Wheelchair Accessible Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas - Wheelchair Travel (2023)

I’ve been visiting Las Vegas since I was a kid and have stayed at most of the hotels on the Strip. One notable exception was the Bellagio Hotel & Casino, operated by MGM Resorts. It’s a luxurious property, notable for its incredible fountain shows which dazzle visitors along Las Vegas Boulevard. On my recent trip to Vegas, I decided to take a look inside and booked a 4-night stay using an MLife Rewards casino offer.

Bellagio was opened in 1998, but it’s still modernwith comfortable guest rooms that impress. The hotel’s accessibility is spot-on and ADA compliant in nearly every way. Top-notch accessibility, luxury accommodations and a fantastic location all combine to make Bellagio one of my favorite places to stay in Las Vegas.

Room Rates & Reservations

Room reservations for the Bellagio Hotel can be made online using theMGM Resorts website. I booked an accessible room with a king size bed.

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Room rates in Las Vegas vary day-to-day, and are based on supply and demand. When a big conference or event is happening in Vegas, expect room rates at the Bellagio to be much higher than normal. The screenshot below displays room rates for the rest of this month.

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The lowest rate shown on the calendar is $169 and the highest is $549 — that’s a big difference! With some advance planning, you can schedule your trip around lower-priced hotel rates. Note that discounts are available to members of the MLife Rewards program, AAA members, seniors, active/retired military and other groups. My stay of 4 nights was comped through a casino offer, which saved me about $1,000.

You can even earn free nights at Bellagio by playing the free myVEGAS Rewards game on your smartphone.

Wheelchair Accessible Hotel Room

At check-in, I was assigned a room on the 20th floor. The elevator ride up was quick and my room was about halfway down the hall. The door was easy to open and swung freely, but did not close on its own.

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My guest room was beautiful, with colorful decorations that was not overbearing. With an adequate mix of light and dark colors, I would describe the room as comfortable and calming. It’s exactly what you want in a Las Vegas hotel room.

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The king size bed was plush and comfortable — a truly amazing sleep environment. The height of the bed was 27 inches. There was 7 inches of clear floor space underneath the bed, which is enough to accommodate most patient transfer lifts.

Pillows of various shapes, sizes and firmness were provided, allowing me to get perfectly comfortable.

The only power outlet accessible next to the bed was in the base of a lamp. These outlets don’t always provide sufficient current to charge wheelchairs effectively, so I stretched my charger from a wall outlet across the room. Buttons to control the drapes were placed on the wall next to the bed and within reach. I love electronic curtains!

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The guest room was spacious and accessible to my wheelchair throughout, including on both sides of the bed. The room had all of the amenities you’d expect — an accessible desk with rolling chair, flat screen TV, mini bar, etc.

Bellagio also has a limited number of rooms with a ceiling track hoist. I did not push for one of these since I don’t require that accommodation, but if it will make travel easier for you be sure to request it during booking and follow up prior to your arrival. Check out this guest post, written by Wheelchair Travel reader Kim Jago, for details on her experience with the ceiling hoist at Bellagio.

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Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom

Bathroom accessibility is actually sportty on the Las Vegas Strip, but I was pleased with what I found at Bellagio.

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The dual sinks were accessible, with space to roll my knees underneath the sink basin. The adjustable mirror mounted on the wall was a bit too far out of reach to be useful, however.

Space next to the toilet allowed me to park my wheelchair and transfer safely using the grab bars.

The room had both a bathtub and roll-in shower, but I only used the shower. Since I had no intention of using the tub, I wasn’t too critical of its ADA deficiencies. It was described as a soaking tub, and not as an accessible bathtub.

With grab bars, a wall-mounted shower seat, water controls and a handheld showerhead all within reach, the roll-in shower was ADA compliant. I’d have preferred a shower curtain over a glass door (which I couldn’t close with a wheelchair blocking it), but it worked out fine.

