Vastu Tips and Ideas For Designing Bathrooms (2022)

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Need of Vastu for Bathroom and Toilet Construction of Bathroom/Toilet as per Vastu Vastu for Bathroom Fixtures and Utilities Bathroom Location as per Vastu Vastu For Bathroom Color Well-Drainage as per Vastu Vastu for Wall-sharing Bathroom Vastu for Bathroom Doors and Windows Toilet Location as per Vastu Water Closet or Toilet Seat Direction as per Vastu Can we construct toilets in the North-east direction? Can we construct toilets in the North direction? Septic Tank Placement as per Toilet Vastu Attached Toilet as per Vastu Taps and Water Storage Placement Vastu-Compliant Construction of Toilets Impact of Incorrect Directions of Bathroom and Toilet Ways to Remove Negative Energy from Bathroom and Toilet? Relationship between Water Leakage and Vastu in Bathroom Vastu Remedies for South-west direction Toilets Vastu Remedies for East direction Toilets Vastu Remedies for North-east direction Toilets Vastu Remedies for South-east direction Toilets Vastu Remedies for North direction Toilets Vastu Remedies for South-west direction Toilets Tips for Vastu for Bathroom Decoration Tips for Vastu for Bathroom Plants Is it okay to build toilets under stairs according to Vastu? Popular Searches by People FAQ's About Vastu Tips for Bathroom 1. Which direction is best for the toilet? 2. Can bathrooms be South? 3. Can we build a toilet in the southeast corner? 4. What to do if the toilet is in the north direction? 5. Where should the bathroom be as per Vastu? 6. What should be the color of the bathroom according to Vastu? FAQs Videos

Redesigning and remodeling the living spaces needs a lot of energy and effort. Every person spends their time building the right living space for themselves. The reason behind the perfect curation is that the living room area is the space where you welcome your guests. Hence, this space of the house should be the most presentable one. Every room should have the same importance because every space of a house should emit positive vibes. The same goes for the toilets too. Often, we forget about bathrooms and toilets and neglect those areas the most. Focusing on toilet Vastu is as important as other spaces.

Need of Vastu for Bathroom and Toilet

Vastu Tips and Ideas For Designing Bathrooms (1)

The majority of the home owners prefer to buy or make their home Vastu-compliant. This is because they believe that Vastu-compliant homes can bring in positive energy. Even the people who do not believe in Vastu believe that selling a home becomes easier if it is Vastu-compliant as well as devoids the doshas. Vastu Shastra has guidelines for each and every space of your home. Whether it is bedroom Vastu or toilet Vastu, you will find every answer in the Vastu shastra. It includes the direction of the room, ways to correct the defects in your space, the color of the spaces, and many more. In this article, you are going to learn these Vastu shastra tips for your bathroom/toilet.

Construction of Bathroom/Toilet as per Vastu

It is important to construct the toilet according to the Vastu shastra as it promotes the flow of positive energy in the house. Moreover, it also helps in achieving a good lifestyle with a calm and relaxed mindset. Below are the ways in which you can make your bathroom as per the Vastu shastra.

Vastu for Bathroom Fixtures and Utilities

Floor: According to the principles of the Vastu shastra, the height of the bathroom/toilet should not be on the same level or the same height as the bedroom and the other rooms in the house. The floor of the bathroom should be a minimum of 1 to 2 feet above the ground or the rooms’ level. Also, using marble for the bathroom floor can bring in negative energy, so use tiles according to the Vastu for the bathroom.

Design: For a balanced flow of energy, the bathroom designs should be carefully designed. The toilet seats should be placed in the direction of the south. The extra water from the bathroom should leave from either the north eastern direction or the east direction. Also, the gradient angle of the bathroom/toilet flow must be in the southwest or the southeast direction, without any water outlets.

Fixtures and Faucets: The fixtures and faucets in the bathroom/toilet should be kept close to the compatible region for the best results according to Vastu shastra. According to the toilet/bathroom as per Vastu, all the faucets and fixtures have an earmarked space in the bathroom. Toilet, according to Vastu, suggests that white sinks are best in the northeast direction or on the north/east side of the bathroom. If the bathroom has a bathtub, make sure it is inclined towards the northeast direction or in the west/east direction. If there is an overhead septic tank, keep the tank in the northwest direction. Attach the taps and showers to the north wall of the bathroom.

