Miller hobble to his patrol car. Automatically talk to Officer Tate. Click on the truck at right. Click office location on map.


Arrive at the basement parking lot of the Office building. Go to right screen and click on B1 elevator. Click on 8 lit button.

8th Floor Office: Enter the office on the left. Talk to Miller working on his computer. He needs Claire's preliminary report and for you to drop the camera on the evidence chute. Look around Claire's workbench on the wall that has the fingerprint lifter, plastifier and paper cutter. Check the locked boss' office door. Go to Victoria's desk at bottom screen.

Victoria's desk: Click on flashing red button of the phone to listen to message by Todd Browning, the boss. Take Dad'sChristmas present and security card for morgue access from desk. You can look if you want at pictures of the murder victims by clicking on the folder organizer on the desk. Read the security card memo in the Document and the updates in the Journal.

Hallway: Exit the office. Look close at the chute just across the office doorway. Place the camera in the chute. You can check the coffee machine at end of hall and the interrogation room right of the vending machine. The boss' cup is on the table. Exit, click on elevator and talk to Officer Tate. Click B2 button in elevator

B2: You can check the monitor room on the left. See the reanimator on left desk, trash can by door and the bottom right monitor from center of the wall. Exit. Go down the hall to the bathroom, water fountain and look at the tack board.

Morgue: Click on the Morgue door and find out that the access code doesn't work.

Morgue code - Look close at the security card in inventory using the eye icon, turn it over and see NO: VODKA 5.8.3. If you haven't yet, read the security card memo in Documents.

Look close at Lombartech magnetic/code reader. Swipe the security card taken from Victoria's desk and immediately enter the code by pressing the number buttons.

Using the letters below the numbers, enter VODKA or click on 86352 and then click on the OK button. If correct, the green light lights up.

Enter the door on the left and talk to Claire. The preliminary report is given by Claire with accompanying cutscene. Talk to Claire completely. Take Claire's report from the autopsy table. You can read it under Documents.

Exit the morgue area and get a phone call from Dad. Enter the elevator. Click on 8 button.

Office: Click on Miller and automatically give him Claire's report. Talk to Officer Tate.

Enter elevator, press B1 button, left and enter truck. Select Pat's house in the map.

Pat's House:

Watch the exchange of gifts between Victoria and Pat McPherson, her dad. Victoria's gift is Milena's necklace. Look close at the arrangement of the diamonds and the hearts on the necklace. Talk to Dad and hear about Grandpa Gus, Prague and grandma. Go to the stairs at right of screen. Take the umbrella from the coat stand.

Study: Climb stairs, look at the painting on the hallway and enter the room at the end of the hall. Look at the painting above the computer.

Victoria's bedroom: Exit the room and enter the bedroom on the right. Check Teddy at foot of the bed. Enter the closet.

Attic: Use the umbrella on the attic door. Climb up and click on light bulb at left ceiling.

Chest puzzle - Look close at chest under the window. Open the chest by arranging the tumblers with diamonds and hearts similar to that of Milena's necklace. The red button is the reset button.

Click on the tumblers to show, from L-R: diamond, diamond, heart, diamond, diamond.

Click from L-R 1-5 tumblers: 2 (3xs), 3 (1x), 4 (3xs), 5 (3xs). Then click the red button.

If done correctly, watch a cutscene of Victoria reading Gus' journal.

Chapter 2: The Persistence of Memory

Prague - Gus

Shore: Talk to Investigator Skalnic and learn about the victims. Emile Korona is the coroner and he can be found at Old Chapel. Read the Journal and Document in the pause frame and learn about Ida. Exit to the right of screen.

Talk to Kazimir Stasek and learn about his black eye and the crimes. Go right to the women by the waterwheel. Talk to Ida, the love of Gus' life. Gus is hired to find the women' killer. Talk to Milena. Learn about the Frantiska the latest victim, the missing Anezka and Apolina at the park.

Climb the stairs and learn about Ida. Talk to Ida and get a map. Move cursor to right screen to get the exit star icon and see the map. Click on Old Chapel.

(Video) Still Life | Full Game | Walkthrough | No Commentary

Lingerie: Watch a cutscene of Otokar Kubina, the neighborhood pimp orders Peter, his muscle to rough up Gus when he sees him. Roman, Peter's brother is in jail. Click on grill gate at right to continue walking to Old Chapel.

Old Chapel: Click on left arched entryway of the Old Chapel. Click on the covered bodies and Gus makes the Sign of the Cross on each of them. Go down the screen. Talk to Mr. Corona. Check the shelf by window and take the piece of paper with 74821536 written on it from the second from top left shelf. Note the glyphs-numbers on the clock. Go to the altar and look close at the safe (previously the tabernacle).