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One feature I really liked in the shower was the recessed shelf space for storing soap and shampoo. There was also a soap dish beneath the shower spray unit. All-in-all, it was a highly accessible bathroom.

Swimming Pool

Bellagio is home to an expansive swimming facility, with a number of outdoor pools and hot tubs. There are plenty of areas with sun and shade, and the pool is always bustling with activity.

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There are swimming pool lifts for wheelchair users, allowing access to the swimming pool. While I’m not a swimmer myself, the pool deck is a great place to hang out!

Dining Establishments

As one of the most luxurious hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, Bellagio is home to some incredible restaurants. Whether you’re looking for an upscale dining experience, room service or a quick bite, you won’t go hungry at Bellagio!

The most popular restaurants on site include Spago by Wolfgang Puck, PRIME Steakhouse, the AAA Five Diamond Le Cirque, Picasso by Chef Julian Serrano and the Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant by Executive Chef Akira Back.

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Room service is also a great option, and it will be rolled right into your room at all hours of the morning or night. When in Vegas, I have a thing for cheeseburgers at 3 a.m. Bellagio can deliver!


The Bellagio casino floor is expansive and generally wheelchair accessible, but there are other MGM/MLife casinos that I prefer. Many of the areas at Bellagio are cramped, which can make accessing certain casino games a challenge.

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Bellagio is still a great place to play in Las Vegas and I wish you the best of luck if you do!

Location & Transportation

If you’re looking to be at the center of the Las Vegas action, Bellagio is a great choice for accommodation. Within just a few blocks, you’ll have access to tons of hot spots and attractions including The Linq High Roller Ferris wheel, The Shops at Crystals, the Hard Rock Cafe, amazing restaurants and more.

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Bellagio is connected to Aria and The Shops at Crystals by the Aria Express Tram, which is free to ride. It is also connected to Caesar’s Palace and Vdara by pedestrian bridges.

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The Las Vegas public transit buses Deuce and SDX both stop right in front of Bellagio, and the Las Vegas Monorail is within walking distance at Bally’s/Paris. Bellagio is well-connected to public transport and you can easily get a wheelchair taxi.

Final Thoughts

My stay at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas was great. The resort’s amenities and accessibility were just what I was hoping to find on what was a relaxing holiday in the Entertainment Capital of the World. If that sentence seems like an oxymoron, it’s not. The truth ids, Bellagio is equipped to provide the trip you want, not some cookie-cutter experience that is unique to no one. If the accessibility I’ve described meets your needs, then Bellagio is the place for you. I know I’ll be back.


How do you get around a wheelchair in Las Vegas? ›

Las Vegas Monorail

The Monorail is a great way to travel up and down the strip quickly and is the best option for handicap transportation in Las Vegas. It operates quickly and efficiently, just like a train with scheduled stops, and offers a clean alternative to taxis and buses.

What is a Bellagio resort accessible room? ›

Our 22 accessible Deluxe Rooms in the Spa Tower and 63 accessible Resort Rooms in the Bellagio Tower offer roll-in shower access, shower chair, lavatory rails, convenient closet shelving and lowered amenities. Hospitality kits for the hearing impaired, as well as wheelchairs, are available through our Bell Desk.

What does it mean when a hotel room says accessible? ›

So, what is an accessible hotel room? An accessible hotel room has features that differ from a standard room. These special features can make a room functional for people with physical, visual, and hearing disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that public buildings be should be accessible.

Are Las Vegas buses wheelchair accessible? ›

Las Vegas Public Transportation

All RTC buses are fully accessible with lowered floors and wheelchair access ramps. They are also equipped with wheelchair securement areas. Priority seating is available for the elderly and persons with disabilities.

How much does it cost to rent a scooter in Las Vegas? ›

Scooter Rental Rates
DaysTransportableTransportable HD
4 more rows

How much does it cost to rent a mobility scooter in Las Vegas? ›

Average mobility scooter rental price is $25/day for a 7 day rental.


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