Mirror: The mirror in the bathroom should always be on the eastern wall. Bathroom mirrors have a strong touch of reflection, so it is important to choose the right mirror that would make the flow of energy perfect and is placed in the right direction.

Electric Appliances: Water heaters or geysers should be placed in the south east direction of the bathroom. Toilet Vastu suggests that the placement of all the electrical appliances should be placed correctly as the water and electricity are in two opposite directions. For the washing machine inside the bathroom, place it in either the southeast direction or the northwest direction.

Bathroom Location as per Vastu

Bathroom/toilet location as per Vastu should be in the north western directions or the western region of any household. To avoid negative energy, the north eastern direction and the eastern direction should be avoided at all costs. According to the Vastu shastra, proper sunlight and free flow of air are quite important. If the toilet, according to Vastu, is built, that is, in the west or north western direction, then it will absorb all the harmful infrared rays of the sun. It will help in keeping the bathroom region cool and keep the flow of the bathroom in sync with the natural elements.

Vastu For Bathroom Color

According to the toilet/bathroom, as per Vastu, a well-balanced color scheme in both the floors and walls is essential to emit positive energy and make the space Vastu-compliant. Things can go awry in the house if other factors are as per the Vastu, but the color combination is not Vastu-compliant. The use of dark colors, such as black, dark blue, dark red, should be avoided for toilets/bathrooms. Instead of the bathroom/toilet as per Vastu, the use of light colors, such as light shades of pastel, white, or sky blue, can be used.

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Well-Drainage as per Vastu

The water outlets, as well as the drainages, should be in the north-east, north, or east direction of the bathroom as per Vastu. As for the slope of the bathroom, it should be in the same direction as well.

Vastu for Wall-sharing Bathroom

According to the Vastu for bedrooms, the beds should not be in closer contact with the bathroom or toilet space. It is important to ensure that the bathroom does not share a wall with the bedrooms or kitchen or any other sanctified places, such as the pooja room.

But, if you have a compact home and there is no way that you can change the wall-sharing for bathroom/toilet Vastu, try to keep your bed away from the bathroom sharing wall by changing its position. This will be the best you can do in a compact house to keep the negative energy away.

Vastu for Bathroom Doors and Windows

The doors should be in the north or east direction of the bathroom, according to Vastu. Avoid metal doors and go for wooden doors for the bathroom. Also, avoid the ornate statues of the goddesses or gods on the doors of the bathroom. Keep the doors of the bathroom closed all the time. Leaving the door open can bring negative energy into personal relationships.

Bathrooms should have a space or any window for proper ventilation. These spaces, according to the toilet Vastu, will help in moving out of the negative energies and aid the entrance of light into the space. Make sure that the windows open in the east, west, or north direction. Also, the windows should open in the outwards direction of the space.

According to Vastu, toilets and bathrooms should not be attached. But because of the space crunch, most urban homes have an attached bathroom in their house. Hence, the attached bathrooms are quite popular and widely used around the world. But this does not mean that you cannot make your attached bathroom Vastu compliant.

According to the Vastu for the attached toilet and bathroom, it is suitable to place it in the north west direction of the room. To maintain the Vastu for the attached toilet and bathroom, build a small window in the east, north, or on the west wall inside the space.

Toilet Location as per Vastu

Toilet Vastu is as important as the other parts of the house. Below are the different ways and different parts of the toilet and bathroom in which they can be made Vastu-compliant.

Water Closet or Toilet Seat Direction as per Vastu

Make sure that the toilet direction as per Vastu is not above or below the pooja room, bed space, or fire space. Keep the toilet aligned with the north-south axis. The toilet seat should be placed on the south, west, or north-west side of the toilet.

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Can we construct toilets in the North-east direction?

Avoid constructing the toilet in the north-east direction. This is because the north-east is a very important direction for commanding worship, according to the Vastu shastra. A bathroom along with an attached toilet can be equal to toxins. Hence, the toilet should not be in the north-east direction. Also, according to the toilet Vastu, avoid placing it near the kitchen or pooja room.