Safe puzzle - The object of the puzzle is to place the bottom iconed cubes on the square slots above in the order of the numbers seen on the paper taken from the shelf - 74821536.

Derive the numbers from the similarity in shape to the numeral equivalent or based on the number of lines present on the icons (shown by the clock) OR more definitely the number of "corners" or "angles" which appear in every symbol. (Thanks, Guido.)

Click on a cube and then click on an empty slot above the icons. Then click on handle.

Still Life walkthrough (2)

If done correctly, the picture of the park crime scene and coroner reportare taken.

Read the coroner report in documents. Exit the chapel and meet Otokar's muscle. Poor, poor Gus! Go down the stairs and click Park on map.

Park: Talk to Apolina. Enter the park. Gus gets a vision.

Park - Picture correlation - Inside the park, use the picture of the park and compare it to the actual park. Look for something unusual.

Click on picture of park crime in inventory, click the use icon and see the enlarged picture. Click on the eye icon and blank card to toggle the picture and the real park screen. Look for differences. Click on a spot on the picture and Gus will check that spot out in real park time. Repeat the procedure until you find the 'unusual' difference.

Click on the hand on the ground between the statue and the lamppost. Read the written words left by the killer. 'The whore wasn't worthy of my devotion, so I proposed to the angel.'

Based on the written clue, click on angel on top of the pillar. Click on the ring on her finger.

See a cutscene of Gus climbing to the angel, take the ring and a crow swoops down taking the ring. The bird flies away and delivers the ring to a man. Gus runs to follow the bird to a new place in the map.

Crowman at Burnt Neighborhood: Click on door and Gus will kick it open. Talk to man. He is a coachman. Learn about Vladanna and the sewers, the only way a man can travel unseen in the city. Right click to continue the dialogue. Hmmm... He's from London (Jack, maybe). Left click again and get the spiked metallic ring. Talk to the coachman again.

Exit the building and Ida comes to talk to Gus. Ida tells Gus about a possible survivor hiding in the scrap yard. Exit to the right foreground where Ida went to. Gus gets another vision. Exit at bottom of screen twice.

Junk Yard: Click on junk yard in the map. See a car at bottom right. Go to top left screen and see Peter the goon at the gate. He's guarding the junk yard. Exit at bottom left.

Lingerie: Go to Lingerie and knock on door to talk to Kubina. In exchange for getting the goon off Gus, Gus has to get Roman out of jail. Learn that it is Vladanna that is guarded at the junk yard.

Police Station: Look at the fountain. Enter the police station. Check the book on the table and take the newspaper clipping from the tack board. Read about the bravery of Stasek. Talk to Stasek at the counter about his shiner and his indiscretion. To free Roman, Stasek asks that Gus gets his medal from Apolina.

Park: Talk to Apolina. Apolina gives the medal after a lively discussion. Talk to Milena.

Police Station: Talk to Stasek and meet Roman. Leave the police station to go to Lingerie.

Lingerie: Talk to Kubina. Kubina gives Gus a lock picking kit.

Junkyard: Talk to Peter, Roman's brother. That's some show of gratitude for you! Peter does his - 'He only likes raw meat' trick with the Doberman and it failed, the chain snaps.

Crane room - On the roof of the building, enter the crane room. Move the levers on the console and find out it is locked. Look at the chart on the wall. Exit and go outside behind the crane room. Take the cutter from the ground. Look down from this side of the platform and see the junkyard. Vladanna must be in one of the tramways-boxcars.

Crane power puzzle - Go to the back of the shed-control room. Look at the box on the outside wall of the shed-crane room

The puzzle is based on a slider puzzle. Review the chart inside the crane room and see the correct position of knobs.

Click on a handle to highlight it and then click on place you want to move the handle to. Save game before touching the puzzle since there is no reset button.

Move the handles to place1 2 3 on top row and 4 5 6 at bottom row.

Move 2 to middle left, 6 down and above 1, 2 to top left, 6 to middle left, 1 to top middle, 3 up below 1, 6 to bottom right, 3 to middle left, 1 to bottom center, 4 down above 1, 3 to top right, 4 to middle left, 1 to top center, 4 to bottom center, 1 to middle left, 2 down above 4, 1 to top left, 2 to top center, 4 up below 2, 5 to middle left, 4 to bottom left and 5 to bottom center. If done correctly the crane power turns on.

Moving crates puzzle - Click on the console inside the crane room. See the junkyard layout. The object of the puzzle is to move the crates to get to the bottom left tramway-boxcar from the platform-roof on the right. Click on the lever to pick up and lower crates and the arrows to move them in position.

Arrange the 2 single crates close to the right platform. Go outside and jump on the crates to get to the chained double stacked crates. Use cutter on chains. Go back to crane console and now arrange the crates to make a single row from the platform to bottom left tramway-boxcar.

