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Sixpenny Chimney Sweeps


Prompt and effective service. Inspected and cleaned chimney. Replaced chimney cap and refurbished chimney chase cover. High quality work and professionalism.

- Michael A....

The Chimney Doctor Nova Inc


The Chimney Doctor called before arrival. Explained what was going to happen. Inspected the chimney and then repaired the crown.

- Paul H....

American Professional Chimney & Masonry


Technician was punctual and thorough. We purchased a $99 Big Deal to inspect/clean a chimney in our new home. We have two fireplaces and two chimneys, so we purchased a second. Technicial swept both chimneys and left a detailed estimate for work to repair chimney (approx. $7,000).

- Eric F....

Sixpenny Chimney Sweeps


Professional, friendly. They cleaned the chimney, but also pointed out that some hidden damage had been done to to the top of the chimney from a storm and the chimney was unusable.

- Thomas E....

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Nicholas Chimney Stove & Fireplace Inc


The person that come and services my chimney was very pleasant and professional. He gave me good recommendations and multiplie options on future approaches to my chimney use and cleaned the chimney very nicely.

- Sebouh K....

American Professional Chimney & Masonry


They were quick, knowledgeable and cleaned up completely. Would definitely return to them for another chimney sweep. They also inspected the chimney. Gave a full report of the state of the chimney.

- Erica A....


- Jagdish B....

American Professional Chimney & Masonry


Did an excellent quick job on cleaning the chimney and gave me a fair estimate for recapping the crown of the chimney.

- Cam C....

American Professional Chimney & Masonry

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They arrived on time, cleaned my chimney, provided me with an estimate for work that needed to be done on my chimney and left.

- Nancy L....

The Chimney Doctor Nova Inc


We discovered the problem when preparing for Thanksgiving and noticing water stains on the ceiling in an adjacent room. We first called Shiner Roofing, who immediately said the problem was chimney related. They recommeded Chimney Doctor who came and quickly replaced the chimney cap.

- Jack &....

American Professional Chimney & Masonry


Unable to perform service to due to me have a furnace chimney, not a fire chimney . They were great!

- George W....

Capitol Chimney Service LLC


Angies list deal for $219: chimney sweep plus flue cap. $456 for add'l flue cap, flue extension and concrete crown. First visit was chimney sweep and assessment of top of chimney. Second was for repairs on top of chimney. Punctual, professional. Prices could have been a little better.

- Joseph R....

American Professional Chimney & Masonry


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The technicians were kind, professional and efficient. They inspected all chimneys and repaired the hot water heater chimney flue.

- Holly F....

We had American Chimney inspect and clean our chimney. It was a basic job, but it was performed well.

- Susan S....

Sixpenny Chimney Sweeps


Sixpenny did a very good job cleaning the chimney and diagnosing problems with the fireplace mortar and cracks in the chimney crown.

- Mark W....

Davis Chimney Service


Day one was chimney sweep day.although it was rainy and damp. he left my house as clean as when he came in. second time they installed a stainless steel chimney liner,sealed two chimney crowns and a new chimney cap,hooked furnance and hot water tank pipes to chimney for exhaust purposes, I have gas appliances. of course that was extra expense 1285.00 in all but I feel well worth it.l

- Myrtle B....

Nicholas Chimney Stove & Fireplace Inc


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Our chimney sweep, Raul, did an excellent and thorough job cleaning our chimney. In addition to cleaning the chimney he also disassembled the stove pipe that connects the wood stove to the chimney and cleaned it. He took great care in keeping the area around the stove clean. This was the first time we used Nicholas Chimney. We will use them as our regular chimney sweep from now on. They provide a more thorough cleaning and are much more courteous than the company we used previously.

- Marta F....

Winston's Chimney Service


Excellent service. Chimney inspection not only showed a safe and intact chimney and vent, it also showed the chimney was not in need of cleaning even though it had been several years since last cleaned. I love it when businesses are honest enough to tell you when you don't need a service.

- Christine M....