Can we construct toilets in the North direction?

No, avoid constructing toilets in the north direction of the house. North is the direction of Kubera, and hence, according to the principles of Vastu, the placement of toilets in the north can affect the whole house. It can affect both the financial and physical conditions of the people residing in that house.

Septic Tank Placement as per Toilet Vastu

Do not place the septic tanks on the south side of the house or toilet, according to Vastu. The best location to place the septic tank is the west side or the north west side of the house. Make sure that the septic tank is at a higher level than the floor level of the house.

Attached Toilet as per Vastu

Do not place the attached toilet in the south west or south east direction of the house. Construct the attached toilet on the south side as per Vastu shastra.

Taps and Water Storage Placement

According to toilet Vastu, do not place the taps and water storage in the south west or south east direction. Also, do not store water in this direction as well. North east, east, and north are the suitable directions for taps and water storage as per the toilet Vastu.

Vastu-Compliant Construction of Toilets

It is better to add the elements of Vastu right during the time of construction. It is because changing the elements of a house is quite difficult once it is constructed as the house is complete with all the pipeline systems, properly built shelves, and attachment of the bathroom fixtures. After settling in, these wrong directions and placements can affect the life of the people living in the house.

Impact of Incorrect Directions of Bathroom and Toilet

Every direction has some negative impact. So, it is important to know the negative impact that a direction may have. Below is the list of directions and the impacts they cause in one’s life.

NorthIt impediments both business wealth and growth. This direction also hampers the upcoming opportunity.
North-EastThis direction causes health problems among the members of the family.
EastIt causes health problems that are related to the liver and digestive system. It can also cause inhabitants to be cut off from society.
South-EastIt causes financial problems, problems related to marriage, or problems related to childbirth.
SouthIt causes loss of reputation in business and legal issues.
South-WestThis direction can give rise to career-related problems, health problems, and relationship problems.
WestProblems related to property may arise. Also, it can cause non-fulfilment of dreams and mission.
North-WestIt makes selling the property a difficult task. Also, the person may not receive the support of the people around them.

Ways to Remove Negative Energy from Bathroom and Toilet?

  • As per the Vastu shastra, glass and salt are the Rahu factors. So, you could place a cup of glass filled with salt in your bath and toilet space. It is believed to remove the Vastu defects.
  • Your bathroom can be your space of heaven for rejuvenation. The use of aromatherapy can freshen the bathroom space. Just add a few drops of lemongrass oil into the toilet bowl. The aroma of essential oils and herbs like lavender, sage, or rosemary adds a relaxing scent to the bathroom. It will keep the bathroom clutter-free.
  • Replace the broken interiors of the bathroom, such as toilet roll holders, soap dispensers, etc. Replace the worn out towels and keep the towel clean always.
  • To get rid of Vastu flaws, place a mirror on the outer side of the bathroom door. But, make sure that the mirror outside the bathroom door reflects the bedroom or the entrance door.
  • Use simple fitting for your bathroom. Silver, ceramic, and stainless steel fittings are fine for the bathroom but avoid gold fittings as it does not suit the fittings of a bathroom.
  • Add a door that divides the cistern of the toilet and bathing area. If adding such a door is not possible, then keep the door of the cistern closed or down all the time.
  • Do not place religious statues or decorative statues on the door of the bathroom.
  • Make sure that your bathroom is clean, does not have dampness, is clutter-free, and has no fungus. It will ensure the harmonious flow of energy in the space.
  • Music is the synonym of positivity. It creates positive vibes, especially when you are taking a bath. It can help in a relaxing bath. Hence, to achieve this, you can add a music system in the south-east direction of the space. This area is meant for electrical appliances according to the toilet Vastu.

Relationship between Water Leakage and Vastu in Bathroom

Vastu for the bathroom says that the dripping of water from the taps, jets, or showers is inauspicious even after they are turned off. This is because it causes negative energy. Wasting water is not a good choice and symbolizes negativity. Repair the leaking taps as soon as possible as not repairing them can cause loss of money and unnecessary expenditures.