Still Life walkthrough (3) Still Life walkthrough (4) Still Life walkthrough (5)

Once done, go outside to back of crane room, walk to tramway-boxcar on the left and click on ladder of tramway. See a cutscene of Gus on the roof enter the top of the green tramway.

Chapter 3: Orphan Man with Top Hat

Chicago - Victoria

Pat's House: Victoria gets a phone call from Claire. Claire wants Victoria to come to the morgue. Read the journal to find out about Samantha, Claire's daughter. Go to the attic and look inside the chest to see Gus' suit and hat and Milena's red dress. Go down and talk to Pat, Victoria's father. 'Some things are better kept buried'. Leave the house and go to the office.

Morgue: Go to right screen, elevator and press button B2. Click on Morgue door and see a caped person with a top hat. How did he get here? Automatically be inside the morgue. Claire says to check the monitor. Exit through the Morgue door, enter the room opposite the elevator and click on the bottom monitor right of center. Watch the chase scene. That was well done! Great character movements! The killer hesitated in killing Victoria.

Back at the Office, go to the morgue and talk to Claire. The stranger left another photo of a woman with 'next' written at the back of the picture. The others knew since Todd answered the phone when Claire reported it. - So Todd is here during the chase scene.

Office: Go to the elevator and press 8. Upon exiting the elevator, Richard calls and talks about new exhibit and Mark Ackerman. Hmm... Mark Ackerman is from LA and originally from Chicago.

Enter office on the left and listen to the boss. To get coffee, exit the office, go down the hall and look close at coffee dispenser. There are no cups. Enter the interrogation room on the right and take Todd's coffee mug. Look close at coffee dispenser and use Todd's coffee mug on dispenser. Press the button on the right. Take mug with coffee.

Go back to office. Talk to Todd and get reamed. Victoria is now on probation. Talk to Miller and learn that Vaclav Kolar is a common denominator with victims 4 and 5. Look at Victoria's desk and take the pictures of the fifth crime scene. Go to the parking garage at B1.

Campus: Use the truck and click on Campus. Enter the building and climb stairs. Click on room 11, first room on the left. Talk to Kolar and learn about his relations with the victims. He was Natalie's tutor and Cynthia is Mia's friend. Learn also that his thesis is the Perlovka case. Hmm... Gus' Prague case. While Kolar leaves the room, take a beer bottle on the floor by the chair that can be used to lift prints. Read the thesis given by Kolar in documents and learn about the 1931 Chicago serial killings and that Ida was the last Prague victim. Go down the stairs and get a call from Miller. Go back to the office.

Office: Go to the morgue and talk to Claire about the fingerprint on the bottle. She wants you to lift the fingerprints first. Go to 8th floor and enter office. Look close at Claire's workbench by the wall.

Lift fingerprints - After Claire's explanation on how to lift prints, the bottle is automatically placed on the close up view of the work bench. Open the can of gray powder, take brush, click on powder to dip brush and then click on beer bottle.

Click on roll of tape to see a floating tape. Turn bottle to look for a good print. Click the magnifying lens icon on different prints until Victoria says 'This will do nicely'. The tape automatically lifts the fingerprint to get Kolar fingerprints.

Morgue: Talk to Claire and automatically leave the bottle and prints. Go back to Pat's house.

Pat's house: Time to make the cookies. Go to kitchen, the room above the billiard room.

Make Cookies - Look close at ingredients on central island. Read the recipe book about Gingerbread Man.

1 cup of love

1/2 cup of generosity

2 cups of commitment

1 cup of sweetness

1/2 cup of integrity

1 tablespoon of romance

1 teaspoon of sensuality

1 common sense

In a bowl, cream together generosity, sweetness and love to give your man a sweetheart.

To give him devotion, sift together commitment, sensuality and romance. Blend devotion to his sweetheart.

(Video) PC Longplay [957] Still Life

Finally, add intelligence, a mix of common sense and integrity and beat it with the rest to make your perfect man.

Give him a form and place in the oven. Remember not to overcook.

Place in mixer bowl:1/2 cup butter (generosity), 1 cup of brown sugar (sweetness) and 1 cup of milk (love). Click round button to mix-cream.

Add to bowl: 2 cups flour (commitment), 1 teaspoon cinnamon (sensuality) and 1 tablespoon of ginger (romance). Click round button to mix-blend.

Add to bowl: 1 egg (intelligence) and 1/2 cup molasses (integrity). Click round button to mix-beat.

Click on oven.

If correctly done, Victoria will say 'This tastes right!'

Check the dining room to the right. Look at one of the chair and Victoria's picture by the hutch. Exit kitchen, check the Jacuzzi room across the pool table and talk to dad about the cookies. Go upstairs, enter Victoria's bedroom and click journal on bed.

