What colour do I paint my skirting boards and architraves? - Making your Home Beautiful (2022)

Skirting boards and architraves are often given the least thought – they are in fact an after-thought but the colour and tone that you use here can make or break your colour scheme. I have some guidelines and tips to help you to decide the right colour for your look.

Skirting Boards and Architraves are the link between rooms

Often people will just use one white or neutral to go through their house which works well – particularly if you are simply using a crisp white which won't really change much.

Sometimes though a house can benefit from different tones of a white or neutral if the aspects of the rooms are vastly different. For example a darker, south facing room without much natural light may benefit from quite a different tone to a bright sun-drenched north west facing room.

A soft neutral or white will appear quite different depending on the room that you use it in. This isn't necessarily wrong but you need to double-check that you like the effect.

I always recommend painting a large board with two coats of your chosen colour and then move it around the house, viewing in daylight and at night time with artificial light. This may seem like an onerous task but nowhere near as much work as re-painting a room!

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You may also choose to paint different colours in rooms thoughout your home. I have used a dark grey in my living room, a mid grey in my kitchen and then an off-white in my dining room. They all flow into one so I had to ensure the colours worked together.

What helps to make it work though is that I have one trim colour for my skirting boards and architraves that I take throughout the house. This colour becomes my link for the scheme and helps to make the colour palette flow.

This image above is the perfect example of adjoining rooms with different colours/tones/wallpaper which works because you have a definite white connecting trim colour.

I have written an article about using white trim on exteriors which is relevant to interiors too.

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Usually you would also use the chosen colour for your skirting boards and architraves on the internal doors – unless you have beautiful timber doors which you want to keep – and you can also link it to other accent areas like shelving, bookcases and kitchen cabinets.

Alternatively, you can use your internal doors to make a colour statement. Gone are the days when we choose an entire wall and paint it another colour, you need to think differently about how you introduce colour and this image below shows you how successful this idea can be. Skirting boards and architraves are white to match the walls while all the doors, including the external one is a gorgeous blue.

If you have powdercoated windows then you can't change these but if you have timber ones you can choose to paint them the same or highlight them. Generally they would be painted the same but you can make a real statement by painting the frames a different colour – just ensure you have nice windows as you will be drawing attention to them!

This is the perfect example of a linking white trim with a soft neutral on the walls and black window and door frames – I think this combination, highlighting these beautiful windows, is terrific.

Which colour to use?

The colour that springs to mind for your trim is usually a white. Contemporary decorating generally sees us painting our skirting boards and architraves a white as in the image below. If you have white walls you can use an even brighter white or the same white in a different finish to your walls.

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This doesn't have to be the case though as you can create quite a different and I think, stunning, effect by painting the trim colours a darker tone. This could be a soft grey and could also be used as the accent colour through your house for internal doors, cabinetry etc.

In the image above the designer has used a soft grey for the skirting boards, architraves and the ceiling cornice. I really like this effect as it means you can have a simple white wall without the rooms being too plain. This of course works particularly well in a period style house. As the designer has used dark shutters, they have painted the architrave around the window to match which prevents the look from becoming too busy.

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If you are a wallpaper fan you can tie your skirting boards and architraves into the wallpaper colours. This works best though if you keep this colour scheme throughout the house, even if the other rooms are a soft grey, neutral or white on the walls. Alternatively you can decide on a convenient place to stop and switch to a more neutral trim – find an area where the whole scheme is not on show – perhaps a turning into a hallway.

My tips for painting skirting boards and architraves

  1. If you are using a white or pale neutral on your walls then use a half strength or for more contrast, a quarter strength of the wall colour for the trim. My general rule is full on wall, half on trim and quarter on ceiling and cornice.
  2. If you are using a crisp white on your walls you can simply use the same white on your trim. As trim paint should be a little more durable – or a lot more durable depending on children/dogs/tricycles used inside! – the finish will be different and therefore you will get a slight variation as the light will reflect differently.
  3. If you are using a darker neutral on your walls you will need to look at the undertone to find the correct white to go with it. Remember that there are cool whites and warm whites as there are warm and cool neutrals – greige, beige, stone and grey colours.
  4. If you have a white kitchen or are planning one, then use the same white as your trim white. This keeps things really simple and ensures that the kitchen cabinets and the skirting boards and architraves will both work with the wall colour.
  5. If you would like to introduce a neutral into your colour scheme but like the idea of keeping the walls a very light colour or a white then consider using this for your trim colour. This can be a dominant choice though so ensure you like it through all your rooms.
  6. You can either paint your internal doors the same as your trim colour or have something different. If you have beautiful timber doors and window frames that you don't want to paint then you can leave these and just paint the architraves.
  7. Although wherever possible you should use your trim colour to link the colour palette throughout the house you can make exceptions, for example if you have dark shutters on a window and you want the architraves to blend in.
  8. Always consider the effect that you will achieve if you have a strong contrast – white trims on a dark wall or as below dark trim on a white wall. The effect can be stunning but you need to ensure that you will like it!

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I hope that this has helped you to make the right decision for your next painting scheme. If you are confused, I can help you. Firstly, with my FREE Resource Library. I have e-books and checklists to help with your renovation. You can sign up for FREE here.

