Widespread Vs Centerset Faucets - What Are Differences? (2022)

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While designing a bathroom, many people do not pay much attention to selecting the faucet, but they do not know that one wrong faucet can completely spoil the look of their sink.

Widespread and centerset are not much different in appearance, so people get confused that which tap should be taken? After reading this article you know the difference between widespread vs centerset faucets and which faucet is good for your bathroom?

Style is the main point when anyone chooses a faucet with style, you should also take care installation process of the faucet. Some faucets need more space for installation and if your bathroom size is small then it may be a problem for you.

What Is a Centerset Faucet?

What if I tell you that the centerset faucet is the most used faucet? This type of faucet is especially popular for bathroom basins. In most bathrooms, you find a centerset faucet. People also called this faucet a 4-inch spread faucet.

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The Centerset faucet has 3 holes, out of which 2 holes are for the handle and one for the spout, and all these three parts are connected, which makes it easy to fit this faucet in the sink.

Holes are 4 inches away from each other so the centerset is called a 4-inch faucet. The size of the centerset faucet is small so they are more compact in comparison to the widespread faucet.

Centerset faucets are good for small bathrooms and the installation process takes less time so these faucets are a good choice for those houses where bathroom sizes are small.

Some centerset faucets come with 6-inch gaps between the spout and handles. So, if you are going to replace your old bathroom faucets with a new stylish centerset faucet then measure the gap between the handles and spout of the old faucet and order a new faucet according to length.

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Advantages of Centerset Faucets

  • Centerset faucets are small in the size. They need less space for the installation. These faucets are a good choice for small bathroom sinks.
  • Centerset faucets are easy to install due to their single-piece body. Unlike widespread faucets, centerset faucet has only one part. So, you don’t need to adjust the alignment of all parts and it makes installation easy.

Disadvantages of Centerset Faucets

  • The Centerset faucet is not good for the corner sink.
  • Fewer style options due to connected body.
  • Cleaning of centerset faucets is not easy. Centerset faucets have one piece so when you clean them you get less space between the handle and spout so it becomes difficult to clean that part with a cloth.
  • All parts in the centerset faucet are connected together so there is no space to adjust the faucet according to the sinkhole gap. You need to find the exact matching centerset faucet for the sink. First, take the measurement of the sinkhole gap then choose the faucet. Sometimes people ignore this point and later they face installation issues.

Thinking To Buy Centerset Bathroom Faucet, Check These –

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  • High-quality spot resistant finish
  • Powerful aerated flow
  • Eye-catching look
  • Matching lift rod and drain assembly included
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  • The USA based manufactured
  • Premium material is used for longevity
  • All essential accessories are included
  • Corrosion and tarnish free finish

What is a Widespread Faucet?

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In widespread you get 3 separate parts, two for handles and one for the spout. Because all parts are separated you can install them individually.

These separate parts give you the freedom you can install them according to your need. You can adjust the gap between handles and spout according to your sink or countertop size.

If you have a corner sink then bathroom widespread faucets are a great choice for you. Also, sinks that require side spouts need widespread faucets. Widespread bathroom sink faucets are generally used in a small bathroom to save storage areas because you can increase or decrease the size of them.

The installation of bathroom widespread faucets is flexible. You can adjust the distance between handles and spout from 8 to 16 inches. The 16-inch gap makes it wider like its name.

Widespread faucets look more stylish because all connections are hidden under the sink. The handles and spout are not connected so it creates a stylish appearance. You can set one handle for hot water and the other one for cold water.

Advantages of Widespread Faucets

  • The best benefit of bathroom widespread faucets is adjustable installation. All parts in the widespread faucet are free and not connected to each other. So, you get the flexibility to install the faucet. You can decide the gap between the faucet spout and handle.
  • Due to the flexibility of installation, widespread faucets are good to install in the corner sink. On the corner sink, you can install the spout at the corner and install handles on both edges of the sink.
  • Unlike centerset faucets, widespread faucets are easy to clean. You can clean each part of the faucet separately. Clean each part with the water and then rub dry cloth on it so its shine remains new.
  • There is no limitation of design in the widespread faucet.

Disadvantages of Widespread Faucets

  • Installation of widespread faucets is more time-consuming than centerset faucets. In a widespread faucet, all parts are separated so you need to set the alignment of all parts before tightening them.
  • If your sink is small then a widespread faucet is not a good choice for you.

Thinking To Buy Widespread Bathroom Faucet, Check These –

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  • Elegant matte black finish
  • Flexible installation
  • Use the Moen M-Pact valve system for better durability
  • Watersense feature to save water
Widespread Vs Centerset Faucets - What Are Differences? (8)
  • Ceramic disc valves for durabilty
  • Powerful aerated flow
  • Premium spot-resistant finish
  • Drain assembly and supply lines are included

What Is The Difference Between Widespread vs Centerset Faucets?

The main difference between widespread vs Centerset faucets is that in widespread, handles and spout are not connected whereas in Centerset all parts are connected.

In widespread, you can adjust the gap between handles so you can decide the size of the faucet but generally in the widespread faucet gap is 8-inch between the handles.

If your sink or basin size is small then you can decrease the gap and if you have a big size sink then you can increase the gap as your need. Whereas in a centerset you can’t adjust the gap so at the time of choosing a centerset faucet you need to take care of size.