Chapter 4: Jack the Ripper's Bedroom

Prague - Gus

Junkyard: A sketch of the killer is given by Vladanna. Talk to Vladanna Tominova and learn about the description of the killer and about her client, Mark, the artist. The killer wears top hat and silver mask. Skalnic and Mark had an argument. Exit the tramway-boxcar. Talk to Roman working on the crate by the door about his ambition. Exit at bottom of screen. Look at some of the junks in the area. Exit to right screen. Talk to Peter. Exit junkyard and go to Mark's place.

Mark's place: Click on door left of Gus. Gus gets another vision. Click on door. Talk to Mark Ackerman. He grew up in England, where Daddy is the ambassador. Skalnic accused him of being the serial killer (like Jack the Ripper). Apolina is posing for Mark. Exit Mark's place and see a policeman across the canal.

Police Station: Talk to Stasek. Go behind the counter and turn right. Check the jail by entering the door across the stairs. Exit and go up the stairs. Enter Skalnic's office. Talk to Skalnic about Mark. He is definitely not cooperative. Watch Skalnic leave in his black car. Talk to Stasek again and he tells you that the workers on the side of the building might help Gus get in Skalnic's office. Exit building.

Getting inside Skalnic's office - Go to open gate on the left. Click on the rope on the scaffolding. The rope drops on the ground and is now in inventory. Take wood piece from right of gate. Combine rope and wood piece to get homemade grappling hook. Click on scaffolding and use the grappling hook. Automatically, Gus is in the office.

Take keys from Skalnic's desk. Click on file cabinet and use keys. New items in inventory: another spiked ring found in sewers of burnt neighborhood and 2 crime scene photos - near bridge and burnt neighborhood. Skalnic returns and Gus automatically exits the office through the window.

Read the 3 new police and coroner reports on the victims. The first victim's ring was lost by a local jeweler. The burnt neighborhood was once an orphanage.Talk to Stasek and leave the area. Look close at ring from burnt neighborhood.

Bridge: Go to the new location - bridge. Go down the steps and another vision occurs. Ida arrives driven here by the Crowman and tells Gus that she is pregnant. Really! They will get married in New York where Gus' friends and family can help them get started.

Picture Correlation with Crime scene - Use picture of crime near bridge. See an enlarge picture on the screen. Click the eye at bottom right to toggle between the actual scene and the picture. Look for difference. Click on spot in picture and Gus will check on it.

Click on bench on the picture. 'It seems that the benches have been changed. Where are the old ones?'

Junkyard: Talk to Peter and ask about the benches. Peter shows you where the old benches are. Look close at benches. Take the spiked ring from one of the benches. Talk to Peter again.

Burnt Neighborhood: Go right and see the crime scene with Milena talking to Skalnic.

Picture Correlation with Crime scene - Use picture of burnt neighborhood crime scene. See an enlarge picture on the screen. Click the eye at bottom right to toggle between the actual scene and the picture. Look for difference. Click on spot in picture and Gus will check on it.

Click on bath-trough. The bath was empty at that time. The water is drained. Read the words carved on bottom of bath.

Park: Talk to Milena about the burnt neighborhood crime scene. Milena said that Skalnic threw something into the sewers.

Burnt Neighborhood: Click on manhole cover. Go down the manhole and take the spiked ring from ground at right of screen. Look at the grilled door and note that the lock is new. Exit the area. Milena asks Gus to check Apolina at Mark's place.

Mark's place: Gus knocks on door. 'I think I'll let myself in'.

Lock picking puzzle: Click on door. Use lock picking tools in inventory. Read locking guide.

The object of the puzzle is to move the bars up or down using the lock pick until they audibly click-lock in place. Right click on one of the lock pick on the right to select it. Exit the puzzle to reset it.

Below is Dennis' graphic solution. Thanks Dennis!

Still Life walkthrough (6)

Click on lock pick. Follow the solution by clicking on the numbers - even if they are duplicated or even if you think nothing is happening. Click on the other lock pick during the 's' part of the solution.
Do it carefully and slowly.

Look around at all the portraits on the wall. From left to right: unidentified, Ida, Frantiska, Unidentified, Vladanna and Apolina. Take the Book on Occultism on the table at left wall. Read it in documents.

Go to right screen and look at the couch. Blood, recent too. Take Bell's telegram from the ladder leaning by table on the right and read it in documents. Now we know...

Park: Talk to Milena.

Police Station: Stasek is not behind the counter. Go up to Skalnic's office. Listen to an American ambassador's assistant paying off Skalnic and hear Skalnic say 'I have the perfect man to take the fall'.