Vastu Remedies for South-west direction Toilets

If the placement of the toilet is in the south-west direction, you can follow the remedies mentioned below:

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  • For maintaining the toilet Vastu, place a pyramid of Vastu on the outer side of your south-west toilet.
  • The doors of the toilet should be closed all the time.
  • Make sure that you do not place any metal accessories in your south-west toilet.
  • The placement of the exhaust in this toilet should be in the east or north east direction.

Vastu Remedies for East direction Toilets

Always try to not place your toilet in the east direction of the house. This placement can prove to be a problem for the family, especially for the oldest child of the family. If you can not avoid this, then place bamboo on the roof of the place, which will help in reducing the ill effects of Vastu flaws.

Vastu Remedies for North-east direction Toilets

The placement of toilets in the north or north-east direction goes against the principle of Vastu shastra. It also leads to the flow of negative energy in the house. To avoid the ill-effects, on the north-east side of the house, place a north-east mantra. To burn the negative toilet Vastu effects, you can also burn camphor or add fragrant candles inside the toilet. Make sure you keep the doors of the toilet closed all the time. You can add plants like a spider plant, money plant that will help in absorbing the negativity from the space. The addition of sea salt can also absorb the negative energy. Place a bowl of sea salt in the toilet for maintaining the Vastu for the bathroom. Ensure that you change the sea salt in the bowl every week. Lastly, ensure that the northeast bathroom is neat and clean all the time.

Vastu Remedies for South-east direction Toilets

South is the direction of fire. Building a toilet in the same direction can bring in negative effects, according to the toilet Vastu. The best one can do is avoid using such kinds of toilets. To avoid the flaws of Vastu, place a Vastu pyramid on the east and south side of the outside walls of the toilet. Another thing you can do is place the Vastu salt in a bowl of copper. Make sure you replace the salt every week.

Vastu Remedies for North direction Toilets

In terms of negative energy, the toilets built in the north direction can bring health issues. The one tip that could bring in positive energy according to the toilet Vastu is by shifting the tip to the north-west direction and painting the walls of the toilet with black color. Place white-colored flowers in a metal vase facing the north direction. It can help in eliminating the negative effect of the Vastu flaws.

Vastu Remedies for South-west direction Toilets

Placement of three or nine lead helices on the outer side of the bathroom can eliminate the negative energy caused by the southwest direction of the toilet. You can also add three partitions of wooden pyramids on the outer side of the frame of the bathroom door. The alternative option is to place Vastu slat in a bowl of bronze which should be replaced every week.

Tips for Vastu for Bathroom Decoration

Do not add family photos, figurines of idols, turtles, or elephants in your bathroom. Instead, choose to hang pictures of flowers, meadows, trees, etc. Do not add photos of rivers, waterfalls, or fish. Also, adding prosperity paintings on the toilet wall is a big no. Avoid stuffing the bathroom with too many candles as they are the fire element while the bathroom is just opposite of that, it is a water element. Avoid adding red or orange colored elements to the bathroom. Choose to decorate the bathroom with sea shells, which is also a water element. While decorating the bathroom with light, make sure that it does add a glaring effect on the mirror. According to Vastu for the bathroom, choosing green colored decor is the best idea as it gives the space a natural touch. You can add green napkins, green mats, green curtains, green towels, etc.

Tips for Vastu for Bathroom Plants

Greenery in the bathroom can absorb the negative energy. Also, these uplifting green plants can uplift your mood too. Your bathroom is the space for self-care as well as rejuvenating yourself. The plants can also help in creating a relaxed ambiance. If you have extra space in your bathroom then adding green vibes to the bathroom decor can add positive energy. Money plants are the best choice to add a green plant as they can withstand any warm and humid conditions of the bathroom. You can also add a snake, ZZ plant, aloe vera, or spider plant in the bathroom. Always pick the plants that can thrive in warm and humid conditions as well as can tolerate the moist air. Also, ensure that your bathroom has a window that brings in the natural light or adds movement in and out for the plants of the space for providing them with proper light. Make sure you expose the plants to the sun a few times a week.