The Chimney Doctor Nova Inc


Chimney Doctor did great work! They did exactly what they said they would. Showed up on time. Even called ahead. They where clean and direct. Very professional. Once the work was chimney work was completed, they said they would be back on Monday to put up the flashing. Sure enough, the flashing was done by the time I got home. I will be using them again for both chimney clean and when my other chimney needs to be rebuilt.

- James T....

American Professional Chimney & Masonry


Two chimney sweeps cleaned 2 chimneys. They did a good job and appeared honest when finding one malfunction in one of the fireplaces. The helper chimney sweeper suggested that I pay the individual chimney sweeps rather than the company when asking for the balance on the account. They suggested that my outside chimney had a crack in it and tried to sell me an expensive product. When I got a second opinion, I was told there was nothing wrong with my chimney.

- Martha J....

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), 30% of fires arising from fireplaces are caused by dirty chimneys.

Chimney sweeping is important for more than just sanitation reasons. In fact, it’s also a step towards fire safety and preventing fire outbreaks within the home.

Everychimney should be swept and inspected at least once a year to ensure proper fire safety.

How do I hire a good chimney sweeping service near me?

When hiring for chimney sweeping, expect to receive two main services: inspection and cleaning. During an inspection, acontractor will climb to the roof and inspect the chimney from the inside. The chimney will be checked for any structural issues, unusual odors, build-up of soot, and smoke entering the home.

After proper inspection, the chimney will then be cleaned in order to remove any unwanted material. Cleaning will typically involve the following:

  • Removal of soot and creosote
  • Removing blockages from the inner liner
  • Removing debris from the shelf and block chamber
  • Most of the cleaning is done using a wired brush that can be lowered from the top of the chimney.

How much does chimney sweeping near me cost?

  • Most homeowners spend an average of $225 for chimney sweeping.
  • The actual cost you will pay varies anywhere between $100 to $300, depending on the specific services you will need.
  • An inspection itself may cost $100 to $250.
  • Cleaning costs ranging between $80 to $150.
  • If your chimney hasn’t been cleaned in several years, be prepared to incur a higher cost due to the amount of debris that will need to be removed.
  • Check with three sweeping companies near you for a check of the local pricing.

The chimney sweeping cost will also depend on any additional services. For example, installing chimney caps or having it flashed may cost an additional $150 to $500.

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How often should a chimney be cleaned? ›

How often should you clean your chimney? Both the NFPA and Spisto recommend getting your chimney cleaned and inspected once a year by a qualified professional. Carli says that regardless of chimney type, you should you have your chimney swept at least one time a year.

What should I look for in a chimney sweep? ›

Here are some things to ask for when vetting different chimney sweeps: Can they provide references? Does the company or individual carry a valid business liability insurance policy to protect your home and furnishings against accidents? Does the company have good reviews on trusted websites?

Do chimney sweeps still wear top hats? ›

One of the more iconic features of the chimney sweep is the traditional top hat and tails, still worn by many sweeps in the field today.

What size chimney sweep do I need? ›

Measure the inside of your chimney and match that size to a brush designed for your flue. The brush should be 1/2" – 1 inch larger than the flue. An oversize brush will not improve cleaning and could become lodged in the chimney. An undersized brush will not provide the pressure on the walls for proper cleaning.

Do the chimney cleaning logs really work? ›

Many homeowners wonder if the chimney sweep logs or creosote sweeping logs really work to clean out fireplace flues and get rid of creosote residue so that the fireplaces are safe to use. The short answer is no, they don't work. At least, not well enough to completely clean out the flue the way it should be cleaned.

How long does it take to sweep a chimney? ›

A typical chimney sweep and inspection can take 45 minutes to an hour. Rooftop Chimney Sweeps blocks off a 2 hour time slot just in case something comes up that causes the service to take longer to properly complete.

Is getting your chimney swept messy? ›

Welcome to one of the biggest misnomers about chimney sweeping. Sure, it can get messy, but if you pick the right firm to do it for you, it shouldn't encroach into your living space or be inconvenient. In fact, your home should be just as clean as it was before the team started the job.