Chapter 5: The Garden of Earthly Delights

Chicago - Victoria

Victoria's bedroom: Miller after being surprised on the look of Victoria's bedroom says that Kolar's prints match the partials from the crime scene 99%. They will pick him up.

Campus: Enter building and climb to second floor. Talk to Miller. Automatically enter the room after the Clockwork Nightmare talk. Enter the room on the left. After the cutscene, check the bed and the pictures on left wall. Look close on back wall to see various pictures of serial killer victims and check the clippings above the door.

Exit the apartment and meet Mia. Talk to Mia and she gives her business card. Victoria will meet Miller there. Talk to Mia some more. Before Victoria leaves, Officer Tate arrives to guard the door.

Red Lantern: Miller says he threw his weight around trying to get inside the establishment. Victoria has an idea to get in. Enter the building by clicking on door. The elevator goes up. Talk to the bouncer. You need a pass.

Campus: Talk to Officer Tate. Go to last door on the left at second floor. Mia is called downstairs. Go to bedroom on the left. Click and look close at photo album on the bed. Click on picture at bottom left. The girl pictured is the one that was supposed to be the next victim. Note a piece of paper under the picture taken. Talk to Mia and learn Steph's name and the studio's address 4455 Beauregard.

Richard's Gallery: Talk to Richard to open the gate to get into one of the studios. See Stephanie's body on a platform. Mia who opened one of the rollup doors saw the body also. Mia runs away. Richard followed Mia.

Studio:Click on elevator on the right. Pick up Stephanie's Red Lantern ID pass. Note a silver rose stuck under the elevator. Go to the bloody platform. Read the words 'A Sinner's Pardon' and take the picture of Mia at a party. Look at the picture in inventory and turn it around. 'She's next' is written in the back of the picture. Go to the rollup garage door and click on chain. It falls off. Take the chains.

Silver rose - Go back to the elevator to get the rose. Enter elevator to the top. Click on hook across the ramp. Use chains on hook. Automatically, Victoria slides down. Pick up silver rose.

Go back to the platform. Todd Browning arrives and in typical Todd way tells Victoria that Kolar is at the office. Claire is busy. Exit the area and go to the front of the Gallery.

Enter the Gallery and talk to Richard. Look close at Richard's desk. See the different paintings scrolling on the monitor. They look familiar, don't they. Take Victoria's picture from the desk.

Pat's house: Enter the Jacuzzi room, just before the kitchen. Go to Jacuzzi at right screen and talk to Pat about the cookies and her bedroom. Note the tool box by the Jacuzzi. Go to the dining room off the kitchen and if you have not taken Victoria's picture from Richard's desk, you can now take Victoria's picture beside the hutch.

Office: Punch the 8th floor button. Miller calls out to the Interrogation Room. Interrogate Kolar. When Kolar starts talking about a special room at the club and important people, Todd appears and lets Kolar go. Victoria leaves the interrogation room while Miller expresses his feelings to Todd Browning.

Red Lantern pass - Go to the office and look close at the paper cutter. Use Victoria's picture taken from the Dad's dining room or from Richard's desk. Use Stephanie's ID pass and it will also be cut. The ID card is now unplasticized (sic) Combine Victoria's cut picture to Stephanie's ID card.

Look close at plastifier at end of bench. Use the Red Lantern ID with Victoria's picture on plastifier to get Victoria's ID pass.

Red Lantern:

Use fake pass on bouncer. Go to door at middle of screen. Read the words inscribed. This must be the special room that Kolar mentioned.

Paintings and numbers: Go to roomat right screen. Check the paintings on the wall: Perfect Love (Ace of hearts and 6 of spades) and For Better or Worse (sword, III and V).

Go to room above this atrium. Look close at weapons on wall - A dagger has 3 and 6 engraved on it. Take the silver mask and silver nail from wall. Look at painting on right wall - Dark Wedding (I and V).

Go back and enter the other side of the pool. Look at painting on wall - Reminder (IV and II).

Special room: Go back to the foyer and look at the door.

Open the special room door - Based on the paintings title and numbers, derive the code to press in order to open the door.

(Video) Still Life 2 | Full Game Walkthrough | No Commentary

The words are:

in my memoirs- Reminder IV II

you shall find the instrument of my suffering - dagger 3 6

with which we celebrate our vows. - Dark Wedding I V

Click onbuttons 423615 on right panel.

Enter and look around. Look close at the 4 statues. Take thebottom half of a silver apple from fruit bow at center of the bar. 'The other half of this is at Mia's apartment.'

Richard's Gallery: Talk to Mia. Mia tells you how the statues work - use a specific object for each statue. She gives her apartment keys. Talk to Richard about Mia. You can also look around the gallery and see the paintings.