Is it okay to build toilets under stairs according to Vastu?

According to Vastu, the area available under the stairs is only for storage purposes. So, pon a strict notice and according to the toilet Vastu, you should never build toilets under stairs as it can bring in negative energy causing a number of health and financial problems.

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FAQ's About Vastu Tips for Bathroom

1. Which direction is best for the toilet?

The best direction for building a bathroom is the northwest portion of the home as per Vastu principles. This supports elimination of waste from the premises and the bodies of occupants.

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2. Can bathrooms be South?

The bathroom should be towards the northwest or north portion of the property. Do not build your bath area in the south direction. Avoid the southwest or southeast directions as well. This will negatively impact the health of people living in the house as well. If there is a toilet placed towards the south on account of any particular compulsions, then you should always have a copper leaf positioned on the toilet door. This will lower the overall effects in order to provide some relief to family members

3. Can we build a toilet in the southeast corner?

Vastu restricts the building of toilets or bathrooms or any underground water body towards the south-eastern corner or direction. It is not advisable to have a southeast opening bathroom or toilet or any such underground water body. For a remedy to this issue, you should hang a picture of a burning candle towards the southern wall of the bathroom in question. Always keep the southeastern corner free from any defects for a peaceful, steady, and highly progressive lifestyle.

4. What to do if the toilet is in the north direction?

If due to any particular reason, you have to build a toilet in the northern direction of the house, then you should ensure that you are shifting the pit towards the north west direction. Black paint should be suitably applied to the wall of the toilet. You should not attempt to use the toilet as much as possible, between 11 PM and 1 AM at night.

5. Where should the bathroom be as per Vastu?

You should have a bathroom constructed to the north west direction as per Vastu. This is essential for backing the elimination of waste from the home and also from the bodies of occupants.

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6. What should be the color of the bathroom according to Vastu?

As per the principles of Vastu, the best possible colors for toilet interiors include shades of earthy colors. These include hues such as brown, cream, beige and other such shades. You should not choose dark blue or black as colors for the bathroom. These are colors that are best avoided by all means!


Which direction is good for bathroom as per Vastu? ›

The entrance of the bathroom must be at the Northern or the Eastern wall. According to Vastu, the door should never be in the South-west direction. Since your bathroom is attached to your bedroom, always keep the bathroom door closed when not in use.

Which facing bathroom is best? ›

The best direction for constructing a bathroom as per vastu is in the north-west section of the home as it supports the elimination of waste.

What is important in bathroom design? ›

A great bathroom design can help you achieve your everyday needs with efficiency as well as giving you a relaxing space to unwind after a long day. For instance, having ambient lighting and cool design touches can create a relaxing atmosphere and a spa-like feeling right within your house.

How should Vastu dosh be removed from bathroom? ›

Keep the doors of the toilet closed at all times. Ensure that the toilet in the south-west direction does not have any metal accessories. Place the exhaust fan in the north-east or east direction. Place three or nine lead helices on the outer bathroom wall.

Why should we keep salt in bathroom? ›

At the same time, if there is any architectural flaw related to the bathroom, then take crystal salt in the bowl and keep it in a place in the bathroom where no one can reach touch it with their hands and keep changing the salt from the bowl in a few days. This will remove the architectural defects of the bathroom.

Which Colour tiles are best for bathroom? ›

White tile is probably the most popular solution in our bathrooms. Why? White brightens the interior. It gives a sense of order and lightness.

Which side should toilet face? ›

The toilet seat should always be placed in such a direction that the person using it would be facing the northern or southern direction of the home. This will keep the health of the family members balanced.

What direction a person should face while sitting in the toilet? ›

The best direction of the toilet seat, according to Vastu, is in the south-east or north-west side. This should be in such a way that a person using it is not facing either the east or the west.

Which Colour is best for bathroom according to Vastu? ›

If we talk about the colour of bathroom or toilet, Vastu Shastra suggests using white, pink, light yellow or blue. Even opt for light coloured tiles, especially white and blue. These two colours give fresh look to the bathroom. Don't go for dark colours such as black or red.