Secondly, I offer an online e-consultation service. From one key question that you are struggling with to an entire colour scheme. You can send me photos and ask me questions to ensure you get your scheme right. I have a range of packages starting at $110 or I can tailor one to suit you. Find out more here.

Don't forget as always, I would love to hear your comments below:

What colour do I paint my skirting boards and architraves? - Making your Home Beautiful (10)

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What colour do I paint my skirting boards and architraves? - Making your Home Beautiful (11)

What colour do I paint my skirting boards and architraves? - Making your Home Beautiful (12)


Should skirting and architrave be same colour? ›

For a simple answer, it's true that architraves and skirtings 'should' match, but matching is more relevant to proportional sizes and not design. You can very easily have different profile styles that work well together, and features that complement each other, even if they don't necessarily match.

Should skirting boards be the same colour throughout the house? ›

Continuity can be just as effective as contrast. Painting your skirting the same colour can deliver several effects. First it can deliver a borderless room opening up the space (particularly if light colours are used), and have a calming effect on an interior, by reducing the number of contrasts.

Should skirting boards and architraves match? ›

The thickness of your skirting boards must be matching your architrave's! This is to create a harmonious and smooth look around your home. However, you can choose a different style or profile for your architraves, preferably as long as this is part of the overall interior design.

What colour is best for skirting boards? ›

Neutral: Opt For Neutral Skirting Boards

For a timeless finish, use an off-white or clean white to compliment your chosen wall colour and enhance skirting and door frames. If white feels a little bright, consider a neutral like 'French Grey Pale' or 'Slaked Lime' for a softer contrast.

Should skirting boards be lighter or darker? ›

As a general rule, your skirting boards should follow the same colour tone as your walls. Darker skirting boards will give your space a more modern, contemporary feel, while lighter colours will help make small rooms appear larger. If you're still unsure, play it safe and choose a crisp, pure white.

What colour do you paint architraves? ›

The colour that springs to mind for your trim is usually a white. Contemporary decorating generally sees us painting our skirting boards and architraves a white as in the image below. If you have white walls you can use an even brighter white or the same white in a different finish to your walls.

Should skirting match the floor? ›

A perfect match between the two elements will help avoid a contrast and result in the effect of a uniform whole. The skirting of the same wood thus becomes a natural continuation of the floor, enlarging its surface and visually expanding the space.

Should door frames be same colour as walls? ›

The color you paint interior doors and trim does not have to be the same — but it can be. If you are looking for a subtle door paint idea, you can paint the trim to match the door. Alternatively, contrasting colors for the trim and door could make the door pop against the wall if that is the look you want.

What is the best paint for architraves? ›

Best Paint For Architraves

Gloss or semi-gloss paints are not only easier to clean but also provide a great looking finish to architraves. Matt or flat paints are often used for walls so the glossier finish on architraves and skirting boards can add a complementary contrast.

Should skirting boards be gloss or matte? ›

Most skirting boards need an oil-based or gloss finish because of their hardwearing properties.

Should you paint woodwork same colour as walls? ›

One Colour Used On Walls And Woodwork

There is great historic precedent for using one colour on both walls and woodwork and it is also popular in contemporary settings as it creates a strong, clean look. It generates a sense of calm in a room, as well as exaggerating its size, as there are no contrasts to draw the eye.

Should I paint skirting or walls first? ›

You should paint your walls first and your skirting boards last. One of the golden rules of decorating is to start at the top and work your way down. By painting a feature wall beforehand, you'll avoid any drip marks ruining your newly painted skirting boards.

How do you make skirting boards look bigger? ›

A great tip is to paint your skirting boards, trim, picture rail and other mouldings a lighter shade than your walls. This will elongate your space by drawing the eye upwards and in turn make your whole space seem bigger.

Should I paint wooden skirting boards? ›

It's totally up to you! We like to keep the woodwork in our home a clean white but another option we love is to paint the skirting the same colour as the walls. This works particularly well if you have dark walls and gives the room a really contemporary and sleek look.

What is on trend for skirting boards? ›

Bold colors – Maximalism is very on-trend at the moment. Those with a much bolder style can opt to paint their skirting boards in a more striking color palette. Pastel – If you tend to follow softer aesthetic trends, Cottagecore, and Rustic Vogue (a sophisticated Cottagecore), you will want a much softer look.

Can you mix skirting and architrave? ›

Certainly, a plainer looking design is going to work OK with a similarly plain looking design. Or even better, a completely plain skirting will work with any period choice of architrave, and vice versa. Naturally, you stand more chance of your skirting and architraves matching if they are the same colour.

Do you paint architraves the same colour as walls? ›

Skirting boards and architraves are white to match the walls while all the doors, including the external one is a gorgeous blue. If you have powdercoated windows then you can't change these but if you have timber ones you can choose to paint them the same or highlight them.

Can you paint skirting boards with different colours? ›

For those who don't know, not only can skirting boards be painted in any colour you wish, you can also change the designs too. Forget the Bullnose and Torus - now you can have a quick look on the internet and find some great designs for your home.

Should architrave be thicker than skirting? ›

Generally, architrave is thicker than skirting boards. This helps to achieve a clean transition from one to the other.


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