Studios: Exit and go to left screen. Enter gate and forward to the crime scene in the studio. Talk to Claire and learn about the new victim. There's a new twist about this murder. He changed MO. Victoria fess up on taking some evidence, as well as telling Claire about Gus' cases. The copycat killing and about Victoria's involvement were discussed.

Campus: Use the keys on Mia's door. Go to the bedroom and look close at the picture album on the bed. Take Mia's notes. Read it under documents. Take the top half of a silver applefrom the foreground shelf. In inventory, combine the 2 apple halves to make a silver apple. Check the phone and the floor mat by the door.

Red Lantern: Talk to the bouncer. Go to the special room.

Statues puzzle - Give me what I desire most? Place the appropriate object on statues in the sequence clued in by Mia's note from the album in the apartment.

Mia's note: Let us be behind a veil, left to our secret designs. Then present me with the object of your desire and I will show you the meaning of temptation. Be ready, because our passion will flow like blood that runs through your veins and at the end you will be ready to welcome the blissful pain that will open to you, A new world.

If the correct object is placed and the correct sequence, the statue moves.

1. I am the Queen of Secrets. Use the silver mask on statue's face. The hand moves. Let us be behind a veil, left to our secret designs.

2. I am Lady Temptation. Use the silver apple on the snake's mouth. The snake's mouth closes. Then present me with the object of your desire and I will show you the meaning of temptation.

3. I am the Baroness of Blood. Use the silver rose on the statue's mouth. Be ready, because our passion will flow like blood that runs through your veins.

4. I am the Mistress of Pain. Use the silver nail on statues hand. And at the end, you will be ready to welcome the blissful pain that will open to you, A new world.

When correctly done, the floor opens and a stairs is seen. Victoria goes to the hidden chamber.

Underground Secret Room: Look up at the glass dome.

First room - Go to room closest to the stairs. Go to the fireplace. Look close to the fireplace mantle. Take key tip and tile puzzle piece from mantel. See a keyhole for fireplace control at left. Look at and remember the picture above the fireplace.

Grilled room - Exit and look at the grilled room between the 2 open rooms. There's a book that you need to get to.

Second room - Go to the next room. Look close at picture above the fireplace.

Picture slider puzzle - Move the tiles to show the painting seen in the other room.

Numbering the tiles left to right and top to bottom: 1-3, 4-6 and 7-9.

Move: Tiles 8, 9, 6, 3, 2, 5, 4, 7, 8, 9, 6, 5, 4, 1, 2, 5, 6, 3, 2, 5, 4, 7, 8, 5, 4, 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 8, 5, 6, 3, 2, 1, 4 and 5. Use puzzle piece at center of the puzzle.

Still Life walkthrough (7) Still Life walkthrough (8)

If correctly done the picture flips up. Take the key handle.

First room - Go to the other room. Combine the key tip and the key handle in inventory to make a fireplace key. Use the key on the keyhole in the fireplace.

Enter the fireplace. Go to the grilled room. Look at the book and see Mark Ackerman's name. Other familiar name is Todd Browning. So that is why Kolar was released as soon as the special room was discussed in interrogation.

Chapter 6: The Scream

Prague - Gus

Police station: Watch Gus beat up Skalnic. Go down and enter the door across the stairs to see the jail cells. Exit the police station and meet Stasek. There's been another murder. The body is at the Old Lavatory. You can't get there because the bridge is out. Gus asks a last favor from Stasek - 5 minutes of time.

Shore: Go down the steps, left and forward under the bridge. Get on boat. Automatically, Gus rows to the waterwheel. The boat goes under the waterwheel and stops its rotation.

Old Lavatory: Check the door and find it locked. Climb the waterwheel. Look at the water reservoir.

Walk to bottom of screen and then go to the red draped body at other end of the reservoir. Look close at Apolina's corpse beside the reservoir. A recently made spiked ring is taken.

Skalnic shoots at Gus. Inadvertently the padlock on the door was shot off by Skalnic. Gus opens the door. The other door is locked. Go down the other ladder.

Drain the reservoir - Look at the water reservoir pump at left. Remember what the crowman-coachman said - we need to drain the reservoir to get to the sewers.

Look at chart. The water tank's volume is 5 units. The object of the puzzle is to fill the water tank with 4 units of water to get the power going as shown by the light bulb.

Take the 3 units bucket and it automatically goes under the water tank.

Click on red faucet at top pipe. It fills the tank with 5 units water.

Click on red faucet under the tank and it automatically fills the 3 units bucket leaving 2 units in the tank.

Click the drain in front of the sink and the bucket is emptied.

Click on red faucet under the tank to empty the tank and place 2 units of water in the bucket.

Click the red faucet at top pipe to fill the tank with 5 units again.

Click the red faucet at bottom of tank to drain 1 unit of water from the tank and filling the 3 units bucket - leaving 4 units in the tank.