What happens if you don't clean chimney? ›

If you don't have your chimney cleaned once a year, creosote builds up in your chimney, which can lead to a chimney fire. Also, a dirty chimney can cause toxic, deadly gases such as carbon monoxide to build up that are harmful to inhale.

Do metal chimney flues need cleaning? ›

Cleaning a metal chimney from a fireplace or woodstove is a necessity to ensure it is in good working order as well as to avoid fires from the build-up of creosote or ash. The task is not for anyone in poor health or physical shape, as it is labor-intensive and requires getting on a ladder.

What kind of hat does a chimney sweep wear? ›

According to another story, it is said that in order to raise the status of the profession of chimney sweeping in the community, chimney sweeps got discarded clothing from the local funeral directors. These cast-offs consisted of a black coat with tails, a black top hat that was quite fashionable in those times.

Why do chimney sweeps wear hats? ›

This story says that beginning in the 17th century, funeral directors would take pity on these poor children being forced to crawl up chimneys. To help raise both their status and their morale, they gave them the extra top hats that would have otherwise been disposed of.

Why do chimney sweeps wear top hats? ›

People wonder why the chimney sweep is always shown wearing the top hat. The idea didn`t come from ''Mary Poppins. '' These castoff kids wore the discarded clothing of undertakers, who wore top hats and tails in England. The top hats worked for the young sweeps, who rode in open carts or on bicycles.

What is a standard chimney size? ›

The most commonly used sizes in residential construction are 8 by 8 inches, 8 by 13, and 13 by 13 (outside dimensions).

How do I clean my chimney brush and rods? ›

DIY Chimney Cleaning using the Brush & Rod Top Down Method

How do you clean a chimney pipe? ›

The best method for cleaning your chimney is scraping it with a wire chimney brush. The brush may seem expensive, but for people who burn a lot of wood and must clean their chimney more than once a year, a brush gives the best results.

Does burning aluminum cans clean your chimney? ›

Heating the cans causes an increase in heat in a chimney which can help prevent creosote from building up on a clean chimney. However, aluminum oxides are very stable and do not react to high temperature. This means that there will not be much of an impact on built-up creosote.

Will a hot fire remove creosote? ›

One method to loosen crusty or tarry creosote so it flakes off and falls down into the firebox or fireplace is to burn aluminum cans in a very hot fire. While this method works, it does not clean the chimney of creosote completely, and chimney brush cleaning is still necessary.

Do potato skins help clean chimneys? ›

Although you still need to have your chimney cleaned regularly, because even potato peels won't prevent the chimney from getting dirty, but it will help decrease chances of a chimney fire due to creosote.

Do you clean chimney from top or bottom? ›

Chimney Sweep: Bottom or Top? - YouTube

Can I sweep my chimney myself? ›

In many cases, you can clean the chimney yourself and save a few hundred dollars. Removing ordinary chimney soot is pretty simple. But if you have heavy creosote buildup, you'll have to call in a pro. We'll show you how to inspect yours to see if it qualifies as a DIY job.

How do you make a homemade chimney sweep? ›

Mary Poppins diy chimney sweeps - YouTube

How are chimneys cleaned nowadays? ›

Chimney sweeps use a heavy metal bristled brush to clean your chimney. These tools are long rods, with the bristles located at the very tip. Professional chimney sweeps will also be outfitted in gloves, goggles, and masks to protect themselves from the soot and ash.

How do you test for creosote build up? ›

Use your fireplace poker.

Scratch the smoke chamber above your damper to see if there is any creosote. Even if the layer of tar seems very thin, it's time to call a chimney sweep ASAP. If you have more than 1/8 of an inch of buildup, do not use the chimney until it is clean.