What are 2 things to consider when designing a bathroom? ›

Top 7 Considerations when designing a bathroom
  • Space. Fully utilising your available space is essential. ...
  • Size. What matters here is getting the balance right between the good use of the space available and the design of the room. ...
  • Light. Your bathroom lighting should not be an afterthought. ...
  • Colour. ...
  • Access. ...
  • Budget.
Jan 21, 2021

How do you design a washroom? ›

Start by determining the layout of the bathroom. Choose the bathroom fixtures, like the toilet, the sink, and the shower or tub, as well as accessories like storage baskets, shelving, and a mirror. Then, create a design plan for the bathroom so you can build it to suit your needs.

Which salt is good for Vastu? ›

Sea salt is very effective according to vastu shastra for house. Placing small portions of uncrushed sea salt is an immediate remedy for vastu dosh. It absorbs all the negative energy from home. Alternatively, you could also mix a pinch of sea salt in the water that you use to clean the floor.

How do you correct Vastu defects? ›

It is believed that vastu defects may be solved through changes in the rooms, placement of objects and rearrangement of the interiors. Doors should be facing east and should open inside so that energy may remain inside. Grease the hinges of the doors regularly.

What happens if bathroom is in east? ›

Let's begin with the East direction. The construction of toilets in the east can disturb your life. Troubles may get clouded over you. Your older child's growth may be hindered.

What are the symptoms of negative energy in home? ›

Here are some signs and symptoms of negative energy: Constantly criticizing others: Constantly venting your anger on others is a sign of negative energy existing in you. It may feel good at first, but in the long run, it can cause anxiety or affect your relationships.

Which salt is good for positive energy? ›

Himalayan salt is globally famous because of its capacity to set free negative ions. When negative ions enter the human body system, through the process of inhaling, the consequential result is the creation of positive energy.

Do large tiles look OK in small bathroom? ›

A small bathroom can actually benefit from a large tile. With fewer grout lines the walls and floor are less cluttered and the room visually expands.

What tiles make a bathroom look bigger? ›

Horizontal floor tiles are successful in making the room look less cramped, and making your small bathroom appear that much larger.

Which tile is better for bathrooms? ›

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

These are the most popular tiling materials that can be used for bathroom flooring as they are affordable, long lasting, scratch resistant, maintenance free and non-porous in nature.

Can toilet and kitchen sharing same wall? ›

The kitchen and toilet should not share a common wall. Both these Vastu defects have a direct bearing on the health of the occupants. The kitchen should never be situated in the North East or North as this adversely affects one's career. The kitchen should not face the main door of the house.

Can we sit in toilet facing east? ›

The only thumb rule is to avoid facing East while sitting on the toilet seat. East being the direction of the rising sun is best avoided for a toilet seat facing. Some Vastu gurus say that a toilet seat should not face North and some say it should not face South.

Is toilet under stairs Vastu? ›

Toilets shouldn't be placed under the stairs. Toilets are not at all good in the central area of the building structure. Toilets should not be made near the Puja room or the kitchen. Puja rooms and kitchens above the toilet are not at all Vaastu-friendly.

Which Colour is best for kitchen according to Vastu? ›

White is the best colour for kitchen as per vastu. That's because it disseminates positive energy and is the ideal kitchen colour for walls and floors. If your kitchen faces the north-west direction, choosing white kitchen colour as per vastu will work especially well to increase beneficial vibes.

Where should kitchen sink be? ›

Vastu Shastra for Kitchen Sink and Stove

Place the kitchen sink along the north or north east direction. Don't place it on the same or parallel direction as that of the cooking platform. As per Vastu Shastra, fire and water oppose each other and can have negative consequences if both elements are placed together.

Which corner is best for kitchen? ›

According to Vastu Shastra, the Lord of Fire—Agni—prevails in the southeast direction of the home, which means that the ideal placement of the kitchen is the southeast direction of your home.

How do I rearrange my bathroom? ›

That being said, here are 6 simple suggestions to improve your bathroom layout, without the hassle and the expense of moving your plumbing.
  1. Replace the existing bathroom door. ...
  2. Resize your vanity. ...
  3. Float your fixtures. ...
  4. Divide the space. ...
  5. Switch the tub for a shower. ...
  6. Keep the tub AND add a luxurious accessible shower.