Press the red button leading to the light bulb at top of chart.

Exit the shed and go to the waterwheel side of the reservoir. Climb down and automatically open the manhole.


Maze: Go to the entryway. See a dark screen. A top view of Gus is seen at bottom left. You want to eventually reach the top lit door. At bottom right are arrows to click to get Gus from bottom left to middle top of the screen.

The 6th ring - Move up, left, up, right, short up, right, up, right pass 1 side path, down, right, down, left, up, left to another mutilated body. Click on body to get the 6th spiked ring. Exit.

To go back to beginning: R, D, R, U, L, U, L pass 1 side path, D, L, short D, L, D, R, D to start of maze.

End of the maze - Right, pass one side path, up, left and up until the end, right to stairs.

Ring puzzle - The object of the puzzle is to place all the rings from top row in the slots below. Rings numbered from left to right as 1-6.

Ring 1 Ring 2 Ring 3 Ring 4 Ring 5 Ring 6
Ring 3 turned 5xs left Ring 1 turned 1x left Ring 4 turned 5xs right
Ring 2 turned 3xs right Ring 6 turned 1x right Ring 5 turned 3xs right

Click on any ring at top row - for example Ring 1.

The ring will now be at right of the puzzle.

Then follow the procedure for Ring 1 = Ring 1 turned 1x left.

Move the cursor to the right or left side of the ring to get a turn arrow.

(Video) Still Life Part 1 | PC Gameplay Walkthrough | Point and Click Adventure Game Let's Play

When done - click on where the procedure for ring 1 was seen - middle square. The ring will be inserted there.

Continue for the rest of the rings.

Key Puzzle - Save the game since the puzzle does not reset. The object of this slider puzzle is to place the key on the top row and then slide it to the right to open the door.

Labeling the metal rods around the squares 1- 12 in clockwise direction starting at left to right at top row, click once the rods unless specified to move it one space.

Still Life walkthrough (9)

Click rod once to move it one space unless specified: 3, 5, 7 (twice), 6, 3, 11, 10 (twice), 9, 6, 1

7, 11, 8, 10, 9, 2, 1, 5 (twice), 6 (twice), 8, 11, 2, 3, 10, 9, 11, 1, 5, 9, 8, 7, 1 (twice), 2 (twice), and 3 (twice).

To insert key, click on metal left of key.

Watch the cutscene of Gus, Ida and Mark. That is shocking and sad!

Chapter 7: Death Do Us Part

Chicago - Victoria

Richard's Gallery: Listen to Richard express his interpretation of Mark Ackerman's paintings. Read the Journal.

Talk to Mia. The victims - Cynthia and Stephanie, as well as Mia worked at the Club. Learn about the 4 Queens. Mia was Lady Temptation, Steph was Baroness of Blood and Cynthia was Mistress of Pain. The Queen of Secrets is an unknown woman and she hosts the special guests at the 4 statues room. She then knows the identity of the guests. Exit to left screen three times.

Talk to Richard about Mark. Go back to center aisle, right and go between the 2 paintings to the fountain. Click on the book behind the fountain. Check documents to see Book of Mark Ackerman's paintings. Exit the building.


Before entering the elevator, take thefire extinguisher on post left of the elevator. Enter elevator and automatically be at the office. Claire catches Victoria trying to access her computer. Talk to Claire. Todd is the only one that has access 4 clearance. The janitor has the keys to Todd's locked office.

Distract the janitor - Go to the coffee dispenser at end of the hall and take napkins. Place napkins on coffee dispenser and press button. The coffee spills on the floor. Go back to office and talk to Janitor about the coffee mess.

Take janitor keys and screwdriver from Janitor's cart.

Todd's office: Use the janitor keys on locked door. Get taser from left table. Look close at Todd's computer. Click on computer and realize that it password locked. You need to go to the archives downstairs. Look close at the safe at right wall. Click on the blue button. It has a print scanner. You need a fingerprint of Todd's.Now that you have a reason, take the coffee mug from desk. Exit and go to Claire's workbench.

Lift fingerprint from Todd's coffee mug - Open the can of gray powder, take brush, click on powder and click on mug. Click on roll of tape to see a floating tape. Turn mug to look for a good print. Click the magnifying lens icon on different prints until Victoria says 'This will do nicely'. The tape automatically lifts the fingerprint to get Todd's fingerprints.

Go back to Todd's office and look close at the print scanner of the wall safe. Use Todd's fingerprint. Click on handle to open the safe. Take the security key for the elevator.

Enter the elevator. Use the security key on bottom gold keyhole of the elevator (B3). Press the lit B3 button.

B3 hallway: Click on door at end of hallway. The Archive's room corridor door is locked.

Bomb squad room: Click on the metal door on the right. It is the Bomb squad room.