Can you clean a chimney from the bottom up? ›

Cleaning a Chimney Using the Brush and Rod Bottom Up Method

How do you tell if your chimney is clogged? ›

One of the most obvious signs of a blocked chimney is a smoky odor, particularly when you have a fire burning. During normal operation, the flue should draw smoke up and out of your home, dramatically limiting any smoky smell that otherwise might affect your home.

How long will a stainless steel chimney liner last? ›

Stainless steel flue liners generally last for 15 to 20 years (though low quality liners may not even last for five). Good quality stainless steel chimney liners often come with a lifetime warranty.

Does a lined chimney need sweeping? ›

Even if you have a chimney liner, a regular sweep is essential for getting rid of any blockages or debris that can put you at risk of a chimney fire. A professional chimney sweeper will also be able to look out for any other hazards you may be unaware of.

How many cords of wood do you need to clean a chimney? ›

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends that open masonry fireplaces should be swept once they have ⅛” of sooty buildup or sooner if there is glaze in the system. Another theory is to clean your chimney after every two cords of wood. We at Valley Chimney like to recommend annually.

Is it good luck to shake hands with a chimney sweep? ›

In this story, a chimney sweep fell and was dangling from the roof. A woman in the house spotted him and pulled him to safety. They immediately fell in love and had a long and happy marriage. Because of this, it became considered good luck to shake a sweep's hand before your wedding.

How much did Victorian chimney sweeps get paid? ›

From 1773, master chimney sweeps regularly kept anywhere from 2 to 20 children, depending on how many they could use for their business. For each child, the master sweep was paid 3-4 pounds by the government when the apprenticeship agreement was signed.

How old were chimney sweeps? ›

Master Sweeps would buy young children from orphanages and take in young homeless children from the streets. These were between the ages of 5 and 10, although most were under the age of seven, and some were even as young as four. These boys were used to climb up chimneys to clean out deposits of soot.

How were chimney sweeps treated? ›

The living conditions of the chimney sweeps offered them no relief. They were usually barely fed and slept in basements, covering themselves with the filthy soot sacks they worked with. The boys rarely bathed and were frequently sickly.

Are metal chimneys safe? ›

They Are Lightweight – Metal rarely poses a structural threat to any property. If you have an upstairs fireplace, a metal chimney is the safer bet to keep the floor or ceiling from collapsing.

Can a chimney flue be too big? ›

When a flue is too big, the chimney can be too cold. Cold chimneys make keeping a fire lit more difficult. They also lead to condensation and possible mold inside the chimney brickwork. They key to making and keeping a great draft in your fireplace is making sure the proper sized flue is installed.

Does a wood stove pipe have to go straight up? ›

A wood stove pipe must be as short and straight as possible. At the least, 80% of it must be vertical. If it is so important, one or two 90˚ angles, at most, can be made part of the structure. The horizontal part should not rise more than a quarter from the linear foot.

Is it a legal requirement to have chimney swept? ›

Most policies will require a professional chimney sweeping once a year. If you ever need to make a claim, having an in-date chimney sweeping certificate shows that you actively maintain your home.

Can I clean my chimney myself? ›

In many cases, you can clean the chimney yourself and save a few hundred dollars. Removing ordinary chimney soot is pretty simple. But if you have heavy creosote buildup, you'll have to call in a pro. We'll show you how to inspect yours to see if it qualifies as a DIY job.

Do metal chimney flues need cleaning? ›

Cleaning a metal chimney from a fireplace or woodstove is a necessity to ensure it is in good working order as well as to avoid fires from the build-up of creosote or ash. The task is not for anyone in poor health or physical shape, as it is labor-intensive and requires getting on a ladder.

How do you maintain a chimney? ›

8 Things You Should Know About Fireplace & Chimney Care
  1. Call A Chimney Sweep. They exist, and not just to pop up in children's movies. ...
  2. Leave A Little Ash. ...
  3. Keep The Area Clear. ...
  4. Close The Damper. ...
  5. Make Sure You Have A Chimney Cap. ...
  6. Only Use Seasoned Wood. ...
  7. Don't Hang Stockings. ...
  8. Consider A Fireplace Insert.

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