What should you not store in a bathroom? ›

7 Things You Should Never Store in Your Bathroom
  1. of 7. Makeup. ...
  2. of 7. Medicine. ...
  3. of 7. Non-Waterproof Electronics. ...
  4. of 7. Extra Razors. ...
  5. of 7. Jewelry. ...
  6. of 7. Linens. ...
  7. of 7.
Sep 25, 2015

What are bathroom essentials called? ›

These are usually called "fixtures." Those specific to handling water are "plumbing fixtures." Those specific to the bathroom are "bathroom fixtures." Those specific to handling bodily wastes (toilets and urinals) are known as "sanitary fixtures."

What should you pick first when designing a bathroom? ›

The view upon entrance: This is an important part of design, so makes a good starting point for your bathroom layout – you want to see the bath or basin first, not the toilet. Choose one key piece: Be it a freestanding bath, heart-stopping vanity unit or a beautifully tiled shower area and build the layout around it.

What is new in bathrooms? ›

'Tiles in interesting tessellating shapes or with pattern and color such as fish scale, diamond or Popham tiles, continue to be popular, especially when paired with special finishes of brassware such as PVD coatings and matt bathroom color ideas to ensure maximum impact.

What is in a modern bathroom? ›

A freestanding bathtub. Streamlined mirrors and lighting. Minimalist faucets and fixtures. A floating vanity and toilet.

Where should salt be placed in a room? ›

If you want to get a little witchy with your salt, you can sprinkle or place bowls of salt in the corners of your rooms that need energy cleansing. The salt will do its job to absorb any negative energy or toxins and after a few hours you can vacuum it up, or toss it out.

When should I bring salt to my house? ›

Salt for absorbing negative energy

Keep a bowl of sea salt in every corner of your house to absorb all the negative energy. Also, you could keep sea salt rocks in the corners of your home.

Can we keep rock salt in bedroom? ›

According to Vastu Shastra, salt can prove to be very effective to avoid minor disputes in the house, to remove the rift between husband and wife. Keep a piece of rock salt or standing salt in one corner of the bedroom and keep this piece in that corner for a whole month.

How can I increase my luck as per Vastu? ›

Where to keep money according to vastu, here are some tips
  1. Place it in the north direction. ...
  2. South facing is not safe. ...
  3. Placing your cash box in the east direction. ...
  4. Don't place the cash box in any of the four corners of The room. ...
  5. Don't place your cash box in your puja room. ...
  6. Extra tips.
Apr 7, 2022

How can I increase my money as per Vastu? ›

Ensure you leave enough open spaces especially on the north-east side for wealth and abundance in the house. Make sure there are no obstructions such as heavy objects or trees in the north as they can hamper the inflow of energies and money. Positive energies and finances both enter from the main entrance of the house.

Which corner is best for toilet? ›

According to Vastu Shastra, the Flush Toilet or the Commode should have its place where the user faces any direction but never West or the East. Therefore, the best place to have the Flush Toilet is either at the Southeast or at the Northwest facing the North or the South.

Can pooja room be next to toilet? ›

Placement of puja room above, below or next to toilet or kitchen is not permissible as per Vastu.

What direction a person should face while sitting in the toilet? ›

Vastu for toilet seat facing

As per Vastu, the toilet seat must be located so that the person using it must be facing either north or south. This position for Vastu for toilet seat facing is said to improve the health of all the family members in the house.

Can we have bathroom in south? ›

If there is a possibility of a toilet in the south direction of your house, try to shift it between south and southwest. The construction of toilets in the south direction leads to loss of fame and fame. The heat of life can be lost and your eyes continue to bother.

Can we have bathroom in north? ›

The lord of the North direction is Kubera and that is the reason why construction of toilets in the north direction of the house is harmful. This causes the central density of man to fall apart.

Can we have toilet in south? ›

Strictly avoid placing a toilet seat in the North East or South West corner. A toilet in the center of the house or the Brahmasthan is a strict no. The flow of water in the bathroom should be from South to North or from West to East.


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