Open bomb squad room - Look close at the grilled vent right of the Bomb squad room. Use screwdriver on screws of the grill. Wires are now exposed. Use the taser on the wires. The door opens. Enter. Look at rifles.

Open Archives room door or Robot at Archives room corridor - Look close at vent right of the file cabinet. Use screwdriver on the 2 screws of the vent.

Look at the computer. Take and read in document, the Lombartech Remote Bomb Disposal Unit Manual left of the computer-robot control console.

Press the red release button of the robot control console to get a robot. Press left arrow to get the robot into the vent and into the Archives room corridor.

Once in the corridor, use the arrows at bottom right to move the robot to open the door. No matter where it faces, the top arrow moves the robot forward and the right-left arrow turns it. The arrows are based on the robots, left, right, forward and back. The head of the robot is dark colored.

Manipulate the robot to go to the door. It will climb up the door and automatically, fire at the door code panel.

Still Life walkthrough (10)

Archives Room Hallway: Enter the door at end of hallway. Try to go forward and Victoria will refuse because of the lasers. Use the fire extinguisher to see the lasers moving around the room.

Go back to the Bomb squad room and sit in front of the robot control console.

Open the Archives room door or Robot at Laser room: Press the red release button of the robot control console to get a robot. Press left arrow to get the robot into the vent and the Laser room.

Manipulate the robot around the room to end up at the door control located at bottom of the right wall close to the back wall.

The robot manipulation arrows at lower right are based on the robot's forward, right, left and back. Robot moves one tile per click.

Dennis says - the trick to getting through the lasers is to enter a square about a second after the laser enters the same square. This way the robot is in the middle when the laser is just exiting the square. Thanks, Dennis for the graphic and the tip.

Still Life walkthrough (11)

Archives: Exit the bomb squad room and enter the door at end of hall. Go forward and enter the archives. Click on computer. See the result of the Ackerman and Perlovka Ripper catalogue search. Note that all of the August, 1932 files are not found and erased. Gus was there on July 4, 1932. Good that Gus got the information before somebody erased them.

Talk to Todd and eventually quit with a threat to exposing Todd's membership at a certain S & M Club. Leave the office.

Pat's home: Time to look for the files Gus took from the archives. Go to the study at end of the hall at second floor. Look close at the painting above the computer, turn it around and use the eye icon when the painting's back is seen - a lump is seen.

Go to the Jacuzzi room just before the kitchen. Click on the lower part of tool box to get Exacto knife.

Go back to study, look close at painting and use the knife. Watch to see what happened to Gus, Milena, Vladanna and Roman. Gus and Milena hid in the tramway at the junkyard. They left Prague on a small boat and eventually took a train to Le Havre in France. The four sailed to New York. After contacting the Chicago authorities about the series of murders, the authorities confronted Herbert Ackerman. Mark was confined to a mental institution and the authorities' silence was bought. Gus took documents to protect himself. This includes a signed confession by Ambassador Ackerman concerning his son. Gus was contacted by an LA cop about similar serial killings. He was interested more on the former ambassador - now the governor of LA. Gus sent him the FBI files that he took. Gus married Milena and settled in Chicago.

Mark is still in the institution and unless there's a 'pupil' that is doing the murders, Mark is out of the picture.

Exit the study and get a phone call from Claire. Vaclav heard a woman scream at his neighbor's apartment. Victoria plans to go to LA afterwards.

Campus: Climb to the second floor. Automatically enter Mia's room. Watch the confrontation with the killer. The Killer's mask was removed and Victoria fainted. Vaclav is killed. Victoria takes a gun from Mia's purse.

Richard's Gallery: We're looking for a possible place where the killer took Mia. Look at the different paintings. Learn about the copy killings in Chicago and Prague.

Find where the killer took Mia:

Study the paintings to find a clue - The clue word on some paintings is seen briefly at top right of the screen: Los Angeles from painting of patient in straitjacket. Mental Institution from the nurse painting. Doctor from the doctor painting. Chicago from the boat picture. Prague from the building painting. The painting showing a picture not used by the killer yet has a bridge behind a black haired woman. Click on painting and the word bridge is seen at top right - Charles Bridge. Sewers at the one depicting Natalie Kentworth.

Do a correlative search on the computer - Go to Robert's computer and look close to use it. The words seen while looking at the paintings are on the right bar. Click on a word and then the magnifying lens. The computer will do a search. To refine search, click on more than one word.

Click on bridge + Chicago + Prague. Read the newspaper report on Charles' Bridge donated by Vladanna Tominova. Victoria will say 'that's it'.

Tominova (Charles') Bridge: See the fight... and also the credits, other paintings of events after the fight and the ending cutscene.

I wonder who the Pupil is...

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