Another benefit of widespread is that if you don’t need both handles then you can remove the one handle and use it like single-handle faucets.

Widespread Faucet vs Standard

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Widespred faucet is different from standard faucet. In the standard faucet, single hole is needed for the installation. Standard faucet has sinlge or double handle design. Most standard faucets have a single handle design. On the other side, widespread faucets need 3 holes for the installation.

What Does Faucet Hole Spacing Mean?

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Gap between holes in the faucet is known as faucet hole spacing. If there is only a single hole in the sink then there is no hole spacing. For more than one hole, you can measure the gap between holes by measuring tap. To install widespread or centerset faucet, you need to measure space between holes.

Do All Faucets Fit All Sinks?

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Not all faucets fit into the sink. If you are buying a new faucet, you should check the size of the whole in the current sink. So, you may be sure whether the new faucet will fit into the sink or not.

For a single-hole faucet, you won’t face any issues. But for the centerset and widespread faucet, single-hole is not enough. They need 3 holes for the installation. Maybe your new faucet has not the same gap between holes as the old faucet.

If your current sink has a single-hole and you want to install a 3-hole faucet, you have to do 2 extra holes. Take perfect measurements of the gap before drilling holes.

Types of the Faucet For Bathroom

1. Bridge Faucet

The bridge faucet is a perfect combination of a vintage design with the latest technology. Handles and spout all parts connected. This faucet requires two holes in the sink. Mostly you see a bridge faucet on the bathroom countertop.

2. Wall Mount Faucet

A wall mount faucet is installed on the wall of the countertop. This faucet has a long spout so water drops into the sink in the right position. If you are choosing a wall mount faucet then make sure that your sink should not have any holes.

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3. Single Handle Faucet

Mostly used in the small sink because this faucet needs only one hole for installation. If your sink has three holes then you can use a deck plate to cover the remaining holes of the sink.

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4. Double Handle Faucet

If you like vintage-style faucets then this is the right choice for you. Separate handles for hot and cold water. Widespread and cneterset both types of faucets are available in double handle faucets.

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5. LED Bathroom Faucet

These are color-changing faucets for the bathroom. In these widespread faucets, you get LED which changes color according to temperature. Three types of color LED shows are Blue, Red, and Green. Blue shows cold water and hot watercolor is represented by red, green is mid-range of both temperatures.

The benefit of the LED faucet is that it enhances the beauty of the bathroom sink through its color-changing feature. Most LED bathroom faucet comes with a waterfall spout option so when water comes out from the faucet, it creates a beautiful effect of a waterfall.

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6. Waterfall Bathroom Faucet

Waterfall faucets are modern bathroom faucets. These are the most stylish faucets for the bathroom sink. In hotels or malls, you see these types of faucets. When water flows from it and falls into the waterfall look then it looks beautiful and creates an eye-pleasing effect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between Mini Widespread and Widespread Faucets?

Both the faucets look similar in appearance and their working style is also similar but the difference between them is they have different sizes.
In widespread generally, the handle and the spout are 8-inch apart and in mini widespread, there is a 4-inch gap between handles and spout. Mini widespread are good for the small size of the bathroom where sink sizes are small so the 4-inch gap is good in those conditions.

Can you Replace a Centerset Faucet With a Widespread Faucet?

Yes, you can replace a centerset faucet with a widespread faucet. But for this, you need to do extra work. In the centerset faucet, gap between holes is 4 inches while widespread needs gap of minimum 8 inches.
You need to do extra holes into the sink to install a widespread faucet. If you have space on the sink to do extra holes, you can install a widespread faucet. Otherwise, don’t try to do holes. You will damgae the sink.

Can You Put One Hole Faucet In 2 Hole Sink?

Yes, it is easy to put a one-hole faucet in the 2 hole sink. Already, you have 2 different choices for the hole. You can install the faucet in any hole and use a deck plate to cover the extra hole of the sink.

Why Would a Sink Have 5 Holes?

Most sinks don’t have 5 holes. Either they have a single hole or 3 holes. There are very few sinks available that come with 5 holes. Every hole has its own purpose. 3 holes are used to install a widespread faucet. 4th hole is for installing a sprayer. In the 5th hole, you can install a soap dispenser.

What Does 8 Centerset Faucet Mean?

Here 8 is used to represent the size of the centerset faucet. It means 8 inches wide centerset faucet.

Can I Use 8 Inch Faucet on a 4 Inch Sink?

No, you can’t. It is not possible to install an 8 inch faucet on a 4-inch sink.

How Many Inches Is The Hole Spread on a Centerset Faucet?

In the centerset faucet, 4 inches gap is required to install it into the bathroom sink.

How Many Inches Is The Hole Spread on a Widespread Bath Faucet?

Generally, 8 to 16 inches gap between holes are spread in a widespread faucet. For mini widespread, there is a gap of 4 inches between the holes.

Final Words – Centerset vs Widespread

After reading this article you know what is the difference between widespread vs centerset faucets. Now at the time of choosing any faucets, you will keep in mind the size of the sink so you can choose the best faucets for your bathroom.

For less space go with centerset faucets and if you have wider space then choose widespread faucets. In centerset, you only do one hole for faucets while in widespread you need 3 different holes for handles and spout. Widespread faucets look more beautiful. While doing the comparison, we found centerset is a good pick for you. It takes less space and installation is not difficult.

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